Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Aug 2004 Carter I beleive the best way to kill yourself is throw suffoication is painless. I try it but my mom walked in while unconscius called the ambulance and i was revived.
22 Aug 2004 termite Let nature take it's course life is never that tuff. take a deep breath and find a way to enjoy what you are missing.
21 Aug 2004   whoever made this is fucking messed up. suicide isn't a toy, it's a fucking life!!!!!!!!! this isn't funny at all and the maker of this site should be locked up
21 Aug 2004 Phil You know crack, they sell something called "Dr Brain's Pork Faggots" in the supermarkets here in Tealand. I think they are some sort of meatball type foodstuff. Yum yum.
21 Aug 2004 the end the beast way to kill your self is to go down to the wight house and sit at the front gates and shoot yor self. leaving a note saying that george.w.buch and the goverment made me scared to live in a word of war and a president terrorist. i am scared of the evil tht lives in the wight house.the terror alert gives me anxity and the goverment makes it to hard to live in a world where evry thing you do and evry where you go you have to look over your sholders like a crack head who dident pay his dealer. the corporate devils suck use for evry thing we have and there is no point of living if thay are just going to leave us with nothing in the end. so i will see you hell where i will torcher you for all the hurt you have cused me and all of the pain that you made the back is a bitch and your going to phuckin pay!
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21 Aug 2004 Wristcutter Slit your wrists with a steak knife, fun, I've tried a few times, tip: make sure you in a locked room
20 Aug 2004 Boogie Tie a string around ur neck and tie and tie and tie it again until u dont have enough time to untie it until u doe! heheheh
20 Aug 2004 Heather Rose I'm ba-ack... This is awsome.. I can't explain how I feel right now. I cut into that scar of the star on my stomach.. I just did one little cut at first, and I couldn't stop smiling. It fucking hurt. It fucking hurt I was smiling. How sad. I just kept going, using the old scars as my outlines to follow. I got bored of that and covered my stomach in teeny tiny x's. It looks so pretty.

I got bored of that and I beat the shit out of my hip. That was at like.. four in the morning, so when I woke up this morning, it was already starting to bruise.. When I was showering, I just kept pounding on it, with this huge ass smile on my face.

Afterwards, I just laid in bed and pinched my arms.. I pinched them till they were are red and a little bloody.

It was incredible. I miss being like this. I'm being a total cunt on the outside, but inside I'm the happiest I have been in years. I don't care when I flip out on everyone, it makes me feel better. I just yell and scream and poke my little bruise just to remember its there.. Or I'll outline the star on my stomach, and I can still feel how uneven my skin is. Or just stare at my arms.. And just wait for tonight, to continue my romance with the razor
19 Aug 2004 Audra My favorite simplest way I've thought up to kill yourself (And this should be ok for those under 13) is too find rope... then piano wire that's shorter then the rope. Go to a fun tall place with lots of people and then tie the piano wire around your neck and then tie to the building. The rope gets tied around your feet and then to the building. This is the part where you pull out super glue and proceed to glue your hands to your head.... then jump if it works correctly the piano wire should cut your head off and the rope will leave up upside down... and your hands of course are glued to your head so... you'll be holding your head while showering crowds below with your blood... it's simple really...
19 Aug 2004 someone who's very sad I don't really know what answer. Probably taking alot of pills or drowning yourself. I always thoughts of wanting to die. My life isn't worth living anymore. I always fight with my parents and we barley agree on anything. I hate my life! I don't see the poing of living when there's so much pain and suffering anyway. My family would care but eventually they would get over it. It just takes alot of time. Talking to someone doesn't really help either b/c then the person will just constantly yell or judge you. Screw that, I'm gonna do it and very soon.
19 Aug 2004 Jennifer We live to die. As soon as your born, you start to disintegrate.
19 Aug 2004 Jennifer Drive off a cliff. But try to wait and find out who you really are first. If you DO want to die, there is no problem with that. I would enjoy dying, but Im too scared of what I would've missed. What if there's something more? I'm waiting to see. And keep in mind, the strongest are those who choose to live life -- the hardest thing to do.
19 Aug 2004 joe Where is the best spot to aim the gun when you want to be instantly dead?
19 Aug 2004 Mars L'étouffement par abus de bonbons est une solution ! Pour ma part j'aime bien la méthode douce du surplus de calmants, aucune souffrance ! Les bambins s'endorment le soir de Noël et ne se réveillent jamais !
Le pistolet est assez violent, mais les rejets de chair, bien rouges, peuvent auréoler le sapin de Noël ! La corde est une bonne idée : il suffit de se pendre au dessous du gui, enfin avec d'une certaine façon ! Avec le couteau on peut dessiner sur son corps avant, certains apprécieront ! Mais l'éternel rasoir dans la baignoire, ce n'est pas trop de Noël ! Je dirais que le mieux c'est encore de placer sa tête dans une petite guillotine ! Demandez à un ami complice de mettre votre tête une fois coupée, à la place de la dinde de Noël ! Quelle excellente surprise pour les invités !!!
19 Aug 2004 Harry Potter Holy crap, I've been away from this websight for about twenty seconds... and there's a Voldermort out to get me???
aaahhhhhahahahahahhahah!!! nooo!! NOOOO!!!
19 Aug 2004 crackerjack To the lady who asked "Why do people use the word faggot?".
Well, it's quite interesting that you should ask that.
It originated from the term "faggot", in the context of a bundle of sticks, which, as you probably know, evolved from the French term "faggotto", and of course previously and ultimately from the Greek "phakelos" (Li. "bundle"). This was in fact used as offensive term to describe women. More specifically, one's partner. This is because a woman can be seen to weigh one down, much in the same manner of a large bundle of sticks, which, if carried around for a long period of time, will without doubt become somewhat of a burden.
This expression, which evolved to describe male homosexuals in the early twentieth century, evolved almost certainly from this, in the belief that these males resembled women.
However! We must take into account the fact that it is regularly used outside the context of simply describing a homosexual person.
We can say "That teacher is such a faggot!!" While meaning, in fact, that teacher is 1) harsh 2)demanding 3)unfair, or anything else really!
In many ways it is a very interging word, which retains the spark of rudeness, while at the same time the versatility of being ready for use in friendly social situations.
For example.
Gay Person 1: "Hey, how you doing, my old faggot??"
Gay Person 2: "I'm great, you faggot you! It's great to see you!"
As you can see, it's versatility provides a great deal of uses, in casual, formal and imtimate situations! An excellent word! See now, isn't it better to be educated rather than just labelling something "bad".
19 Aug 2004   hey how's this for an idea??
Don't kill yourself.
Instead start killing everyone else!!!
Awesome idea hey??
19 Aug 2004 Voldermort Potter, there you are you little bastard! Don't think that you can hide on the net!!
I will have your soul! Mauh HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
18 Aug 2004 FUCK YOU AMERICA!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU ALL FUCKING DIE FROM TERROIS the best way to kill yourself is by putting a little milk in a condom and sneak into your father's bedroom. The next morning slap his face and say "Well bitch, how was it for you??"
This works for women too... but under thirteen is probably too young to be having sex. I mean, it's fine to kill yourself at that age, but having sex is not on.
Conversly, you can molest a rottweiler... I'm curious to see what would happen with that one... could be interesting.
Finally, what you could do is change your name to mouchette and get such a twisted idea of what is 'good' art that you in fact bore yourself to death b/c you are soooo friggin' crappy.
P.S. If you are a Sepo cocksucker you can just keep living like you do......
Goegre Bush takes it up his fucking warmongering arse!! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!!! YOU SEPO CUNTS!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!
18 Aug 2004 treacle People are temporary. That is the problem with this sight... someone might email you and you become friends with them. But then their life will change... and this is just after they have brought you out of your shit... don't get me wrong, I don't think that's bad, and I don't... I don't know. I just... it's fucked b/c everything changes so damn fast, people don't stay the same... can you imagine yourself giving to someone when you can't see them or feel them, when things are fine for you? When you can't even relate to them?
I don't know... sometimes it just makes you feel worse than you ever did before. Sometimes people are better left to rot alone and kill themself in their own misery.

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