Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Sep 2004 phibitz dear,
i have still not received by Pootie Tang or Girls Gone Wild DVD. why is your service so slow? go give a blow job to osama bin laden you dumbfucks! amazon is waco is crack. so let's not do drugs, let's stay clean like a machine. i love you!
02 Sep 2004 no hands Dear Dan Garrett,
Um, I haven't studied your religion in depth (despite laughing at how fucking stupid the bible is) but you say, "Jesus is the one true god"
Um, was that the stupidiest thing anyone could say, or is it just me? I thought that "god" was the one true god and Jesus was his son... uh. I haven't studied gentics, or family planning, in detail, but, I think, basically you are a fucking dick.

But anyway, I hate religious people. Seriously, why don't they take their crap some place else! Did you know that gay people aren't allowed into heaven? That's not bullshit (and I'm not anti-gay in any way, shape or form). My mom was a full on Christian, and she hated those fucking niggers and homos!! Ya'll hear that? You have to be straight to get into heaven! Better watch out ya'll gay and lesbian people trying to get some type of goverment recognition. Uh-uh, you might as well give up, because you are going straight to hell!

I love beating the shit out of religious people, just to get back at them for all that anti-abortion stuff they did. Heheh, that's MY idea of a good night out.
02 Sep 2004 Jesus Fucking Christ Fall into Sin
02 Sep 2004 Satan Hang youself its very effective. Lost 2 friends this way, (well fuck em)
02 Sep 2004 Odina Yes the subject is taboo! What I don't understand is why you are so morbidly obsessed with SUICIDE! It's depressing that someone would nurture someone elses thoughts and almost encourage them to act upon them! If you have a shitty life too bad! Your life is what you make it! You can make it better if you try. NEVER give up that easily. If life was meant to be easy I sure as hell wouldn't be slaving away, would you? You just gotta lighten up people! I nearly fell off my chair when I came across this page. I was looking for a title of a song. Now if other people try and do the same (it's a popular song)you can't tell me that they are not going to become distraught! Suicide is something that you talk about! Not PRACTICE. Take care when talking about this subject because you just might be the reason young kids WANT TO/KNOW HOW commit suicide. I sure as hell wouldn't want that hanging over my head!!!!!
There are other ways to approach a subject as this one. You just need to use your head honey.
01 Sep 2004 President Bobo of the SSSS agency I can confirm that a booby (sorry, body) was recently discovered, and on my identification of the booby (sorry, body), I found it to be that of one of our SSSS agents, Lucy Cortina. The last news I heard of her was that she and agent Danny had gone missing, and our investigation into their disappearance led us to a cryogenics lab hidden inside Mount Booby (which is incidentally shaped like a booby). We believe that the evil Dr Philville was responsible for this, as he had been hounding Danny and Lucy with death warrants. He is a bit crazy in the head and had recently escaped from a secure mental hospital, and for whatever reasons he had, wanted Lucy dead. He is still at large.
We believe that agent Danny, out of his infinate love for Lucy('s breasts), froze Lucy in the cryogenics lab so that one day, he could return to Mount Booby and bring her back to life. Agent Danny, however, is still mising - presumed dead.
Curiously, we also discovered that Lucy Cortina's right nipple was missing from her breast, and that her breasts had considerably deflated since her 'Expansion' years. We plan to revive Lucy, but as of yet we are unable to do so. This is because of the missing nipple from Lucy's breast. We need to find the nipple ASAP, as Lucy's breasts are continuing to deflate at an alarming rate. It seems that the nipples act as corks - imagine a balloon without anything to stop the air escaping - this is what is happening to Lucy's breasts. Without her breasts, there would be no point reviving Lucy as her primary function in the SSSS agency is to seduce.
If we cannot find her nipple, we shall sell the remains of her breasts on e-bay.

Thank you Mouchette, for allowing me to post this update (and I will speak to you in private later about the millions you will pay for Lucy's breasts, as I know you were somewhat obsessed with her, plus you can afford them unlike some of the paupers around here).
01 Sep 2004 LI Zeng I have interesting question for you though that i need some explaination. I cannot think of any other web site where people like you write/talk to people , like me, that have very little time left to live. Correct me if I am wrong, but i have not seen you try to "save" or talk anyone out of dying.. Is there a reqson for this. I am sure you dont want to see anyone die, that is sick. Do you possibly just agree like me, that, death for some terminally depressed tormented people, is a blessing and a relief that can only be comprehended by those that are suffering the illness?? I just wanted your ideas on this. Very few people understand why i need to die. they label me as a attention getter, sicko, phony, you name it. I am at peace with my life and death.Why cant everyone else? write back if you will love... Li
01 Sep 2004 Holly Coming from a person who has suffered from overwhelming thoughts of suicide since the age of @11(I am still here at 39!) the question that I NOW ask and spend my time searching for is: What is the best way to survive? How do other people get through shit in their own lifes successfully? Because I finally realized that I am not the only one with these thoughts and you aren't either! Life is hard, sometimes it fuckin sucks BUT I am here to tell you that I am so fuckin glad I'm still here for the ride, I have two sons, one graduated from college last year and not only was I there to see him receive his diploma, I just got back from Wisconsin after seeing him walk down the aisle of a church to marry the girl he loves and wants to share his life with. My younger son is pursuing his dream of owning and operating his own restaurant business and I can't begin to tell you the joy that I get from just 'being' here to hear what's going on in their lives and sharing in the joy when they receive good news or even being here to help support them when the news isn't so good and that's how life is-its a big bowl of the good stuff and the bad stuff but when I look back at my life (and trust me here when I say my family wasn't the Brady bunch!) I thank those doctors and nurses and ya, even the damn cops who were there the night I had my stomach pumped because they fought to save my life even when I didn't think it was worth saving! PLEASE don't think I'm preaching here to you or anyone-I know what it's like to get so tired from carrying all the shit and you think it would be easier to just lay down and never get up again BUT its not! SOMEONE is going to need you someday, maybe someone you don't even know who sees you everyday dealing with the shit but still moving on, maybe you're saving them from taking their own life-you don't know the impact that you have on people! Maybe I gave you more of an answer than you wanted or maybe I got too serious on the subject (especially considering some of the other replies) BUT it isn't something to joke about. I am not going to contribute to anyone ending their life but I will do anything I a can to help them save their life!
01 Sep 2004   The best way to kill yourself is go to a Tool concert wearing a Backstreet Boys t-shirt.
01 Sep 2004 Gilat Dear Phil,
No, the world hasn't gone gay, it's gone "metrosexual".
Does anyone else think it's weird how when guys act more "gay"er women are more attracted to them? Like... gay guys get more women... hmmm, there's something wrong there, I can't quite work out what it is...
01 Sep 2004 Derek Throwing rocks at huge icicles on a tall building... while standing underneath them.
01 Sep 2004 Dan Garrett It is suicide to live your life like there is no God.
You can know for real God is and that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him. Jesus is the one true God.
Come to or
31 Aug 2004 depressed and suicidal I am 26 and I have been depressed for a long number of years. I want to kill my self by laying in front of the train tracks so my head will be decapitated. I choose this method because it is quick and effective. Life is shit and it will never get better. Once one problem goes another one comes to take it place. Suicide will solve all your problems forever. The one thing about killing myself in front of a train is I always seem to move away at the last minute so the train misses me. It's happened to me a number of times. Please Email me and give me some advice on how not to be scared so I can finally kill my self. My email is People who email me and tell me not to commit suicide will have there emails terminated. Do you know how I fucking hate waking up each day and saying not another fucking day. Please help me end my misery.
31 Aug 2004 snarff why ?
u will die for sure
no fear of death is the ultimate freedom in life
if you dont like your life, walk out on it - make a crazy story
...why not ?
31 Aug 2004   The best way to kill yourself is with sleeping tablets. Unlike ODing on other medication, these WILL kill you if you take enough of them. Just go to the doctor and tell him you have bad sleeping habits and you want to straighten them out. Get the tablets, and you're set!
31 Aug 2004 valerie ookay im 15 and yes some of you may have horrible lives.. but honestly all you need to do is pray & i promise something good will come eventually. im 15 and i`ve made sum pretty dumb mistakes and i`ve never been a really big christian which i hope i get to be .. because wenever smething is bad in my life i turn to GOD and he is always there for me.. need anything just email or IM me
31 Aug 2004 Sony 700mb ReWritable CD-RW I must make the comment that while Flamer is a sick insensitive freak cunt bastard asshole, he's also quite funny.

Hahah, that was most amusing about Ms. Casy. Yes, what a f*cking retard. Haha, that is hilarious! Good work...

And to the lady how said you shouldn't make jokes on this sight, you're full of crap! The absolutly best thing to do when people feel depressed is to make jokes to them or make them smile or whatever. And seriously, anyone who is depresed isn't going to be pushed over the edge by some crappy joke.

Here, I'll give it a shot. If this pushes anyone over the edge, write to me and tell me about it.

Joke: There were seven dwarves in the bath and they were all feeling happy. So Happy got out.
This, of course, made them feel grumpy. So Grumpy got out.
Soon they were feeling sleepy, and they all went to bed.

Aww, isn't that sweet?
31 Aug 2004 Meytar my name is Meytar and i have a few ideas:
1) cutting the veins.
2) to jump from a tall building.
3) to wait on the sidewalk until a car comes passing by, and then jumping right in front of it.
4) to stab yourself with a knife in the stomach.
5) to hang yourself.
6) to REALLY piss off your parents ;)
7) drink rat poison.
8) stop your breath for a really long time.
9) annoy the neighbors amstaf dog.
10) become a prostitute, find yourself a pimp, then one day piss him off and don't give him any money!

hope i was helpful!
31 Aug 2004 A Gay Person To Flamer,
I was surprised by what you said: that you are too busy with my father... Hmm, as my father is DEAD, I don't know how much "action" you are getting from him. But (to quote some famous person, who's name I can't remember) 'do what you can, with what you have, where you are', which is what Flamer is doing I assume....

30 Aug 2004 Eddie F. Davis By a shot of air in the toungue...

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