Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Dec 2004 Alice Hey Iv been wanting kill my self for many years now and i keep trying. my dad keeps hitting me beating me when he lived with me and he even rapped me. i moved to cornwall few years ago and left all my friends and iv like lost contact witht hem all and this year in march my best friend died of brain tummor. and last year my parents getting devorced becuse of me finidng some pictures and showing my mum/telling her. He then sexually abused my mumw hich my fault coz i decided not to go on holiday with them and if i did go mm wouldnt of got abused coz of i owuld been in the pool with her and down the beach etc etc. and well my family well what is a family thats 1 thing iv never had. my mum is the closet thing i got to me my dad well he dont give to hoots about me. he just treats me like im not there and well y bro he treats h im like billion quid. and now he my dad got new family girlfriend and 3 sons. when ever i see them i sit there and cry wishing why couldnt i of had my own dad flesh and blood treat me like that. and have family time. and able to go to him if i need help if my mum ant there but know he always to busy to pay me any attention in my life. i rowend this family it was nice family b4 i came along but i rowend it. i rowen everything i rowedn the family i rowend my mums and dads marridge. no1 likes me coz im ugly. and i always get beaten up where i sometimes got go hospital coz they just dont like me coz im ugly and i dont origonily come from cornwall. and in sussex i used get beaten up coz they didnt like me as they thought i was ugly. iv tried plenty times kill my self but the hospital always bring me back to life. i just want to die so i dont rowen any more people lifes and marridges and i dont want get beaten up any more. im fed up with it. i never go out. i cant make anything of my life as the school students always bullied me and beaten me up in school the teachers bullied me so i never went. and i never got any GCSEs so ic ant get a job make ne hting of my self. and my mums moveing away and with her disability her doctor in hospital said im not aloud go live with her up in lincs. and my dad well when she moves im chucked out on the streets with no1 with no where to go. all on my own. my life not getting any better which i thought it might. its just getting worse. y cant i just go asleep tonight and never wake up and carry on dreaming my dreams of nice happy family sitting by the fire all together watching nice film all cuddeld up. and there no fighting in it and every1 are friends with every1.
02 Dec 2004 Religious Maggie Do you know, I have 2 pairs of lips. Only women have 2 pairs. I suppose with all the talking we do we have to have two. I end up on my back a lot you know my darlings. It happens when the weather is wet outside, and I fall over. I'm a little frail I must admit. My boobs sort of squash against the wet pavement, which I admit is a little exciting.
Oooh it's Advent now isn't it! I have 25 days of poosy stuffing to do. You would love to know what happens at christmas my darlings wouldn't you?
02 Dec 2004 Cathy I don't know what the best way to kill yourself is. I am in my mid 20's and have been married more times than I would like to admit. I have two children and a husband, but I am not happy. I want so much to die. I feel like everyone would be happy if I was no longer here. I have no will to live. Me and my husband have fighting more and more lately and I feel it's all my fault. I want to die so badly but I am scared. I am not happy in my marriage things really suck. My carreer sucks and I just wish I didn't exsist. I don't know what to do. All I know is that every day and every night I desire to die. I have absolutely no will to live. I want to say help but then again I don't.
02 Dec 2004 Man Is the Bastard Did I hit a nerve?

To put it simply. Unborn souls should be left alone. If someone doesn't agree with this then I would be very interested to know the reasons. All parents sit upon a throne of self-righteousness and play god while another victim is born into their game. If someone out there disagrees with me I would enjoy hearing why. Unwanted babies should not be given up for adoption but aborted. If people want to help the babies who were given up by their parents instead of aborted then they must foster the environment where a child's growth flourishes because they have no parents and not in spite of it.
Does anyone else have an alternative plan?

I'd also like to know what the best place to kill myself would be?
02 Dec 2004 rosie hi my name is rosi and im 14. all you guys out there who are talking about suicuide it is seriously not worth it. i no at this time you are probably feeling like there is no hope and why do i bother living cause there's nothing to live for. well that is so not true!!!!!! i have actually been through a hard patch in my life where i was very troubled and lost my marbles abit all from my next door neighbour, he raped me. at the time i was only 6 yrs old so i did not know any better and just played along with it. now when i think back to it it sickens me. at this time for a few years i kept having flash backs to the time and it haunted me. but in time i moved on and stop dewelling on it and realised that i needed to start living life and stop dwelling on the past cause it was getting me no where. and at the time man i thought there was not hope wat so eva but there it life will get better for you, i promise you,, you just need to be strong and you will get hrough this and have a bit of faith in yourself and start thinking on the positive side of life. gouys life is so short so plz get out there and live. i have really comne out of my shell but still ahve a few insecurities about myself but i will work through those. its only a matter of time. remember it will really effect your family and friends for they love you dearly , even though it may not seem it but familys have an unconditional love for each other that nuthin cant change. it is really not worth it. you are all gorgous people and you keep reminding yourself of that. dont let life get you down stnd on top of it. live life to the fullest for you neva no when its ur time. plz take this in account guys .
02 Dec 2004 A.K.B Yeah im 13 going on 14. this is all i can say. it gives the best discripton of me.Well Im not a scientist on all of this but i have tried a couple of times. so far nothing works. ButI just took all the pills i could find in the house. I did it because well i just plainly hate my life. Fuckin every thing i hate i hate me, my family, just fuckin everything. They don't give a shit about me and anyone who says that my family does care. Well they are just fuckin idiots. They don't know my family and this says a hell alot about me. But It is a great feeling taking every pill you can find.It makes you light headed and it feels like all the world is spinnig. and when i close my eyes its like a dream come true. it feels like all you ever new has just ended and the world you deserve has just opened up to you. Well i think thats all im going to be able to type. good luck with your peoples suicide.and please wish me luck?!
02 Dec 2004 clitty clit clit clit Man is the Bastard,

Congratulations!!!!! On being on my top 5 list of "World's Most Miserable People"!!!! You are a fucking idiot. Having children isn't a sin against nature, YOU are a sin against nature. I can't believe that any loser could be so stupid, but oh well, you're the one who's going to suffer most. You're the one whos life sucks ass. The world is better off without YOU. I feel sorry for the pussy you came out of you stupid piece of shit. So you think having kids is selfish because souls should rest eh? What the fuck kind of philosophy is that? The only selfish thing would be if I saw you and didn't punch you in the face and then rip your balls off and throw them in the sewer. I hope someone throws shit in your face.
02 Dec 2004 Ashie I tried to kill myself twice. As you can guess, it didn't work. I'm only twelve and each day I want to kill myself. Last time, I thought I was going to die. I wanted to die knowing that I was loved by my friends and family. I wrote a note and left it under my pillow thinking that I would wake up dead in my eternity of nothing. It would've been better without me anyways, the only thing I caused was grief. Even if I made a struggle, I'd still fail cause I deserve to drown in my and everyone elses misery. I woke up the next morning, happy to be alive. I wanted to be by my friends and family forever. I wanted to change. LOVE IS A LIE. I tried so hard to be happy, and they, actually one of my friends, someone who I thought was my best friend keeps telling me I'm depressed and that I'm faking the happiness. She thinks that she knows everything and that my pain is the same she went through. Could she ever be so wrong. I just want to be happy until I leave. If I ever act the littlest bit depressed, all my friends are on my back. They betrayed me, they told thier parents. My parents know and they think that it was in the past. I lied to them, I lied to my friends and I lied to myself. I don't deserve life, I don't deserve the perfect life I was given a chance at. I deserve worse hell then the one I'm living. My friends, they say I apologize to much, but I could never be sorry enough. Eveything I do, I regret. I'm never good enough for myself. Everything was going to be perfect but I had to mess it up. I'm worthless. I'm a failure. I try to make friends but I become friends with a person who my other friends hate for no apparent reason. It's just a sign that I'm not meant to have any friends. I still don't know why people can't give others second chances. I must be stupid cause I don't understand. You need to walk in their shoes before you judge them. You only hate the people you don't know. My most important values ever is that you never judge someone. I've been judged, I have been called mental by many people. I'm so misunderstood. I'm so messed up. I just don't want to live any more. is no god, there is no heaven or hell. It's just nothing. That must be better then this. I'm so undeserving of the great friends I have. I never did anything right. I know some people would care if I died. I know I would ruin lives of people I love. But since they "love" me so much, why can't they just let me slip away? I already ruined enough lives, I'm a failure as a friend, daughter and sister. I don't want to keep living with these regrets, my failed dreams. The more I try to save myself the worse I become. I wade in my own misery. And to all the people who think they no me so well, I wish they did know the true me, I can't hide forever. I just want to die so much now, no matter the consequences. I plan on tieing a plastic bag on my head and jumping off my bridge. Ifthe impact doesn't kill me, suffication or drowning in the ice cold water will. Now listen to all that self-pity up there, I'm such a pathetic moron. The sooner I'm dead, the sooner everything will get. I just wanted to help everybody. Why did they have to treat me like this?

It hurts to have people love you, I'd be gone already if it wasn't for that. Things...would be better if I was hated. It just hurts so much. I can't take it anymore, I want to take all my pain away. If there is life after death, I deserve to suffer. I just want to die. Wish me luck on my next attempt.
02 Dec 2004 Piroko New, from the ACME Toy Company, it's The Acme 2000 Suicide Kit!!

You'll have all the equipment you need to:
-Hang yourself!
-Shoot yourself!
-Poison yourself!
-Slit your wrists...
And much, MUCH more!!

New, with every Suicide Kit, THREE ways to suffocate yourself!!

Only $19.95 if you phone now!!

That number is: (800)188-4333

You must be eighteen to order. Call today!!


Sorry, no checks or C.O.D.s
01 Dec 2004 Flamer Smelly_coont do I smell envy? Who the fuck are you? Do you know me? Of course you don't fucking know me. Have I ever seen you before? never. Do I even care about you? FUCK NO! So listen before you start confusing me with some fuck that tries to undermine my name, hear this. You are a fucking moron! Yeah that last post was me, not one of my best because it was so short, but I didn't have much to say. Now I feel like I got a lot to say to you're fucking retard ass and the sickest individual to post on this site(who I'm now calling Religious_Martin).

Okay Smelly I want to ask you a serious question. How long have you been living with you're parents since you turned 30? Its Mother Fuckers like you that come to places like this and find the dumbest thing to bitch at. Is that all you have time for? Do you get your mommy to change your sheets whenever you have a wet dream? You are saddest judge of people I've ever seen.

Religious_Maggie/Martin You seriously have nothing better to do do you? The best thing you can think of is to come talk about fucking communion bread? Its not even sick its just sad. You know the internet is full of people like you who just want to talk about the most disgusting and far-off-topic shit. I gotta tell you though that you only serve in making yourself look completely foolish. A word of advice is to stop molesting the alter boys, get a couple of hot chicks, move out of you Mom's house, and get a life. You know seriously dude you suck balls big time. And Congratulations you have both been flamed by Flamer!
01 Dec 2004 Gabriel Well guys best way to commit suicide is by moving out of your parents' house and begin realizing you're having to pay bills now and then just go down to H&R block and hold the people hostage. Then stick your head into the fax machine and let it send you to some far-away country to whereas the people receiving it will be disappointed without their money and will immediately kill you. (More than likely with stabbing objects.) Enjoy traveling the world on your journey to death kiddies. Maybe you'll end up at the North Pole and Santa will let Rudolph fuck you in the ass or something.
01 Dec 2004 Man Is the Bastard OK!OK! Gunshot definitely! But what if you can't get the right gun or any gun? Then drowning and jumping. I had been looking at the pictures of all the gunshot suicide survivors and got my serious doubts. And it's true that drowning is a more certain death if you can stay down! So, that's why I chose it. However, I just read a few studies and the highest success rate for gunshot suicides was a whopping 92% and the lowest was still 85%. Take into account that some of these failures had to be with 22's and some of the people were really fucked up and that's why they missed. That's getting to be a damn small margin of error for "genuine accidents." You have to remember to do the research! Because the statistic of gunshot suicide failures for "impulse suicides" was included in the report. We're getting pretty damn close to that 100%! Now, of course this is not a 100% for drowning. But that's only if you stay down for at least twenty minutes. Drowning is sounding less and less certain the more I think about it. Also, gunshot suicides do have one extreme advantage over drowning. You can choose virtually any location you want! Most importantly, no pansy fucking bullshit about waiting until summer! But hey, it was true! Now for the fun stuff. What would be the best place to kill yourself?
01 Dec 2004 no hands hahahhahhah!!!
Crazy Charlie that was a brilliant post, good work. take it to the shop, my friend.
01 Dec 2004 David I always thought that alcohol posion would be a good way. But I'm not sure. I've been thinking about suicide lately, and strangely it makes me feel better, but theres no coming back from death. I always invisioned myself overdosing when I turned 21. I 20 yrs old right now, so I'm thinking about death all the time. I guess I should just stop whinning and deal with it. "Hey! Thats no way for I suicidal person to talk!" I have no friend and I just go to work and come home and watch TV. Fun Fun Fun!
01 Dec 2004 Kt I need some help. My best friend is trying to commit suicide and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid that if I tell a counselor that she will commit suicide. What should I do? I'm so afraid!
01 Dec 2004 Piroko Hello, all. I have a deeply important question to ask.

A) Lucy, I am an A cup. My greatest hope is to be a B. Though your boobs have died in a horribly tragic manner, perhaps they were Organ and Tissue donors? That way they could do the world good for many long years after they have departed to the Great Boobie Heaven. I'd be very happy if you could contact me on your boobies donor status.

2) Hello, all.
01 Dec 2004 i dont want to i need to no how not why not to kill my sellf i want to no how to do it and this site was no fucking help
30 Nov 2004 cat some would say looking at my last entry i was taking this whole page as a joke but i wasnt and getting emails from the host that are stupid doensnt help emotions. i just found out im pregnant to my ex boyfriend who just dumped me for no reason and opening your inbox to find dickhead msg's in there makes me want to come after the cunt who sent them.
30 Nov 2004 Napoleon the IV Verily, my life sucks, no friends, nobody to talk to. But oh WELL ...for too many years i was being depressed about it but now i just simply don't give a damn anymore.
Girls reject me ? Who cares !!
No friends ? Who cares !!!

I care nothing anymore. I got tired of being melancolic for everything.
All I feel now is anger, aggression. I want to kill somebody else rather than myself. But maybe this is only a temporary state and everything will return to normal in days.
So my advice is: Lift some weights then jump out of the window.
Good luck, my brethren.
30 Nov 2004 Ericka Suicide to me is very beautiful. It is like the final release. Depending on how you look at it, it is either the white flag of surrender or you're one last stand; something you'd do even if it was "suicide".
I myself have attempted suicide a number of times. Fortunatly and unfortunatly the most that happened was I was in icu for a week & sent to intensive therapy sessions.
Now I just bide my time, until the perfect moment. To where I can create my last masterpiece, with my body and blood.

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