Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Nov 2004 the black plague that walks the earth ya know what, I filled this out a few minutes ago, and I realized, that poepl need to quit being such ass holes, and if your on this site, you need to think about who you have ever pissed off, they may be going through the same thing, quit being stuck up, and if they arent, then holy shit, dont blow your fuckin brains out...BLOW THEIR FUCKIN BRAINS OUT!!!!!!!!!Follow my unto others, what has been done unto you
19 Nov 2004 ther black plague that walks the earth Holy shit you little suicide pricks!!!!You all need to pull your suicidle head, outa your suicidle ass, and wise up.
If your gonna kill yourself, dont go ask people about it, go get some balls and DO IT! If your gonna go on the net and tell people your suicidle, it really means you want attention....YOU SELFISH BASTARD!!!!YOUR FUCKIN 13, YOU DONT KNOW SHIT, YOU ONLY HAVE 4 YEARS TO GO UNTIL YOU GRADUATE, OR DROP OUT, IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS THAT YOU HATE, AND CANT STAND, MOVE OUT, OR SUCK IT UP, I came here tonight to look at ways, but whats the fun in killing yourself, think of all the things that are "naughty" that are fun that you could do? weed, alcohal, cut yourself, holy shit, the #1 rule before you kill your self, you need to get laid! You cannot die a virgin! You all are stupid! I saw some chick all, I found some sleeping pills in my mommie and daddies room, and uh, um, I wondered if I should take them, I wanna die, and I was wondering if you need to take it with alcohal or water, can someone please help me. I wanna kinda die, How the hell do you kinda die, just go to a fuckin mental instituation and say your gonna kill yourself, you wanna be locked up in here so your family dont think your ,kidding. You need help as it is. Dont ask how much dosage to take, TAKE LOTS!!!!! It doesnt take a genius to know take more than the bottle says, or read the warning lables,or, ya know what else is a fun game, stabbing your eyes with forks, theres a way to get people attention,hell, get off the internet, dont tell anyone that your gonna kill yourself, its more fun when its a surprise, to find your dead loved one, you guys are all selfish bastards, why dont you make everyone hate you before you do it, why do you have to make everyone greeve, also, go out with a bang, go light yourself on fire in front of everyone, or, go blow your head off in front of the white house, oh, and dont forget to put a little message on your shirt, its pretty cool when your words go down in history, and dont put something stupid like ,goths rule, or a stupid little simbol, put something inspiration, but twist it up a bit. or else everyone will be like, oh my god, what a dumb little kid, well there gonna say that anyways, CAUSE YOUR SUICIDLE!!!! Ya know what, its not my fault your gonna throw your life away, you may not think you have a life, and you may not, but your a fucking kid, and dont tell me, well my mom is on drugs, and her boyfriends malest me every night, get the fuck outa there, go tell the cops, get there asses in jail! dont say well, I cant, well, I am not gonna go into every little possibility, but step up, and if they try to put you down, run your ass out that door to the police. you people are so stupid, the life you live now may be shit, but if you really wanna make it good, you will not kill yourself, you will graduate high school, and you will move as far away from that life as you can, start fresh, and QUIT BITCHIN, I HAVE HEARD IT MILLIONS OF TIMES!!!!!!!! You are all starting to piss me off!!!!!!!

I hope someone emails me, I would love to hear this, so I will give it to you freely...., come on, hit me!!!!!
19 Nov 2004 ga What's up?... are you crazy?... please... can you go to a doctor?. That is a silly question. What do you want?... That everyone kill theirself?... don't live... that people are coward.. that.. is not the way to came out at problems.
19 Nov 2004 ... ive been thinking bout suicide since i was 8 years old... it all started when my mom and dad got divorced... after they were divorced my dad started acting mean and controlling, he use to tell me not to eat because i would get fat when im older and guys dont like fat girls, so at age 8 i suffered from buliemia... i started then cutting myself and i have attempted suicide numerous of times... ive tried it so much that i cant even count how many times... i feel like a failure even more knowing that i have failed killing myself all those times...rite now in this stage of my life im going through alot... the love of my life has put me through so much sorrow... my eating disorder is gettin more worse each day... n i cut myself at least 5 times a day... cutting myself is a release from all the pain im going through...a huge part of me wants to die but therez still a small part of me that wants to live... if ne one knoz how i can get some help b4 i do something permanent please let me know
19 Nov 2004 Sick and Tired Wow! That Kevin Phelps post is deep dude. Everyone could learn from that. And man do some people post some sick and twisted shit here. Like that church bitch and Jadsrea. You guys are some cold Mother fuckers.

Oh and I think Mouchette like a fucking 40-something year-old fat guy from Saudi Arabia not some 13-year old French girl.
19 Nov 2004 trex jump!
18 Nov 2004 Nicholas Lee Valladarez Dont. You may have only one shot at life. what are you doing wasting it. only a few minutes ago i was going to do it. then i asked myself the same question. tell yourself "give life your best shot and if you get put down, get and do it again no matter how many times it takes."
18 Nov 2004 anet xx i am sick and tired of da way life is treatin me. iv tried 2 commit suicide already and as u can tell it aint worked, but eva since my friends found out they'v been rantin and ravin at me, sayin dat i need 2 go in2 a mental instition, bcos of da way i am feelin. and every time dey talk 2 me about it i keep on sayin da smae thing 'i want 2 die' 'i am goin 2 die' and 'i dont no y!' dats da problem wid me i dont no wots wrong wid me, all i no is dat i deserve 2 b dead, so dat i can put all my friends and family out of the missery of havin me around. i slit my wrists and play wid knives. and dat is my life now, no-1 can change it. if u want 2 die den kill urself its ur life and u can do wot u like wid it. dont let other ppl tell u wot 2 do! take care, wot eva ur decision is in life!!
18 Nov 2004 Kevin Phelps I have tried so hard to kill myself for the last 10 years of my life. From robbing a store and pointing the gun at the cops, hanging myself from our front porch, preaching the goodness of the KKK in a black community ive even thrown myself onto a table saw only to loose my left testical and a chunk of my leg. im just so tired of feeling alone. And theres nothing to life for if your alone
If your reading tis then ive finally ended my life.
Kevin Phelps

My brother gave this to me the morning that he killed himself he told me that i would know what to do with this and that day when my family my brother killed himself before i had a chance to read his note. finding this website i knew it would be a good spot to put it. if your thinking of ending your life think twice because your not always alone. James Phelps
18 Nov 2004 Seymore Butts 2 ways: #1. hold a knife up, pointing towards u, (the point on the center of ur forhead), and run towards a wall. #2. Go to ur local "hood" where ur "homies" "hang out" and "bust a cap", in other words, pick a fight with a gang. ; )
18 Nov 2004 Jadsrea Hey all you suicidal bitches, how's the suicidal life been? Guess what? My friend asked me to shoot him in the head because he couldn't hack it so I shot that motherfucker right in his motherfucking temple. So, if you guys need some help, go to a ffriend and ask them to shoot you in the head. If they won't the come to me, I did and I have no regrets, that bitch owed me five bucks anyway so I robbed his ass afterward. Hope you all die soon, later BITCHES.
18 Nov 2004 Just someone Do you know the feeling when nothing succeeds and when you have relatively no self-confidence ? In the recent months there have nothing worked. I failed school, I got beaten. And it was all my fault, I do not blame anyone. Only myself.

I feel like something terrible happened : the things aren't the same anymore, as if everything has changed, got a new form. I no longer feel the old harmony of things. All i can do is to escape into my childhood memories, the last time I was happy, felt comfortable.

The only thing that helps me going on is the thought of suicide. I've tried killing myself with a LAMPWIRE. I could feel my blood-pressure in my head, it was tender, gentle like a big drum drumming out my life.

I always stop at the wrong time, let the wire off and CRY.
The only reason I'm staying alive is my parents. I don't want them to suffer because of me.
That's the only thing keeping me alive.

My greatest fear is to be abandoned by loved ones. Wandering around in solitude and panic.
I'm not depressed. I've never been truly. I'd rather say it is PANIC that I'm feeling.

I don't know how to live.
I don't know how to survive.

I'm not made for this world.
Wish me happy suicide.
18 Nov 2004 piassou refuser de naƮtre
18 Nov 2004 tiana put a plastic bag over you had and in the bag spray tons of cleaners then breathe in deep.
18 Nov 2004 johann take about 90 10mg pax pills and shove it down your throught
18 Nov 2004 Daniel Strange Life is the best way to commit suicide.
oh wait, that's missing the point of "suicide" altogether... hmm... lol

this site rocks! and i think i might be in love with mouchette ^_^?

tho, who isn't?
18 Nov 2004 john the best way is to find some little hoodrats that live in your neiborhood, buy a gun then put the bullets in your brain
18 Nov 2004 richard cranium if you are to scary to use a gun or pillz or razor blade on yourself then get some one else to do it. do you know what suicide by cop is? take a fully automatic weapon in to the police station and begin firing. note: take out as many as possible and scream "death to the pigs, helter skelter" you will be dead in no time.
another way if your too scared is put an add in the paper that says you want to have sex with someone with aids.
another way if your scary is steal your folks car keys and go into the garage. seal off all drafts with duct tape. shut all doors. seal cracks. start car and sit in the car with the windows down and let car idle. get comfortable and try to go to sleep. if no one finds out you will never wake up.
remember kids, think. just because you are depressed dont let that stop you from coming up with your own plan for suicide. you dont need a stupid web site to tell you how to do a very simple thing like kill yourself. its easy. you just need to overcome an obstacle of fear. once you do, nothing will hold you back from sucsess. c'mon its easy. if you cant do this right what makes you think you will ever be able to get anything rite in life. so go put your nikes on and just do it. what er ya waitin for you pitiful and miserable losers.
18 Nov 2004 Forever and Eternity I shall never understand the point of this website. It boggles me and bothers me and I don't like it but I'm drawn to it like a fly to a candle and... and enough already. If Mouchette is thirteen, then I'm the queen of England. I need to learn to drop things...
18 Nov 2004 mike shiel hey kiddies, do you know what a 12 guage shotgun is. load a buckshot shell in it and put the end of the barrel in your mouth poiting up twards the top of your head. place the stock on the floor. depress the trigger. congratulations, you have just succesfully commited suicide and didn't feel a thing. be sure to get a video camera and look directly in the lens before you shoot. and make sure the camera is back far enough to get most of your brains exploding out the back of your cranium but not to far back not to be able to get that last look in your eye scene. you can say a few last words if you like. its really cool when you say something like its all your fault mom, you should have never started sucking my penis. lol.

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