Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Sep 2004 Deadlypudding Well Flamer perhaps I was wrong about your intelligence on the issue of suicide however you are right about me making my last post purposefully funny although there have been cases of people actually cutting themselves and using blood for lube. Now I've read some of your past posts and they make good points but from that last post you made I'm guessing you must be one of those retarded idiot-savantes right? I mean when I said everyone has thought of suicide I didn't mean directly suicidal but depressed enough to think the world would be better off without them there. Obviously if you are retarded as I have assumed you must either think that everyday or are just too dumb to know what depressed or suicide is. Now let's say you are a of-right-minded individual, meaning you are not emotionally or intellectually disoriented, then you have just shown everyone that don't have enough research on the topic to be in discussion about it so I think we all would be happy if you left the discussion up to people who are trying to help, people offering help, people replying jokingly, and those who have had someone in their life commit suicide. Listen man you just don't understand what people go through. These guys on here who want to kill themselves really want to do it most of the time. Makin fun of them and the people trying to help them isn't exactly something that makes them feel better.

What would you do if you actually knew someone on here personally, although you didn't know they posted here, and one day because of your negative comments they do go over the edge and ket's say they leave a letter that says they posted here for help and all they got was some guy all makin fun of them and telling them mean things. You'd feel like a complete shithead then wouldn't you? Maybe even want to kill your self huh? Well maybe you should think about that next time.
12 Sep 2004 ashlee overdosing on sleping pills or prescription pills, add some liquor to those, and if u can get a gun thats great! !
11 Sep 2004 Phil Ooh Felicia, you know imitating Mouchette used to carry a heavy punishment...

Bollocks if they have found Lucy's body (or boobies), don't let that stupid president guy fill you full of gobshit about me. If they had found her breasts they would have inflated like one of those inflatable beds and consumed the world. Once they expand there's no stopping them... I should know. They need to be contained at all costs!
Revive Lucy? Bollocks. I searched for her for months and she was nowehere to be found.
No no, it's a hoax. Don't believe any of it.
11 Sep 2004 Smap Well the first thing is don't kill yourself, but i nearly did and for real not with this silly kit, i slit my wrist but it missed my vains, noone even noticed.

Don't do it because it hurts like hell, i was in the bathroom for 3 days sitting on the floor, sooner or later i went out and ran to my best friends house, noone knew where i was.

Don't do it...

If you need help add me-
11 Sep 2004 WiErDo this is my fav sight, people dieng have fun! ^_^, swallow razerblades,overdose,sufficate, if your going to slash your wrists then go somewhere where its like deserted and slash em there where nobody can find you ^_^
11 Sep 2004 Mouchette Tech Support The laughing section that you witnessed was indeed operated under a midi program run by a sick hairless monkey.

A group of aardvarks got together and formed a protest. In the midst, a pig was trampled on by a herd of noisy buffalo, as a spectator recorded the squealing sounds. It was later recorded backwards to form a laughing effect.
10 Sep 2004 donna drink fluid cleaner And have lots of sex
10 Sep 2004 Will Snow Hi SAD, dont do anything silly. I left my wife after 22 years marriage. Life was hell really. All the put downs etc. I just used to put up with it. But I was going through a difficult time myself last year and decided I had to tell the truth about my sexuality. Yep, I told my wife that I was really gay. I kept it quiet from about age 11. Well, I thought my parents would go mad. So I tried to hide it in getting married. Im not saying my marriage was all bad, but I just found it too difficult with being told to shut up or 'who wants your opinion'. It got me very very suicidal and I have tried it. Anyway, I have moved away to be with 2 friends who I love to bits. Theyre absolutely the best. So you see, life can be great after a marriage. Hang in there (excuse the pun). Things will be alright.
09 Sep 2004 hey ya Which dick who wrote about S.I. being about being sexually arosed by pain!? Holy fuck, I can't believe anyone would say shit like that!
I dunno, I've only known two ppl who did that... and, man, it wasn't b/c they were fucking turned on by pain! You retard! Holy fuck, for once Flamer is right: FUCK YOU!! (.......ya dick.)

Hmmm... I should add (while I'm here) that the world can get better. It only gets worse if you let it. Think of the women in Arabia or wherever. They aren't allowed to show their faces in public, chose their own husbands, have money, fucking anything, but they aren't any "sadder" as a nation. It's just what's in your head that counts. That's fucking all.
Absolutely nothing else counts, because everything that is fucked and unfair about this world is only that way because of how your mind percieves it. Man... I have changed sooo fucking much in the past few weeks. I think the subliminal CDs I bought are working, but I dunno. I'm changing anyhow. I'm getting out of this dump. I'm going to uni, doing the things I like, I'm doing absolutly anything that I want... and you know why? Nothing has changed. Things aren't easier. It's just how I look at the world has changed, and that is the only thing that counts.
Man... I dunno, hey. I fully think these CDs are working. Hahah! I dunno, hey! Like, one morning I just woke up thinking completely differently! It's crazy, I'm doing everything now, I'm getting a job, I'm quiting smoking pot and taking D's and that, I'm doing year 12 again... and I'm doing it right now.
Anyways, the point of this rambling load of crap is that this can be you to. There are a billion ways to change your life, ways that really work... you just have to do it now. Right now, this second. You have to get out now, you have to actually do something... it's easy to. Change is easy. My life has changed so much, so damn fast I can barely keep up with myself these days!
I dunno. If you wanna talk you can email me... I dunno if I'd be able to actually help anyone... hahah... dunno, I just like to chat.
I'm fully serious about change being possible though. I guess that's just something that you have to feel to believe. I mean, I'm doing everything now... literally everything. I'm literally following my dream, and it's easy! And I used to be a lazy drug-dealing bum. I dropped out of school, I have ADD, I used to just get up out of class and leave if I was board, I would take ecstacy just to make school less boring, I would spend the entire day smoking pot and playing the x-box (like, when I was actually at school).
And now... you wouldn't even recognise me.
I mean, holy fuck, if "I" can do it, you sure as shit should be able to!
09 Sep 2004 no hands dear flamer,
haha, that was pretty fucking funny, I must say.
09 Sep 2004   you are all way too young too make such decisions. Give life a fucking chance you little brats. Once all of your options are gone, and you have no other choice, then maybe you can take the easy way out.
09 Sep 2004 trinh i just want it to go away, the feeling of abandonment, it's taking too much of me, it's like i can't breathe. my heart beats fast. i hate it, it's like it hurts. but i can't die from it. worse ever.

depression is the worst, i wish someone could just take this all away from me. i can't help this feeling, it just lingers. i'm desperate for someone just to take it away. even if it means killing myself.. i'm too scared to, i just hope to get killed. somewhere somehow. i hate myself.
09 Sep 2004 Eddie I wanna die too, I'm 14 though...when was this site made? years ago? Your prolly already dead by now...if not lets kill eachother together, first I'll stab you, then you stab me...then just do that repeatedly...and wait to die. If that doesnt work lets just go with the pills, alcohol (cant spell), also be a good idea to cut yourself REALLY DEEP and like put permanant marker ink in...should work! =D
08 Sep 2004 Flamer MOUCHETTE!!! You dumb ass mother fucker! Why the fuck are my comments posted in the "angry people" section!?!?!! I should be in the "offering help" section you FUCKING PIECE OF ELAPHANT SHIT!!!!!!!!!
08 Sep 2004 DeathDave either jump out of a plane with a parachute with holes in or just fly a PLANE into a really big building. FUCK YOU YANKS!! HOPE U DIE
08 Sep 2004 Me I am dying. I have tried it many times before and never succeeded but I can feel that this is the time. I am kind of scared because it is so final and I have a mom who loves me to death and lovely neices and nephews. I am definitely going to die this time and I am scared. I loved them and they are going to be hurt. I wish that I could undo it but I am too selfish. I am scared
08 Sep 2004 Janet I am killing myself right now. You all are the only ones to witness it. If you are a kid then hang in there because it usually gets better and I am truly the exception. I am going to die soon. I can feel it because I have taken more than what a little body like me can get by. Goodbye to all.
08 Sep 2004 Me I am killing myself right now. I have drank enough alcohol and I have 24 Dilantin and a lot of other drugs. I am a social worker and have a Master's but it doesn't seem to matter. I am about to down to pills.
08 Sep 2004 Alicia I can't believe that someone so sick and twisted had to come up with a website as sick as this!!
I am so sorry for anyone out there who is feeling so horrible that they feel that ending their life is the only way to make themselves feel better. Well, if you end your life, you won't feel better and get the experience the happiness that you truly deserve. I've been there and because I stuck it out and got the help that I needed, I am doing better than I ever thought I would. I didn't have a single person in my life. No parents, friends or school counselors and I still managed to make it through. God puts us all on this planet for a reason. And someday you will find that reason, but you must be patient so that it can get to you. You will deeply hurt many people if you do anything to yourself. Even if you don't have anyone in your life, someone is watching you and loving you this very moment. If you have absolutely no one in your life that is willing to listen, then please feel free to contact me. My email is I am willing to listen and I care. And remember, I have been there. It was horrible and I had to make many sacrifices to get where I am. But I have everything in my life that I have ever wanted. I love life, it's wonderful. You will one day feel the same way. It took me 4 years to get where I am. And to some that seems like an eternity and sometimes it felt that way. But if you just stick it out and please remember "Everything takes time!!!" Please email me anytime. Thanks!!
Also, here is a website that I think all of you should be reading instead of this one. So please take 5 minutes and read it. It will help.

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