Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 May 2004 Estefany Cut yourself to death
23 May 2004 Tot I tried so many different ways to kill myself. I'm now 16 in tenth grade and I've been trying to die since the 7th grade but nothing has sucessfuly worked, I overdosed on Ibprophen perscribed to me that were 600mg, then another time aspirns that were 5oomg please please help me I wanna no how many sleeping pills from over the counter that I would have to take in order to finally die
23 May 2004 GAHHH Fat fook - your so damn right. all you FUCKERS out there who think suicidal people are selfish, go DIE. Just because you have a perfect life and can deal with your issues doesnt mean other people can, its not like they can help it, damnit. if anyone is selfish here its you. you dont fucking care about anyones suffering or pain. half of the people who are suicidal have no loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! retards. PEOPLE DONT ACT SUICIDAL FOR ATTENTION. they want to die, and when your fucking dead you wont get any attention that you can actually absorb cause your dead. and life DOES NOT get better. its only gettin worse. would you rather feel nothing forever or pain forever....
23 May 2004 inconsiderate people The person who wrote under the name of RETARDS should shut the fuck up. The only reason you never thought of killing yourself is because you havent been through shit. Oh yeah sure you had some hard times in your life but not nearly as fucken hard as most people writing on this website. Even the storys they tell probably isnt the half of the reason why they want to kill themselves or have thought of killing themselves. Did you CLOSED MINDED FUCKS ever think that the people that have abusive family problems or any other problems have a little bit more to their stories that they dont want to share. I mean fucken christ, I seen a man get shot in the fucken head when i was child and you dont think that shit has an effect of how you take other problems through out your life. Next time you fuckers write shit saying its stupid to think about killing yourselves, consider the fact that you dont know what the fuck theyd been through.
22 May 2004 Lu train. I spoke to a train driver once that said every train driver gets one every five years on average, it's not publicised only because they don't want copycat attempts.
22 May 2004 Kate i'm 18 and my life was always hell. i have nobody, and i have lost so damn fucking much through out my life. i curl up in a ball and cry all night in despair, and i suck it up to see the next day, but for what? why should i live if i'm not happy, not happy at all.... and those of you who say commiting suicide is selfish cuz ppl around u might get upset... FUCK U, is any1 here to help me when i'm going hysterical all by myself cutting myself, with this pain inside making me wanna rip my heart out? NO, NOBODY'S HERE. NOR DO THEY CARE that i'm suffering. why should i care that they might spill few tears at my funeral?? or think about me for few days. everyone will just go on and i will free myself from all this shit i feel and go through
22 May 2004 bob The best way to kill yourself under 13 would probably be pills.... or playing with knifes
22 May 2004 lauren cutting ((its quick and easy))
22 May 2004 HELP ME!!!! I just turned 13 today and i dont really give a fuk. Ever since I was 6 I wanted to commit suicide. Ive tried 5 times now but none have worked. Ive tried to slash my wrists, jump off a bridge, jump in front of a moving car on my way home from school, tried an overdose of medicine and tried to hang myself. I have tried to cut my throat but have been too scared to. Please e-mail me and tell me an easy way to commit suicide...
21 May 2004 Fat Fook To anyone who says that suicidal people are selfish because they don't think about their loved ones.... you are stupid pieces of shit and you deserve to be electrocuted. Why the hell would a suicidal person care about what happens to the people they leave behind? They will be dead for fuck sake!!! The suicidal person is so full of pain that they would end their own life, and you find it offensive that the suicidal person doesn't think about others??? You are a stupid fuck and I will punch you in the face, and then in the nuts.
21 May 2004 405 I have no idea, I'm currently 17 and to be honest, I have been, almost casually looking, since I was 13. I'm kind of cowardly and I don't wanna risk it with overdosing on pills, so I imagine I'd hang myself if it came up, at the moment I just need a trigger :(
21 May 2004 Dave

read this. if you don't kill yourself before the end it'll give you some tips.
21 May 2004 alecia put your head underneath a lawnmower ... you don't need a licence for that. Or... jump on craig (of slipknot) with the spikes's head... that would be cool...
21 May 2004 Brittney Well I'm only 14.. but let me tell you suicide isn't that easy. I mean I'm going through so much right now I just want to die!!! And your prolly thinking OmG ur not only hurting urself but ur loved ones... what if i have no loved ones.. or nobody to care.. exactly. I just I need a way to kill myself. I tried pills i took 40 then i went to sleep it doesn't work i just woke up and was really sick and had to go to the hospital... I ended up injuring my liver tho.


20 May 2004 Tyleah I'm 20 as well like "alreadydead", and I am in the same situation like that. Only thing my dad does not drink. He is so abusive. He calls me his daughter "FAT BITCH and LAZY BITCH BASTARD". He does not work either my mom does a 8-4pm job and when she comes home he curses at her, and she gets mad at me. I think I am a good kid. I never smoked, drunk, had sex, I don't disobey neither of them. I mean it's so much that I am scared to live life because of this. My grandma died and I miss her sooo much. I would just love to be with her. My parents say "why don't you get out?" I dont want to die but it's like no one cares for me, only person who did was my Grandma, which I should be going to heaven with her. Right now tears are streaming from my eyes. i can't breathe my nose is clogged up. I can't do it, I dont know imma try tonight and keep trying, nothing is going good for myself. I distanced myself away from my friends. I dont want them to see the "happy Tyleah" sad. OMG i dont know what to do. And lately i have been sick I have SIckle Cell, I dont have it bad but I been feeling horrible and never told anyone nor have they noticed. I dont want to die but dammit I gotta shit is getting worse being here.
20 May 2004 FUCKED UP Enlist in a Drama Art class then steal the disguise kit. Disguise yourself in Bin Laden with his big ugly fat beard, then steal a prop AK-47. Go to the grocery store and buy a case of pepsi cans. Empty them up and fix them to a belt then bucle up your fake explosives belt.

Then, when Anderson Cooper makes his CNN show, go right ahead, break and enter the studio and claim a terrorist attack in front of national TV.

About a few minutes later, the FBI, the CIA, the ARMY will all be pointing their guns and you will be shot with hundreads of bullets and will be dead.
20 May 2004 Becca I am 13 possibly pregnant and my boyfriend just broke up with me.. i have been suicidal before. but it all passed when i got with him. i loved him i thought he loved me now i want 2 kill myself somebody help me please..
20 May 2004 help i think it is very sick how people come on here to poke fun at others because of what they are going through. One thing i can say however is, none of us can EVER judge anyone for ANYTHING they do unless we have been in their shoes. Some people are much weaker than others and every circumstance is different just like we respond to everything differently.

It is a well known fact that at least 2 out of every 3 people have contemplated suicide! Believe it or not, experience will prove. Yes many people only do it for attention, but does that mean they dont deserve the attention? Does that mean they are not depressed? NO! Just like those who don't cry, it does not mean they dont get upset. Suicide is a very serious thing and if any of you have had experience of this, whether a friend/family or yourself has contemplated it then you will know how serious it is. When you are as depressed as people who commit suicide are, you do not care about the world. Part of you is desperate for somebody to come and save you, yet the other part of you cannot be bothered to fight any more. Suicide IS the easy way out. That is why we should never blame ourselves when a loved one takes this route.

In most cases, those who do commit suicide, never seem depressed or troubled in any way, other times is it very clear. So when people come on here to express their feeling it should be taken with respect, whether it is just a form of 'letting it all out'. But those who have the audacity to poke fun of others for talking about suicide are none other than SICK. The feeling of waiting to die or wishing to disappear from existence, should never be put on to anyone. Experience will prove this, because one day we will ALL be affected by this, whether it is a family member or a friend.
19 May 2004 alreadydead I don't know the best way, I'm only looking for the easiest way. I'm also over 13, I'm actually 20. I don't really have much of a story to tell, just my so-called life. All my life my parents hated each other. Always fighting. My father is an alcoholic, and abusive. Since my mother is afraid of my father, she takes all her stress out on me. Since I was roughly 13, all I wanted to do is die. Life was no longer worth living. All I every wanted was someone to love me, or care about me, so I started dating, making boys/guys fall in love with me, but that was never good enough, my family still hated me. Well, I went to college and I fell in love with a really great guy, but my home life was just getting worse. My self esteem dropped like a rock when my family started telling me that I'm a failure and that I'll get no where in life. Now I have no money, no car, and no friends. I'm stuck at home all the time with every one in my family telling me how useless I am and how they have wasted so much money on me. They have told me I am no longer allowed to leave the house to see my boyfriend, and they are going to stop paying for college. Because of that, I have no more reason to live. It really would be better if I just died. They would no longer have to support me. I wouldn't be bothering anyone anymore. So back to the point. I'm not sure exactly the best way to kill yourself under 13, but if you want to, do it early, get it done before it's to late. The longer you wait the more miserable you will me. So basically find something quick and easy, and that is a guarentee, you don't want to be "rescued" and have everyone think your just psychotic.

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