Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Sep 2004 no hands hahah!!
i love that post by emma, she tells people to seek help from people like her and then doesn't put in her email... uh... how are they supposed to seek help from you, genius?
17 Sep 2004 no hands huh!
i have social phobia too! and it fucking sucks, because i'm not actually anti-social!
man, those two things are fucking shit when put together! seriously, i wouldn't mind if it if i didn't like people, but i do!!!
yeah, depression sucks too.
dunno... there's cool shit you can do about it though. if you have money go around the internet surfing for miricle cures. some of them work!! seriously, one did for me... i won't say what because i ain't selling shit. but anyway, i hope you do okay.
17 Sep 2004   the best way to kill yourself when you are under thirteen is by stuffing a barbie down your throat. HAHAHA! this sight cracks me up! it has comedy, tradegy, everything! what a sigth! pity that it's so fucking ugly though...
another good way to kill yourself is by peircing your eyebrow... with a chainsaw.
17 Sep 2004   hahah,
the best way to kill yourself is by genetically engineering a giant chicken! then it will just eat you! simple...
17 Sep 2004 Laura hi im the one who asked y would any one under 13 wanna kill them selfs then went on about my life at the end is lyrics i didnt write that shit u dumb asses its slip knot and godsmack dumb asses i can however write good shit here is an exsample this i did write myself :

My life, full of hatrid and despair
Because it isnt fucking fair
To live a life full of sin
Why the hell did it even begin?

My soul used to be pure
My vision, crystal clear
Everything seems to have gone blood red
And I feel like I'd be better off dead
My thoughts have been lived and said
I can't stand my life, full of fear
Now i wish you weren't standing there
Like you do fucking care

I lack knowledge of this feeling
And my blood is dripping through the ceiling
Each and every day, I have to surpress more rage
Somebody let me outta this goddamn cage
I feel like a fucking bird
Having to immitate every word
Its the end of this ride
Time to let out the feelings deep inside


i feel my blood draning from my vains
i feel like im stuck in the rain
y do i feel so unhappy
all i ever wanted was my daddy
but i aint that lil girl nomore
my blood is spilled on the floor
y the fuck am i hear in the 1st place
i feel like im running a fucking race
i have had enough of it
my life im gonna forfit
it dosent matter any more
theres to much blood on the floor
noone can save me now
im lost never to be found

I am not what I appear to be
You are blinded from what you cannot see
Somehow I must end this life
Let it out with a razor knife
Through all this soothing pain
I've found that I am not insane
After I become tense and fierce
Flesh is tempting to pierce
Causing relaxing pain
As blood pours out of my veins
16 Sep 2004 Steaming Pile of Shit Dear Max, I can help you. Why the fuck don't you just set your alarm clock for later, ya douche!??! Really, what school starts so early that you have to get up at 6? Set it for seven, and rush out the door. That will solve all of your problems, ya fucking idiot.
16 Sep 2004 for the thrill ok people think about suicide all the time and the truth is people WOULD be hurt no matter what..... there's always people that care about you and in some cases you definatley feel like there isnt anyone there for you. Find a friend that cares, then you'll change your mind, if your a guy, get a girl as a really good friend and she will change your persepctive on everything. and yeah you cant try to kill yourself it just doesnt work like that, thats torturing yourself because you dont like yourself... whole different topic. I would belive someone tried to kill themself if they blew a hole threw their head and lived through it with a ton of brain damage...... then they can say they "tried" to kill themself. Theres so many different cases of suicidal thoughts from people and alot of them are cries for attention and its hard to pin point out the ones that are like that. I definatley dont want to put anyone down for wanting to die, it isnt a crime in your head but it is in real life which i think is stupid. anyone can be sick, through, finished with life like theres nothing to come, but i think of it as just wanting a switch to shut everything off and be finished.... everything is shitty at times but hey sometimes theres good times. i mean hey if your done with life and your sick of it.... blow a whole through your head, maybe the people that didnt care about you will then figure out how much you made everyone happy and bitch at themselves because they were a bitch to you for no reason.... im sick of people who think just of themselves.... i dont neccessarily mean people who want to commit suicide but people who make people want to commit suicide. it makes me sick sometimes. well shit get back to what you were doing and stop reading my bull shit theory's...jk peace to everyone
16 Sep 2004 Pablo Drink a shit load of vodka, mix it with weed, and top off the blend with some snorts of cocaine, that'll do the trick!
16 Sep 2004 Phil It is Social Anxiety Disorder or others call it Social Phobia. I have Depression on top of it plus other smaller problems. So, not one of those sexy illnesses like Scizophrenia or whatever, just one that no one knows much about.
16 Sep 2004 crackerjack Dear Phil,
I was wondering what your mental illness actually is?
16 Sep 2004 Max Every day, at about six in the mourning, the alarm clock rudely pulls me out of my dreamy free wandering, and throws me back into reality. It is at the time that I most clearly realize “I hate this. Why do I keep doing it?” I usually keep asking myself that question as I automatically go about my mourning routine, hoping an answer will come to me, although it never does. Soon I am off to school and so busy that I forget for a little while, although the thought still remains in the back of my mind. I think about how busy I am, but how pointless everything I am doing is. The strange this is that I often feel even worse on days when I am not busy, since then there is nothing to distract me and make me forget my self questioning.

Ah... good times
16 Sep 2004 emma I am 21 and work with young people who are suicidal. i just ask that those guys out there seek help because there are people who are out there who do care (like me) we invest a lot of time listening and being there for people and i think that to give up hope is...
15 Sep 2004 Flamer Hello Deadlypudding, you stupid shit face! I was laughing my ass off reading your last posts. If any of you want a lesson on how to make an ass of yourself, go read Deadlypudding’s last two posts. You’ll find it interesting that after he tried to bash me, he got so frustrated and confused that he cried and said he’s never coming back, and then he went to suck on his mother’s teet. Fucking Hi-Larious!!!! And that there, is the wrath of Flamer. Congratulations, Deadlypudding, you have been Flamed! I burned you up good.

I sometimes swear at suicidal people for two reasons. 1) it's funny. 2) I don't beleive that I will have any negative impact on them, if anything it will help them. You see, suicidal people are FUCKED in the head. They don't interpret shit the same as regular folk. They're used to hearing life is worth living and all this bullshit, it's all the same, and it doesn't get through to them. I know because I was suicidal and talk like that pissed me off because I didn't understand it. So maybe just getting in their face and saying "FUCK YOU!!! You're fucked in the head!!!" maybe that will get through to them, and I wish someone would have had the nads to do that to me during my fucked phase. So if my friend came to this site, and read me swear at him, I am positive that it wouldn't make him kill himself. I'm sure that people don't care that much what some random fuck face says on the net. And if my friend did kill himself for the "reason" that he read my shit, then I'm sure he would have done it anyway for some other stupid reason, whatever stupid little thing pissed him off at the time. But I will never have to worry about it because it will never happen. Besides, I mainly swear at stupid people, not suicidal peeps.

Anyway, Scott, the reason why you think you know what happens after death is because you are a dumb fish fucking moron who uses his toothbrush as a dildo. You don't know shit about life after death, so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!
15 Sep 2004 Pav Suicide is taking the easy way out ! It's being a coward! Jeez... Suicide for people under 13 ?!?! That's sick !
15 Sep 2004 marisol take a gun and blow your mind
15 Sep 2004 Tina Hi there,
Just trying to find people that have simular experiences to myself......... I have been unhappy for as long as I can remember and for so many reasons that my head just tortures me day and night. I have tried to strangle myself before realising it can't be done and taken overdoses as well as self-mutilation in the past. I am currently battling drug and alcohol addiction which in my own way is slow suicide, I guess, but my aim is to get better and see the good that I have yet to find. So I am seeing a counsellor which if you knew me is so strange.... so my advise is..... life is cruel, but even sadness has positives and while I totally can accept that sometimes people are in so much pain that we need to get out of this world asap.... generally, the people who suffer even more are the people still in it...... suicide is not an answer.... just an option so if you are gonna take it..... at least give yourself the chance to experience all the other roads first because only then can you find where you truly need to be.... and even I am still looking and I have visited almost all......Take care and if you ever want to chat, email me. Tina xxx
14 Sep 2004 Malchica I have always thought about death, even when I was so young, just a girl. Every time I felt furious I thought of killing myself. Afterwards, I decided there were not many ways in which I did not suffer too much, and what was most important for me: how to leave a lovely corpse. My solution were sleeping pills. They are easy to find and they let you die in souch a slow, souch a sweet way... When children under 13 think of killing themselves there must be necessarily someone to blame; imagine their face, their horror expressions when they found your innocent body with no blood, no strings, just asleep, asleep forever.
14 Sep 2004 sarah (sissylynn) everyone always tells me that they have it hard. i know that some do but still not all the fuckin time. they dont have to deal with shit they didnt want to. they dont have to fuckin hide under a mask of something or someone ur not. i hate this, i wanna die... i have scars like the rest of u even the people who are reading this but deny they are one of the cutters. either u cut once or sometimes or all the time. u still are considered a fuckin cutter. stop posing u assholes. u dont know what its like to be molested by ur cuz or abused mentally by ur dad or have a mom who drinks too much to get the voice of my dad outta her head. u dont know what its like to compared to ur perfect brother... might i add he is younger than u.... u fuckin people dont know shit. i have to deal with the broken heart every damn day.. i have his face fuckin set in stone in my head... i have all the fuckin things my cuz did to me in my head playin over n over n over again everyday i have to come home to this war in my house act as if nothing happened that nite... i go to skool the next day happy go lucky never lettin on the pain i have to see in my head. i used to be the perfect child or so some say.. good student to an extent then i used to be a cheerleader, always smiling, had a great boyfriend. i lost it all i died inside i trust no one. yet still i smile n act as tho i do.. i cant fuckin believe u people.. u have ppl to trust ppl to look forward to seeing i just have this lifeless body, this meaningless world i dont belong in u dont fuckin know shit.... there is only one way to do suicide fast n quick... a knife on the throat or the wrist only if u do it right... deep n fast... u will suffocate with the neck but if u want people to feel sorry for u then go for the wrist... u will live longer to see or be seen with ur last breath... have fun and have a great day.... mine wont be!!!
14 Sep 2004 Phil Hmm I wish I was bisexual, but no I'm full-blown gay. Strangely, it doesn't really bother me, as I am already an outcast for my 'other' problems... some guys get suicidal for being gay, but I get suicidal from having mental illness. I wish I was the opposite though. Plus I suppose I may have an obsession with boobies, if Lucy Cortina is anything to go by.
14 Sep 2004 Will Snow Well, I did the most silliest of things yesterday and tried to hang myself. Thankfully I got scared and cried. Which probably did me good. To cry that is. Anyway apologies to those that know me cos it was a selfish act and it only hurts people you really care about and i fully regret doing it. But I get really depressed. I do try to hide it. I dunno why I get depressed cos Im actually happier now than I have ever been. Ummm, somehow that doesnt sound as though it makes sense. Anyway, I will be putting my washing line in the bin when I get home. Well folks, Back to my 'House of passion'. No, No, No not me! The other residents. You would love to know what goes on....

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