Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Aug 2004   Felicia my dear,
I must commend your arguments. You are right! I would never go down to East Palto Alto (excuse my spelling) and yell out "niggers!!"
But do you know why this is? It's because I'm white. And I'm rich. I would NEVER go down to East Palto Alto because I don't need to live in a stinking ghetto. Being shot in the face by an angry crack-whore isn't really an issue for me...
Sure, an uneducated person is about as normal as an educated person... they're just dumber. And they have to live in the streets.
24 Aug 2004 becka lariviere hey ,
i still havnt been helped ima 15 and it is driving me crazy!!
i say being a teen is alot of work i try to be as good of a friend as i can be but i guess no matter wat i do i cant suceed. and some of the people that are mad at me right this minute really matter to me and like no matter wat i say or i do she wont change her mind. and that is the painful part!
also my home life is tearing me apart no matter wat i do i dunt get any attention or love from either parents and like right now in my life i want my parents and wat really sucks is i wont ever get it! i juss got off all the drugs have been clean off crack and coccaine, special k, extocy. it took me soo long and yet i tought i would be better off but yet i aint and soo now i dunt know wat to do pull suicide or stay on da drugs and da drugs will end up taking me out aneways soo i dunt know please if anyone reads dis please help me give me sum advise i really am asking for it. i hope it izt too late wen i finally get an ancerw back!!
23 Aug 2004 spooky kid Sticking your small willy in to a electric socket
23 Aug 2004 Kitty Cat ok, instead of doin all these stupid, complicated suicide thingz that those stupid fucks said to do, make it simple and blo ur brainz out w/ daddy's shotgun, pistol, w/e, if u wanna be creative, then go ahead and do these fuckin psychotic ideas.
23 Aug 2004 Faggot McFaggyson Hello, faggots. I have just come up with a faggoty way to kill yourselves. I'm sure that you will love it, all of you being faggots and all. What you do, is you take a faggot and you go to Faggot Town, where you go find some faggots and then you faggot them, until they faggot you to death. This will only work on the faggiest day of the month, though, and you might want to wear a faggoty T-shirt that says "I AM A FAGGOT". Oh, and it hopes if you are a faggot.

Fagilly yours,

Faggot McFaggyson
22 Aug 2004 Kieren Allen I have been thinking of suicide for a very long time now. I'm not 13yo, but have suffered with depression since I was at least 4yo. For me there is now little reason or drive to go on with this game called life. After my parents divorced when I was 4yo, I was brought up in 9 different forster homes. I was abused as a kid both sexually and physically by "straight" people who were supposed to protect and look after me. I have had to live with the memories and shame of this all my life! I survived a very violent gay hate attack just before Christmass 2003, after which I was in hospital for 6 weeks. This has cost me my job where I earnt very good money, and has pretty much destroyed my life! I now cannot trust "straight" people at all. I have no family, and few if any friends, no one will really miss me! People should understand that this alone is my choice! I have given it alot of consideration! I have also looked at other options! No one can live my life for me, or solve my problems or take away the fear, panick attacks and nightmares I now have to live with each day. Remember that I said I have no family, and no one will give a damn when I am gone! I am not lying, I won't even have to wright a letter when I end my life. I am not trying to stop you from killing yourself, that alone is your absolute right, and it is your life. But before you decide to end your life, do what I have done, and at least stay around long enough to consider fully the ramifications of your choice! It will be final and absolute! There is no going back, and there will not be a chance for things to get better or even for your loved ones to help you. Think also, long and very hard about who your going to leave behind, and who might find you. Sometimes the pain for those who live on after you are gone is too much for them to bear. They never really forget or get over it! Remember that things can get better. Hard times can pass! "Suicide" is a very permanent solution, to what can sometimes be only a temporary situation! If you have close friends or a family member you can really trust and love, then for God's sake, do the right thing and tell them how you are feeling and ask them for help before it's too late. You owe yourself that much! Remember that suicide is only to ever be considered as a decision of last and absolute final resort. Think about this very carefully, and don't make a quick decision. Give yourself at least "6" months of very careful consideration, and explore "all" other options first. I did! Time can heal, if not help a lot. Remember there is no turning back from such a choice! Quite apart from any thing else, and of extreem importance, you must have the correct information! You simply must know what you are doing! Trust me, you don't want to end up as a vegetable or be totally paralysed with brain dammage! That would be a living hell, and would really piss your loved ones and friends off! If you really want to know how to suicide, then do what I did, check out the "how to" pages on the net. The Hemock society in the U.S is a good start. It is not the only one but be sure to "get it right" and you can even make it painless! If you, like me are pretty much alone in life, and don't have loved ones, then the choice will be that much easier. You still should consider all the other options first! Remember I said I have thought about this for a very long time, and I know that my life is now just too messed up for a real, and happy future! But if you have loved ones, or very close friends, then you owe it to yourself, and them, to seek help before going any further!
22 Aug 2004 Felicia People who are uneducated are about as normal as an educated person. One has papers and the other is without.
We can go on with definitions of any single word, especially words that may seem derogatory.
Now, we wouldn’t go to East Palo Alto, California and yell out the “N” word (which I will not mention!) In an African American community, or shout out “F” words whether it be one or two syllables in a gay community or any other public place in East Los Angeles, California or the New York, Bronx.

There’s also a difference between being book smart and having common sense (street smarts). Common sense is preventing a 45-caliber pistol gun from being aimed between the eyes.
22 Aug 2004 that_little_freak take a box of asprin. a whole box. wait twenty minutes, then cut yourself with a razor on your wrist. downwards. it works. but to all you gay fucks who want to. get a clue. think about this. your thirteen, you can do anything. you only get to live once. (depending on religion). you can fix whats wrong, run away, ask for help, or then again you could just kill yourself. who gives a fuck me way. im not dead cause i tried somthing else since i was 11 and i almost died. now im cool. grow up will you!!!
22 Aug 2004 Carter I beleive the best way to kill yourself is throw suffoication is painless. I try it but my mom walked in while unconscius called the ambulance and i was revived.
22 Aug 2004 termite Let nature take it's course life is never that tuff. take a deep breath and find a way to enjoy what you are missing.
21 Aug 2004   whoever made this is fucking messed up. suicide isn't a toy, it's a fucking life!!!!!!!!! this isn't funny at all and the maker of this site should be locked up
21 Aug 2004 Phil You know crack, they sell something called "Dr Brain's Pork Faggots" in the supermarkets here in Tealand. I think they are some sort of meatball type foodstuff. Yum yum.
21 Aug 2004 the end the beast way to kill your self is to go down to the wight house and sit at the front gates and shoot yor self. leaving a note saying that george.w.buch and the goverment made me scared to live in a word of war and a president terrorist. i am scared of the evil tht lives in the wight house.the terror alert gives me anxity and the goverment makes it to hard to live in a world where evry thing you do and evry where you go you have to look over your sholders like a crack head who dident pay his dealer. the corporate devils suck use for evry thing we have and there is no point of living if thay are just going to leave us with nothing in the end. so i will see you hell where i will torcher you for all the hurt you have cused me and all of the pain that you made the back is a bitch and your going to phuckin pay!
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21 Aug 2004 Wristcutter Slit your wrists with a steak knife, fun, I've tried a few times, tip: make sure you in a locked room
20 Aug 2004 Boogie Tie a string around ur neck and tie and tie and tie it again until u dont have enough time to untie it until u doe! heheheh
20 Aug 2004 Heather Rose I'm ba-ack... This is awsome.. I can't explain how I feel right now. I cut into that scar of the star on my stomach.. I just did one little cut at first, and I couldn't stop smiling. It fucking hurt. It fucking hurt I was smiling. How sad. I just kept going, using the old scars as my outlines to follow. I got bored of that and covered my stomach in teeny tiny x's. It looks so pretty.

I got bored of that and I beat the shit out of my hip. That was at like.. four in the morning, so when I woke up this morning, it was already starting to bruise.. When I was showering, I just kept pounding on it, with this huge ass smile on my face.

Afterwards, I just laid in bed and pinched my arms.. I pinched them till they were are red and a little bloody.

It was incredible. I miss being like this. I'm being a total cunt on the outside, but inside I'm the happiest I have been in years. I don't care when I flip out on everyone, it makes me feel better. I just yell and scream and poke my little bruise just to remember its there.. Or I'll outline the star on my stomach, and I can still feel how uneven my skin is. Or just stare at my arms.. And just wait for tonight, to continue my romance with the razor
19 Aug 2004 Audra My favorite simplest way I've thought up to kill yourself (And this should be ok for those under 13) is too find rope... then piano wire that's shorter then the rope. Go to a fun tall place with lots of people and then tie the piano wire around your neck and then tie to the building. The rope gets tied around your feet and then to the building. This is the part where you pull out super glue and proceed to glue your hands to your head.... then jump if it works correctly the piano wire should cut your head off and the rope will leave up upside down... and your hands of course are glued to your head so... you'll be holding your head while showering crowds below with your blood... it's simple really...
19 Aug 2004 someone who's very sad I don't really know what answer. Probably taking alot of pills or drowning yourself. I always thoughts of wanting to die. My life isn't worth living anymore. I always fight with my parents and we barley agree on anything. I hate my life! I don't see the poing of living when there's so much pain and suffering anyway. My family would care but eventually they would get over it. It just takes alot of time. Talking to someone doesn't really help either b/c then the person will just constantly yell or judge you. Screw that, I'm gonna do it and very soon.
19 Aug 2004 Jennifer We live to die. As soon as your born, you start to disintegrate.
19 Aug 2004 Jennifer Drive off a cliff. But try to wait and find out who you really are first. If you DO want to die, there is no problem with that. I would enjoy dying, but Im too scared of what I would've missed. What if there's something more? I'm waiting to see. And keep in mind, the strongest are those who choose to live life -- the hardest thing to do.

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