Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Aug 2004 Briana go to school with a gun take it out in the middle of class, stand on your desk and shoot yourself in the head.
16 Aug 2004 Julia What's with all the homophobia here? I know everyone is angry and oppressed and all that great stuff, but why must the word "fag" or "faggot" be used? Many kids kill themselves because they are homosexual, and fear rejected by all around them because of their sexuality. I really wish everyone could find another insult.
16 Aug 2004 nobody all you have to do is threaten the cops with a fake gun, they'll do the rest...
16 Aug 2004 andrew hey. im not feeling so bad right now cos im on a high. i spent a few days in my room thinking everything was going to shit but coming out after that everything feels good. its like nothing is as bad as i thought. its always like that after ive been really depressed and i love it. doesnt last long though. maybe thats what normal people feel like.
15 Aug 2004 concerned child I have a thing to say.... Im 12 years old and i have a sukey life sumtimes but i would never stoop so low as to kill myself..... Things will look up but for those people who actually see it as A solution to kill yourself... I also see some of the people who actually right ways as encouraging ppl to kill themselves so the people who are cursing and crap have every right to!!!!!
15 Aug 2004 Phil Congrats Harry! There really are easier ways to do it though...
1. Get your tits out
2. Get your tits out
3. Get your tits out

(As a matter of interest, would Britney get her 'titneys' out?)
15 Aug 2004 Harry Potter Hey! I got in mouchette's favourites!! I actually cast magic on Mouchette to make her do that, so I'm not that surprised to tell the truth.
15 Aug 2004 Phil Ha, that's ok crack. Any excuse for me to get in a mention of Lucy, you understand...
14 Aug 2004 Anyone go to iraq and yell, "hey motherfuckers!"
14 Aug 2004 Me I'm 18 and have tried numerous times to commit suicide... about 13 times now... hardly anything works. So this is my last try. I've been reading and it says using carbon monoxide works, so if it works Yay for me ...bybye
14 Aug 2004 crackerjack Jesus... you should be a Philosiper. Good work, luv :)
Anyways, I already said sorry once.
14 Aug 2004 Conor rriigghhtt..
i'm suicidal but i don't give a shit lol....

my two planned methods if they arise are choppin my head off from a train... train always wins lol, and cyanide... i'm 14 and it's hard to get it but i got the recipe memorized :-) add me to msn if you want and you can flash me if your a girl lmao
14 Aug 2004 Jae Ann Why do you have to be under 13, being that age suicide is really hard. At 13, I wanted to jump off a bridge. If you slit your wrists ( I saw someone say that, make sure you do it right, from the wrist to the forearm, not across the wrist. Sick I know, but here I am, after over 13 years of feeling suicidal, (I'm 25) still alive, I made my first serious attempt in May of 2003, and now I'm looking to legally buy a gun for the purpose, a slow process, but my results will be acheived. Other than that, can't say much. Feel free to email me.
13 Aug 2004 Phil PS - It's a glorious day today - Friday 13th. Lots of bad things are going to happen to people because they are waiting for them to happen. If they bothered to pay attention though, they might see that every single day is the same.
13 Aug 2004 Phil Felicia is on the ball as always, yet I feel that in a way, "crackerjack" did have a SMALL point. Lucy's breasts did indeed start to become too big for her bra. And as Lucy's breasts inflated, so did my ego - and I became too big for my boots. Lucy retired because I am not sane or 'together' enough to do the hard but admirable work that 'normal' successful writers do. I still miss the times when I used to be in bed at night, and a flash of Lucy-inspiration whopped me in the face like a pair of swinging breasts (no need to say WHO the breasts belonged too). I can still pursue the breasts if I wish, though perhaps not so enthusiastically, plus they seem to swing less often these days. Perhaps Lucy decided enough was enough, got a reduction, and super-glued her breasts firmly together. I still miss the girl she was, but thankfully she still visits me from time to time.
13 Aug 2004 Some Fuck Eat ten cans of beans and lock yourself in a small room. The fumes will seal your fate.
13 Aug 2004 fuck you NOT DO IT YOU DUMB WHINY FUCK.
12 Aug 2004 Stephanie To everyone out there,
I don't know your circumstance but life is not worth ending at 13 or ever. You have so much to live for and don't get so caught up in your delusions that you think it isn't worth living. Don't say your life isn't worth living, because it is. If you need to talk then here is my email address
if you feel you need to talk then have the assurance of knowing there is someone to talk to. God bless y'all.
12 Aug 2004 Adipose Dangerous Farm machinery. PTO's, bailers and augers. Easy to get into. Rarely live. Insurance pays off like clock work.

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