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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Sep 2004 Jack 2 cuillères à soupe de gros sel le matin, sans avoir mangé avant. simple et efficace.
30 Sep 2004 suicide is funny the best way to kill yourself is definately by fucking a dead horse.


why would that kill you?? well, it probably wouldn't, but GODDAMN I would laugh if someone actually did it!!!

Alternatively you could beat yourself with a giant tuna fish until you die... this may be difficult, becuase giant tuna fish are becoming rarer these days. Killing yourself with animals in general is a good way to go, because you might get on that show "when animals attack", which would be awesome!!!
Try molesting an angry rottweiler and see what happens. AHAHAHA!!!! It would bite your winky off!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

Suicide can actually be quite amusing really. Oh yeah, if you are going to kill yourself and you're pissed off with everyone around you, climb a powerline.
That way everyone around will lose there power after they go... that way when you die you get your revenge. Simple.
29 Sep 2004 brittany the best way to kill urself is well i dunno i think to chok urslef quck and fast death but why are u makein a site to help ppl kill thereslef thats just mean
29 Sep 2004 arin hey,
i am on the verge of killing myself, i feel this whole place i am staying is fucked up. the people are so wierd- a bunch of mentally retarted creeps. i wish i could anihilate this entire istitution. i consider the son of a bitch KC Mishra resposible for my death. that sonof abitch has put me in a cage with all these mentally retarted people.
29 Sep 2004 kikithepooh to test different explosives coctails
29 Sep 2004 brad Well people what is there to say, i was feeling shit and for the so maniest timest contemplating suiciding again, so I decided to surf down here and tell my story. But when i read this stuff people post i'm like, damn this crying and moaning is really pathetic.
Realizing that only a few minutes ago i was about to post a similar message. I've been there, i know what the feeling is like when you think nobody cares about you, nobody appreciates you, or finds you a cool person, when no girl shows interest in you, and when you face the same huge walls no matter where you go. Realizing that you are the problem, and not someone else. You can travel to the other side of the world but still you'll face the same problems.
And one the the biggest mistakes you can make is starting to feel sorry for yourself, in the hope you might get attention. Yes attention and pity is what you get, but do you really think you will get respect, love, appreciation and admiration from other people. Because i believe that everybody wants to be admired, loved, appreciated and respected.
And unlike the most people who believe these four things should be deserved, i personally believe they only need to be chosen.That is right choice, it's as simple as that, no years in therapy, no antidepressants, just 1 simple choice, that is all it takes folks. When you are contemplating suicide you already made the choice you no longer want to suffer, but i believe that avoiding pain can be achieved by other means than suicide.
Suicide is just a metaphor for killing our old self, your old mindset, on order to create a new one, it's a pity that some people are so confused they actually think they litterally have to kill themselves in order to accomplish this.
So the question is will you go on feeling sorry for yourself, or will you stop suffering and start living an extraordinairy life ?
You clearly have the choice
29 Sep 2004 muther fuckers The best way to kill yourself involves a fork, two teaspoons of salt, a blow up rubber sex doll, two tickets to Hong Kong and a large floppy black rubber cock.
However, as you are under thirteen, I can't tell you how to do it, as you are obviously too young. Have fun experimenting and trying to work it out!!!!!
29 Sep 2004 Phil Oooh dear, there seems to be something wrong with mouchette's sight. I think we'd better get a team of monkeys in there to find out the problem
28 Sep 2004 jen i wouldnt know because a) if i knew i wouldnt be here and b) im not under thirteen... why bother playing suicide when you can just do it for real?!
28 Sep 2004 Will Snow Well, I still havent found a loft hatch at the B+B. Perhaps if im 'kind' to one of the other guys that is living here during the week they may let me share their room. I could be a 'rent boy'. Ummm, some of them look pretty ugly actually. Oh well....
28 Sep 2004 Dave Tell me where you live and I'll beat you to death for a small fee.
27 Sep 2004 Allie just like Marilyn Monroe. 50+ sleeping pills and some alcohol. die in peace
27 Sep 2004 NaT Dude i wanna die so badly i hate this school and i cant have a boyfriend and my parents broke up and i really wish that i can get a easy to kill myself with out all the pain i like the pill thingy.
27 Sep 2004 Alex The point is simple-- when you're only 13, you don't even KNOW how bad life is going to get. You haven't really had the opportunity to have your heart broken beyond repair, fail all your courses in highschool, or be kicked out of your house. Sure, bad shit happens to kids 13 and younger, but as far as CHILDREN wanting to have a 'suicide kit'? That's bullshit. Don't give kids 'toys' that encourage self-mutilation and suicide. I'm assuming the person who runs this site is a pre-teen, and I think it's awesome you want to provide a channel for 'suicidal' kids to explain how they're feeling, but, as you said, you are INEXPERIENCED and have little knowledge on the topic of suicide. I suggest doing a little more research before preaching to these poor kids about killing themselves. To everyone who posts shit about how you're going to kill yourself, the truth is, if you really wanted to commit suicide, you'd be dead by now. If it's attention you're seeking or just boredom, get a hobby or some obscene tattoo and piss off your parents. That way, you'll be alive to appreciate people going ballistic over you. To those who are actually serious about suicide-- things do get better. I used to cut all the time (everyday), and I'm finally getting better. Think of it this way-- you could technically go any day, so why not make the best of life while you're here? Sorry if I offended anyone, but this is just my opinion.
27 Sep 2004 no hands Phil, if you're gay, why the fuck do you keep going on about tits????
27 Sep 2004 Ryan ummm hello everyone i dont really no how this site works so ya.. um i was just sayin im offerin my help im 13 male and i seem to understand alout about with emotions and stuff so if ya no want to talk about it with me umm ya my e-mails and and .. so ya add one of those if ya want to talk.. hey at least i might be better than those cikiatrist people or howeva ya spell it( i hate cikiatrist they just do it for a job and they might be good at it)((oh ya i have a bad memory and i cant spell worth $hit)
26 Sep 2004 nikki stupid fucking world.Smash your head in a wall!!I'm 13 by the way.Take some cocaine and smack yourself.Shoot yourself.piosen yourself.Oh there are so many ways to kill your self.I don't want to kill my self i wanna hurt myself.I love seeing my own blood.(am i being scary?If i am i don't FUCKING care!!!!!!)buncha wierdos.Go get screwed or something.ohya add me fuckers!Lets get drunk or somethin!
25 Sep 2004 Will Snow I might lose the room im living in at the B+B. So im trying to think of ideas. Well, I cant find a loft hatch so that I can retreat to a loft like I used to. Yeh, I would retreat to the loft if 'MAGGIE' became too much for me. Oh, those were the days of cuddling up to the pink loft insulation. Yes i did say PINK. Sorta goes with me being gay. But oooh, does it make you itch though. Loft insulation i mean!
25 Sep 2004 ok its you i like to sleep when plastic this big made in somewhere log the zone will grow inside me....jesus will vomite me

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