Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Jul 2004 Flamer Hello angry person, you wrote on Mouchette's suicide page,

"i am sure this will draw flames from ppl but i really dont care. just do it! if you really want to kill yourself you wont come here and whine about it, in fact you probably wont tell anyone at all in fear that they will stop you. so get off the computer find a rope a knife a gun and just do it. you dont even need a knife, gun, etc. if u want to kill urself bad enough run as hard as you can head first into a wall. in fact encourage others to do it as well you won't miss them as you are gonna be dead too. all your friends and family will say "o what could we have done different" for a few weeks, then when the initial shock is over they will think, if not say aloud, "what a fucking moron". but hey its your life and who cares what they think. you are the master of your own destiny, if death is all you aim for then i suggest you set your standards a little higher and stop being such a whiny little bitch, make something of yourself. know that u have faced hard times and overcome. but if you just cant handle life *cough* pussy *cough* then by all means oft yourself. this applies to all 8-80, blind, crippled, or crazy. good luck whatever you decide."

Congratulations, genius, you've somehow managed to figure out that suicidal people who seek help don't really want to die. Wow, you must really have a thorough understanding of suicidal people. Or no, wait a minute, am I wrong about that? Actually, I think I got it backwards, you don't understand a damn thing about suicide. You don't understand how suicidal people feel, or why they act the way they do. Instead you bitch about it. Ironically, your suggestion to suicidal people is to die or stop bitching about it. Why don't YOU shut the fuck up and stop bitching about suicidal people bitching. You don't like suicidal people, tough shit loser, suicidal behaviour is something you don't understand. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about, so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07 Jul 2004 AlreadyDead Get naked, lay on the ground and pretend that you're a boat in the middle of the ocean while large whales are trying to attack you. After a while you'll realize how miserable you are and later you'll commit suicide so easily, smoothly like nobody before.

Good luck !
07 Jul 2004 Will Someone have the balls to kill themself already! I am tired to listening to you fucks complain about your shity lives. Please go through with it and have someone post the pics on this that's worth reading about!
07 Jul 2004 kill your self 420 run it to a wall and try to kill ur self and have ur mouth open!
06 Jul 2004 subhomoy dasgupta I am a man of 31 years who wants to commit suicide, but the method must be a full proof one so that no mistake remains. That's why I'm trying to seek guidance from somewhere I'll be able to keep the privacy.
06 Jul 2004 El sh Dynamite
06 Jul 2004 Ching Dont bother trying to kill you, you will die some day. Just wait.
05 Jul 2004   take drugs n lay on your back and wait 2 fall alsleep and u will die by ur own sick
05 Jul 2004   The best way to kill yourself (if you're a male) is to take a whole ton of viagra and then start drinking beer. Sooner or later your bladder will rupture and you will die!!!
Take photos!!! AHAHAH!!!!
I would piss myself!!! Get it?? "Piss" myself!!!
05 Jul 2004 ronny-ron Hey.
I wrote a post before, sounding like a whinny little bitch. While I am, in fact, a whinny little bitch, I didn't mean to sound like one so much.
Love you all.
05 Jul 2004 Vincent Since everyone else is telling they're stories, ill tell mine, to get some burdon off. Since none of you know me personaly, this will be remarkably easy compared to talking to a friend.
I never thought that i would become suicidal, i mean, i always said to myslef, there's always hope for happieness, and i belived it. But just recently, within the past 2 weeks, i've started to lose all the happieness that i once found in things, people and life in general. I used to like anime, games, and more, but none of that makes me happy anymore. About a month ago my friend had friends that i didnt hang out with, and i became friends with her, her name is Jessica, and shes the most beautiful, fun, amazing person i've ever met. i mean, we're so much alike, and im not thinking unrational here, we really are. And, well, i ahve a twin brother, and i've been competing with him for my whole life, and im sick of it. Me and him used to be fat, well, he isnt, hes skinny now, and running and weight lifting. Me, im starting to lose weight and looking better. The thing is, its ironic, because, just when things in life seem to be looking up (becoming friends with Jessica, losing weight, and other things) i start to get depressed. Last time at my friends hoouse, i ended up going in my friends basement and just sitting there in the dark, thinking, being depressed, away from the 4 other friends in the house and my twin that i hate to the point of thinking of killing him. but i dont think i will. Myself if anyone. She came looking for me, she noticed that i was acting different, not happy, talking, and being with everyone else. She asked me what was wrong and i told her Nothing was, and she naturally knew something was. If i was closer friends with "D" my best friend, i could tell him my problems, but because of my lack of trust in people, i dont tell him anything about the real me, inside.
She wants to help me, but i wont let her, i cant. How can i tell her that i love her, when shes flirting with my bro? I cant, and wont. But im not gonna go blaming my probs on the world, its no one elses fault except my own. If i do try suicide, im gonna do the wrists, i've been looking up the right ways of doing it online, and i like that way. Sounds, so, nice comepared to pills. I found THE most beautiful pick recently, titled "Sucicide" heres the site, Http://

Its the most beautiful thing ive seen. Sad, beautiful, and amazing at the same time. you prbably dont understand me, but oh well. I dont know if i'm gonna do it. I might. I dont think you should kill yourself if your considering doing it, but, its your decision. I cant stop you, im a hypocrit. If you want to know good ways, just go to a search engine, and type "Suicide+effective+ways" and you should get plenty of ways.
05 Jul 2004 Smokie will my ex boy Joey did this hes the one that i started cutting myself i did for a long time on my wrists on each one it never did hurt i can't really feel pain at all cause i'm so use to do that i stop it finally in March but then in June he finally came back after he left my door i started to cry and i wanted to cut myself again but i couldn't do it i still have the scars u guys gotta fight back just don't kill yourself i'm turing 15 this year wanna have a life now but sometimes i don't i just want to die I was close to sliting my neck but my friend stop me for doing it so plzz don't kill yourself
05 Jul 2004 not for everyone Tie yourself shut in a trash bag. Make sure you're at the curb where the trash people will pick you up. Or, Tie yourself shut in a trash bag, and just stay in there.
04 Jul 2004 a it never ends, it starts , there is a middle but the end is out of reach, you can stand and watch, you cry and wish, you can want but never be able to see what it is you want to be.
Kill me, kill me, erase me, erase me, shoot me, hang me, destroy me, ill kill me , ill kill me, ill erase me, ill erase me, ill shoot me, ill hang me, ill destroy me, i can see the end, i can see thru the end, i see beyond repair, i see it all build up, then fall apart, build up and collapse.
03 Jul 2004 Memette If you are afraid of becoming sane, that is one thing, but don't be afraid of going mad, because what else can happen?
The worst has happened already!
We are living in the worst kind of hell. So if you fall you may fall into heaven. You cannot fall anywhere else. But people are afraid, because whatever they have been living, they think that it is the normal thing. Nobody is normal. It is only very rarely that there is a normal man like Jesus or Buddha; all others are abnormal. But the abnormal are in the majority, so they call themselves normal; Jesus looks abnormal. And naturally the majority can decide; they have the votes to decide who is normal and who is not. It is a strange world: Here normal people appear abnormal, and the abnormal are thought to be normal. Watch people, watch your own mind: It is a monkey, a mad monkey. For thirty minutes just write down whatever comes into your mind, and then show it to someone. Anybody will certify you as mad! Don't be afraid. Go with the feeling that comes to you, go with that call, follow that hint. And if you disappear, Disappear!
What have you go to lose?
~Everyday Osho
03 Jul 2004 D.G. Be a fuckin prick whether or not you are a man or a woman or dyke, get in fights with everyone, run your fuckin mouth about everybody, break things, start shit, yell at the top of your fuckin cocksuckin lungs, and flick a horses ball with your green tongue! Yeh!
03 Jul 2004 Suddenly Susan Botox over and over and over again, yeah! It's the right way!
03 Jul 2004 Flamer Hey Jeff, it's me, Mr. Chan. I am here to tell you to shut the fuck up. You're one of those rare fucking assholes who is so full of himself that you actually come out and say that to take medication is to hide from life's darker side, as if to say that taking medication is for the weak. Fuck you. What do you have against medication? How do you propose people get over depression? Lifestyle changes? Change the way you sleep, the way you live, the way you eat. What you consume has an effect on the way you feel. What's wrong with consuming medication to help people feel better? A lot of people don't even know why the fuck they are depressed, they just feel like death and they have no idea why. It is caused by a chemical imbalance and it can be treated with medication. This depression has nothing to do with how "strong" you are. You can be the strongest person in the world and you won't overcome depression.

Take a look at jimmie's message
"i have only read the first page of responses and already i am envious of you all. i wish i knew the reason(s) for my suicidal ideations as many of you seem to. i don't hate my family, i love them and i know they love me. i am not truely alone and my presence does not hurt the ones i love.
i wish i had the answers that many of you seem to have to your feelings of worthlessness and isolation. many of you know the cause of you worries, which means you know what to fix. i don't know what is broken in me. i don't know where to begin the repairs. all i know is the gloom that lingers above me. the fog that permiates my mind and the clouds that shadow my sun.
i am going to be 24 this year, am a fulltime college student and full time nurse (on a psych unit). for those of you who are younger than me and who seem to have incite into your depression and suicidal ideations, take them seriously. do not wait to get help when you are older it will be harder to fix. fix the problems, no matter how complicated they may be for you are the lucky ones you have the equation in front of you now all you have to do is solve for 'x'.
if you are oldre than me and you seem to know the cause of your pain you are one step ahead of me, so try and correct them.
i only wish i had insite into the abyss which i am continually looking into! "

This guy doens't know what the fuck is wrong with him, but he still feels like shit. Why do you think that is? Because he isn't a strong person? NO!!!! He clearly has depression. You don't know shit about consciousness. There's nothing wrong with taking medication to alter consciousness, but there is something wrong with you so FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02 Jul 2004 Lucy tie yourself to the bottom of the school swimming pool. with your swim suit. and breathe!
02 Jul 2004 lucky swallow a batterie, (so the stomach acid runs all over ur organs) hanging ur self in ur closet, and killing ur self in the school rest room

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