Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Nov 2004 Will Snow For those of you that dont understand what it feels like to want to kill yourself, why are you at this site. I got way down at weekend. To cutting up my arms. Blood everywhere. In fact it wouldnt stop. But i felt better afterwards. Perhaps im sick but those that dont understand, PLEASE go away!!
01 Nov 2004 You suck What the fuck is your deal Mouchette? I keep tryin to make a post and it never gets posted. You suck.
01 Nov 2004 Ryan hi all i know how u all feel recelenty my friend died and ive just stopped doing things like i used to then all my teachers called my house about my grades my dad kicked my ass he threw me on the ground and literally kick me till i blead and no one cared and when my younger brother of 10 gets a scrach they go crazy and take him to the docter and some how its always my fault i need some help can u help me
01 Nov 2004 the end i have more of a question than suggestion. if i wanted to have a painless suicide, couldn't i just overdose on like advil? the only problem with this is, most people just end up in the hospital, not dead. does neone here noe ne1 that actually died from it?
01 Nov 2004 T SCHOLL I've been around several suicides. Family, friends, and foes. If one thinks life is not worth fighting for, just remember the mean age for death anyhow is +/- 75 years if you are lucky with good health. That's nothing!!!!!!!!!

Personally, I think a suicidal person should at least register with Volunteer Organ Donor Association in their town. When you are ready to die, at least give your young body parts to people who need them and are trying to fight to LIVE!!!!!

01 Nov 2004 lindy If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide it's okay to ask for help. You can immediately call 1 888 SUICIDE and speak to a trained counselor in 30 seconds. Give it a test try and tell your friends about it. Love you guys, thinking of you. xoxox
31 Oct 2004 Phil Hey weirdass, your posts are hilarious, keep them coming. And dont worry over Felicia, like me she uses anything for cheap self-promotion. Perhaps next you may even see her kissing Britney Spears.

As for the endless idiots who post here wanting to report this site to the authoririties...WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON? Perhaps you should report websites showing pedophiles abusing children to the authorities, or better yet perhaps you should report the authorities treatment of dying people in third world countries to the authorities? If you dont yet understand or 'get' this website, perhaps you should take my advice and let it all wash over you (in the manner of the infamous shower scene in Lesbo College Girls 2). Observe it all and make sense of it all. The people here are all real and are expressing themselves in many weird and wacky, sometimes creative ways.
I, however, still dont really understand any of it. Ooh Im going to be in the shower for a very long time.
31 Oct 2004 nichole tarbill i think everyone's input on SUICIDE is lame no one understands that its real and is a disease. My father committed suicide when i was two with the help of drugs. someone who wants to committ suicide isnt just looking for attention or help their missing something important in their lives and don't know what it is they can only find one good reason not to kill themselves or they dont find a reason at all and just do it. suicide is serious so why dont you all look up SUICIDE on your fucking computers before you open your fat fucking trap and write down bullshit that doesnt make sense. not all suicides are looking for help they sometimes have to be left alone! maybe your the reason why people decide to just go through with it.
31 Oct 2004 A good person Who cares About all yalls problems. Pshaw. Get drunk, shoot up, toke up, do something just liven up some. Have some dangerous fun that way if you die doing it, you got your wish. :)
see ya, LOSERS!!!!
31 Oct 2004 T Scholl Volunteer for active duty in the Marines or Army and request duty in Iraq. Let Russian Roulette dictate how you die. Maybe a friendly kill. Maybe a patrol duty in which you come into the field of a car or kamikaze bomb. Let your body be blown to kingdom come. Pieces in all directions. Then the world you left becomes your martyrdom. Just another brave soul cut down in the prime of life. If your life sucks that bad, let the military pick up the pieces. They'll do it with pride for free and present you to your loved ones in a cleaned up form for all to cry over. You will also become a war hero. No one will ever know that you did this on purpose. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

As for you 13 year olds..... Ride your bike along the berm of a busy stretch of two lane or four lane country highway. Seconds before you know a semi is coming up behind you, turn into it's path. Tons of power and metal will roll you over and over until you are a fresh piece of meat. Check out the deer that get hit by semi's if you think I'm wrong. This can be blamed on an accident. You are off the hook and no one will ever know it was on purpose. GO FOR IT you chicken shit!!!!!!!!!!
31 Oct 2004 Butt Slut Hello,

People who try to talk people out of suicide are stupid. Why do you try to tell suicidal people that they are loved and people care about them? How do you know that people care? What the fuck do you know about other peoples lives? Hey suicidal people.... NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!!!! It's not peoples job to care about you. No one cares and you have to that. Get over it. Why do you need people to care about you? It's your life you dork, you don't need other people to make your life for you.

Before you go ahead and flame me, might I first say do please shut the fuck up because you know not what you say. I know suicidal people and have been suicidal myself, maybe I am right now. The last thing suicidal people need is to get them thinking that people care about them. It only reinforces their wussiness. It shouldn't matter whether or not people care about them. Besides, it's not really true. The world in general doesn't care. People are selfish and that's the way it is. You can be pissed that that is the way the world is, but that is reality, and if you let it get you down, then you lose.

So Bitchy Bex, shut the fuck up.
30 Oct 2004 stacey take tons of pills then fuck ur dad!!
30 Oct 2004 Cats777 I agree with Rob.
30 Oct 2004 tilly hey to wamf i think thats right? thanks for telling me i am depressed i really did need clarification is that a word? ne ways i am on attempt number three this one is serious though i think i dunno we'll c i doubt it will work but oh well sometimes i do want to live ne ways thanks for all your help bye!
30 Oct 2004 Leeng my friend committed suicide just yesterday (oct 30 2004). He got himself fucking drunk and drove his car on the highway and crash into a divider which flipped his car. may god be with him. RIP. For you sick fucks who want to die, think b4 you do it. if your life is fucking over, then go ahead. regardless if your 13 or whatever... just go kill yourself.. sick fucks..
30 Oct 2004 Amanda Hmm i must carry on the Cheek tradition.. my sister was 13 when she killed herself... she asked dad to get a metal pikket fence and the end of the yard was at her bedroom window... she copied that girl off the virgin suicides movie... anyway our house was 3 stories and she threw herself on it...
Mallica my step sister did the car and carbon dioxide in the garage scene... Mari Jayne stabed her thigh and went to the park and woods and was found 4 hours later and i am going to school monday morning... ditching and going to the woods and cutting myself to death.... i love pain
29 Oct 2004 Katy Slit you wrists, write a suicide note in your stomach, take a shit load of pills, fill your bath with vodka and get in and enjoy!
29 Oct 2004 Tootz Im 13 n my mother is goin crazy because im failin school and parent teacher night is comin up and she said that if i get one bad report she'd hurt me really bad. im just about ready to jump out this window no joke. i just was wishing she would hit me and i would jus jump but she didnt and i think i still am goin to jump ... well i love u all and i c u up in heaven :/
29 Oct 2004 Lester Mouchette, you are a dirty liar. I seriously doubt you're "nearly 13 years old". For someone whose first language isnt english, you're pretty damn good at it. But you're so young... so does that make you a genius? I dont think thats the case. You're just an "artist" that is using all these comments people post on his site as "art". I think you're lying about your age because you will generate more sympathy and more genuine responses. People have offered plenty of good advice on how to kill yourself. You dont want to kill yourself. If you did, you'd be dead already. Quit lying to the world. Nonetheless, if you really want to die.... try having a charcoal BBQ in an enclosed room. Have fun.
29 Oct 2004 Fat Fuckin Foot Long Flabamba What's so bad about killing your yourself? Why are there so many people out there so concerned about other people suiciding? Why do you care if they die? Just let them die. Maybe it's for the best anyway. Why is it always assumed that prolonging life is the best thing? Why? I really want to know.

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