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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Aug 2004 crackerjack Phil, you talk like you have one hand firmly crammed up your rectum!!!
And you know that's fine, if you do. Just don't talk like you do, ok?
05 Aug 2004 crackerjack What is with the gay fucks Felicity and Phil who post on this site??? They like talk to each other like two flirting fags!!! not that i'm homophobic or anything, but there's a time and fucking place for everything... you have totally the wrong place guys....
04 Aug 2004 Marcus If yall think you have it bad then go on and jump off ur roof head first or try and O.D. Im 16 years old and I've been thinking about it since the fifth grade. Recently I put adderal in a serving size container of jam and gave it to a kid thinking he would just settle down and concetrate on his work. He O.D'd and had to be sent to childrens hospital. If anything I would kill myself if I wasnt a pussy about it. I have fucking felony charges against my ass and unlike you who have loser parents I have parents that expect big things from me. I started cutting myself and O.Ding but its not as fucking easy as it looks My email Is And My AIM is Fatherxix, IM me or email me if u can help me
04 Aug 2004 Unhappy Im 15 years old and ive being thinking about commiting suicide for quite a while now, i read some of the posts here and i think to my self how stupid my problems seem compared to some of yours. Anyways it all started when i was about 10 my pearents used to row and throw stuff i used to wake up in the night woundering what they were arguing about now. then one day my mum left thast how it all started i couldnt cope and i wanted to die i hoped that i would fall through a window and just die but then i had my nana she knew how unhappy i was and at least she tryed and thast all that counts to me. i still stayed in touch with my mum and about 2 month later my dad let me see her again i used to feel so sorry for her in a little flat by her self i used to cry my self to sleep every night. Until one day my mum found a new boyfriend he was so good and i used to enjoy being around him my mum took my dad to court and got custody of me i went to live with her and her new boyfriend and things started going well in my life for once a couple of years later they got married and i was so happy. i still kept in touch with my dad a bit but no that much. a few years later i used to go to my dads every weekend but he seemed to shun me and didnt want anything to do with me so i acted the same and i told him that he was the biggest fuck up in my life.As im here wrting this now over the psat 4 week has being the worst of my life my mum had an affair and split up there marriage fucking up my life not only that by doing this my mum has left her self with no money and we are moving house again considering this is the 13th time in my life not only that but we are moving to a shitty little house miles away from friends and family over the past 2 moth though i have had a girlfriend and thats the only reason im still here she brightens up my life i havent told anyone how i feel n talking to strangers seems to get it off my chest my life is nothing but arguments with my mum and lies from her. ive had suicidel thoughs ever since but the other reason for me not doing it is for my nana and how much it would hurt her to see me go before she does and i love her loads and couldnt do it to her. but i dont think i could do it to my mum either i know she cares and loves me really but she is too busy fucking up my life. Im sorry for the space ive taken.
04 Aug 2004 no name im not actually 13 im 14 nearly 15 but ever since i was about 11 i h8ted my life. i have loving family around me and i know they care but not in the right way. i know my life doesnt seem 2 be as bad as other peoples but just what im going through is so hard 2 put up with. imagine every time ur at home on ur own u brake out into tears n u cry yourself 2 sleep mostly every night. i have tried 2 attempts 2 commit suicide, i even cut my arms all the time it feels as though all the pain n unhappiness is pouring out off me but the next day it will out pile up again. i have tried many ways 2 get through my pain i even write in a book all my feelings it can help it feels as tho im telling someone and they are actually listening it really hard because my whole life i have played the part of the outkast. ppl love me but never show it so do they love me? i know ppl do but there just isnt enough ppl n it makes me feel real bad. i tried 2 tell my best friend how i felt but she didnt help at all. we have a book that we share and we write letters 2 each other in it. i tried 2 tell her my feelings but she didnt react and i really needed her, but i have a friend lauren n i just blurted it out 2 her and to my suprise she had cuts all up her arm we both was going through the exactly the same. i felt she was the only one i could go 2 when i felt really low, when i was going through my worst point i got ill with glandular fever n i got it really bad and had to be admitted 2 hospital. this helped me alot as the nurses would come and check me every hour it felt so nice that people would come 2 see me and see if i was ok. i felt people really cared and there are ppl in the world willing to help it helped me alot untill i came out n nobody wants 2 c me. thinking they will catch and no matta how much i say you cant catch it unless i snog u which is unlikely they still wont have it. my auntie said i couldnt pick up my 2 year old cousin which really upset me as i love him 2 bits and she knows how much i do and i couldnt even pick him up and i told sum ppl i got upset n they would say well no one really wants 2 get a disease, i nearly burst out into tears cause it isnt a desease its a virus which will go and its not like i chose 2 have it for 3 weeks on end i was in total pain i could barely breath as my tonsils had swollen so much my glands where very big makeing my neck wide one side was very big causeing my face 2 swell and my eyes where really sore n i had a really bad migrane which had lasted for a bout a week never stopping this cause for me 2 have no sleep through the nite i would sleep in the day when sumone was there n then not in the night wen every one was a sleep i couldnt talk very barely got words out which was hard 2 let anyone know how much pain i was going through i couldnt eat ot drink at all! for 2 weeks because i couldnt drink either i couldnt have ne liquid foods i had 2 be put on a drip! im know so happy im not in any more pain i look fine but ppl cant seem 2 get out there heads wat i had i could understand they dont want 2 get it but i would no way want anyone 2 be in as much pain as i was this is a very low point of my life as its the holidays n my mum n dad are at work n my bruva is out my friends have gone on holiday or doing things with their pairrents i feel so i alone, one way of helping myself is listening 2 micheal jacksons you are not alone it helps me so much its one song i will never forget but i feel i can never for forgiving myself for cutting my arms and i wanna kill my self so much i wish i was in a different life the only thing holding me on is my mum and dad n brother its also hard for me because my mum is going through such a hard time 6 people have been in hospital this year in her family my auntie being which the worst she was a drug addict for many years since the age of 13 now the age of 30 back in january she was rushed into hospital with a lump the doctors wasnt sur wat it was they romeved it decoverying it was a bug from a dirty needle the bug had spread the had 2 remove it as it would just speread to her head causeing her t have a tuma n die or to totally parilise her my mum would come home every night from being at the hospital crying every day she would have more of her body removed leaving her with just flesh on her hips and all up her back there was a day where my uncle went in the hospital 2 find blode dripping off the bed he still hasnt gotten over it everyone was there she had been uncoisise for bout a month the last thing she knew was she was having a lump removed when she woke up she was disruate 2 know half her skin from her body had been removed she had skin graphs the familt are still finding it hard 2 come 2 terms with it but they are all helping her out wit a new life this has made my mums family much stronger my cuzzens are always together through the holidays i feel so alone again im at home knowing al my cuzzzens are together i tell my mum how i feel so alone and she says well they perants dont work as much so u get more things but thats not wat i care about i just dont want this loneleyness day after day some people like their own company but i just aint like that i love people beimng wit me it makes me remember i aint alone in life but i know one day when i got through a really low time one day i really will kill my self i really loved this 2 boys and i really couldnt chose so i would go out with one then finish it n go with the other then id do the same now i have lost both of these boys ni realy loved em n they said they loved me but not any more and i still love one called louis but he loves this girls sam n i miss him so much i really want him back my cuzzen who i would call my soul mate we are so close dont want me 2 b wit him so i finished it she is like a sister 2 me we have known eacother all our lifes we have arguments like sisters but make up straight after but at the moment i havnt seen her for about a month n i miss her so much i feel she helps me alot its like aving a sister like a best friend and her not being around is so upsetting so maybe one i day i truley will be saying goodbye
04 Aug 2004 ambassador wait till you're 13. then hold together a disintegrated culture in an imaginative act of will. deployling weapons of happiness.
04 Aug 2004 Rayne Under 13? There is no 'best' way, fuckbags. I mean, come on...13 is still so young. Seriously, at 13 you've barely hit puberty, haven't even finished highschool yet. And most likely have NEVER had meth, lsd, extacy, and all that good shit. But, you're all stupid fucks for thinking suicide is GRAND. Seriously, take a life, give a life. It's never going to end. It's one huge ass fucking circle that'll NEVER END! And besides, you little "suicidal" fucks are pussies. Suicide is just like saying "I can't handle life". You little fucks think you know what life is and what life isn't. You're fucking retarded. Life hasn't even started for you. And if you keep being the way you are now, you won't die until you're 89 or something. Because you'll be stuck in a nut house for trying to chop off your own arm. LOL!!!! Haha, fuck you! Nut houses suck, people screaming all through the night, piss all over the walls because they're all too wacked to make it in the toilet. And getting tubes shoved up your nose, to your brain, and that's how they give you your medications. They also strap your ass down. So yes, for you little 'suicidal' fuckbags, you're all pussies. Because the best way to die, is the hard way to die. I mean sure, slit your wrists, and peirce unknown parts. Do it because you like the pain, you like the rage it brings to you. Don't do it to take your life. It's a waste of world...
03 Aug 2004 Felicia and the Spanking Monkey Phil baby!!!
I came back and decided to put some "Umphf" into this site once more. And besides, I love you back. Dear, some thing is wrong with my U key, it keeps popping out. I am watching a "Wayne's World" marathon and on my way to work. Didn't jump in the shower yet... too lazy. There is this male friend of mine I completely adore and it is his birthday today, August 3. He is absolutely gorgeous and loves "Jui Jit Su". Maybe he has some secret mission to conquer the world. But I am still down here... you know... folding origami, basket weaving, washing stinky four legged creatures, and listening to ABBA.

Oh my, where's my chiquiquita banana!

Oh wait!!!!! There it is!!!
03 Aug 2004   The best way to kill yourself if you are under thirteen is insert your penis (works best if you, in fact, have a penis) into a pencil sharpener and start humping it!!!!
AHAHAHAH!!!! The joy and agony of it!! Oh, the bitter, bitter irony!

Conversly, you can pretend you have mind-over-matter powers and go out onto the freeway and try to stop a truck with your mind. This could be quite amusing in the right circumstances.
03 Aug 2004 nobody important i came across this site from one of my friends... id have to say its very amusing to me... all these kids telling there life stories, telling how they "attempted" suicide alot of u make me disgusted... i know alot of you has tried and i know alot of you got shitty lifes.. who doesnt right? im not gonna tell you about my life... theres no need for it... or how many times ive attempted suicide... now if anyone reads this dont try to give me shit about it
ive heard it all alot of u attention wanters out there... i know u use this to get friends.. or soemone to so called "love you" ive had alot of friends die cuz they were treated like shit... and if i make u sad...f uck off... go kill urself see who gives a fuck right? this is wut this site is all about... o0o yes and this suicidal toy hmm sounds fun.. .add some razorblades a knife or 2... a noose... some fake blood.. since it is fake... bunch of posers.... i really dont know wut else to say... i am a pussy for not dieing yet.. .but we all get our turn.. and we all go to that unpleasent place.... bye...
03 Aug 2004 Laura ok y would under 13 want to die u know nothing of life and how hard it is u live off ur parents im a teen mom and i am suicidal i hate life but when i was 13 i loved it i had friends and could come and go and play now im tied down with a 2 year old and im only 17 im married to a 44 year old and hate it but i need suport some how i fuck him he takes care of me and my daughter i should have never opened my legs i could have been somthing EVERYONE HATES ME NOW IM SO FUCKING BLOODS ON MY HANDS AND FACE I DONT KNOW Y IM NOT AFRAID TO CRY BUT THATS NONE OF UR BUSINESS PEOPLE = SHIT Inside I Stand Alone i need serenity Broken home last resort one step closer to the edge and im about to break save me from my nightmare
02 Aug 2004 oprah Hey mouchette,

Life is full of shit and people who are sick are treated like shit. So I was watching Oprah with one of her celebrity friends who had gotten into trouble and thinking what they heck?

This celebrity had everything and then they fucked their life up. Now I'm supposed to feel sorry for them.

And the problems are so lame.

Tom Cruise's addiction to flying f-16's which nearly killed him.

Lionel Richie's bout with chronic laringitis which nearly destroyed his singing career and drove him to suicide

Sharon Osbourne's near death experience after her 10th cosmetic elective surgery.

Bill Clintons spiral into isolation after revelations that he had fucked his 18 year old intern.

Then at the end of the show she holds an intervention so that the studio and watching audience can make the celebrity with the trivial problem get their shattered life back together and forgive them for taking everything life has given them and flushing it down the toilet.

Maybe they should produce a new series for these types of celebrities and call it hypocrisy 90210.
02 Aug 2004 Jhonny To girl called "mel"
That shit is so fucked up, if you wanna talk pls email me. I would really like to talk to you.
The email I've given is fake and the name is totally unrelated to me, but if you email to it, I'll give you my real one... I know that sounds wierd but I don't want to pin up my real one.
Man, I know you're little sister. I knew her in another girl, my best friend who is dead now. I dunno, I would like to talk though.
02 Aug 2004 spyder ok look ive writen in befor and i still do not understand why you would post a web page like this. yes i have cut myself and tried 2 kill myself and so has my bf but i always end up reslising there is some one there for me. i mean if life was so bad i wouldnt have my bf and a good family i understand a lot of you have problems but when i found out sum 1 i knew even though i hated him when he killed himself i couldnt believe it i still miss him even though he waz a bitch to me but he was still a part of my life
02 Aug 2004 x the kid people always ask "what's the point of life?" well i've finally figured it out: death. i think that death is the most glorious part of life. i am an attention seeking person. i love to get attention. one time, i was anorexic just so people would try to force feed me. of course i gave it up after a few weeks when i was tired of that certain type of attention. then, my best friend (or so i thought) for 3 years accused me of faking anorexia just for the attention. that got me pissed off. she blocked me on aim and avoided me in school. i hated her for it, and i still do. she says i'm a horrible person. so that got me depressed. although what she said was true, what kind of friend is that who accuses her friend of faking trouble? what if it was real and i was really suffering? well i've realized faking stuff doesn't get you much attention.

then lately, my boyfriend started igoring me. i don't really think i'm an attractive girl, and it's hard for me to get anyone interested in me. this is my first real relationship, and i love him very much. being the romantic that i am, i live for love, and i think love is the only reason why we are alive. but my parents don't allow me to date. until college probably. but i can't wait until then. right now, i have absolutely no freedom. i'm not allowed to see my boyfriend, and i'm not even allowed to ride with my friends home from school. i have to take the stupid bus that takes up so much time of my day. i'm in this advanced magnet school and i am also in marching band so time is a precious thing. i also love to hang out with my friends and just be with my boyfriend. but my parents don't allow me to do so. so my boyfriend, finally realizing that we can never go on a parentally approved date (we always sneak around), decided that he doesn't want me anymore. he doesn't talk to me anymore and changed his screen name just so i can't reach him. it angers me. the last time we saw each other, we were still close. all the sudden, he just decided that i'm not worth all the energy required of sneaking around. he was the perfect boyfriend. he wasn't afraid to show me that he loved me, and he always did all those sweet stuff. plus, he showed up right when i was about to give up on life.

then recently, a girl from my school died of meningitis. everyone had her in their profile and claimed her such a great person. people dedicated away messages and xanga/livejournal entries to her. she wasn't even that great of a student.

so i realized that if i killed myself, then i would get all the attention i want. just knowing how many people would be sad, how pitiful they'd think it is that such a girl with so much potential and talent would take her life. i have decided that i won't be able to take the next two years living just for school work and practicing flute. that's just not the way i work. i'm a sociable person, and i like to go out. not being able to do that is worth than death for me. i know if i push through the next few years, i would be able to do all that i want, but then i don't feel like dealing with the stress and pressure of applying for college and then trying to find a job and stuff. and i always worry myself to death, what people think of me, what college to go to, what to major in. so after i've decided that i will commit suicide, that burden had been taken off my back.

so my suicide is going to be like a dream wedding for most little girls. i'm going to plan it perfectly. i'm hoping to go through with it in the next few months. i'm planning to act like everything is fine, and i will still take the sats and psats so nobody will suspect a thing. i will work hard at my flute, so it's even more talent lost. i will be obedient and never rebel with my parents. so when i die, it will be this wonderful kid lost. nobody would've guessed, and everyone would be 10x sadder.

i'm still not sure how i'm gonig to carry out my suicide. i want to wear something elaborate, write everyone letters and stuff. just make it all dramatic. i'm so glad i've made the decision to die. i just don't have to worry or be afraid anymore. the last couple of months of my life, i'll live it to the greatest. i'm going to pretend, because the real me is already dead, but i will enjoy everything i love before i die... then the greatest day of my life, my death, will come and i will receive the attention i've always wanted, and i will be glorified...
01 Aug 2004 Carla Yeah, I'll help you. Stop being stupid. Suicide is not a joke and it hurts people you love and who love you. Even if your parents act like they don't like you, suicide isn't going to change them. And pretending suicide will only get you in trouble and make you wish you really had. Don't be dumb. This site is stupid.
01 Aug 2004 Phil *Tut tut*, you don't seem to understand. You see, it's because I have titillated and teased Mouchie for a few years now with Big Breasted Lucy Cortina, and he/she/they (?) still feels a buzz of naughty excitement whenever I am in close proximity.
01 Aug 2004 David Lee Goodloe The best way to kill yourself is to lose the will to live. If you can do that, you will die instantly.

Problem is, that is nearly impossible to do, because God is in all of us, and he believes in us, even if we don't believe in him.

Every single day, thousands... millions of people around the world want to kill themselves at least a little. The reason is because Satan has tricked our minds through the media and the secret lies he tells us constantly, which we always think are thoughts and conclusions of our own.

The only way to get in this life is to give. If you want to receive you must first give. For guidance and help on how to do this, simply get down on your knees in your closest, or in a secluded area somewhere, and pray mightily to God. You don't have to pray "properly", all you have to do for the prayer to be valid, is be honest. 100%, completely, unfearfully, honest, even if it hurts. IF you do this, you will see a miracle in your life.

Now, don't believe that a miracle is a being of light who is a spirit showing up to you, (although for some it has been, and can be, depending on God's will and knowledge of what you truly need). Rather, realize that a miracle is a person who cares about you showing up, or calling, or someone who is worse off than you being revealed to you -- to put things in perspective. The lord will decide what miracle you will receive, but remember that no matter what, he will never tell you to die, or condone your death. Not one human being that lives today is here by accident, we each were chosen by our creator to be here, and go through these trials. What we acquire, who we control, how we exert our will on others is NOT the important thing. What is important is how we grow, and give, and change, and believe in goodness. Only when those changes start will you realize the horrible yet beautiful (all at once) truth about life -- The horrible part being that this world is drenched in Evil, Sin, and even our very minds and hearts are often controlled by it, The wonderful part being that this is where we are supposed to be, that we have been chosen to go through this, and that if we believe this, and believe on his name, there is nothing to stand in our way from attaining a better life, an eternal life, after we do what is required of us here.

There is no beggining, nor is there an end, only change is constant. Think about this, and pray as I suggested, and God will show you a thread. If believe in this, you will pull out of your depression and into a better place.
01 Aug 2004 Jason I cannot answer this question, but wanting to know how.. I've been wanting to commit suicide for god only remembers. Growing up both parents fought like crazy.. My brother and I never had the emotional support all the other kids around us growing up did.. I mean I'm not saying this for anyone to feel sorry for me. I'm sure a lot of people probably had it.. But I guess I wasn't strong enough to look pass it. Growing up I was teased, ridiculed, put down, troubled by everyone. YOu name it Family members, friends, teachers everyone. The only person that I had was me, myself and I. Till I met someone that made me feel on top of the world. He showed me the true meaning of what love is. I've never felt anything like it. He made me feel incredibly happy, but at the same time really really sad.. all in all I was in love.. We were together for about 4 yrs through high school and went through so much shit.. He was suicidal. Why?? I had no Idea. I felt that he was PERFECT. He was my angel. He was the only reason why I was living, why my life was worth living. And for him to want to leave. I just didn't understand. Straight a student, athletic, handsome, great family, I just didn't understand. Before all this happen he had no idea of my thoughts.. And I told him I've thought about killing myself, but after I met him it changed. I told him you gave me a reason to live.. It still didn't change his thoughts. He thought he was worthless.. A month would pass and he would be totally fine, like nothing happened.. I didn't get it... He later broke my heart and left me to be with someone else.. I was in pain. I did try killing myself after, but of course someone had to save me... and did.. I came to a relization that I might have a reason why I'm still here.. Sure enough I lived and still am trap in helll. I picked up a eating disorder. I felt that the only thing that comforted me and made me happy was food.. I noticed I started gaining weight. So, I thought that the easiest way to keep the weight off was to throw up afterwards and so that's what I did.. At first it wasn't at all bad I would do it twice a month or something started working out more instead.. But during this time I still was over my broken heart. It was always on my mind, next year came aroung a receive a phone call.. He was dead.. what the fuck, he broke my heart, I'm finally getting over it and he kills himself and he hurts me even more... Me suffering so much because of him. And now this... Selfish thoughts take over me.. I calmed down and finally realized why.. I spoke to his friends and they had told me he was bipolar.. No one took it seriously and because of that he's gone.. It's been three years and I've still found no meaning to life.. After all that's happened u would think I would be more determined to live and learn from his mistakes.. u know.. Live for him... Stop thinking of myself, but that's all I got... Now I'm here contimplating on how I'm going to do this... Still with my eating disorder that has controlled my life... It's the only thing that comforts me.. I am nothing.. I think of food and it makes me feel better. It numbs me from the reality I live in.. How I'm a worthless fake that does not deserve to live.. I am a fake fake fake... I know after this I'm not going to kill myself.. I'll be living my same fucking dumb ass life.. Alone and fake is what I am.. My smiles are a mere illusion of what I truly feel.... I'm going to go eat and throw up and wish tomorrow would be different......
01 Aug 2004 andrew Hey my name is andrew. Im 19 and ive been having suicidal thoughts for years. I dont really want to die but there isn't really anything else for me. My parents are losers, not that they hurt me or anything. My dad just sits around all day and my mom just works. Its like ive been living alone all my life. Its so fucked up. Everyone that has ever gotten to know me knows ill end up killing myself but none do anything about it. Its just all fucked up and theres nothing i can do about it.

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