Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Oct 2004 DeA'ndre Harris drink anti-freeze and then go to sleep don't bother waking up
28 Oct 2004 tmy Live in Africa ?
28 Oct 2004 dale well i aint tried that many times but i tried the other day by inhalin 2 cans of aerosal drunk a bottle of wine got stoned off a bong an then dropped a dube but it dint work i was jus mashed off my nut an ive tried 2 slit my wrists but that dint work neither so how do i do it
28 Oct 2004 Jonathan Miller I think this is a humorous site keep doing it. All these fucks complaining about it should be the ones offing themselves
28 Oct 2004 Catherine Omg! Dont kill yourself! There's so many people on here talking about killing themselves. I thought about doing it myself so many times but it really is not the answer. No matter how messed up your life is you can fix it. Even if you dont want to live right not yoo have to live for the future. You might soon have everything yoo want now. Even if it might not be soon. And suicide isn't always successful, you could end up paralised for life then your it would be even worse. It would be better not to do this or kill yourself... but even cutting yourself or doing something like that would be better than commiting suicide. Forget about what is upsetting you and eat your fave food and watch ure fave film and dont let anything anybody else says or does upset you. Your problems won't always be there. xxx
28 Oct 2004 tetelle immolation par l'eau
28 Oct 2004 Some1 better than you! This website is the most disgusting and inhuman thing i have ever seen, i plan to report this website to the authoritys because i cannot see how making fun of such serious and upsetting subjects, i.e ~ killing yourself, is very productive. I hope you all die in a horiffic car crash and burn in hell you selfrichous cunts!
28 Oct 2004 Bitchy_Bex I think you are all insensitive and evil fuckers and need to get a life, this person is asking for advice on how to kill themselfs and you lot are giving them reason to by calling them names, if anything you are the fucking pathetic motherfuckers not this person. To whoever wrote this message asking how to kill themself: You are a loved person, i have been through it all and i almost kiled myself when i was 12 and i promise you i regreted it, you need to be brave and try to live your life, im sure if you try hard to get through this you can, you can get help from a councillor like i did or talk to your parents or someone you trust. If you are genuin then i hope you are ok and reconsider your decision to end your life, dont listen to all the fucking pieces of shit that are telling you that nobody cares, you need help and support right now, not a load of under enducated cunts. If this is a joke and you are not genuine,you are pathetic and attention seeking, i hope this is not a sick joke because as somebody that has been through it, i can tell you that it really isnt funny. It is the most awful experience ever and if you are playing a joke you should be ashamed of yourself.
28 Oct 2004 You Have No Friends Because you suck You have got to be the dumbest peice of french-fried dog shit I think Ive ever had the displeasure of wanting to physically hurt. Yeah, good call dipshit. Teach the whiniest group of melodramatic bitches in North America how to kill themselves. You all are children of Hot Topic and should be ashamed of yourselves for being sucked into the "Its trendy to be non-trendy. I want to hit you in the head with a frying pan you bitchy little trendy fucking pussy. 13... maybe you should kill yourself and stop wasting the air someone with half a fucking brain could be enjoying. I hate you.
28 Oct 2004 One Weird Ass Mother Fucker Thanks Felicia, that was pretty good advice. Unfortunately, my anger is feigned. I'm not really angry at stupid suicidal peeps, I just vent here for some odd reason. I don't know what I'm really angry at....... so unfortunately that anger probably won't be put to practical use. But thank you for realizing that I am superior. Yay.

So you're a Sailor Moon fan eh? ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm WAMP!!!!!!!
27 Oct 2004 Felicia's Last F... Dear One Mad Weird Ass Mother F'er,
(I'll call you W.A.M.F. for short)

I can understand your reasoning for being so p.o'd looking at this website. You'd like to ask these people "Would like like some cheese with that whine?" or "Kill yourself and get it over with, you stupid mother f'er!)

W.A.M.F? Did you know that your opinions really do matter? That's why you are posted in this site. I can understand your arguements about people who incessantly want to do away with themselves and end it all. You get so sick and tired of hearing the same old crap all the time. So that is why SOCIETY has psychiatrists who hear the same freakin thing everyday and get freakin paid for it.

Dude? If you want to make an arguement of a wrong by making a right, why don't you make a statement to the world press and let everybody know about birth control? Maybe you can prevent the future generation from thinking and wishing that they were never born. You know, being one step ahead.... being ahead of the crowd.... being smarter and setting yourself up for world domination.

If you can do that you are in for a big surprise. You know, you just saved the whole world from killing themselves.

Now, W.A.M.F., if I do not make sense and you tell me to shut the "f" up.

But listen to me, you can make a difference. From all your anger and outrage in posting your arguement of how stupid some people are, you are probably right.

This should be your quote W.A.M.F. on birth control:

"If you save a Fuck from fucking in time, you'll save 9."
27 Oct 2004 ... you need to stop whyning you stupid pice of shit
27 Oct 2004 Noe eats Turkey first of all you get stoned out of your mind, get a bj from a black chinese hooker that is also a trans and hornier than fuck. Then you get stoned again and get a gun and blow your mind. If that doesnt work get stoned again and try again but this time with acid and a gay jewish black man hooker with 25 diseases which means you will die either way.
thats all i can say right now. Have FUN!!.
27 Oct 2004 Will Snow Hi, Im now living at a hostel for men. Or teenagers i should say. Im gay, so there's temptation(joke). No, I keep out of their way. I get nervous of people. They have fights and all sorts there. But, its clean and warm and I get breakfast included. My suicidal thoughts seem to have gone. Whether its my meds or whether its because i know things will be great when i get a place with my friend. I was on a low. And particularly when I had to leave my B+B, I had to leave my best friend behind. It was the worst thing ever. But things are getting better. You cant get any lower than being homeless. And MMichael10, dont let your manager abuse you. You have rights. He is breaking the law. So go to the authorities. It will be him that loses his job. Bye for now folks
27 Oct 2004 Marc GET HELP SOON!!!! Life is far too important to be so self-centered that you must only think of your own misfortunes as to bring on alot more sadness to those who love, support and surround you. I WILL HELP, email me at I am not neccesarily a religious man as I am a man surrounded by unnecasarily death....If someone, ANYONE loves you, DO NOT DO IT..
27 Oct 2004 jessica stick your head in a teachers bathroom toilet and drown yourself.
26 Oct 2004 sophie Put yourself threw a tree shredder.
26 Oct 2004 mmichael0 I am bisexual man, I work on the railway but am forced to sleep with my manager, Dennis.
The station manager keep reporting me for the little things, then beats me up (Angie Bogie).
I owe a lot of money to the bank, so I can not quit my job, the only way out is to kill myself.
Please tell me a very quick & easy way with no pain.
thank you
26 Oct 2004 carol you drink yourself silly then you take loads of pills and if that dont work you just cut yourslf in the throat with a sharp knife
26 Oct 2004 Joe Nislow First off let me say that I personally wish you felt better and were not considering such drastic action. I don't even know you and I have some fellow feeling for you. Here's the thing. How do you know that ending your life will result in leaving behind your problems. Maybe you just take them with you when you go or even end up worse off. There is a saying "No matter where you go... there YOU are." If you can't be happy here will you be happy somewhere else maybe, maybe not. If you are in some horrible pain due to physical or mental circumstances then I don't know what to say. If it was me I'd probably want to die too I don't consider myself to be very strong emotionally. If you decide to leave I wish you the best and I hope you find a better place even if that place is simply non-existence.
Shakespeare said "To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream: ah, there's the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come" Who can say?

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