Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Dec 2004 Deb The best place to kill yourself would be next to the world's biggest ball of twine!
04 Dec 2004 Elise I'm not sure of the BEST way to commit...all i know is that if someone doesn't call me (jason) i'm gonna just scream and go drink some turpintine and bleach, take a shit load of pills, raid my dad's booz stash and then attempt to finish my suicide note for the 5 minutes i'll be concious after that....i hate all my fucking friends(not that i have any anymore) and i hate my mother for being so critical, my father for having a giant stick up his ass and my sister for thinking that i envy her low-idealistic-comformist thing that she calls life. i hate everything about this life and i know that where ever the hell we go after death has gotta be better than where i am....jason says he'll follow me if i do; now how stupid is that? don't ruin your life when it's all perfect just cuz your girlfriend disappears(sp). oh no, your lover is gone, what to do? surprisingly, i'm a very loving girlfriend. and would hate to see him upset, but sometimes i want him to follow me. at least i'd have the only person on this earth that i really and truely love, ya know? i mean, screw my family, they don't know me well enough to know if they like me or even love me and vice versa so FUCK them. it's not my fault they didn't pay attention when i was younger and stupid and would've given them half a chance...but that's all gone. i want out. my therapist can kiss my ass because she can't even tell that i feel like shit every second of my life and the only thing that makes this world even remotely better is knowing that i have someone out there who loves me(jason). i hate that everyone says i'm going to hell cuz i'm bi...who cares? hell would be gumdrops and fricken candied shit compared to this!!! i need to just be alone with a big bottle of pills and take them all slowly and feel them eat away at my stomach and internal organs. if jason were here, or listening, he'd be crying by now, but i don't want that. i just want him to understand that i was afraid to die at one point in my life, i honestly was, but now, things changed, maybe i am inbalenced. whatever it was, things changed, and i am ready to welcome death with open arms. people ask me why i cut. hell, it feels good! it's like you are just one step closer to death each time and the more steps you take, the happier you are. i was reading some of the entries on here and realized i'm not the only one that feels so completely out of it and feels like crying and ranting and screaming all the time; every second something goes wrong, every moment some one says no, there's another thing to add to my list. (my reasons to just get it over with.) if attempting suicide wasn't illegal, i would do it in a heart beat. i do want to die, just not this VERY second. this very second, i need the sensation. the feeling of death. the feeling of something that i want more than any other feeling. the pain, the unconcious thoughts, the shortened breath. i want it. i want everything and nothing all at once and it scares me to think that in 5 seconds, i could still be here. and now that that 5 seconds is up, i wish i could've done it right friends all think i'm bullshitting. i swear, GET A FUCKING CLUE. if you don't believe someone, they'll want to do it more, just to prove it. hey, why do you think i need a therapist, huh? maybe because i'm unstable?!?!? shows how much you know BITCH! if i had to kill myself, i would go to your doorstep with 5 shots of cynide all prepared, shoot 'um, lay down and just dissapear. i could too. you live 3 blocks away, and i have 3 gallons of cynide and bleach in the garage. simple right? but there's still so much i want to expeirience, so much i want to do before. lose my viginity, have a child, get married, fail school for once and have my parents rant for an hour while i just sat back and laughed. something, anything. i just wanna do it all once, cuz i'm gonna die anyways, right? everyone always says "you live once" but you only die once too, (unless you believe in reincarnation, but thats maybe just me) so why not make it something really blow-out fun and fufilling? i mean, you only do it once, and life is boring anyways so why not just bring the whole big waste to a blood-curdling holt? i mean, what's our purpose here anyways? we're born, we live, we die, it sucks. there's nothing here for us, not that there's anything more in death, but there's a chance to start over. just to start new. that's all i want, to start new. i need something to drink, cynide perhaps? i'll ponder that while i wait not-so-patiently for jase to be considerate and call me.......and to think, a year ago, if all this were to come out of my mouth, everyone would've dropped dead in their seats. oh well, it would've done 'em a favor.
04 Dec 2004 A.K.B Hey well, im back and the pills almost worked. I was passed out for a day or two. But then i got sick i was awsome. and hey if think it will work take like a hundred or so. it most likly will work. but thats your say. yo if anyone wants to talk. just add me to you hotmail. and we can chat about shit thats happened in our lives. O and to that one dude i forgot his name just cause some one likes good charlotte. don't mean you got to be a prick.just thaught you should know. and to that nine year old don't fell bad im bitchy and i don't give flying fuck. my sister beats the shit out of me all the time. but that just makes me bitchy'er. you sound like a kick ass person. we should talk some time. my email is if anyone wants to talk.
04 Dec 2004 Paulo Greer I want to commit suicide because my life has gotten to the point where living and going thru a bunch of shit all the time is not worth it. People say that you go thru things to make you stronger and that it makes you stronger.....that is a LIE! I've gone thru so much in my 27 years and the only thing that I've learned is that a fucked up situation is just that...(a FUCKED up situation. I have NOT learned anything. If you are not happy in life you should kill yourself!! What are you supposed to do keep praying and wait for a brighter day...yeah right!! When you have waited for the brighter day for 7 years, you begin to understand that the brighter day is not coming. Don't believe that God will save you either! He sure all hell didn't save the millions of other people that committed suicide!! Where is God when you need him? He's sending his word thru some asshole telling you to pray as usual! I don't need prayer I need action. God talks a good game but works in his own time and not in yours!!!!! I figure if he doesn’t work in my time when I need him what's the fucking point! I prayed and prayed and still nothing. So I'm done with God and praying it has proven time and time again to be useless. So without God I'm lost and helpless right? Right! So if I'm lost and helpless what is the damn point of living. I'm gay, alone, fat, ugly, a liar, unemployed! What more reason do I need to go on. I know that sooner or later I will commit suicide. I don't think that life is for everybody who has it. I read that taking pills won't work...and that is what I planned on using. Does anyone know what pills and how many will work? When I do this I want to do it right. I live alone so no one will fine me for days. If I cant be happy...I want to die. Someone anyone please tell me what pills to take and how many, so I can be prepared when I'm ready to die. Thanks!!
04 Dec 2004 Catalina Or... the way I am doing it now... Starve yourself. And be sure to cut yourself in many place so you get sick from all the open wounds. So this way... you'll die in pain, and happy knowing you made lots of people happy with your painful, slow, death. (At least... that's my situation) (same as other)
04 Dec 2004 Catalina I'd like to know your IM name if you have one. I'd really like to talk to you on AIM or thorugh e-mail. But my answer to the question, which I've tried... go over your best friends house, and when nobody is home, tell your friend you have a suprise and to close her eyes. Bring this person into the kitchen and take out a knife out of the knife block (or just a big knife) and tell her to hold out her hands. Hold the knife in her hands, tell them to open their eyes, and push the knife in your stomach (or anywhere else) with her hands as well. But you'll have to do it fast, when I did it she stopped me when she heard me reaching for the knife.
03 Dec 2004 candice well i dont know i thought about sliting my wrists but i dont here ill introduce me, im candice and im 9 ya im young but hey who gives a shit? i need help im bitchy and want to commit suiside but i dont . my sister is 14 and beets the shit out of me im in grade 4 and lifes such a bitch! my friends are bitches and i want to kill everyone around me so i made a solution (killing myself) but i dont because i have people that love me i think i tell my mom wat my sis does but does she care? no so ya life sucks!!!!!!!!
03 Dec 2004 Dead Man Soak a snickers bar in anti-freeze. It'll taste sweet.
03 Dec 2004 Jadsrea Jam a toothpick under each toenail and play some soccer. You won't die but it would hurt like a motherfucker. The pain will make you want to kill yourself any way possible and you will come up with a shit load of ideas. Hell is only a state of mind. Until next time...
03 Dec 2004 Seymore Butts Go to a Metallica concert, get in the pit, and "accidently" trip yourself so you get trampled to death.
03 Dec 2004 You Have No Friends Because You Suck Thanks for not posting my last writing. That meant a lot to me you fucking prick. At any rate...If you are going to kill yourself at least take out a couple hundred motherfuckers with you... Next time your on an airplane and the stewardess is telling everyone where the emergency exits are, open one. I garantee a good time.

PS. Ryan, Good Charolette and Blink 182 suck nuts and if you like that shit they call music then you should be dead.

And religious maggie....I am god and i dont love you
03 Dec 2004 Ali Hey i know many people will say bad things about my previous post but i am sure some of you will maybe have that voice in your head saying,, why not give it a try or whats the harm in finding out about Islam.. And why soo many people are converting to islam.. check out www muslimconverts dot com aswell.. Im sure there is no harm in this.. certainly less then the pains of killing yourself.. Dont let anyone think you are useless. Everything in life has a purpose.If you look around the world everything has a purpose and everything was created, nothing happened out nothing as that is impossible.. just as a shoe is for the purpose of protecting our feet, a pen has purpose for writing the grass has purpose as a means for food for the animals the birds have wings to enable them to fly and the universe is beautifully crafted out, no man could of made the universe. Man cant even make another life form, so what is our purpose of life? Is making money, being famous and rich and powerful the real purpose of life? Think about it, because thats what alot of people believe but look around the world.. Is this really working out? Most of the world is suffering.Islam has the answer to stop these evil but the evil people who are making our lifes hell are hell bent on trying to stop Islam from spreading because they know it will mean that wealth will be spread more fairly and greed and corruption will end and everyone will be treated as equal. The parents will love each child equally and people will learn to LOVE rather then hate.. But sadly most of us wont witness this because we fail to realise that Islam is the only way and we let the evil comments of people who oppose Islam influence us. Are you really that weak that you cant jugde for yourself? ...
03 Dec 2004 Mr Ali We all need someone to love us, and all..Most ppl here have troubled childhoods..I have had a similar experience and to me turning to our creator was the answer. But i dont blame you lot for being soo depressed. Its the way the society has made people think that money can buy happiness and power and fame. This kind of society only thinks about the rich and powerful but forgets people like you and me. My answer to you is Islam. Yes i know its a lil shocking considering you hear about it on the news in a negative way but since your about to kill yourself why not take a look at this way of life as a Muslim. Who knows it might even help you. Remeber you dont know tell you try, you wont know till you find try to find out by visiting or even better talk to a muslim and ask them about why they believe in what they do and why do they feel soo happy and peaceful.After all have you ever wondered why out of all the religions Islam is always given a bad name? Maybe just maybe it has the answers that the greedy society does not want everyone to know..Dont worry about what people say bad about Islam, after all its your life and you dont need anyone to tell you,find out yourself! You can even mail me and i will be very happy to assist u! at mr_shalwar_kameez at hotmail dot com!
03 Dec 2004 Caz i just want to die..............
03 Dec 2004 Pete I had an aunt and uncle that commited suicide two years apart from one another. You must heed this advice, I too was repeatedly raped, my father died, and my brother was born mentally and physically disabled, all things were in line for me to follow in their footsteps. But I did not. Why you ask? because I realized that my life is worth living! my life is the universe's gift to me. I was endowed with the capacity to do anything. Just think about it, you can think, you can love, you can have sex, you can bring new life in this world! What more can any being ask for. I'm currently 19 and attending university. And i love my life. So before you think of taking your own life, just remmeber, that no matter how dark and desperate your life may seem, and how empty your world appears to be. There is someone out there that loves you, I know it sounds like sentimental crap, but believe me, they do. I am gay and when I came out my mother told me she would never accept it. Comming from and indian family that was the worst thing I could have heard, having my own mother reject me. ONce agian a clear cut oppertunity to take my life, I even had the pills on the counter, but then I remembered my aunt and uncle and the potential they had, and the unadulterated human potential that you and I have. Life is full of wonder, someone will ALWAYS love you. I have amazing friends, but once I did not, I have an amazing life, that i twice contemplated ending, but I now realize what I would miss if I did. Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just find your tunnel and travel through it. It may be dark and full of hatred but always keep your eye on the light

03 Dec 2004 Diehard4me Heres a good way to kill your self.
you'll need some long cable, a real sharp Knife, and some pain killers. find a real tall Building, and step up. 1st tie one end of the cable around something real heavy. next take the pain killers. then cut a hole in your back right above your ass(where your tail bone is). Tie the other end of the cable around your tail bone. then drive off the building head 1st, so you can smack your head all over the side walk. then when you hit the end of the cable it pull off your tailbone. maybe if your luck you will rip you spine out of your ass. so your spine will just be hanging there. is real messly.
03 Dec 2004 Brice Before I can answer your question...I need to know why you at shuch a young age would want to kill youself?
03 Dec 2004 Papaya D'accord, je veux vous dire quelque chose très important. Je veux me tuer, c'est facile. Il y a beacoup de raisons pour cette situation et je ne veux pas les vous expliquer. J'essaierai de me tuer avec le Valium et de l'alcool. Ce n'est pas très difficile et c'est le meilleur parce que on mourit pendant qu'on dort. Pour moi, c'est bon parce que je mourrai pendant que je dors. Je quitterai cette monde dans la paix et je n'aurai jamais un autre moment sur cet enfer vivant qui s'appelle "la terre." Le Monde peut aller se faire foutre.
02 Dec 2004 Sam Fuck it i cant live like this anymore. I just hate my life and i cant go on. However i cant do this to my family brcause my parents are going through some rough stages and all they do is argue. MY mum just wants to leave but i dad is such a bastard and wont let her. This is making life hell for me and my sister. I just cant stand it and wana kill myself. But i dont know how. I just wana dissapear without any one knowing. I wish i was never born. I cant stand school. All it is is mind numbing shit. You go there for no reason so other kids can take the piss and beat you up for not having the best clothes or coolist stuff. I fucking hate it. I just wana escape from this hell. I just feel like getting a knife from the kitchen and slashing my throat or driving it into my heart. This is just the start of it. I get beaten at home and when i try to tell someone to help me then i get it worse but it never gets good enough where my dad will kill me.
Fuck it thats it I cant take it anymore. Can any one help me decide how to kill myself.

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