Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Oct 2004 Roderick Gutierrez Ok, this can be done with a frisbee.

Its a totally sweet way to die.

First, you have to get realy pissed off. I mean REALY pissed off.

Then you take the frisbey, and fold it in half. Since your under 13, you have to be extremely pissed off to be able to fold a frisbey.

Are you pissed off? Good. Now take the folded frisbey, and cram it down your throat. Continue cramming, untill you are no longer living.
18 Oct 2004 Anon You people are 13 and under? Jesus. While you are young you can find help for the suffering you are going through - just dont turn to drink or drugs as it will make it worse. The thing is you are recommending killing yourself with this site - dont you know thats the cowards way out? Just dont do it you weird screwed up american people.
18 Oct 2004 sleepless in ltown You know... i went out in search of a way to kill myself tonight and i'm glad I found this site. Am i still sucidal... yeah... but i'm still breathing right now. What really struck me in this site was not all the endless preachy 'don't do it... you have so much to live for... light at the end of the tunnel' shit... what really struck me was the rest of it. I find the only people that can really talk about depression are people who are truly depressed themselves. Even people who 'used' to be should shut up... i heard somewhere that the brain cannot remember physical pain... sure.. you remember it was unpleasant and you can recall a fraction of what it was like but u'll never be able to remember how the pain actually felt. I think it's the same with depression... people who have somehow gotten out of it can remember it was shitty... but they can't really 'feel' it again without becoming depressed and suicidal again. The only postings that mean anything are the people who feel like they want to die... truly want to die.. .not seeking attention. I am one of those people... but i'm a wuss. If there was a 100 percent sure and painless way to kill myself sitting here right now i'd do it. Thats what i came here looking for... but after reading through the endless postings on here... and killing a defensless fly... i'm not going to kill myself right now... maybe tomorow... I look forward to reading more posts... that's what you have to do i guess... find something u want to do tomorow night and just breathe till then.
18 Oct 2004 chuds you are all posers
18 Oct 2004 Issac Well, seeing that life is so fragile and precious, losing it shouldn't be that hard. So stop being creative about it, suicide isn't about being remembered it's about being effaced. To poison yourself on a bed of roses defeats the purpose as does trying to behead yourself with a kitana blade (God how stupid could you be). The only real way to commit suicide would be to jump in front of a bus/train/helicopter, take an overdose of heroin in your room (without calling anyone in the process or setting yourself up to be discovered), slitting your wrists when no one's home, throwing the toaster in the bathtub with you, pissing on the third rail of the subway, whatever, just as long as it will succeed because it's not very hard to kill yourself. People die every day, they die young, and they don't want to. It's an incredible pity when someone who really wants to go is unsuccessful. It should never happen. Remember that suicide is the only truly philosophical question and not something to be trifled with. It's not for weepy teenagers, or depressed bachelors, it's for people making a conscious philosophical decision on the value and quality of life at a certain time in a certain place for a certain person. Nothing is more sacred. So drop the fucking teenage rebellion/ I'm real mature act. Either do it or don't; shit or get off the pot. Stop fucking around with a sacred choice, that you're not able to make.
18 Oct 2004 Dani Visit

after you read it, you'll get so depressed that you'll just fucking die. and smell.
18 Oct 2004 Will Snow Well, today i had to go to council with my landlord for recovery of the rent debt. I just wanna hide in a corner somewhere. Got no food left. Have to give landlord money from my bank account. So no food for a few days at least. Feel really down. Well, I have been on a high recently. But now im so scared. Id rather sleep in my car. Oh well.
18 Oct 2004 Robert I think if you killed yourself while masturbating really hard woul dbe the best way, especially if you could shot the cum right when you die, die by either hanging yourself or jumping out a really high window/building and cumming right befreo you hit the ground would be really awesome
18 Oct 2004 Robert Spandit Be called Mouchette, and do it as soon as possible to spare everyone else from your pretentious bullshit.
18 Oct 2004 Iwata Suicide is NEVER the answer. Period.

If you choose that path, you're only confirming what low self-esteem made you consider it in the first place. You're only saying "yes, I am a failure, I don't wanna play anymore".

That's not how it's done. The definition of courage is to keep fighting when you feel you can't fight anymore. If you choose suicide, I hold nothing but contempt for you. That is the coward's way out.

Don't listen to any religious mumbo-jumbo about "letting Jesus into your soul", or some psycho-crap about depressions and medical treatments.

If you feel suicidal, then just switch on your brain, ignore the people flooding you with half-assed attempts to "help", and actually think for once. Don't worry. You'll die eventually. But until then, you have the obligation to make the most out of your life.

I'm not talking out of any wise-ass tutor crap, I'm speaking from personnal experience.

1- I considered suicide when I was a young teen and life sucked. Highschool was crap, I had no friends, family life was a mess, Then one day I just realized, to hell with all that, I have my entire life ahead of me, I'll just take care of myself. Today I'm in college, going to be a teacher, have a wonderfull relationship, but most importantly, I was here for my father when he became mortally ill. I was with him for his last days, and that alone made everything worth it.

2- A friend of mine commited suicide a few years back. The way I see it, it was an incredibly selfish attitude. you doubt it? Suicide is as selfish as it can get. You KNOW you're going to cause untold pain to those who care for you, yet you choose your own "needs" over them. Regardless of what they've done, if you consider suicide knowing there are people who will miss you with unbearable grief, maybe you DO deserve to die, you selfish prick.

3- Ever wondered what the planet would be like if everyone was a quiter?

This makes me angry, because I see life as a bag full of potential, and it angers me to see there are people willing to flush their potential down the drain because they don't have the guts to bear the burden that comes with it. Everyone's life has a shit-phase. The difference between us is that I'm willing to actually make it better, for me and others. I've gone through the loss of loved ones, by suicide and otherwise, and I don't wish that on anyone.

If you do, then to Hell with you. Chances are you're so self-entered no-one will miss you anyway.

Suicide is the ultimate display of cowardice. Get over yourself, and sort your kit out. I've been there and back, and that is usually a one-way road.
18 Oct 2004   Try to read a fucking horrible website made by an angsty teenager. That'll do you in!
17 Oct 2004 Michael G It's been ages since I started thinking about commiting suicide. Life to me is just a figment of your imagination. There is no life in life as we speak, we are only here to suffer, to be neglected, to be ridiculed, cursed, bullied, to be hurt in any form, embarassed and so on and so on... It's a never ending quest to overcome all these madness. We are here to experiencce the worse. As much as you tried to relentlessly change or better yourself, you somehow or in all the times fail with disbelief that it becomes a routine to you to believe that life will always be unfair to you.
Funny? Well, thats the truth! You try and try but you fail and fail and always fail! Short of saying its hopeless! Ask yourself, was it worth living after all these years of emotional whirlwind that physically drained you as well. I have from day one ask for divine intervention and I am a fool for thinking that God is the answer. For all you people thinking of commiting suicide... I do understand with great respect how you feel at this very moment. Today, I still hope that someday I will have the courage and strength to leave this world with a smile that finally I did it!
17 Oct 2004 Green Shit that smells like pepperoni The absolute worst way to kill yourself is to remain suicidal, but not actually go through with it. Sitting on the fence like a fucking moron, somewhere in between life and death, living a shit of a life. You live contemplating whether or not you should kill yourself, and in the process you lose everything, and live in misery. Then you keep living in your fucked world of death, thinking about how shitty life is..... and all the while death is coming closer with each second anyway because everyone dies. What good is it to be suicidal? You lose everything, you lose your happiness, your friends, your ability to achieve anything good. You lose your life anyway just by being suicidal. Why live a life where you don't know if you should stay alive or be dead? Either kill yourself, or LIVE your fucking life. Don't half live a terrible life thinking about death all the time. There will be plenty of time to be dead AFTER YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being suicidal, but not going through with suicide is the longest, most painful way to die.
17 Oct 2004 Yee Leng hey i donno , i need a method who will definitely die for sure , without wanting to live anymore , i know this will sadden many people, my family, my frens, but i do wanna die, i cant get it, what is so interesting about life? i don like it. i don wan it.. any one out there has a painless way of killing ?
16 Oct 2004 Genie Hi i'm 21 years old and i hate my life so much i just want to die and no one would even care or miss me as i have no friends my family hate me and men use me and walk all over me, my father walked out on me when i was 4 years old and didn't want to know me anymore then my mum got in a violent relationship with a wanker who abused me told me i was dirt and a nobody which he was right im nothing just a waste of space.
i hate life ive got a shit job on the railway i got pregnant at 19 years old my daughter's father said he'd stick by me but then he turned nasty and turned all my m8s against me, plus i work with his dad and they just shun my daughter like she's nothing their own flesh and blood everybody has let me down, so just wanna end it all ive been on anti-depressants but they only work 4 a while all i want to do is die can anyone tell me a pain free easy way to kill myself as im a bit of a wimp.
16 Oct 2004 Soph I would say jump off a building, or slit your wrists. I am going to slit wrists this Monday, hopefully. I can't stand my life anymore. Goodbyexxxx
Luv Soph
16 Oct 2004 Marissa Myone Excuse me, but do you guys even know what you're saying here?
I typed in "you fucking broke it", as part of a song lyric, to Google. And, um, this site popped up. Ok. Listen.
Sure, you've got it bad, but under 13? When you're under 13, go seek some HELP. If you've got access to the internet, your life is obviously not that bad. I can understand if you're a pregant prostitute whos parents beat her and youre gay and no one understands you. Even then. You obviously wouldn't be on this site.
Go to your middle school counsler. You haven't even hit HIGHSCHOOL yet if you're 13.
Don't get me wrong, don't say I don't know what it's like. I've gone through the cutting and the feeling of nobody loves me. But, it DOES GET BETTER. You just need to find a reason to live, and if that reason dies, get a goddammed cat. And if that cat dies, get anotherone. Chin UP, kids! You're too little to be doing this!
15 Oct 2004 Nick jump off a cliff, i found a gun in my tenants room and im thinking about killing myself right now.
14 Oct 2004 Tayray well first of all i would like to say that my heart goes out to all who have posted on this site that truly have it like 10000 times worse than i do... i'm 17 years old, and i must say that i do have it pretty good as far as material things go and i'm not bad looking, and i do have many friends. but personally, i feel that the only reason for my social status is because of the way i look. i'm afraid of everything. it's like there is something inside me, controling me and i don't fucking understand it. i feel completely empty, and i feel like i'm going nowhere in life. rather than doing school work, i spend more time in my room crying, and trying to think of ways to get the fuck out of this life. i'll start to cut my wrists and watch the blood trickle down my arm and then i will play with it and draw shapes.. this seems to satisfy me. i'm way too afraid to kill myself.. if i knew that i would just be gone and my soul would whither away, i'd be dead long ago. but when you die, you don't know what happens, and that is what scares me. i don't know what the fuck to do
14 Oct 2004 mark the best way to kill yourself is not to care about yourself and those around you, I do not know any of you in person but I care, and hope that you do not end your lives, I have been through a lot my self and still suffer from depression, I have tried to kill myself on many occasions and have seen life from the lowest points to the rare good times, I thought that there was no future for me after my brother took his life over 20 years ago, it still hurts so much, and life can have some very bad times, but I keep going, I married and have 2 kids (best thing in my life) I am now divorced and disabled and still have times when I just want it all to end, but what would that do to the people around me and my kids.... at 39 years I have been depressed for 32 years, but through the depression I found love and a family. please seek help if it gets too much for you..... it may seem like people do not care, well I do and there are many others that do to.

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