Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Dec 2004 Felicia On Deductive Reasoning Violence And Christmas Shopping * Alert
Today I was walking in a shopping mall. At around 7 pm (Pacific Standard Time) a flurry of teenage boys stood kitty corner in front of a knife store and were exchanging hostile words. It was turning into a nasty fight. One of the girls by the cell phone booth yelled out "SECURITY!" The crowd witnessing the fight became curious and hung around. There I was trying to go through a standing crowd. I said to myself, "Why are these freaking idiots standing around looking at the fight? Get out and move on because someone may pull a knife or gun unexpectedly!" I became annoyed, moved quickly to avoid a brawling stampede, and continued to the nearest Bath & Body Works department store.

If you see a fight developing in a public place or happen to drive by an accident on a highway, keep moving.

In this crazy, crazy hostile world, use deductive reasoning.

For survival, watch for these common everyday high risk factors.

1.) Keep your eyes open in front and back of you. Don't use tunnel vision. Blinders are meant for horses going around on a whirly bird treadmill.

2.) Watch what you say in public. Bitter words stir up strife. If the person is continously picking on you, move on. If you are unable to avoid the situation, go to security or any person who can help you. Don't argue with the hostile nincompoop.

3.) Don't run with scissors.

4.) Tie your shoes to avoid tripping. Untied shoes are not in style anymore and it makes you look really foolish.

If you avoid hazards, then you are on your way to staying alive longer.

If it is the opposite, consider this your own suicide kit.
11 Dec 2004 SAL I should slap all you fucking kid's!! I just turned 17 December 3rd. My mom and dad were divorced since i was 5, i had no father figure. I was diagnosed with tourette's syndrome when I was 10, went through hell with that until up to freshman year in highschool. Met a girl junior year in highschool and fell in love with her for OVER A YEAR! she didnt feel the same and she wanted to just be freinds. I did everything for this bitch I even got her a 200 dollar necklace for her birthday! I was always there for her no matter what, I never disrespected her, I treated here like a goddess. And she still didnt feel the same. Watever fine, I hurt so bad from that I cant even tell youz. A month later my mother dies! does it end there, no. My mom and dad were gettin back together, and we bought a beautiful house because we lived in an apartment and my grandfather is the landlord but he treated us like shit. Then she dies!!!!!!! I was finally gonna be happy, and she died. my mother, dead. We lost the house, we lost the car, we lost EVERYTHING! My grandfather raised my rent the scumbag he is, and i got into a fist fight with him almost but instead it got broken up and they called the cops on me and i got cuffed by 12 cops and brought to the nuthouse for 5 hours. I still live in this shithole also none the less. I live with my father who I havent lived with in 12 years. THAT AINT FUCKING EASY FOR ME! my sister dont even live with me anymore she lives with my fucking scumbag grandparents who I am gonna fucking murder one day. I miss my mother so much, my dad is a dick, etc etc. AND FOR ALL U PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE OH IM POOR. OH YEA? SO AM I! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PAIN IS LIKE UNTIL YOU'VE LIVED A DAY OF MY LIFE! SO FUCK ALL OF UZ WHO CANT DEAL WITH UR LIL FUCKING PROBLEMS YOU'RE ALL PUSSY! SO STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! FUCKING BITCHES!
10 Dec 2004 Greg smother
10 Dec 2004 Alyssa I am 17 yrs old and I'm thinking about suicide. I cut my wrists in numerous places and I also have aids from fucking so many people and i'm afraid my unborn child will have aids too. I'm going to die anyway so i just want it to be sooner. What should I do?
10 Dec 2004 Heather *aka* Suicide Goddess Well I'm not 13 either, i'm 16. Well i guess that's not the point now is it? Well if you want to die nice and easy with no pain take Pentazocine/Naloxone AKA Talwin. If you are not dringink alcohol with this then you need to take 6 or 7. If you are drinking 3 should do it. It is easy and painless. If you don't want the easy way out there is always the normal stuff slitting wrists, throats, jumping, running in front of moving vehicles etc. You know what i'm talking about. If you want a really effective way to committ suicide you can never fail if you shoot yourself in the head. I think the first time i tried to committ suicide I was 12, i slit my wrists and took a bunch of morphine. I would have died if fuckheads wouldn't have taken me to the hospital. I will always resent them for that. I have been in the mental hospital 22 times for trying to committ suicide and someone always has to be a fuckin' hero. I have found that instead of killing yourself self mutilation is a great way to release pain. Try it it will make you feel a whole lot better. I would have killed myself a while back but i promised my b/f i wouldn't and he loves me so much it makes it hard.Here is a little song for all you suicidal pplz.... If you're listening to this song, and everything is going wrong, take a chance on the other side, let's go over the edge, Fuck the (pigs?) Fuck the (folks?) Death is where it's at, Use a gun, use a knife, take some pills, take your life, slit your throat, slit your wrists, And go to hell.......that's the end of my song lol Well anyway, if you're gonna try to kill yourself good luck

10 Dec 2004 maysa Dont talk about it behind any one buy a gun be alone at uer room listen for music u like then catch uer gun if u will got heart u will make it easy !!!
10 Dec 2004 Ras I feel no direction in my life, Everyone attributes qualities to me which I dont' see in myself. They think that I am smart which I am not. I am barely competent and barely able to survive in a college atmosphere. I am failing out of college, been molested by my cousin when I was seven or eight. Came to a foreign country with no friends and relative. picked on bullied and harassed. I am not mature people just think tha I am mature because I do not speak. I stutter and I rarely go outside. I want to live a normal life but I blame myself for every single thing that has gone wrong in my life. I haven't seriously thought about suicide, I have toyed with the idea but don't see it as a possibility because I am a coward. I have morbid fantasies about dying in an accident. Something swift and painless or never waking up. I have no purpose in life and I am just wasting space. I do not deserve to be here and I wish I was never born
10 Dec 2004 no hands mouchette, why THE FUCK don't you automate your POS sight???
09 Dec 2004 Nina I tried to kill myself twice when I was about 11 but my mom kept catching me. I was using just a rag and tieing it so tight around my neck till I would go blue and would hope I'd pass out and just stop breathing. It gave me the worst coughs I sounded like an old smoker. I did this because both my parents were having affairs and it made me sick that while i was crying waiting for them to come home they were out not even thinking about me. I also cut my arms to shreds and have atiny scar on my wrist where I could'nt go through with it. At 16 I develpoed my eating disorder but my mom just thinks im a joke and have no problems. I know im depressed and its not right to miss periods and never stop thinking about food. My dad is also a diabetic and I have to deal with him when he's hyper and I can't deal with it when im only 17. Ive hardly ever had n e friends and I hate the one i do have. Im also being used at my local stabls for no pay 9 to 5 doing everything but I can't stand up for myself and im so tired nowadays. I want people to realise I need help and its no joke.
09 Dec 2004 Future Statistic Well I'm 31 years old. I've been thinking of suicide of and on for the past few years. I do have the means to complete the act. But, the guts is another thing. Anyway, I have no job, I'm in physical pain everyday from an injury that just won't get better. I've got bills out the ass.

Doesn't matter if your 13 or 91, everyone has issues and pain everyday. But, when that pain doesn't let up and there is no light at the end of your tunnel, what do you do?

That's were I'm at in my life.

For all of you that want an easy way out . Purchase this book, Final Exit. Read it. at the end it gives you instructions on how to end your life almost painlessly by afixiation.

From what I understand of the spirit world it can't be any worst than being in this physical world and dealing with pain, sadness, heart ache, hopelessness, and so on. You get the point.

At least in death your free of this world's pain and problems.

So on to the next world.
09 Dec 2004 Martin I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not here to judge anyone or try to save the world because you can't help all the people all of the time.
My best friend killed himself on friday, and im on here lookin for some kind of reason why because i dont understand why someone would take their own life. My wifes due to give birth to twin girls in a few weeks time and I really wanted tony to sit beside me in the waiting room and we could have went out to wet the babies heads and smoked big cigars like your meant to and do all the normal stuff that that goes with it......... that's not gonna happen now. Tony's gone and I'm burying my best friend tomorrow and then in a few weeks time the babies will be born and instead of being happy and instead of crying with joy, i'll be crying for my Tony and crying for my loss of MY FRIEND AND MY fuvking lifeline!!! what am I supposed to do now??? I will spend the rest of my life wishing I hadn't been busy with a stupid irrelevant and unimportant report on friday night when he called me at 8.10pm, I told tony I would give him a call back - the next thing I remember is Tony's dad calling me at 9pm and telling me that tony had been cut down from a tie, a tie that had dad written down the front of it, a tie that was a silly christmas present he had bought for me because we always joked about how naff things branded with the slogan DAD were. god i wish i had spoken to him and god I wish he was here with me now. I feel total despair and I feel angry with him. why did he do it? did he want me to talk him out of it or was he gonna say goodbye? I'll never know. What i do know is that so many lifes have been ruined, so many christmases have been spoilt and I miss him so much and wish he knew how much I loved him and how much I'm gonna miss him. Please just think of the ones u leave behind and how they are affected. Please don't be horrible to me because I just cant take it right now, please just spare a thought for your mum or dad or brother or sister or your best friend cause they're never gonna feel any better..........

09 Dec 2004 venom cutter I am seriously thinking about killing my mom and then killing myself. That bitch always stops me or walks in on me and its all her fault I am like this any way. My mom used to make me let her boyfriends molest me and then they would pay her money for it. I hate her. I wish she would just die. Maybe I will help her. I need help. I need thearapy and counseling. I dont know what to do the last time they sent me away they gave me alot of drugs that made me feel real bad like I was sick. My mom made a phone call in the other room today and i think she is going to send me back to the hospital. I am sorry all of you have to listen to my problems but this is the only way I will feel better. Please dont hate me because I am gay and suicidal. If any one that reads this lives in Atlanta and would be my friend please email me.
09 Dec 2004 josh edmond today i took a buch of pills and my mom found out and took me to the hospital and they pumped my stomach before the pills could take effect. i dont have any friends locally to talk to. they all hate me and spit in my face and beat me up. i feel on the inside like i am already dead. my mom knows i am gay and hates me. is there anyone out there like me. please if your out there let me know. i feel like its only a matter of time. i stole some razor blades and i am waiting till my mom goes to sleep tonight and i am going to go in my bathroom and lock the door and slit my throat after i take some more pills and drink some wine.
09 Dec 2004 Dosn't Want Help i'm only 12 and i've tried several attempts to kill my self.. slitting of the wrist.... taking too many pills... im a messd up kid.. i cut my self everyday. i have wrote out letters to people b4 i killed myself. i want to die so bad. but im scared. im scared of whats gunna happen. im gunna die. i dont know when but i will. and the sad part is,... school is wat makes me wanna do this. the kids at skewl. they piss me off so bad. i wanna die.
09 Dec 2004 xavier look-e-here you amatures. if yas gonna slit dem wrists remember to cut the length of your wrist at least three times about an inch deep. if you cut it with the width you will only have a scar to remind you of the time you tried to kill yourself and failed.
09 Dec 2004 xavier hey everyone,
i was going to kill myself but i didnt. i had a friend write me an email that i met on this site and we talked about past problems and what was right and wrong with our lives but i still wanted to kill myself. then he said try something new. so i turned gay. i tried it and it was so fun. it was kinda icky at first but then hey you kinda get in to it. so try something new before you kill yourself.
09 Dec 2004 Jennifer Yep, well, im just another person who wants to commit suicide too. Ive thought about it, and you know, im just such a chicken. I just dont wanna hurt anyone if i do it, my sister, my other sister, and my brotehr. But they wouldnt give a shit anyways you know. No one cares im like the failure sister in the family. I just take up space and make everyone suffer. I wish i was dead. But i dont want to hurt my rents. So, yes im too chicken to do it. I just dont want to hurt them. I thought htat you know, what if i just became a nobody, someone that stalked the streets,...a "Bum" (i know not all bums are bums, some are incredibly smart people). My family wouldnt definately not care if i died then,... But then again im not sure. So you know, just live your life, and if you cant do it, i guess the best way is jump off a bridge. Gun is too messy, cutting yourself just wont work.. If you jump off a high bridge, theres no turning back, you cant fly back up! I reallllly wanna just Die, you know that feeling of just nothingness. I want that, i wish i was never born, now tahts the best way to go around it, just wish you were never born you know.
08 Dec 2004 anonymous im 15 and i feel like nobody cares. i don't want to hurt myself but it's the only way to make me feel better. i can't help cutting myself i like to watch the blood and it relaxes me. i feel like a failure at everything my grades suck my life sucks. i've tried to kill myself but it took to long i slit my wrists and sat in a tub full of hot water i remember the tub turning red from my blood.
08 Dec 2004 Kat all these people talking about wanting to kill themselves wouldnt tell us all unless it was really a cry for help. if you were going to do it, you would have done it already. you know deep down its not death you need, its attention and love, so look for that, not suicide. someone will always be there. thats why we write back, even if theres no - one, theres us.

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