Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Nov 2004 Simply Slick Light up two ciggarettes, cigars, or pot whatever your prefer of smoke, after lighting them up, stick them inside your ears and enjoy!
07 Nov 2004 joany Empty out the box of froot loops that your mommy just bought and put your head in it.Then hold a knife outside the box and start to push the knife through the box repeated times as hard as you can. Hopefully you bleed to death and your parents are extremely heart broken about how you died and then they start to regrete ever buying froot loops.
06 Nov 2004 Stève La meilleur forme de suicide c'est de tenter de le faire, mais de ne pas y parvenir. La solution ne se trouve pas dans la mort mais dans la communication. Maintenant la meilleur solution et la plus poêtique et de monter très très haut, tellement haut que les hommes ne sont plus que des fourmis, et de se laisser porter par le vide, de fermer les yeux et de se sentir loin de tout... mais si près du sol et de la mort.
06 Nov 2004 Sparky da Kat Fact is this. If someone truly is going to do it, they will. There will be no note, no cry for help, no pity party or anything of the such. If your conviction is strong enough to kill yourself, why would you want anyone to know? I have attempted twice, and I told no one. I am the most unlucky man alive, I am convinced. First time, I severed an artery, but failed to bleed to death before I was accidently found in the dumpster by a stranger. Second time, the 1/4in. nylon rope broke and I broke my leg in the fall. When the hell does nylon rope break!!! Why don't you try to live with your life when you even fail at suicide. Help, forget it. Sad to say, I have sought help from friends, counselors, phychologists, family, strangers, whoever... Truth is, as much as I want this help, all that is offered is an explination/advice of what I already know. I am understood to a "T" by these so called helpers. The last time I tried (when the rope broke) I was so angry I called a suicide hotline and bitched them out for being nothing more than a feel-good-stopgap measure. (The poor girl on the other end of the line...but I did feel better.) If someone is going to do it they will and it is truly unfortunate to say, but there really is no one to stop them from doing it. Just like you can not spot a terrorist, you can not spot a suicide. If there are signs, they will not do it I have learned. Suicide is one of the most private acts anyone can think of. It is between you and your maker. Not the rest of the world, or your wife, or your friends, or the cute counselor or whoever. It is yours and yours alone. Don't laugh. Nothing is more private and personal. Look at those who have been successful. Did anyone know? Was it not a great suprise, even to those close to the person who took thier life? If you want to do it, do it quick. A shotgun blast to the head is quick and painless, but use a proper gauge please. We don't need to pay out our salary in taxes to keep you alive because you are a vegatable. A swan dive off a high bridge is another good one. No mess, and if its over the ocean, you will just "dissappear". (Be sure the tide is going out not in.) It saves others the pain of the truth, especially if you have children. Sadly, though I have talked people down from suicide, I can not take my own advice. I am just tired, emotionally. I'm 33 had one hell of an interesting life, and have nothing to show for it. When life deals you shit on a consistant basis (I mean I have bet and won money off this on 100 to 1 odds) that you can predict the outcome of even the most positive situations, what can you do? Self fulfilling prophecy? No. The shit in my life is a blindside attack from Mars. So out of the clear blue sky, it sickens me. So far that is all I know I am good at. Predicting that even the best laid goals will be dashed by no fault of my own. Maybe I am psychic? Who cares... Sometimes we just need to be held by someone so we can cry to ourselves. But good luck finding that, at least with my luck.
05 Nov 2004 T-Shaney Hi, I am just writing in response to the guy to told everyone to write and tell him y the world would be better off if i or anyone else commited suicide. well ill tell you y i think my family and the world would be happier!

I am the youngest child of 4 kids. i am picked on everyday and blamed for all the things that go wrong or for the stuff that has been stolen or missing. but its not only the family that picks on me, i was picked on at school as well, made fun of because i was soo skinny, everyone thinking i was anerexic or boulimic. but school isnt even the worst of my problems. at home i dont even really have a room of my own, Of course i have a bed and all but my parents use my room as storage, all the things they dont want around the house but dont wanna throw out they put in my room. i guess thats y im in that room as well. the thing is that my oldest brother doesnt even live with us anymore and you woudl think that they would put all of the crap in my room in his. but no, his room is kept exactly the way it was from the day he left home! i have nothing as good as my brothers and sister have.They are praised and never yelled at or in trouble when they fight, if my sister screams, my parents automatically think it was me and yell at me and make me stay in my room without anything to eat for the night. maybe thats y im so skinny. when my brothers and sister turned 16, they got to go get their license and my parents took them driving everyday and helped them practice. when i turned 16, there was never a good time to go get my license, and when i finally did, my parents never took my out for a drive, they wouldnt help me practice, and now my license is expired and they wont take me or help me get it back. when my brothers and sister graduated all the family was at the house to see them and tell them how proud everyone was of them, but when i graduated, no one was home to tell me how beautiful i looked in my dress, how nice my hair looked, how proud they are that i finally passed school, nothin! my father went to an "important" hockey game that day, my brothers went out with friends, my sister worked, my grandparents didnt come to see me neither did my aunty or uncle, my mom was at home but only for 2 hours so she could drive me to get my hair and makeup done, then she was off to a party for her friend. i am always left out of things that my family is doing. my parents always wonder y im always crying or upset in any way, they think im just over reacting but they dont really kno how im feeling inside. so to answer your question about how my family would be better if i was dead... they wouldnt have to worry about me crying anymore over "nothing" they wouldnt have to waste their money anymore on clothes or "fixing" up my room. they would be happy with the other 3 kids that have done perfectly well in school and wouldnt have to compare me to them. i have tried suicide once, i overdosed on t-3's and many other pills that were lying around, i passed out but only to wake up the next morning vomiting and made to go to school because my parents thought i was faking it. i think i would do the family and the world a lot of good and just leave and never come back. dont you???
05 Nov 2004 Religious Maggie Ps - You know in the Catholic church and in the Anglican church you can dip the holy
bread (or wafer as they are now) in the wine. Well, I do this with a pack of the wafers. I do my own
communion you see. Yes, I take a wafer and dip it or push it up my poosy (when its period time) and
pull it back out. Ooooh its delicious. The best wine ever, plus a bit of mucus to finish it off. I
shall try to be careful with using holy candles up there but i must be careful also that they are not too fat. Well,
I dont want to loose my virginity now do I? Mind you, a bread stick now and then would make a lovely change!
05 Nov 2004 Religious Maggie Hello everyone! I am Maggie and I love going to church! I sit in church every Sunday and put the holy bread into my poosy so that it gets nice and moist. It certainly makes it slip down my mouth a lot easier. I also enjoy watching TV with my legs in the air and my poosy wide open.

Please visit my favourtie website and also you can arrange a date with me if you like, my face-pic profile is:

All the men want me so please be patient!
05 Nov 2004 helen rite i gave a recomendation 4 suicide attempts
dont do it,ok? plz, dont ever feel so awful 2 take ur life. im right on the edge, no1 beleevs me tha i feel like this its hurting me so much i've lost the 1 person i ever loved due 2 my own fault. im gonna shut up now bcuz dis aint 4 da suicide kit, this is me telling you people hu read it, that ur important. u mite not feel it but u r u r very important, and its shit u have 2 b forced 2 do sumthing like dat. plz dont feel thats the only way.
05 Nov 2004 to some, Turf Sometimes I feel like people don't understand how irrational suicide is, but to someone who is there rationality doesn't be jack. Right now all I want is for someone to tell me that they love me and that I matter to this world. My brain tells me, however, that even if someone did I would still feel this way. Death seems so sweet in the face of life. It's too hard, rest is all I want. My heart is broken and I will never find someone who is willing to fix it. I'm too fucked. All you kids out there who are thinking about killing youselves, I have no advice. Seek help if you can, but I understand that there is very little out there. Faith means nothing, and if it is just a chemical impalance, what does that say about heaven. You have to do what you need, cheers.
05 Nov 2004 Bogart If your BLACK (african american or simply nigger) suicide is your best bet no matter your age. No one likes black people.
05 Nov 2004 Antagonist AKA a bunch of different people Shelby!!!! You are too irresistable. Righteous asses eh? Eh?? Eh????? The only righteous ass I see around here is you, you angry beeyoch.... and maybe a couple other people.... but especially you. I hate fuckers who harp about how everyone else is judgemental, all the while being judgemental themselves. Get over yourself. You don't know everything, and you're not better than anyone.

I am wondering, why such a stigma against suicidal people who say they will commit for attention? It's like suicide is acceptable for every reason except attention. Attention seekers are still suicidal, they are still fucked in the head. They still need help. Why do you hate them?

Don't worry about anyone suing Mouchette. I bet Mouchette wants people to sue him. This would be good for two reasons. Anyone stupid enough to try to get the law involved in this would end up looking like a fucking idiot. Plus it would possibly give Mouchette a lot of attention which Mouchette just loooooooves. Obviously Mouchette wouldn't lose, so who cares.
04 Nov 2004 Shelby Lol, i love all the self righteous asses who are posting and are in the "cruel joke" and "blame me" section.
suicide isn't a joke. not at all. report you to the authorities, pfft, please. unless someone has actually tried to commit suicide they have no fucking clue about it.

and for those of you who keep throwing the "attention whore" thing out, it's stupid, lol. reaching out for help isn't being an attention whore. what is is when you start talking about something you have no clue about and threaten people with hollow threats and stupid accusations. you people are attention whores.

and granted, some people do just claim to want to kill themselves for attention, but whatever, you never know when someone is serious.

so, for all of you attention whores who think you're better than everybody else because you think you can handle your own problems, get over yourselves. most of the kids who want to commit suicide have serious trauma and things beyond your fucking imagination. you have no clue how their life is and how they deal with pain. so keep all your unfounded comments to your damn selves and take a good look at yourself. you're willing to judge everyone else, but it's funny how your own insecurities have you being a dumb ass.
congratulations, you're a moron.

mouchette kicks ass, by the way and if anyone sues her i'm gonna lay a beat down on you. I <3 you, mouchette!!!
04 Nov 2004 Frank Wow, I've been reading everybody's posts and thinking what shit but then again people look at me and don't understand either. My wife (my love, my friend) she decided that I'm not worth her love or affection so she decided to have an affair with one of her professors. SHIT! I think I can forgive her but I don't think I can forgive me. I've failed at everything I've ever done. I was a lousy student, a lying son, and a terrible husband. my wife and I are in couple's therapy and according to our counselor I look for ways to be rejected. Now that I think about it that is the theme of my life.
How can you trust when you yourself are not trust worthy. How can you be confident when all you've known is failure.
I don't know what to do. I tell myself that I'm full of shit and just need to get off my ass and do something but I can't. GOD! I'm scared. My life is complete shit and I can't get past it. I'm terrified that I won't be able to kill myself right and fail at yet something else. What do I do? where do I go? I don't want to be alone, I don't want to fail. I'm 32 years old and I'm scared
04 Nov 2004 The Demented Man in the Fog Crisis Counsellor, your logic is flawed. The fact that some may care does not necessarily mean there is hope for a hopeless individual. Where on earth did you come up with that conclusion? What kind of logic is that? I don't care if you care, It doesn't matter. I still feel like death, so fuck you.
04 Nov 2004 Harry Carry its just to borring to kill yoruself useing only one way! you have to get creative! use a couple of diffrent ways! it will be fun! who wants an otopsy that says yup she hung herself? you have to have an otopsy like first she overdosed folowd bye slitting her wrists then she blew herself up wile she was in the air hanging herself see that would be fun!!!!!!! so what you need to do is includ at least 4 diffrent ways!!! get it got it good!!!!!
04 Nov 2004 fred i am 12 and just about every1 in ma scool h8s me i want to find some ways to commit suicide what do i do can u sen me ome, ive tried making freinds with them but they dont want to i av been in fights and av lots of lindsey m8s dat want to beat da crap out of me waht shall id send me ways to commit suicide lol :D
04 Nov 2004 helen dont eat anything for a day, then take 50 paracetemol and a bottle of vodka, and you wont b gettin back up again. slightly painful, as the paracetemol will shut down your liver, but the mix will mean it is relatively quick and simple.
04 Nov 2004 Crisis Counselor Wow, I know I shouldn't take this site too seriously, but how do I do that when I'm a Crisis Counselor? I'm telling people not to kill themselves everyday, this web site is an abomination & is not helpful. Call your Crisis Line if you feel like hurting yourself or others. There are people who WILL HELP & who care! HOPLESSNESS IS A PRODUCT OF A LACK OF HOPE! PEOPLE CARE THEREFORE THERE IS HOPE!
04 Nov 2004 Calvin Go for a lovely trip to the zoo and hang a raw steak around your neck. Then proceed to jump into the open bear pit
04 Nov 2004 Harry Carry i think getting a Hary Cary blade and putting on a whole Hary Cary ritual! and leave a not that says "what i didnt know what a Hary Cary ritual was!" and for all you stuipid kids under 13 that dont know what a harry cary ritual is first of all let me say you imbarise me then let me tell you what it is! its just some old suiside ritual that you put on when you've discrased your family! so what you do is
1.get a hary cary blad (knife)
2. get the weird sheet of pupiruse paper
3. stab yourself deep then run the blade all around inside of you!
4.let your organs spill out infront of you on the paper!
5. fall down face first in you blood and guts!!!
but im still working on getting a harry carry blade!

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