Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Oct 2004 kelly I just found this site and it's horrible to say this but I'm really glad I'm not the only suicidal person out there. But everyone's reasons are so different to mine.

I had a wonderful childhood and my mum has never told me anything but how wonderful and beautiful I am. It's guys. I'm sorry to say but I hate blonde girls with big boobs. I feel so ugly and worthless because i have dark hair an an incredibly flat chest. I've had many boyfriends but all of them have been obssesed with porn (all guys are, i know) and blonde girls with massive tits. None of them knew how insecure and shitty this has made me feel. And because i feel so disgusting and worthless to the opposite sex i feel so depressed and have become socially phobic and never leave the house, i don't work so i have no money, i don't have one single friend and really think that suicide is the only way out. Like many of you i have tried od'ing on pills etc and cut my arm regularly. i make myself even more mad because i'm too damn gutless to just do it.
04 Oct 2004 JoeLee well, well, well... I finally escaped, escaped from rules and destruction... so how is everyone doing?

If you think I am any better than before, think again.. not only i am still the same demented sick fuck that I once was, my condition might have gotten worst, because I found a special someone that I think I am in love with... pretty amazing huh, a psychotic freak such as myself found someone to love me as who i am, pretty amazing indeed, almost made me to feel there could be a god afterall... almost made me so happy, almost made me cry...

so let me tell you a little bit about my special lady... ah... she is a lovely beast, the grand whore of misery and suffering. We fit each other like gloves on my dick, tight and somewhat necessary... I love her so much, yet I think I hate her just as much. perhaps one day i will kill her... ok let me tell you how I am going to kill her. No.. of course I will not murder her, that is just too lame.

I will ask her to kill herself by slowly cutting off her own tits, if that happens one day, let's keep our fingers crossed, i might even videotape the shit and jerk off with it afterwards. Love is a strange thing, it fucks up your head and i was too crazy to begin with...

So... I am going to ask her to kill herself with tears in my eyes, only because i love her so much. Of course, I will make it as painless as possible for her. Oh yes, she is much older than you little 13 year old cunts, so it could be very hard to convince her to kill herself. Much easier for the 13 year olds... I want to fuck you 13 years old bitches... by the way... can you bleed yet? If you can bleed, then you can breed, regardless what age you are... when did you start bleeding? how did you feel? Indeed, I didn't get any better from my treatments.

Love can make people do crazy things... I want her to kill herself... since she always tell me "Why don't you trust me? I wish I could show you my heart so you know that it is true.." Yes, I indeed will like to see her heart, and taste it... human heart can't taste all that bad? If you will die for someone you love, then you love him/she more than yourself, then maybe you begin to understand what true love is.

When I was in the mental institution, I did some thinking about how to control people's mind and drive people insane. Well, I can only do it with one person at a time, and it is very hard, because first I need to make people fall in love with me. It's sort like finding the backdoor into their heart... after that, I could hack and change their emotional program, to the extreme, I could even make them kill themselves...

Shit, sure hope my sweet baby is not reading is shit, because then I need to do some explanations on how I am just here to mess around with your little heads... but I am not.. maybe I am... I am not... I am... fuck you. Let me grab a cigarette now....

ok, do you know what a pig and an oyster have in common? neither one have ten legs and neither eat spiders exclusively... yes fuck, my head is going to explode, I really enjoyed shock therapies, it touches my soul from a physical perspective, it makes me cum and shit at same time. I fucking love it... so back to my baby

you might wonder if you love her so much, why do you want to kill her?... hmmm,,, I don't know... all I know is that she is my dove, she is my life, she is my drive, she is my belief, she is everything, she is my world, she is my soul, I will die for her, I will kill for her, and I want to kill her, of course... I will be happy if she kills me one day... but hopefully she can do it tastefully.

So hey you 13 year old cunts, I love to see you bleed, I love to see you breed, if you die tomorrow, I love to see you to be free, life is so wonderful, you can either be slow or you can speed, don't you agree? yes, baby, you can disagree. I want to fuck you up the ass during your period, so your ass and your cunt can both bleed, but is it love? or simply some evil greed.

I will like to see you kids just go crazy, shit if you are going to kill yourself anyway, might as well do something memorable before you die. Yes, don't you know how special you are by wanting to die in such a young age.. I wish I was like that when I was 13. You already have nothing to loose, who can stop you? Who can stop your bleeding cunts from bleeding? Why don't you collect all your menstrual blood in a bottle, have a party, and drop it in the party cocktail mix. why why don't you little boys go have sex with your friend's mom? You never know until you ask, and you might be surprised on how sick your friend's mom can be.... anyway, glad having this nice chat with you. Have a great day.
04 Oct 2004 Amber I live in New Zealand population 4million. We have the highest suicide rate in the world. Ihave just taken 30 clanazapams(anti anxity pills) and 60 sleeping pills so good night hope you can follow in these footsteps of mine cause im feeling real good for the first time in ages>
03 Oct 2004 Missie tie an extension cord to a post on your top story deck and tie the other end around your neck and sit on the railing and accidently fall over.
03 Oct 2004 Temple Je vais te donner ma recette personnelle, même si elle a échouée pour moi, elle est vraiment belle et amusante à expérimenter. Une aprés midi, il faisait beau, j'étais dans la maison de mes parents, il y avait juste mon frère avec moi j'avais à peu près 14 ans. J'ai regardé par la fenêtre, je me suis aperçue que le vent soufflait dehors, c'était triste et beau, alors j'ai voulu faire une chose triste et drôle : je suis allée chercher la boite du petit chimiste que j'avais eue pour Noël. J'ai commencé à mélanger les produits aux noms les plus impressionnants dans un tube à essai bien propre. Ensuite, je suis déscendue dans la cuisine, le tube à la main. J'ai regardé par la fenêtre, le soleil brillait, les arbres commençaient à perdre leur feuilles, le vent soufflait et j'ai vu mon chat marcher tranquillement sur la terrasse. Alors, j'ai pleuré doucement et j'ai avalé très vite le contenu du tube. J'ai mangé une banane pour que les produits restent dans mon corps et me tuent. Malheureusement, j'ai très vité été prise de vomissements, et alors que j'avais ma tête au dessus des toilettes, mon frère est arrivé effrayé et m'a demendé ce qui m'arrivait. J'avais des larmes sur les joues et je lui ai répondu en riant que je n'arrivait pas à me tuer.
01 Oct 2004 Will Snow Ohhh, didnt wanna get up this morning. My disability makes me exhausted sometimes. But I got woken up by my landlord. I heard her come up the stairs and I thought "Oh no, hope she doesnt knock on the door!". Well, I sleep with nowt on and it would have been embarrassing. But instead she put her bill under the door, thank god....
30 Sep 2004 Jamie See the world. Leave your home and be a bum. Maybe starve to death. Go from town to town, across the land. Drift from city to city, country to country, ocean to ocean. Go across to another continent. See the world.
30 Sep 2004 Karry comme la vie n'a pas d'utilité apparente, et qu'à la base nous ne sommes rien, je ne vois pas en quoi le suicide emmenerait à nous reduire à moins que ce que nous sommes, alors pourquoi ne pas se servir de la vie à des fins expérimentales et sans but particulier. Car peut-être que déjà sommes nous mort?
30 Sep 2004 virginie aucune la vie est trop belle et meme sielle ne l'est pas vaut elle vraiment la peine d'etre sacrifier alors que demain tout ira peut etre mieu si tu arrete ta vie tu ne pourras jamais le savoir
30 Sep 2004 mavava de s'étouffer avec ses mensonges de gamins
30 Sep 2004 Jack 2 cuillères à soupe de gros sel le matin, sans avoir mangé avant. simple et efficace.
30 Sep 2004 suicide is funny the best way to kill yourself is definately by fucking a dead horse.


why would that kill you?? well, it probably wouldn't, but GODDAMN I would laugh if someone actually did it!!!

Alternatively you could beat yourself with a giant tuna fish until you die... this may be difficult, becuase giant tuna fish are becoming rarer these days. Killing yourself with animals in general is a good way to go, because you might get on that show "when animals attack", which would be awesome!!!
Try molesting an angry rottweiler and see what happens. AHAHAHA!!!! It would bite your winky off!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

Suicide can actually be quite amusing really. Oh yeah, if you are going to kill yourself and you're pissed off with everyone around you, climb a powerline.
That way everyone around will lose there power after they go... that way when you die you get your revenge. Simple.
29 Sep 2004 brittany the best way to kill urself is well i dunno i think to chok urslef quck and fast death but why are u makein a site to help ppl kill thereslef thats just mean
29 Sep 2004 arin hey,
i am on the verge of killing myself, i feel this whole place i am staying is fucked up. the people are so wierd- a bunch of mentally retarted creeps. i wish i could anihilate this entire istitution. i consider the son of a bitch KC Mishra resposible for my death. that sonof abitch has put me in a cage with all these mentally retarted people.
29 Sep 2004 kikithepooh to test different explosives coctails
29 Sep 2004 brad Well people what is there to say, i was feeling shit and for the so maniest timest contemplating suiciding again, so I decided to surf down here and tell my story. But when i read this stuff people post i'm like, damn this crying and moaning is really pathetic.
Realizing that only a few minutes ago i was about to post a similar message. I've been there, i know what the feeling is like when you think nobody cares about you, nobody appreciates you, or finds you a cool person, when no girl shows interest in you, and when you face the same huge walls no matter where you go. Realizing that you are the problem, and not someone else. You can travel to the other side of the world but still you'll face the same problems.
And one the the biggest mistakes you can make is starting to feel sorry for yourself, in the hope you might get attention. Yes attention and pity is what you get, but do you really think you will get respect, love, appreciation and admiration from other people. Because i believe that everybody wants to be admired, loved, appreciated and respected.
And unlike the most people who believe these four things should be deserved, i personally believe they only need to be chosen.That is right choice, it's as simple as that, no years in therapy, no antidepressants, just 1 simple choice, that is all it takes folks. When you are contemplating suicide you already made the choice you no longer want to suffer, but i believe that avoiding pain can be achieved by other means than suicide.
Suicide is just a metaphor for killing our old self, your old mindset, on order to create a new one, it's a pity that some people are so confused they actually think they litterally have to kill themselves in order to accomplish this.
So the question is will you go on feeling sorry for yourself, or will you stop suffering and start living an extraordinairy life ?
You clearly have the choice
29 Sep 2004 muther fuckers The best way to kill yourself involves a fork, two teaspoons of salt, a blow up rubber sex doll, two tickets to Hong Kong and a large floppy black rubber cock.
However, as you are under thirteen, I can't tell you how to do it, as you are obviously too young. Have fun experimenting and trying to work it out!!!!!
29 Sep 2004 Phil Oooh dear, there seems to be something wrong with mouchette's sight. I think we'd better get a team of monkeys in there to find out the problem
28 Sep 2004 jen i wouldnt know because a) if i knew i wouldnt be here and b) im not under thirteen... why bother playing suicide when you can just do it for real?!

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