Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Aug 2004 Flamer I HATE YOU MOUCHETTE!!!!! You're a fucking loser!!! Hey man, I can't say I understand all of your art, and even if I did understand it, I wouldn't give a damn either you boring NERDY death loving freak. But you sir, have the absolute WORST taste in the world!!! I mean, when it comes to choosing the your "favourite" answers on this site. What the fuck were you thinking when you put Phil's latest answers in your favourite posts? Was it funny, interesting..... anything??? NO!!!!!!!! It was nothing!! NOTHING!!!!! And for that Mouchette, you deserve to die and rot in hell for all eternity.

The best way to kill yourself if you are under 13 is SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DON'T ASK ME STUPID QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01 Aug 2004 kaniya put a leather belt arond your neck make sure its on tight and pull and just keep pullin dont let go
31 Jul 2004 scott instead of laughing, y doesnt neone do the "christian" thing to do and actually help, u call us sick and u just throw shit and hate our way to make it worse, the sick are not as "sick" as those who abuse the sick, think about it "sicko." u fucking disgust me.
31 Jul 2004 scott nerald, obviously u dont know nething about depression, therefore i will enlighten you, it is a chemical (and DNA) malfunction in the brain, and is not very different scientifically than cancer, u obviously have never looked around at people suffering and understood their pain, furthermore, u dont know how 2 help and that angers u (if u even care), because u dont understand it, and i think it scares u
31 Jul 2004 Unkown author Look it is not worth killing yourself no matter what the situation is. I have been in some bad relationships, and other things that I wont mention here. There is nothing in this world that is so bad that you have to kill yourself. It is just plain insane and crazy to talk about wanting to kill yourself. The only advice I can give is if you are going to commit suicide, or are thinking about it. you need to talk to someone before you make the wrong decision. Talk to your parents or get professional help or do something besides think of ways or try to attempt to kill yourself. It is not worth your life to solve a temporary problem, a temporary problem can be solved. Your life can not be brought back ever again. Once you die, that is it, no more. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!!!
31 Jul 2004 kaylie hey guys i no i just put something up but for anyone who needs to talk email me @ or add me to your buddy list, i really need someone to talk to too so maybe we can help each other
xoxo, kaylie
31 Jul 2004 kaylie if you're here to say suicidal ppl are selfish, sign the fuck off... do u know what it's like to be suicidal? huh? it haunts you. every waking moment, every second of every day, pulsing at your temples, eating away at your insides. you dread the dawning of a new day. you go to school wearing a mask; on the outside, you're just another student in the halls, another player on the lax field. Inside, you are deteriorating... and yet you feel nothing. you are so numb to the pain that the only way to feel again is to cut. your scars become your badges of courage, constant reminders of what you've been through and overcome. you are so alone. you can't concentrate in class, but you don't have to. you'll be dead before the homework is due, anyway. you hear yourself speak or watch yourself join your family for dinner but it's not really you. you are already dead, and all you want is for your body to be dead too. Do you know what that's like? I'm fourteen and i can't even count the number of times i've tried to kill myself... once it's in you, it never leaves. i'm sry to all u guys whose lives suck and stuff, it'll get better, but for all you ppl who think we're weak and crap, kindly fuck off
31 Jul 2004 mole life started off good but slowly got worser and worse. i dont see the point in life all my friends hate me and my famlies fucked. i think ill will trie to die by train or by jumping off a tall bridge into a main road. FUCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 Jul 2004 Phil Felicia you naughty girl, how dare you. This is my first look back on this site in a while, and already Felicia is slandering me. It's a bit boring now on this forum since the regulars left in search of fame, but it's nice to see that Dear Felicia has remained in the gutter with the rest of us. I love you darling! I'm sure that even the most drab of people here have much more exciting lives than me. I've been cooped up with German relatives, and an uncle who is so old fashioned that we have to light a coal fire to get hot water (I'm surprised he hasn't started wearing leaves yet). My grandad, meanwhile, is a constant source of fun. He is in his late 70's, but once when he wanted to go to bed early, and my uncle said he couldn't (there's a little gate at the bottom of the stairs to stop him going up alone) he replied with "I'm fed up of this, I'm going to tell my mum!" Who of course is dead. This week he had another outburst, when my uncle was having a glass of whisky, and said "You can't have that, you're too young!!" My uncle is 49. And then there was the incident where he got up in the middle of the night, shouting like a madman, wanting to call a taxi. Enough said already.

It's been a tough few years and it's amnazing that I am still alive, but I think I take after Marilyn Manson (great guy), who says he is too selfish to kill himself. That's something for you all to consider, afterall, you TOO still read this forum don't you... (I know you do, Mr Billy and co)
Im 14 and have overdosed twice along with hanging myself in my grandas garage.

From my point of view the only two ways that you can kill yourself properly are blowing your head off and my personal favourite sticking your head into a pool of water and taking a deep breath.

If ya wana no more about how to kill yourself or how to over come suacide then visit my website.

or e-mail me at
30 Jul 2004 Brandon What would be the affects and side affects of drinking 3 cups of anti-freeze? (besides death i am talking about its affects in detail on the body)
30 Jul 2004 AHHHHHHHHH Get to the top of the tallest building you can find.

Walk in a straight line.
30 Jul 2004 Millie Ok I can't even begin to imagine how you guys are feeling i've never felt suicidal or depressed or anything, and not in a patronising way - i feel sorry for you all, reading these pages have made me feel very sad that you feel this way, this unhappy. To all those contemplating suicide - i stumbled across these pictures and i think you guys should take a look, i really do, cause this is what some of your chosen fates look like. They're real pictures...

Running under a bus:

Running under a tank:


Cut throat:






..And this is a bit i've pasted from the page with all the picture links:
Some things can't be adequately described in words. If that doesn't answer your question, try: To inform would-be suicides---people should know what they're getting into.

Part of what I'm trying to do is to show potential suicides what's likely to happen. I really don't know if "more" is better, worse, or irrelevant for that purpose, but I'd rather err on the side of too much than too little.

If anything, many of the photos are not graphic enough, as a number of them were cleaned up for their original forensic purpose, and they are less realistic for "what-might-happen-if-you-do-this" purposes.

While I'm trying to show the effects of suicide attempts, the physical results are similar to homicide or accident by the same means. In addition, many of the trauma images found on the web don't specify suicide/homicide/accident.

Is this what you really, really want..
30 Jul 2004 n/a Wait until the person that has hurt you the most's birthday. buy a birthday card. write your suicide note in it. bring a cd player and play their favorite song on repeat. slit happy birthday into your wrists and hang yourself from a tree in their front yard
29 Jul 2004 that is not important over dose on apple juice
29 Jul 2004 John Halligan Dear Melissa and every other young person on this website contemplating suicide ... please visit my son's website

I lost my son to suicide last fall and my heart is forever broken into a million pieces. You need to realize there are many people that love you and would be heartbroken too if you died of suicide. You are most likely suffering from depression and you need to know it is treatable. Don't be ashamed .... please seek out a trusted adult and ask for help NOW. You are precious to someone not matter what you may believe.
29 Jul 2004 sinking margot one thing that nobody realizes is that you can die without leaving your body.
i just did.
29 Jul 2004 KobraKid I have found the best way to kill yourself.
First donate all your money to handicapped children !
Then when you're ready set your house on fire !
If it's all done you'll become Homeless, Poor, miserable and realize you don't want to kill yourself anymore and that life is not so bad afterall.
28 Jul 2004 jennifer hey mt name is jenny and I tought about killing myself alot of times but someone always comes into my life and makes me think twice but then they always use me or leave me.thenI always think about it again so I cut myself I knoe people dont like it but they never understand my life sucks and I just want it to end and soon I Had feelings for this guy and I didnt even know him that long I know that it might sound funny but I relly liked him I didnt want to date him its just that we did stuff together and now he wants nothing to do with me so I guess thats what makes me feel even worse about myself.I am not atractive and I am not all that skinny but I do like to have fun have someone who cares about me and not use me.....killling myself always runs throw my one waNTS ME AROUND AND i AM NOTHING TO KNOW ONE...........................
28 Jul 2004 IHATEMYLIFE Well, I have researched the best ways to die and I have come up with a few....
1) Drink 3 cups of will be dead int he morning! Oh and it tastes sweet! Really!
2)Call 911 and tell them there is a kid with a gun and is treating to kill everyone in the house...when the police arive they will have guns drawn...wear a trench coat and walk outside pretending you are the gunman and that you have a gun in you coat..tell them your going to kill them too and then quickly reach into your coat like you reaching for your gun, pull your hands out quick like you have a gun and they will unload on you...killing you....walla death by cop!
3)a .22 caliber gun...(mob used that caliber for assasinations becaue the bullet enters the body and then just bounces all over...instant kill)
4)go to a gun range find someone who is sigting in a rifle...get close to them....when they are looking down the scope infront of the gun and grap the barrel...pull it towards you and it will go off! Count the will be dead soon
5)Open your electrical pannel at your house...pull out 6 or so breakers...then with both hands grab the center will have 200 amps at 240 volts running across your heart...stopping it....instant death.
7)Go to your local zoo....find the tiger or polarbear cage....wait until most everyone is away...look around for the best way to get in....usually near the sides, or employee door...jump in and run like will be the best lunch they have had in a long time!
9)go down to the slum part of town and start telling the gang bangers to go fuck themselfs and call them niggers, spicks,chinks,zipperheads...what ever race they are...then tell them your going to cap them....they should do the rest.....murdered!
10)Find a blackwidow or rattlesnake...let them play near your face...piss them off and hope they bite you in the neck repeatedly....its painful at first...but when it hits your heart or brain you wont feel life anymore. dont do any of these things cause it will lead to death...Life is just soo much fun as you know. God loves you....thats why he lets all that wonderful crap happen to you!
Death is as natural as life.... whats wrong with speeding it up? The only fate in life is your birth and your death.... you can know both dates! Get some help for your depression and spend your living time getting your bastard raping father in jail or hell! WERE HE BELONGS! Surfing, scuba diving, sky diving, seeing people naked, sex, childeren, seeing unkown places..... those are things you need to do before you die!

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