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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Dec 2004 Robert Lee "Styles" Steele there is no best way to kill yourself, as this life ends in it's own time, death will come eventually, you should live the life you've been given, reguardless of who says what, and what has happened, as they is only one life you will have, after that it is finished, you will never be copied, or reborn into human form, there will be no resurrection. Now, to solve the problem itself, it's best to find a family councilor to speak with, get legal help behind you and seek out help, Do Not take your life, it's a waste, as you will leave, not only yourself, the ones you've never met, the ones you've never had a chance to say goodbye, or that you loved them, you will be leaving those you love, and the ones that love you. Even if you truely beleive you are not loved, or cared for, remember me. Styles, I know you not, but I love you as a brother should, I care about you life, and your well being, should you have more thoughts of death, give me a buzz. (MSN Address, Email, and Yahoo Address)
EqStyles for my AIM address.

I make no false claims when I say, I care, I will not tell you your life is easy, and you should stop complaining, as I know it can be very hard, and fraut with many hardships, as I have lived my own hardships, in 14 years I lived in a hell, constant anger, and humilation, yet I did not take blade to my flesh.

above all, remember, death is not a toy, it's a vile serpent, ready to strike you with it's poisoned fangs.
death, is not instant, no matter how you try it, a riend of my mother's, her little boy, 14, climbed up Murdock mines's tower, and dove off, 400 feet in a nose dive, you'd think it's instant, but it's not, it crushes your vital organs, and explodes your heart, and it will hurt.
Death, is not a way out, nor is it a release from life.
14 Dec 2004 Carla Can someone tell us what is the best way to lose weight and be skinny without exercise and pills and all that? Like, to become blemic or something? Please email us at or IM us there.
14 Dec 2004 Sara Jackson Hello. My name is Sara and I'm 26. Yes Im old but Ive wanted to kill myself since I was 14. Ive been on medication which seemed to help (I stopped about 16 and from then on seemed fine) until I was about 25. Now Im married to someone that beats me and loves his DVDs and possessions more than me. I've never felt more worthless in my life. I just want to die quicky with no more pain. Im tired of pain. How can we choose life over death with no pain or feeling or conciousness... If were all going to die anyway why do we put up with this facade of living, because life is just a sad diversion from the obvious, that we are just going to die, so we busy ourselves with religion or other traditions that mean NOTHING because it wont matter when we are dead!!!! I want to take pills. Any suggesstion on the best type to overdose with, seriously.
14 Dec 2004 xaloneforeverx Ive tired too kil myself soo many times.. im 13 and life sucks for one gets me.. i stop cutting btui i cant its too hard no one gets thats its an addicction.. i cnt stop...i havent dicided when too kill myself but i no its soon.. i cant take this n e more its crazy ppl think i do this for attention seriously y would n e one want attention? i dont fuck its stupid... i have friends yeah.. i have a loving family yeah... no one else i got at least 4 friends that really care.. and y family doesnt even talk too me. they all hate me becuase uim suicidal and i got a lot of pircing. so my point is.. ill probly O.D on pk's..(pain kills) with booze or.. ill hang myself...
14 Dec 2004 REDDEATH I'm 17
through out my entirer school life I was bullied getting chaced every where constantly coming home with black eyes and ect I never had any chance I was called names and scared to go to school. about 3 years ago i met a girl called rebca franklin she seemed like a nice girl but infact she had run away from home and decided to bring all her problems with I was gettin called by the police stop in streets by police no end. In the last 5 years I have had 9 girl friends that have all treated like S***.
here are the main ones
2)Emma She was my first love she has my kid and wont let me see him he's now 2. she cheated on me with my best friend of the time and made my life hell
3)Laura she was strange I went out with her and she dumped me and told me the only reason she went out with me was to learn how to snog, she then went out with one of my friends and cheated on him.
7)Kay she decided to have me done for rape after we had sex. I asked several times that she was sure she wanted to do it and every time she said yes, so go figure.
8)this one caused alot of trouble she was telling me so many lies, she said she had a kid that had died, she said she was one of triplets and she and her other trips got kid naped and the kid napers killed her brother trip ect.
I have had alot of people die around me recently it horrible and no one understands why im sad all the time.
hey to all thos that are thinkin about killin your self all i can say is i dont have the heart to hurt friends and family, I understand the pain that you are going through and wish i could help but at the mo im not a good person to talk you out of it cos im thinkin about it my self there is alot more that has happened than what is here i just didnt want to make it tooo long.
I have gone to attempt or have attempted suiced 14 times and have been pulled of bridges and needles with cocktails in taken of me. We all need a place where all of us can go and live in a nice big suiced comunity where its pain less.
plz feel free to email me, if you would like to talk to me on msn then send me an email and i'll add you to another address of mine.
14 Dec 2004 louise slit your rist or hang yourself.
13 Dec 2004 Discerned one I am now presenting the BEST solution ever has been on this forum.
All the other posts are weak, self-centered, emotional thus completely useless.

Yourself is your greatest enemy.
You say that the world is shit, a hell to live in? NO.
The world exists just as you perceive it. There are no good or evil things in life. NOTHING can be good or bad. Only you making things GOOD or BAD.
Why would life be BAD ? Because and only because you see it form the wrong aspect.

Emotions make us weak and thereby suffer. Our ego destroys and we become loathsome unto ourselves. What can we do ? FIGHT ! But not fighting against the BAD things but against OUR ego. All and yes all your emotions are created by yourself and not by your alleged circumstances. You are struggling and you lose, become weak, small. What made you to feel that weakness ? The circumstances ? The people around you ? The world ?
NO NO and NO. It was yourself who made that weakness.

Therefore my conclusion is you lame, depressed suffering idiots that you overcome yourselves and KILL yes KILL all your emotions.


I am well aware that is not an easy nor short procedure.

Overcome thyself and thou shalt overcome everything.
13 Dec 2004 Sky ask for a Molly Dolly for ur 12th birthday. When u open it on ur birthday, say u dont want it and throw it back at ur perants. They will kick u on the streets and u will live life as a bum, selling fake rubber chickens for 12p. Finnaly after many days of pain and agony, u become the president of USA and deside to push that "Red Button" we all hear about on his desk. A man comes out and shoots a picture on the wall, which falls off, which hits the floor and bounces off and gets u in the eye. Then u run out the door and a terrorist shoots u in the knee cap, which makes u fall over and choke on ur fingers which get stucj in ur mouth.....the end :
13 Dec 2004 Final Destiny It is irelivant what has happened in your life to cause such depression for it is only a state of mind. You can be happy just as easy as you can be depressed. To let the actions of others (no matter the relation) govern your thoughts is weak minded no matter the circumstance. I can already snece the 1/2 of you thinking "hey FU buddy u just dont know" well heres the thing, I just dont care, and for the most part nor does anyone else. If you want to plauge your mind with gloomy thoughts than so be it, if you choose to self mutilate than more power to you, after all it's what you want. The average psycologist will try to get you to focus on text book virtues, and will claim they know whats best for you. I can tell you now if you can't make up your own mind, and get past your suicidal obsessions your life will be, and will always remain void untill you get past it in your own way, or die. There is no hanging on the fence with this. No matter your case there are 3 options. Kill yourself, obsess untill you die otherwise, or get past this disease and concentrate on making better for yourself and/or others.

As for the site creator here, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to appeal to the minds of children, your actions should get you arrested, if it were up to me I would have you hung. You deserve even less.

If any of you out there want to have reasonable conversation you can reach me at anything cocky or foul will simply be blocked.
13 Dec 2004 Lauren I dont know the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13. Im sure there are many ways regardless of age, but I wonder why, with all the thoughts here, there is no real way to die. Most people are here to tell an unfortunate story, or to advise people one way or the other. All Im looking for is a simple recipe. Im not 13, Im 20, but I know that feeling of desperation, knowing that life cant seem to get better, and when it does, its really nothing more than luck. See, I cant wait for those lucky days to pass through. Anti-depressants dont work, neither does therapy or drugs or alcohol. Nothing can seem to get me out of this who knows, maybe I will be in some freak acident, or better yet, Ill die in my sleep. I dont know, does it make any difference that strangers are reading what I write? Is someone going to recognize me and come flying to my rescue? Bad question, I know, maybe Im just digressing with nowhere to go. If I do find a way to kill yourself when your under the age of 13, Ill be sure to let you know. Until then, happy hunting.
13 Dec 2004 You Have No Friends Because You Suck A deep red is illuminated by the eerie blue glow of a light far into the absence of negative space. Falling into old habits, the dreamer is screwing the finger into the temple. Never was always so blank with deception. A Technicolor spotlight shines on the skin of the tan- line. Broken into two equally undeserving portions of one failed memory, the tears fall, staining the translucent skylight. A spiral overcomes equilibrium, stealing the show and breaking concentration. Existence is now no more than a windmill of shortcomings and shattered thought. Falling towards the open arms of no one, tearing down the walls with unbearable laughter. This time will be different. This will end the tragic tale of the unloved poet, the mislead dreamer, the thought of a life worth living.

12 Dec 2004 Angela Blah, I know.. All of you may think "no one understands me" or "no one can help me". I've been through it all, everything. You name it, it's happened to me. I know every feeling of hate and pain, and every feeling of joy and hope. I am not a very religious person, and I have learned to love who I am.. I want everyone to know that I am willing to talk to anyone who needs me! I may just be a person to talk to because you're bored... or I may save your life.. If you need someone to talk to, please.. talk to me. I can answer your questions and help you to sort through your feelings.. I know the feelings, you tend to feel confused and lost.. it's hard! I know that it's hard.. and I'm here to help.. Please.. email me, or even message me on AIM.. I'd love to talk to you ^ ^ my AIM screen name is KinkyTacos =P hehe, my email is Please email me or message me.. I'd love to hear your problems!
12 Dec 2004 louise Dont!!! Life is so special.. you are not alone...honestly I have felt this way for years....It is so special and so are you...think about your family and friends, think about yourself even if you donnt have friends...honestly I have been there...
12 Dec 2004 depressed and very suicidal I have been depressed for a long number of years. I want to kill my self by laying in front of the train tracks so my head will be decapitated. I choose this method because it is quick and effective. Life is shit and it will never get better. Once one problem goes another one comes to take it place. Suicide will solve all your problems forever. The one thing about killing myself in front of a train is I always seem to move away at the last minute so the train misses me. It's happened to me a number of times. Please Email me and give me some advice on how not to be scared so I can finally kill my self. My email is Please don't tell me not to commit suicide as i have already made my decision, the right decision. Do you know how I fucking hate waking up each day and saying not another fucking day. Please help me end my misery.
12 Dec 2004 still alive i have also contemplated dying. not really any "good" reason when you look at my life. i have never had any childhood tragedies. even as an adult, my life seems close to perfect. But, i thing about dying regularly. I am depressed but don't know why. I cry a lot and hate to be alone for long periods of time because when i am, i inevitably think of how to kill myself. i have thought of taking all the pills i can find or running my car head on into some immovable object, but whatever i do i want to be sure that i won't wake up from it. i don't want to have brain damage or have to live down the shame of an "attempted" suicide that failed. if i ever get the nerve to do something i want it to work without too much pain or mess. i will say that i have searched the net for ways to die when i am at my lowest point (which is how i came across this one) and when you read something funny like something sarcastic about how to die it actually takes the edge off somehow. i know that for some people a site like this may be the catalyst to actually commit the act, but for me it has saved me more than once.
12 Dec 2004 Fallen Angel dear samaritan
I am 21 yrs old. I dont need advice, i dont want it. i just need someone to listen. i have been married for 2 yrs now...and 4 days ago my husband left me, he told his parents to tell me he'd be back on tuesday to tell me if he wanted to work things out or leave me for good. if this were the only pain i couldve coped. but its not, my mother in law called to tell me that its all my fault, that every problem in my marriage is my fault. my father in law told me i was selfish for asking if my husband was leaving me. they said i need to give him space. if i go away forever it'll give him all the space he wants. i love this man more than my own life. but the pain is too much. i'm abuse victim as well...i was raped at 4yrs old till i was 10, at 8yrs old i was molested by another guy. at 16 a boy at school tried to rape me and at 17 i was date raped. no one understand the demons i'm fighting. no one understands why i'm so angry...they all want me to change. so i wear a mask, i hide from world as long as i can...until someone beats me down again...then i pick myself up and i put on my mask again and i keep going...i keep hiding and i keep fighting. i'm too tired to fight the darkness anymore. i dont want to. i dont need advice i've heard it all and i've even given it. I just need somene to listen....everyone tells me its all my fault...i ruined my life...but i didnt ask for this happen..i didnt ask for the demons ... i didnt ask for the darkness. i didnt ask for him to leave me, i didnt ask for them to hate me. i'm tired of pretending i've been pretending my whole life. i dont want to do it anymore. to anyone who reads this...i just need someone to listen. but there is noone to listen...
12 Dec 2004 Corey I've had my stomach pumped 8 times from ttrying to kill myself, until one day my friend invited me to church and I was saved! I think every person will not x-periance what i did by leaving the person i was and becoming a christian, but it's possible. Im just asking one of these days when you have a hard time when you feel like taking pills or picken up that knife that you want to slit your wrist with..Just go to a church, sit in the back, dont even listen to anything, try to act and look mean, i promise somebody in that whole church oneway or another will change your life. I would not be here today if it wasn't for my friend that i tried to Kill by posioning him! He still offered to take me to church and I think after all that i have one of the best testamonies ever and this is why im here to make people feel like there is a reason in there life! And there is to Praise and Worship the Lord. And if something good happends like im telling you about trust me! You'll thank god that Your here today! I know where everyone of you have been. try to be where Im at!
12 Dec 2004   ask yourself one question?

what have eye ever done positive with my life and am i going to let these obsticals get me so down i am going to kill myself rather than do what i can to overcome these problems and dedicate the rest of my life and what i can control in it to bettering the lives of others in a similar situation as myself?
if you answered either yes or no there is nothing i can do for you but i can recomend one thing. if you are visiting this site as much as me you obviously have serious problems and would be better off killing yourself either which way. look at the bright side you will die adventually any way.
12 Dec 2004 Garry If the world currency were Hugs...we'd all be wealthy...

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