Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Sep 2004 Krabatof Don't be afraid, just ask in the streets:" Excuse me sir, could you kill me please ? "

You will always find somebody ready to do it.
24 Sep 2004 GlennGould first u have to suffer. u have to die inner. more then u r now. you have to know what it means to be dead. u have to cut urself often, punish urself to be abnormal, to be more sensitive. u should expose urself to all the shit that happens around. i am going to kill myself. i will enjoy it for hours. i will start cutting my wrists slowly... bleed and bleed . all over the ground. i will drink my blood. i will wash myself with my blood. i will cry and damn my parents. damn myself. damn all the people i knew. damn everything and everyone. i will fucking kill you bastards. living ur normal lifes. believing. believing in something. you stopped to think. suckers. u should kill yourself. drink pure alcohol as fast as you can. or drink at least 1 bottle of wodka within a minute.
23 Sep 2004 i have no name dear brittny, that is severly fucked up about what your dad does... i dunno, post again on this sight if you are still around... i kinda want to talk to you.
23 Sep 2004 Will Snow FLAMER, I guess you were abused by your father? Well, Ive been bullied at school and was sexually abused once at school and I actually abused back at school too. But only once and I am ashamed of that. Plus I abused someone in the family and that is the lowest of lows. I think about it often what I have done. My father abused me (so my sister says) and he hated me laughing or anything. I was so scared of him. He died 17 years ago and strangely, I miss him dearly. In fact when he died I became depressed and went into myself and wouldnt talk to anyone. But after a year I opened up again. And Im gay too. But I kept it quiet until fairly recently. I was married as well. So you see. Im really bad and I am ashamed for the things ive done. Im not ashamed of being gay anymore though.
23 Sep 2004 The Real Flamer Yes, this is really me. What the fuck am I doing here? What the hell was that last post? This is crazy.

Seriously, I gotta get out of here. The flamer persona is just a persona and it's not even real and I don't like myself. There, happy everyone?

You can believe parts of my last post if you wish, there probably are some good bits of wisdom in there, but really the only reason I'm here is because I'm bored and lonely and with nothing better to do. THERE!! Happy NOW!?!?!! Deadlypudding man, don't fret what I said, I'm just a regular mother fucker who's just as fucked up as anyone else on this freaky ass site. I am really leaving this time. I'm going to block myself from coming back. I am sick, I probably do need counselling. I remember once I wrote a post laughing at people because they're all depressed because of their boyfriend or girlfriend leaving. Guess what, the only reason I come here is to take pain away from being rejected by a girl I like. Lesson 2, yes, people like me probably do hate themseves. Sorry to anyone I riled up.

In the end, Flamer flamed himself worst of all. When it comes down to it, Flamer hates himself most of all. Congratulations, Flamer, you have been FLAMED!!!!!!!!!!!
23 Sep 2004 The Real Flamer  
22 Sep 2004 gem just tell your mom and/or dad about this site and theyll kill you, for you!!
22 Sep 2004 Phil Pah...we need to restore pride to the suicide room, this is getting ridiculous now. Let's all sit down in big comfy chairs, with Mouchette as the leader, handing out cups of hot chocolate, and gossiping about our preffered suicide methods. Let's all get fat and wobbly together! *group hug*

Therapy over.
22 Sep 2004 the real slim shady wow, i'm confused to all the real people are on this sight.
phil, was that post about cooking the cat really by you?
and as for Flamer.... well, who knows about the real him. hahah...
22 Sep 2004 Brittny I will kil myself tonight because my pa fuks me every night and my ma watch it. I use pa's rifle gun and blow my fukkin brains out thats what I do. godd bye all and I hope you find out how to kill you self also. Britty Babcock
22 Sep 2004 David I've been in a state where I can't bear but try n commit suicide, everywhere I go everything I see, everything I hear is always coming after me as if it wants to kill me. anyways.... I'm 13 male Texas, i used to live in california with my dad, mom, sister, and uncles n aunts. My mom had a problem with my dad since i was born and i never knew about it til 10 years later. It all started when I was 10 years old and my mom locked herself in my room I wondered where my mom was so i told my dad when it was my bed time i went up stairs and tried to enter my room, it was locked... Hmmm I wonder who could be in there? so i told my uncle and my dad they all tried to open it (try to imagine a fat man with a giant plyer clamped shut onto the door knob and trying to turn it) when we finally got it opened my mom was on the floor pretending to be asleep, my dad yelled at her in vietnamese then threw one of my pencil boxes aiming at her head it hit her on her ear n she yelled back in vietnamese while on the ground n my dad couldnt hold in his anger anymore and charged at her beating her and everything. My sister, Lynn was crying a lot and held onto my mom to protect her, my uncle didnt do nothing but watch (he's not really my uncle he's my godfather but some of you might not understand what a godfather is so yea...) When I first met him when i was 8 i thought he was supposed to try and help my mom and dad get back together but instead it turned out he had feelings for my mom so until now that ive found out im just really mad. anyways he just stood there staring and doing nothing til the long night past. when it was finally over the sun arose....
(A Couple Years Later)
My parents divorced but my dad still hangs around. He caused so much trouble to my mom, my mom decided to just leave california. At the Airport my cousins were crying a lot especially my grandma, she's seen me since i was a baby and was always there by me until we moved, she supported me as well as taught me. When my family finally got to Texas without my dad I thought everything would be great, no more of the annoying kids back in california and everything but it turned out everything was so different I even cried at school on the second day. But turned out this one girl named Lily liked me so I chose a path that I thought would've led me somewhere that would be good for me, but sadly.... it wasnt the right path.she turned out to be a pain in the rear even my family hates her when summer started I got to know the place a bit better... I felt like home now but still a little bit noobish at the school. Everything felt easy for me even thought i had to work outside in the backyard the whole time but yeah.....
(a Great Summer Passed....)
Lily yelled at me at school in the morning... I broke down and cried because I was already sad that morning, I got mad and punched the concrete based wall and it left a bruise on my pinky, a scrape on my knucle and sum skin scratched into white pieces, when the school found out I had to see the councelor they started talking to me about why am i cryin and everything so i broke down the truth about everything, they called my mom in and said they had to do that since i talked about suicidal death, my mom came in and just talked to the councelor thinking it was good news but then she broke down and started crying. and told me in chinese if i wanted her to die, i couldn't bear to look at her so i faced the floor, the girl i liked named lancey soon couldn't bear to listen to me anymore, now she calls me a loser and an ignorant bastard who only cares for himself. Lily soon said sorry to me about everything. My life got a bit better except there was still someone mad at me.
I came home noticing I had to finish my homework.... I needed the internet though i told that fat ass uncle of mine i needed the internet for homework, he finally fixed it so i went on found a picture of a bunny n tried to copy it onto a paper for my art homework. I finished it within 30 minutes after that i remembered him saying "once ur done with homework i dont care what u do after that" so i played my games n shit he comes in n says where's ur homework i said ryteb here i showed him it n told him all i needed was a picture n he just nodded his head n walked out saying all ur homework is is playing games, that ticked me off since all the time ive been wanting to jump his criticizing ass. all i did was stick the middle finger at him while he wasnt looking. I heard him say Du Mamai in vietnamese n was telling my mom what happened i wanted to just yell out !@#$ you but i just played linkin park music loud into my ears. my sister walked by n told me its dinner i told her i didnt want to eat t all, gettin concerned my mom told my sister to go get me down to eat, my sister came n told me to go downstairs to eat but i said I'm not hungry in a mad tone, my mom came upstairs n told me y i was mad, was laying on the ground that time just listening to eminem music while my mom talks to me i kept saying no i dont care and said something bout that fat ass uncle, later on my mom left my room saying i dont care about you anymore, because i said i dont care what happens anymore. Later on I shut my door locked it and closed my blinds and just walked to my computer and talked to my friend trey he started telling me why i shouldnt kill myself, by the time he was finished my sister n mom tried to open my door then called me saying its time to pray to buddha i said no and ignored them from then on, at the other end of my doorknob is a screw that is connected to the locking sequence, if u turn the screw it unlocks the door my sister was the only one who knew about it since i told her, it took her a while but then she finally got in and talked to me with my mom behind me my mom held my shoulder and i just grabbed her hand n threw it off my shoulder being mad, my sister tried to turn off the computer, i just pushed her out of the way. then they just left me alone, when they were done my mom came in started talking about how she'd send me to live with my dad so life would be easier for me and then she'd commit suicide, and started talking crazy, my friend trey told me she wouldnt do it since his uncle did suicide in secretly, he told me when u want to do suicide u never tell others because u dont want all that pain. anyways when that was over my mom kept asking me if i was hungry and all.... anyways everything goes back to normal after that..... kinda weird right? the point is though is that even though u want to commit suicide you need to remember one thing "suicide is a permanent objection for a temporary problem"-Trey, just want to tell everyone that this is what I learned as well as what im suffering through, People won't respect u if u always put urself down like that, never think your the only one with problems in life, yours may be worst but still a problem is a problem whether its a big problem or small one, everyone should care. Life without anyone Caring is like hell, I still want to kill myself sometimes though.... the memory of mine can hurt more then cutting urself... anyways, everyone from California and/or Texas why can't we all just care about everything that happens in ones life? saying u dont care just makes them feel worst so if u all wanna make them feel better but they keep putting themselves down then jus say it in their face with a loud strong voice that they aren't the only ones out there wit a problem! Anyways Peace Out H-town and Cali may God and my spirit watch over everyone of you as I am now the new king or lords! MUHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! lol..j ust something I thought would make ya feel better, anyways I'm here if anyone wants advice! =)
22 Sep 2004 Marc Aka Fatherxix I've already posted my suicidal life story, but I just wanted to say thanx to everybody else that posted, because it put me back in line. When I look at it My problems arent jack shit. I've never been raped before, I've never been beaten before. My only problem is me, and my parents that expect to much of me, I still cut myself, and pray for death, but it might not ever be anything compared y'all. I wanna thank everybody that prayed for me.
One of the things that really makes me want to put a knife to my wrists is all my fuckimg teachers at my perfect ass christian high school. More times than ever, I really just want to bring a uzi into the school and just splatter all the people's blood that ask me why I cut myself (and or wrists) and soak the stupid stuck up bitch slut amy in her stupid bitch friends, and stick the gun up the angel principles ass fire away. the only person who I couldnt kill would be my stupid stuck up brother, only because he's blood. then I would finish the job by taking myself out, and I could rot in hell with everybody who called themselves christians.

That's what life's like through my eyes now
22 Sep 2004 Flamer Disregard that last post I'm not gone at all. I was having a moment where I actually believed the bullshit that's coming out of my mouth. I also forgot that the stuff I posted earlier is actually true(like being gay and suicidal). I just like to be hypocritical at times. Also I like to put up a big bullshit show for everyone on this site. The only thing I said that's true is DON'T COME HERE LOOKING FOR HELP!!! YOU WON'T FIND IT!!! Oh I'll never really leave here either. I'll come back after some takes a stab at me, just because of my pride.

Oh and Flamer, You have been flamed. Now who's the bitch that's running away crying? Certainly must be you with your anger insecurities. You thought you were real comin here with your shit-talk and Fuck you attitude, well I'd say your a bitch... 'specially since you seemed so determined to stay and Flame. Now you're gone. wow you really got worked up didn't you? Did we hurt you that bad? What was all that shit you said about not listening to people on the internet and that stuff about "IT's NOT REAL!! IT'S ALL FAKE YOU FUCKING RETARDS!!!". You remember that? It was just yesterday that you said it. I hope you stay gone because you're only full of contradictions and bullshit.

So do me a favor, get some ice cause you'll need it for that burn. Flamer II out.
21 Sep 2004 The real Phil But it's odd that you KNOW my insecurities, in general anyone I come into contact with knows nothing about me and they don't understand me. Somehow, you know something about the situation... I can't quite figure out how though.
21 Sep 2004 FIONA hey guys its me again i aint tried to kill myself again im down to slittin me wrists but i need some help i keep visualising that sweet little rope around my neck and its driving me nuts so how is every1
21 Sep 2004 The Real Flamer So, I guess there's a Flamer in all of us. Still, you just might be the next best thing, but you're not quite me.

The Flamer haters have overestimated me. Phil, you have overestimated me. I should not be compared to any medical professional because I definitely not. I am a dude who does whatever the fuck he wants, and I don't need any training for that. The lessons that I sometimes try to teach aren't usually taught in hospitals and shit. They have to be all professional and all this bull shit, and that's fine, people need that I guess. But I think people could also use a dose of reality too. There's fucked up people out there (like me apparently) and they will try to get to you.... and fucked up things happen and they will try to get to you.

So when some fucking cunt in a can like me tries to push your buttons and play with your insecurities, you can't let it get to you because then you lose. That's the way it is. Most people naturally want to have power over you, even your friends. What I wanted Phil to see was the obsurdity of my attacks, and that's why I said you should laugh at me (as opposed to getting all pissed and trying to analyze me and get me back and all this bull shit). You shouldn't give a screw what anyone thinks. And to the Flamer impersonaters, congratulations, you have been Flamed!

By the way, why would I want to kill myself and act the way I do if I were gay? So you're saying gays are suicidal freaks? Hmmmm, I don't think I'm the one who hates gays.

Anyway, now that I spilled everything, Flamer is retiring, and shall not return. Fuck you all, you all suck. You're all losers. I hate you. You're FUCKING FUCKED IN THE FUCKING HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to anyone who comes to Mouchette's site thinking this is actually a place to get help. You have come to the wrong place. THIS SITE ISN'T REAL YOU MORONS!!!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!! Call your hospital and ask for the suicide hotline if you want someone to talk to. FUCK MOUCHETTE!!!!!!
21 Sep 2004 Kati You are soooo fucking stupid!! You're only 13!! How can your life be that bad already?? Yeah, you might fight w. your family or shit like that but it gets better!! It doesn't stay like that forever. Killing yourself is a permanant solution to a temp. problem. You people who are thinking of killing yourselves need to go to a counsoler or something...
20 Sep 2004 Zarathustra I am sad !
I get no attention, respect, acknowledgement. My train of life is going on dead railtracks. What is the reason to continue living when everyday is the same: boring and tedious!
Change? Alter my state? Is that what you're thinking of? I'm only complaining while being lazy? NO ! This is not whining ! What keeps me alive is that maybe sometime I'll have a chance to spend the rest of my life in solitude in the mountains. I realized life is a complete waste of time.. and not did I realize this when I was depressed but when I was having the happiest moment of my life!
20 Sep 2004 Peter i reckon the old "put ur head in a noose, stand on a stool, hook the noose securley to the ceiling and kick the stool over" is an easy way to go, but jumping out of a first-floor window head first is probably quite easy. ooh once i discovered i could hang upside down from the top of a swimmingpool changing-cubicle, if i let go of my hands my head would hit the hard tiled floor with the weight of my whole body against it...
20 Sep 2004 Phil Burning cats is all well and good (in fact me and my boyfriend plan to truss up my mum's cat like a turkey, lay her on her back and cook her in the oven. And then serve her as dinner for my mum, who would no doubt say "Mmmm it's lovely and tender, can I have some more?")
Anyway it's just as I've always known - the abused becomes the abuser, though instead of acting out your anger on humans in real life, you do it online. But we aren't cats and we can fight back. I would suggest you see a shrink, but I know you won't do that anyway. Sounds like you have internalised homophobia, or something (I know about it cos abuse has played a part in my life too for various reasons), it means you can be gay yet hate gays too, for a certain reason (you know why). You need to be seeing a shrink, but you don't want to... do you?

Hey everyone, I am talking to an automated robot, how sad is that? Take a look at, it's a great way to pass the time, when you are depressed and all that.

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