Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Nov 2004 Ovidio E. Aldana Break the bathroom mirror, take the sharpest piece of glass. Cut into your internal organs. Pull out your long-intestines and hang yourself in the attic. Before you attempt to do this, make sure you know that there are dangers to this. You can die. This is especially designed for children over 8 years of age. Happy death!
27 Nov 2004 annie by takeing your video game cd an sliceing your wrist with it
27 Nov 2004 Che Johnson the best way to kill yourself is to either shoot yourself in the heart of or drink gasoline.
27 Nov 2004 Religious Maggie Do you know my darlings, my bra burst in Sainsburys. I had to take it off, (in the ladies of course). But I didnt have a spare so I had to go shopping and to church braless!! I only possess one bra. It uplifts my droopy boobs you see. Its the nipples that are the problem. They go sooo stiff when touched. They poke out. And if they get excited they are even bigger you know. I need someone to fondle them and massage them. Perhaps someone here would be so kind, or perhaps God might like to try. Hang on, they say that God created us in his own image. Well, does that mean that God has boobs as well as a penis and a poosy? If I had one, I could have sex all the time my darlings. It would probably hurt though in bending it around. I suppose I could chop it off. I shouldnt be questioning God should I?
Oh well, extra pokies on the altar!
27 Nov 2004 KT I can't answer that... There's no easy answer. I'm 23, I'm engaged, but I have no money. I'm working 11 hours a night, overnight, 5 nights a week, trying to make ends meet. My parents racked up so many bills on credit cards that had my name on them, I don't know if I'll ever get out from under them all.

I'm overdrawn at my bank, because my job misplaced my check this week, and I had to buy gas for my car. My bank's charging me draft fees for being overdrawn. And one of my credit cards wants $550 by the tenth of next month.

I've hated the concept of money since I was 12 or so. "Money" is meaningless. It's a little piece of paper that doesn't represent anything, anymore. People value money more than other peoples' lives, and money, by itself, has no value at all. That's always said something to me about how much some people value others' lives...

I found this site because I'm upset, and have been looking at the blades hanging on my wall from time to time. I don't particularly *want* to commit suicide, but it's so tempting, sometimes... I'm tired of trying so damned hard to get ahead, and never getting anywhere. I'm tired of fighting, and trying, and praying, and only getting shit in return for it all.

What's worst about my situation is that something I hold as so worthless and valueless can have this much impact on my life. I hate my job for letting them have this much control over me. I hate my bank because their actions with my money can make me so upset. Worse, I hate myself for letting myself get so upset over something so worthless. I hate myself for contemplating suicide over money issues, when there are people out there with more legitimate reasons to commit suicide than I have.

My worst problem is over something worthless. That's how I end up feeling as a result.

I'm leaving my e-mail... If anyone wants to just talk, I'm willing to listen... Maybe I'll actually feel like I'm worth something...
27 Nov 2004 Jomie 3 years ago, my 16 year old son hung himself in his bedroom. The last site he visited was THIS ONE. For a lot of you suicide is like a game. The loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen in your life. I'm his mother: how do you think I feel? And what about his father, 2 brothers and sister? Life will never be the same without him. So stop joking about suicide.
27 Nov 2004 Suicidal**Chicky** here are my tips( infact im actually under the age of 13) anyways if u want it slow and horrible my advice is use a very dull razor or a knife, that way you have to keep on thawing at ur skin till you hit a vein, then once you hit a vein keep poking it. if you want a fast and almost pain-less death just find a vein that shows close the surface and jab the knife straight in then take it out and do it again then once you get bored of that jamn it into ur stomache!! HAVE FUN!!
27 Nov 2004 Flamer Alright you fucks its me again. Looky here we got a few people to flame today.

First of all on my list is Religious Maggie. Okay you're a sick fuck and you're not even adding to the discussion so get lost. Oh and I'm pretty sure you're a dude too. An aetheist gay man sex orgy dude.

Next, is Jenn. All I can say is you are a fucking moron.

Suicidal chic. You're 12 come one give yourself at least 8 more years. Come on whats so fucking bad about being 12. oh you're poor. A lot of people are fucking poor but they don't kill themselves do they? How fucking stupid are you?

Lastly, my heart truly goes out to Zack. I've flamed many but I won't flame him. He's really taken a lot from life and I wish I knew him. I really hope things get better for you, I really do.
27 Nov 2004 Lequetis this i my last messafe when you read this you wil not likely know but i have take 30 paracetomal and 100 vailum which cost me lots on tik but who cares as im dead hahahahasha fuck the woirld goodbye and god bless
27 Nov 2004 no name Dear Kyle,
No offense, but you are an idiot. Out of all the ways to kill yourself that I've ever heard that was the dumbest. Yes, THE dumbest.
Going out into a forest and taking sleeping pills and hoping you will freeze to death???
Man, how old are you?
27 Nov 2004 braintumor I don't understand how anyone 13 or under would want to die unless you were so sick and in so much pain you couldn't bear it anymore. Must be the humiliating surge of hormones that come into play in the teen years. God did they suck! But you have to realize that it's passing and if it doesn't pass after years and years and years and you can't find help and everyone thinks you're crazy and you have no one looking up to you or depending on you then do what you feel you need to do. By then you'll have devised a way but won't really care anymore how you do it. Suicide is a self hate statement that people left behind don't understand anyway.
26 Nov 2004 andrew dear hiya its me agen iv sorted out my life and iv relised it woth living iv got a new girl frend and iv got rid of the person how made me whant to end my life
26 Nov 2004 Poppy I h8 my life nd i wnt 2 die
26 Nov 2004 Zuiverfluit Knot a blue cord aroud you wrist and Start living.... one day you will find yourself dead, maybe after 60, maybe 70 years... maybe earlier... but one thing is sure.. the blue cord worked and you did it all by yourself: congratulations.
26 Nov 2004 cat invent a time machine, go back to before you were born and kill your parents. you will then proceed to fade away to nothing.
ps this will also get rid of the annoying siblings
26 Nov 2004 Garry Life Happens...i t sometimes may feel like a double edged sword; but you are the only person in this world who has the ability to climb up out of the pits of hell our minds, at times, throw us in. The only way out of isolated hell is hope, not necessarily hope in your neighbor, nor hope in God; but hope in yourself. One day you may realize how important a member of this universe you could be and quite possibly will be. We all can help eachother in so many ways and have a better sense of purpose if we share experiences. You never know... maybe you can get the answer you were looking for from someone you never knew... or maybe you'll have the answer for someone who's been waiting. If anyone wants to talk about anything... from random conversation to serious subjects, just send me an email... I hope all of you take care of yourselves... "Wake up and look out a different window"
26 Nov 2004 Kyle I'm just wondering if going out in the forest when its very cold stripping to almost nothing and taking sleeping pills to fall asleep and eentually this a good idea? Plz answer, i need to do this soon...
26 Nov 2004 ME I myself think about killing myself, i am 13 years old and after a fight with my parents i went to the bathroom, took my razor and slit my wrist, this is just to cause yourself pain, if you really want to die call 905 886 6868 and get some advice from ppl who will help you
26 Nov 2004 Harry Potter I will cast magic on you all and make you happy.
better now? I thought so.
26 Nov 2004 kalbou hello my fellow brother and sister who are suffering from depression.
My story starts like this, i migrated from third world country to north america in the hope to have better life. As i was making my way to establish myself and provide something for my family by working hard and styding in order to help my family and everybody else surrounding them, but thing got very complicated when my relationship with these mother fuckers so called cousin who happen to come from the same country as i am. quite frankly we do not get along and they start to back stab me from every corner and finally i found myself completely isolated instead of moving away from these creepies i stucked with despite that they eating me alive emotionally. Finally there was this nervous breakdown, ever since i start fighting back by doing everything that i can in order to live normal life . but without success, even i got married and brought her from oversea to stay with me. she divorced me and went back to homeland. here i am again alone, sad hopeless, suicidal, desearate, isolated, corner from every angle by these brick walls, useless, failing from school where i am at the last phase of my program. quite frankly i do not know how to get help going on prozac not promising, killing myself it is sin getting back on my feet almost impossible. i wish somebody will listen to me and give some help . By the way if you wonder how i got to this website, is because i was looking for easy ways to kill yourself from google entry .

help help help

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