Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Aug 2004 lizzie borden well just for a heads up to everyone... (who doesnt have that great of a body) if your gonna kill urself with pills make sure you SERCURLY LOCK THE DAMN DOOR because through my experience, i didnt and my dad found me and when the paramedics came they cut open my shirt to revive me. so um yeah... if ur self concious about ur body make sure your willing to let the paramedics see ur tits. if not then go on a diet and work out then u can kill urself and still have a slammin body.
27 Aug 2004 Dean W Hi kate, if your reading this then u got my e-mail, Sorry to put you through this but I chose to leave my note here as it allowed me to choose who read it first (apart from however many people read the stuff on this site, some of which is quite good and even had me re-thinking my decision for a while) anyway please please don't allow anyone to blame themselves this was my life and I made a lot of mistakes there is NOTHING that you or anybody else could have done to prevent this. I am sorry I have pushed you away for so long and I have dragged you down into my problems (although you will always disagree with that) There is really a lot else to say, people who knew me will know why I did this, I just really wanted people to know I don't want them blaming themselves or thinking they should have done more, you ALL did everything you could. I am a coward and cannot handle the reality of life that was my biggest weakness. I always loved you all and always felt loved,
27 Aug 2004 saul lock your self in a room and listen to christine aguillera at volume 11 until your head explodes, or maybe thats the worst way.
27 Aug 2004 Will Snow I love faggots too, let alone being one myself.
27 Aug 2004   quit with all the fucking gay jokes on this sight, you mean cunts!!!
26 Aug 2004 Casey Dear whoever.... I think that this idea is both good and bad.... It can make young children grow up to be violent or it can make children feel better by their acting but not doing the real thing.... So either way I guess I don't really have an opinion on this matter
26 Aug 2004 Tim i'm sorry that you never met anyone who could tell you what you needed to know. it is a pity that so many of us just don't understand how things work..
26 Aug 2004 Li Zeng Dearest Mouchette: thank you for taking the time to write. No I do not encourage anyone to take their own life. I do believe however, that anyone at any time has the right to advance to the next level of life, that is eternal life in heaven,be it at age 13 or 83. Sometimes there is no escape of the hardship and pain that this world brings. Peace is only achieved by advancing to the next life where it is a certainty. Many people have written asking for painless ways to go about that journey.I simply wrote my plan.I hope other will consider it, but only after alll other effeort at life have failed. Do you have any thoughts about it? Please write when you can. Li
26 Aug 2004 blah boy hmm... i find it ironic that Kiren's post would go just below the one by "Faggot MacFaggotson"
26 Aug 2004   HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
Holy sweet fuck, there are some twisted people on this sight!!! That shit cracks me up! Um.... but what's with all the gay jokes??
26 Aug 2004 Harry Potter heheh, I was just kiddin'. I really wrote that about Voldermort being here... heheh, did I trick anyone?
26 Aug 2004 DUMONT se jeter d'un pont
25 Aug 2004 Eric Go with slitting your wrists.
25 Aug 2004 no the best way to "kill ourself" when ur under 13 is stab ur eyes out with a crow bar, then take the crow bar and beat urself to dealth with it...
I herd this works Qiute well
25 Aug 2004 Li Dao Af ter much thought, and research, I have decided on the "perfect" way that I am going to use to end my life. Why do I want to end it? Well, after countless years od abuse, therepy, prayer, meidication and everything else under the sun, I as a christian since birth, believe that, even at 14, one has the choice and right to end whatever is torturing them in this world and move on to the promises of eternal life in heaven, where there is total peace, contentment and love that I have never had here. For anyone else contemplating finding that peace that I am, here is how I am going to go about it, and recommend you too also.
First I do not want to make it any harder for those that find me then it will be, as if they really care but i know they do to a point. That is why i chose a non violent way like not shooting or hanging myself. What I (you ) need to get for yourself is very simple. A large kitchen drawstring garbage bad is all that is needed. Optionally who may alos want a large outdoor leaf drawstring bag also and maybe a cord or belt.
You can proceed in the cofort of your own bedroom very easily, that is what i will do. Make sure no body is home for at least 1 hour. Ideally a friend would be great to help you out, nut realisitcally not many people are into doing such a thing.
First, you may want to drink a bit of alcohol if you are extremely nervous. This will help you relax and not make mistakes and will also speed up the time you will lose conciousness. Also you may want to take 3-4 over the counter sleeping pills but that is not for me.
Be absolutely sure to go to the bathroom shortly before you end your life. I am not being funny here, as your body dies, you loose control of your function and you do not want to leave a mess for whoever finds you, this is just plain courtesy.
Take the large kitchen draw string bag, and loosely put it over your head to the area of your shoulders and neck. You will have plenty of air to breathe at this timeso it is not a frightening experience. Optionally you can put the large leaf sized drawstring bag over your head also it should come to about your knees.
Next lie down on the bed if you want to or you can sit in a chair,but i want to lie in my bed as i go. again you will still be ableto breathe with the bag not tight so you can lie and reflect,pray or whatever you wish.
When the right time has come for you, sit upright and sinch the bag as tight as you can around your neck, turning your face away from the front of the bag to make it wasier to have your last breaths. Lie back in the bed and DO NOT allow yourself o reach up and loosen the bag as your body starts to crave oxygen.that is why you may want to fasten a belt around the neck to help prevent loosening it. In about 15-20 seconds,you will begin to feel faint and your breathing will be very rapid. If you have used alcohol/sleeping pills this will happen very quickly nonetheless you will begin to pass out. That is ok, just let it happen. you will lose conciousness first and then your dying body will slowly shut down and in about 3-4 minutes you will have finally found the peace that you have so very longed for.
When you are discovered, they will see you exptremely peacefull looking and not gross. All they have to do is remove the bag.If you have someone helping you, have them hold your hand while this is going on until it is over.
I am not crazy or out of my mind. I have been gurenteed a afterleife for which i need to experience, for I have done everything possible to make my life here better. I was never meant to be here. Pleas e-mail if you wish, i will be here for a while yet as the time is not right until about a month. What a joyous reunion waits us who seek heaven. If i can help you with any questions please feel free to ask me. thank you....Li Dao
24 Aug 2004   Felicia my dear,
I must commend your arguments. You are right! I would never go down to East Palto Alto (excuse my spelling) and yell out "niggers!!"
But do you know why this is? It's because I'm white. And I'm rich. I would NEVER go down to East Palto Alto because I don't need to live in a stinking ghetto. Being shot in the face by an angry crack-whore isn't really an issue for me...
Sure, an uneducated person is about as normal as an educated person... they're just dumber. And they have to live in the streets.
24 Aug 2004 becka lariviere hey ,
i still havnt been helped ima 15 and it is driving me crazy!!
i say being a teen is alot of work i try to be as good of a friend as i can be but i guess no matter wat i do i cant suceed. and some of the people that are mad at me right this minute really matter to me and like no matter wat i say or i do she wont change her mind. and that is the painful part!
also my home life is tearing me apart no matter wat i do i dunt get any attention or love from either parents and like right now in my life i want my parents and wat really sucks is i wont ever get it! i juss got off all the drugs have been clean off crack and coccaine, special k, extocy. it took me soo long and yet i tought i would be better off but yet i aint and soo now i dunt know wat to do pull suicide or stay on da drugs and da drugs will end up taking me out aneways soo i dunt know please if anyone reads dis please help me give me sum advise i really am asking for it. i hope it izt too late wen i finally get an ancerw back!!
23 Aug 2004 spooky kid Sticking your small willy in to a electric socket
23 Aug 2004 Kitty Cat ok, instead of doin all these stupid, complicated suicide thingz that those stupid fucks said to do, make it simple and blo ur brainz out w/ daddy's shotgun, pistol, w/e, if u wanna be creative, then go ahead and do these fuckin psychotic ideas.

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