Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Aug 2004 Eddie F. Davis By a shot of air in the toungue...
30 Aug 2004 already dead Ive been "suicidal" since as long as i can remember, so i feel most peoples posts on this forum. I think the best way is to first of all get really drunk, or high doesnt matter before you do anything, that should ease all pain to some degree. I really think the best way to die would be to cut your wrists, die from blood loss, and youd probably pass out before you actually died. Other than that id probably shoot up a few grams of coke and drink myself to death. I talked to a shrink awhile ago and although the chat was no "burning bush" it sparked a tiny glimmer of doubt in my mind. he suggested that maybe after i kill myself, nothing changes. What if its not fire and brimstone and eternal physical torture, but what if im just left feeling the way i feel forever. I dont know, somethin about that thought makes me wanna find a way to make life not suck. Im kinda thinking maybe theres a chance my head will shut up, maybe ill want to wake up in the morning one of these days, maybe...i dont know. Dont get me wrong im not trying to save anyone, i dont think i can save myself and im with anyone who has a serious post on this forum. If anyone wants to email me feel free at P.S. dont od on tylonol or any over the counter pain meds, that shit takes more pills than your probly willing to take, and a long painfull death or a really fucked up stomach and liver are all that thats gonna get you.
30 Aug 2004 max hair spray
30 Aug 2004 Alicia I can't believe that someone so sick and twisted had to come up with a website as sick as this!!
I am so sorry for anyone out there who is feeling so horrible that they feel that ending their life is the only way to make themselves feel better. Well, if you end your life, you won't feel better and get the experience the happiness that you truly deserve. I've been there and because I stuck it out and got the help that I needed, I am doing better than I ever thought I would. I didn't have a single person in my life. No parents, friends or school counselors and I still managed to make it through. God puts us all on this planet for a reason. And someday you will find that reason, but you must be patient so that it can get to you. You will deeply hurt many people if you do anything to yourself. Even if you don't have anyone in your life, someone is watching you and loving you this very moment. If you have absolutely no one in your life that is willing to listen, then please feel free to contact me. My email is I am willing to listen and I care. And remember, I have been there. It was horrible and I had to make many sacrifices to get where I am. But I have everything in my life that I have ever wanted. I love life, it's wonderful. You will one day feel the same way. It took me 4 years to get where I am. And to some that seems like an eternity and sometimes it felt that way. But if you just stick it out and please remember "Everything takes time!!!" Please email me anytime. Thanks!!
Also, here is a website that I think all of you should be reading instead of this one. So please take 5 minutes and read it. It will help.
30 Aug 2004 Gigi I have thought of the subject myself, as weird as it may sound. Im such a happy person around my friends and family. Iv been through depression though, and for a long amount of time. Iv been through just about every thing; moving, being abandoned by my own mother, not having a father for 2/3rds of my life. Iv been beaten, scared, angry, and just about every other emotion. You wouldnt notice it if you ever met me though. Im in sports in highschool, I get pretty good grades, I have tons of friends, and Im always smiling and outgoing around people. But the truth is that Iv been hurt before, and along with depression comes thoughts. Iv tryed to commit suicide 4 times. There was a time where I was a major cutter too. I have scars on my left arm, and when ever asked how I got them I tell them that the cat scratched me. Im not scared of dying, Im scared for my friends though, I love them more than anything...
Depression still lingers on me, but I just hide it.
29 Aug 2004 Phil The gay jokes? The world has gone gay, that's why! Pink blood now oozes down the screen whenever I make a post. Mouchette is really my boyfriend, that's why he always pushes my posts into his favourite list.
29 Aug 2004 Flamer I would like to formally congratulate Ms. Casey for being the dumbest person ever to write on this site. Let us look back and marvel at her stupidity....

Casey "Dear whoever.... I think that this idea is both good and bad.... It can make young children grow up to be violent or it can make children feel better by their acting but not doing the real thing.... So either way I guess I don't really have an opinion on this matter"

You are one dumb bitch, Casey...... and you don't even know why.

Oh, and to "a gay person", the reason I don't test out my suicide method is because I am too busy with yo mamma. I mean, your DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29 Aug 2004 Caity and Pat I used to be this way. Please don't let it ruin you. Although you may think there is NO way it could get better, it can and it will.
Taking your life will solve nothing. All it will do will bring ultimarte sorrow to those you love. Please don't take your life. Its not worth it.
Those of you who arn't here to give advice, or get it please leave. Its extremely disrespectful and a pain in the ass. If your gonna crack gay jokes or laugh at the matters stated on these pages...this isn't the place to do it. SO GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE YOU MORONS! I'm sorry you have your head shoved so far up your asses you can't realize the seriousness of the situations.
Now back to those who need advice. Killing yourself is a horrible way to solve your problems.
Now my boyfriend told me about this site...(my e-mail is listed as the link for our name, his email is We both would love to help you. We would do almost anything to help you wether it is giving advice, or reasons to live. Please let us know if you need help because we will ALWAYS be there for you guys. we have both been through this (me to the point that i had a knife to my throat) and let me tell you, it does get better. You do not live with this pain your whole life. You just have to be willing to live, and to fix YOURSELF. To love YOURSELF.
All of you need to realize, no matter what person you are, no matter what color- race- ANYTHING- that we are ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. Look around you. Look at everyone in your school. Realize this, you are all sharing one thing in common. You are all HUMANS. Humans are not ment to be perfect. You might look at a cheerleader and go, Well now, she is perfect. She has everything. But what if that cheerleader is blemic? Being a human... your sole purpose is to learn from your mistakes. But how can u learn from this if your dead?
Please dont be afraid to contact us. We will do everything to give you a reason to live. Just know that life IS WORTH LIVING!
29 Aug 2004 Li Dao Today I finally realized how trivial of creatures were individually are here on Earth and can so easily be unnoticed. I went to the Minnesota state fair today. There were almost 200,000 others there today, Absolutely no one recognized me, not one. No one cared if i was there or not including my own mother. For a person with terminal depression and has suffered metal abuse for 14 years like me, that what I experienced today, brings my own finality to that much more of a resonable cure for this tormenting illness. No one will miss me or even notice that I am gone. For one minute do you think this same day next year anyone at the fair will notice that I am not there? yeah right. I have no other family, no real friends, I am just a speck on this earth. I will die on october 15th. I have 2 ambien pills I got from someone. They are prescription sleeping pills that help you sleep in about 15-20 minutes. I will take them, go to bed and peacefully pull the drawstring bag over my head and take my last earthly breaths and die in peace. I will wakeup in the comforting arms of Angels and those that have gone before me in death. That is the only cure for this terrible disease for me. It is not tragic, no no, it is humane, same as if I had a incurable cancer or something. I will talk to anyone from now until then about how you feel in your own situations. I do not advocate death, by no means, but it can and is a cure sometimes for those who will never despite all good intentions of everyone, be freed from the inner hell that major depression has on them.
My e-mail is
May all of you who battle every day in despair take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Li
29 Aug 2004   wowowowow!
what a great sight.... do you reckon mouchette is like a necrophile or something?
28 Aug 2004 bunnie you know, i really support y'all's decisions to kill yourselves. you deserve it. however, i think the vast majority of you are (sadly) full of shit. however, i'm going to humour you. you wanna know the best way to die, at any age? i'll tell you.
however, consider one last final option, first: drug addiction.
drug addiction offers one the ability to not only romantically imprint your own particular trademark on jail cells and shady motels around the world, it also provides unlimited options for social interaction, everything from your basic robbery to just shootin' up with an old pal. heroine would be my prime suggestion. also, much in the manner of russian roulette, you never know when your number is going to come up. in the eternal words of morrison: cut your throat life is a joke, my wife's in a moat....etc. etc. etc.
but, if you insist on death, just do what the old lady with the kids said. down an assload of dxm and you won't feel a thing---available at your local drugstore. in fact, dxm is a powerful, powerful hallucinogenic--death becomes a very appealing option when your brain is so twisted. and if you really wanna do yourself in, shoot some dope when your peaking on the dexie. Disclaimer: your death is not my fault. i'm just a sarcastic bitter old junky with nothing else to do at the moment....... p.s. send me five bucks and i'll do it for you. (escape the divine penalty... hire a hit man!) no. just kidding. hehe. hehehehehehehhehe. you're going to hellll
28 Aug 2004 me@hook a battle that many of us face in our lives is that of awakening.

it is a battle with the self that never ends.

i have been thinking lately about the circle of pain...

and how the circle of pain within my own life has continued in different places and with different people but always with me in the core of it.

i have decided to get out of the circle of pain and try as hard as i can to invite and allow pleasure and joy and peace to touch me inside.

have you ever considered that some of us are self destructive and self abusive and that it draws others locked into pain towards us ... thereby deepening the circle of pain?

i have recently been thinking about this.

i was given a great gift by someone.

my own pain is what drew them full of violence and anger and self hatred towards me gripped in the circle of pain. if i had not had that inside myself some place, it would not have resonated towards me.

anger waters the seeds of anger. violence begets violence.

the addiction to eternal complacency.
28 Aug 2004 Elena There are times when the sense of self feels like a sense of utter isolation and disconnection from others. Silence screams all around me. Is there anything louder than the silent treatment from someone who no longer cares about you? Is there anything louder than the air inside a room with only your thoughts? Being alone is good because everyone's speaking voice is so loud and clear when you finally emerge from your self imposed solitude. When i meditate, all of my fear surges up inside me and i stare it down and then gaze at it steadily and extend my hand in friendship.

i am remembering Paris now. i am remembering a perfumed bath and walking the streets alone late at night and in my aloneness knowing that i was indeed home. i am remembering Jerusalem now. i am remembering walking the streets of the Old City and in my aloneness knowing that i was indeed home inside Damascus Gate. i am remembering Trondheim, and the Icelandic outback, and Oslo, and Copenhagen, and Brussels... a few of the places where i have felt i was truly home.

There are many beautiful places in my memories where i have been and have had the surge of awareness that i was home. This is the sense of self and aloneness that i love the most. No one with me. On my own. Walking in the shadows. Listening. Breathing. Feeling my heartbeat in my chest.
28 Aug 2004 Lauren i need someone to help me i dont know what to do with myself my mental illness is killing me breaking me to the point of a knife how do i do this without killling my family ?????????
28 Aug 2004 A Gay Person To Flamer,
As you know the best way to kill yourself, why don't you go test it out? (and then come back and tell us all if it worked)
28 Aug 2004 no hands Hi!
I'd like to order two large pizza, nachos for two and a diet coke! Thanks!

...wait a second... am I in the right place?
28 Aug 2004 Flamer I would like to formally commend Faggot McFaggyson for writing the funniest thing I've read in a very long time.

Oh yeah, and the best way to kill yourself is still the same. Go to a fucking train track you stupid dumbass. Instant, no work, no problem (for you anyway).
28 Aug 2004 lizzie borden well just for a heads up to everyone... (who doesnt have that great of a body) if your gonna kill urself with pills make sure you SERCURLY LOCK THE DAMN DOOR because through my experience, i didnt and my dad found me and when the paramedics came they cut open my shirt to revive me. so um yeah... if ur self concious about ur body make sure your willing to let the paramedics see ur tits. if not then go on a diet and work out then u can kill urself and still have a slammin body.
27 Aug 2004 Dean W Hi kate, if your reading this then u got my e-mail, Sorry to put you through this but I chose to leave my note here as it allowed me to choose who read it first (apart from however many people read the stuff on this site, some of which is quite good and even had me re-thinking my decision for a while) anyway please please don't allow anyone to blame themselves this was my life and I made a lot of mistakes there is NOTHING that you or anybody else could have done to prevent this. I am sorry I have pushed you away for so long and I have dragged you down into my problems (although you will always disagree with that) There is really a lot else to say, people who knew me will know why I did this, I just really wanted people to know I don't want them blaming themselves or thinking they should have done more, you ALL did everything you could. I am a coward and cannot handle the reality of life that was my biggest weakness. I always loved you all and always felt loved,

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