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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Oct 2004 X Don't. You're thirteen, you don't know anything about the world. Live your present, don't anticipate the future. If you have problems, have the courage to deal with them either by yourself or with the healp of others. You have no experience with anything, let alone life, so your only real alternative is to let the years move forward and stop trying to justify your lack of knowledge by blaming it on a world you refuse to let yourself live in. Your life is pitiable in comparison to the real anguish that is a given part of living. Your website destroys the credebility of any legitimate desire to do yourself in. The inquisitiveness of it is a weak cry for help, a desperate cry for attention and as hollow as the wind through a dead tree. Sorry, but it's the truth. You can only help yourself and if you can't do that then you should stop asking everyone for permission because the only failure in life is that of not living and this is a CHOICE.
18 Oct 2004 Trevor Angst
18 Oct 2004 jen <b>Hey. Clue up. It's called GROWING UP. Try not wallowing in your misery and go for a walk. Listen to happier music. Stop convincing yourself your life is terrible, you'd be better off dead, etc. And for those of you actually giving suicide advice to children, I have one question for you; what the fuck? How could you possibly encourage small children to do this?! And one more question... You think life is so hard right now, your life is terrible; what's worse? A measly 65-80 years of working through it and making it all the way until you are suppossed to go, or killing yourself right now and spending a damned eternity in hell? There's a reason people don't just kill themselves because they don't like how things are, there are <i>consequences!!</i>

this is pathetic, if you need attention or help or whatever... go to social services, get a shrink, talk to someone that isn't going to tell you suicide is the answer. Bunch of cowards if you back out of life after getting this far... Even thirteen years is a good distance to have come... You're just going to stop now?</b>
18 Oct 2004 Sharing is caring Cop assisted suicide. Don't just end your misery by killing yourself, make someone else misirable too !
18 Oct 2004 Jason How about NOT killing yourself? I'm not going to spew off some happy-go-lucky psycho-babble and try to tell you that you have so much to live for, or some crazy shit about God. Instead I'm going to tell you that you're a fucking jerk-off. You're under 13 and you're seriously thinking about killing yourself? What the fuck do you know about life at age 13? So many people have it so much worse than you do and you don't hear them bitching. Here's a better idea - instead of taking the easy way out and becoming a tool for rejects everywhere, how about getting a fucking grip on reality and enlisting the help of some yuppy psychiatrist. Yes, you've got to PAY them to be your friend, but at least you're establishing loyalty. Don't get me wrong - I really don't give a fuck if you die or not. I just think it's pathetic that a person not even 13 years of age thinks they've got it all figured out. News flash: there's more to life than you will ever, EVER know. The least you could do is wait it out a bit, get laid a few times, and maybe experience a few mood-altering substances before you say fuck it all.
18 Oct 2004 Don't Kill Yourself You kids are so messed up. I am pretty sure that alot of you are just saying this stuff because you want to fit in somewhere so you become this goth/satanist/nihilist thing. Seriously, you need help. Life is not that hard, especially in non-Third World countries. I watched my father shoot at my mother. I watched her get beat. I watched my dad beat my aunt. I have been fairly poor for about half of my life. I can hardly pay rent right now. Its still good. You only get one shot at life. Live it. Quit being little pussies and taking the easy way out.
18 Oct 2004 bob one time i tried to kill myself by watching nbc prime time but that only blinded me. want a real mind fuck? how am i writing this if i am blind?
18 Oct 2004 Shit Eater I would drown myself in my own Urine. If I failed to die then I would plug up my nostrils and throat with endless amounts of human feces.
18 Oct 2004 tubgirl this site is the gayest thing since web logs. i would tell you to go kill yourself but u would never be smart enough to figure it out. fucktards!
18 Oct 2004 TellMeYourName Reading too much, it'll make your will to live drop low enough that your heart just stops beating. Happened to me twice, so far. Thank God for that tesla coil I used to jumpstart it.
18 Oct 2004 No One in Particular Well, guys, I have heard that carbon monoxide poisoning is painless and efficent. Just park your car in a garage and leave it running until you are sleeping forever. Or, I recently heard of a group sucide in Japan last week where 11 people rented a van, sealed the windows with tape, left the van on and also burned coal burning stoves. They are all dead. Good luck, but maybe you should look into living and not wimp out and kill yourself. Either way, I hope I have helped someone.
18 Oct 2004 JimmyTango Why not let someone rape you? That way you win because your whining, angsty, altogether annoying cunt of a self is dead, and some middle aged japanese businessman gets to fulfill his twisted desire of having a child deficate on his face while he jacks off with tabasco sauce.
18 Oct 2004 Joe Louie Tie a length of piano wire around your neck, and a slightly longer rope to your waist. Super-glue your hand to your head, and jump from a bridge at night. In the morning you will be found hanging and holding onto your own head. If you are feeling adventurous, replace the rope around your waist with another piece of piano wire and glue your other hand to your hip.

Guaranteed to get plenty of attention.
18 Oct 2004 Roderick Gutierrez Ok, this can be done with a frisbee.

Its a totally sweet way to die.

First, you have to get realy pissed off. I mean REALY pissed off.

Then you take the frisbey, and fold it in half. Since your under 13, you have to be extremely pissed off to be able to fold a frisbey.

Are you pissed off? Good. Now take the folded frisbey, and cram it down your throat. Continue cramming, untill you are no longer living.
18 Oct 2004 Anon You people are 13 and under? Jesus. While you are young you can find help for the suffering you are going through - just dont turn to drink or drugs as it will make it worse. The thing is you are recommending killing yourself with this site - dont you know thats the cowards way out? Just dont do it you weird screwed up american people.
18 Oct 2004 sleepless in ltown You know... i went out in search of a way to kill myself tonight and i'm glad I found this site. Am i still sucidal... yeah... but i'm still breathing right now. What really struck me in this site was not all the endless preachy 'don't do it... you have so much to live for... light at the end of the tunnel' shit... what really struck me was the rest of it. I find the only people that can really talk about depression are people who are truly depressed themselves. Even people who 'used' to be should shut up... i heard somewhere that the brain cannot remember physical pain... sure.. you remember it was unpleasant and you can recall a fraction of what it was like but u'll never be able to remember how the pain actually felt. I think it's the same with depression... people who have somehow gotten out of it can remember it was shitty... but they can't really 'feel' it again without becoming depressed and suicidal again. The only postings that mean anything are the people who feel like they want to die... truly want to die.. .not seeking attention. I am one of those people... but i'm a wuss. If there was a 100 percent sure and painless way to kill myself sitting here right now i'd do it. Thats what i came here looking for... but after reading through the endless postings on here... and killing a defensless fly... i'm not going to kill myself right now... maybe tomorow... I look forward to reading more posts... that's what you have to do i guess... find something u want to do tomorow night and just breathe till then.
18 Oct 2004 chuds you are all posers
18 Oct 2004 Issac Well, seeing that life is so fragile and precious, losing it shouldn't be that hard. So stop being creative about it, suicide isn't about being remembered it's about being effaced. To poison yourself on a bed of roses defeats the purpose as does trying to behead yourself with a kitana blade (God how stupid could you be). The only real way to commit suicide would be to jump in front of a bus/train/helicopter, take an overdose of heroin in your room (without calling anyone in the process or setting yourself up to be discovered), slitting your wrists when no one's home, throwing the toaster in the bathtub with you, pissing on the third rail of the subway, whatever, just as long as it will succeed because it's not very hard to kill yourself. People die every day, they die young, and they don't want to. It's an incredible pity when someone who really wants to go is unsuccessful. It should never happen. Remember that suicide is the only truly philosophical question and not something to be trifled with. It's not for weepy teenagers, or depressed bachelors, it's for people making a conscious philosophical decision on the value and quality of life at a certain time in a certain place for a certain person. Nothing is more sacred. So drop the fucking teenage rebellion/ I'm real mature act. Either do it or don't; shit or get off the pot. Stop fucking around with a sacred choice, that you're not able to make.
18 Oct 2004 Dani Visit

after you read it, you'll get so depressed that you'll just fucking die. and smell.
18 Oct 2004 Will Snow Well, today i had to go to council with my landlord for recovery of the rent debt. I just wanna hide in a corner somewhere. Got no food left. Have to give landlord money from my bank account. So no food for a few days at least. Feel really down. Well, I have been on a high recently. But now im so scared. Id rather sleep in my car. Oh well.

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