Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Nov 2004 Peter Perez Well, I really think I will do it. For sure, like a forum said, write that you left somewhere, and just do it. I tried three times killing myself, first was pills, woke up , second drowning in pool, they got me out, and third most devastating, went to a deserted forest, and my camcorder, i recorded 2 hours of me talking of why i have to leave, then i took one bullet and place it in the barrel, a gun my friend let me borrow, and blast it off three times in my head, then i pointed away to the sky, and the bullet came off, blasting off into the sky.
29 Nov 2004   seriously, would people quit going on about god!!! I mean, if he is real he is one cruel fucking cunt, I fucking hate him for what he's done!! According to religious people he had done and created and knows everything that has happened and that will happened. Then EVERYTHING that is going wrong here, every one of these people who lives is fucked, whose father abuses them, HE PLANNED!!!
He is a fucking cruel cunt! Man, why the fuck would anyone praise him? why would any one pray to him??? it's fucking nuts.
29 Nov 2004 beep to the girl who wrote about satan being worse than death.... you are fucking stupid. all religious people are fucking stupid. relgion is more fukcing retarded and escapist than suicide so really you are teh ones who are fucked.
29 Nov 2004 Ericka I suppose something very simple and easy. Perhaps hanging ones self with a pre-made noose. Or just overdoseing.
29 Nov 2004 Jennie Please don't do it. I was raped and abused between the ages of 7 and 10 and I wanteds to kill myself all through my youth until my late teens and even tried a couple of times. And I survived and my life now is better than I ever believed it could be then. You have so much to look forward to. I know it doesn't feel like that now and I know that suicide may seem like the easy way out but you will be cutting yourself off from so many opportunities and so much future. Talk to someone, get help, don't do it. Believe me you don't know whats round the corner.
29 Nov 2004 Annie I have been real depressed lately, and mostly because I lost everything including my home in the flood, Sept. 17, 2004. I have a 18 year old son that I'm having a lot of problems with, a 26 year old that is in rehab for a heroin addiction, and I lost my relationship of 15 years because he said that he couldn't put up with my 18 year old son. So a lot has happened in a short period of time and it has really been hard. I was really feeling sorry for myself because I'm broke, payments due everywhere, no job (right now) and I miss the love of my life; however after reading some of the stories on this site, I really feel very badly for feeling like I could take my own life. GOD, I know that there are times when life can deal you some real crap, and for some mental illness is a real thing (that there is help for) I'm a Criminal Justice student, 46 years old and wish I knew what I wanted to do and I believe it will come, Tough Love is the hardest thing I really need to deal with because my son is very mentally abusive to me, but that's because he's depressed because he doesn't want to get off his ass and do anything, instead he wants me to do it all for him and him just take it in. He says he takes exasty (?) I don't know how to spell it, I know he smokes pot, and drinks and he drags me down, so low sometimes I get to feeling like there is no way out, because I do not have the guts to throw him out (well I do but he won't leave & he threatens me)I hate being alone and I had to make a choice between him and my guy. Well I chose my son and I knew either way I was going to suffer, if I stayed with him I would have felt bad about my son and now I'm paying the price for losing my guy of 15 years. Life is hard and there is no way around it but you know that just by reading some of these sad thoughts and stories you share breaks my heart! I wish I could put my arms around each and everyone of you and tell you that better days are coming. I especially feel so bad about the young lady who's parents have her in a storage room and have 3 other children that they praise and she's left out of it all, Shame on them for treating her that way! My advise to her is to go and start a life of her own, make your own happiness. I need like others to find the answers to my problems, and they are there, we are just not letting them in, here's something to do when you really feel like crap and you think to yourself Why should I continue on this path? First go out and help someone else to talk to, it makes you feel better, 2)Take a walk, breathe the fresh air, 3) go on a website like this one and read the sad stories and think, is my life really that bad? For some of you that are being abused, IT IS, GO GET HELP! Go tell someone, and get the heaven out of there are shelters. they are better than the place where you are being hurt and you know what, those people at shelters have a lot of connections, they do! They can help you. I'm in an abusive situation, I know what hell is too, but you know what, I'm worth it and I'm going to fight because I'm tired of being a victim! I've put up with a lot of shit and I've even screwed my own Mother over (money wise) trying to help my kids (And I'm paying for that guilt wise)BUT I AM DONE, TODAY! So for ALL of YOU who want to end YOUR life because you are tired of the shit, take a stand, take control, and change things in YOUR life! GOD IS REAL,pray for him to open doors for you, and he will but most of all when your really down, GET OUT AND TAKE A WALK!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL, Keep Smiling PLEASE.
28 Nov 2004 I'llDieWithYou ive tried too kill myself so many times butthe times that i was about to do it i relilzed that i could wait one more day... see none of my friends(or are they really my friends sometimes i wonder)non of my friends no this.... i dont talk to ppl about my problems it just makes them worst... see at school they found out i was suicidal and now ther e ganna like take e away or something so im thinking y not kill myself now? so i wont have too go on.... yesterday i was so stoned... and ive never beed that stoned and i was in the real world and then this whole other world and when i got home i tried to kill myself... but them i releized that my friend..*Dina* would kill herself and the*Mr.X* would kill himslef when she died...this isnt funny.. ppl die eveyday of suicde today i might that one...someone help me... i dont feel like living.. but the best way too kill ur self is cry.. take pills..drink alot of booze.. and hang yourself while listnign to music so wne ppl find you they will see that u were listnign to music...but still... i have a queation for eveyone would u leave a suicde note?
28 Nov 2004 bar@shka All of you out there, I had a girl in my class who's life went really bad in her 12-15 years of age, she suffered so much, each break-time i saw her run to the bathoom where she would sit, cry, listen to her suicide songs and slit her wrists. She had depression for about 3 years..eventually she didnt pull through, she thought no-one loved her, got in trouble at school, parents didnt care, she thought of herself as a looser and a loner in school because everyone was better than her and she stood out (negatively) One night i called her because our science teacher told me to ask her about this project we had to do, i picked up the phone and dialed her number.. there was no answer but then she picked up, she was crying and suddenly i heard a gunshot, and then i asumed she killed herself, i shouted in the phone and she mumbled 'goodbye' and then it sounded like the she dropped the phone and it fell to the ground. There was nothing i can do, the next day the whole school was in shock, they cried for 3 months over her, it was so sad. The people from my class were telling me how they loved her and that they were just about to goto her and make friends, her mother said she had bad days and financial problems which was the reason why she was busy, not because she didn't love her, the trouble in school was just to help her with her study, they had to be a little rough to get it to her head that she needs to try hard to get to success. But unfortunatly it was too late, if only she talked to someone! As soon as she died everything went to good for her.. If only she waited for one more day before making the biggest mistake, maybe things would change. One more fucking day, if only she waited. Dont let that happen to you, you will regret it. Dont give up and kill yourself or else satan wins. Its better to be free in pain than be trapped in bondage of satan + in pain. But you cant do anything about that pain with satan, But you CAN do something about pain in life, everyone goes through it, just some people more than others, life will go better. Dont worry about it AND DONT KILL YOURSELF will regret it! life might be a bitch and might suck, but its better than hell. I can tell you that. Why the fuck do u wana kill urself, hell is a WORSE PLACE. If only The creatures in hell killed themselvs to get into life..Now if it were like that.. It would be acceptable.. But why go From Life to an ever worse place..? COS U THINK HELL IS LESS PAINFUL THAN LIFE? WTF.. IDIOT.. ITS NOT! U WILL SUFFER EVEN MORE! But listen to this, if u live your life and be strong, and don't try to kill itself.. u beat Satan. He wants as many people dead. Fight that moron. Damn him to hell, man.
28 Nov 2004 bar@shka everything in my life seems to go wrong, im getting Fs on all of my exams, my mom recently found out that I smoke and got crazy, well damn that bitch to hell, I hate her! though deep inside I love her :( a week ago I dumped my boyfriend, he was flirting with my best friend when he was still with me, now I badly want him back, but I cant make him go out, to be out on the streets, to at least bump into him accidentally or something, I never had any 'real' friends, because I always betrayed their trust, I don't know why!! its like I cant control it! I cry all the time about my bf, I was so upset that I carved him name in my wrist, I hope it scars so he will be 'with me in my heart' forever, but that hurts real bad. I cant stop and think even for a second and wear a fake smile to at least please some people around me! but all I want to do is cry, I have a song which I play whenever im suicidal and depressed, it keeps me going and at the same time it makes me cry, I have to admit that sadness may feel good, its just something inside which doesn't have to hurt.. you get Goosebumps and tingles. I really want to die but im not strong enough to do it, because every time I think 'what will be tomorrow, if tomorrow gets better. and ill be missing out on so many things' and that keeps me living pain , and I don't know what to do, I really am stuck between 2 worlds!
28 Nov 2004 exclusive hey everyone....
i've written here before, but i won't put my name.
stupid things...
I don't know, i am so much different now than i was before. in some ways i am reasonably smart, but in other ways i am so fucking stupid it's not funny. so many things are my fault. i have fucked up, and i could have made a difference.
man, i look back at my life and i just shake my head at how fucking stupid i have been! i could have done shit so much fucking better! things could have been so different now... but it doesn't matter because i'm okay... i'm am, she's not. she's dead. and i could have made it better.
my advice is to everyone, find someone that you can trust. someone who will trust you back and build a shelter with them. it can make such a difference if you love someone.
but words are easier than reality. it's harder to change things for the better in real life than it is to tell someone to change. i know that. so does everyone here. but that doesn't mean it's impossible. get on prozac and start changing your life.
prozac and ritalin. that's my life. but it's such a fucking good life now, i can barely express how much shit has changed.
but yeah... i know that shit is bad for you. it's worse than just fucking bad, i honestly do know that. i wish i could help someone here but no one really wants to talk to anyone else. this sight is just something to do, some way to waste you time. or perhaps i am just anti-social. nah, fuck that, i'm not. i am realisitic.
i honestly am, i can see the world clearly, i know why people here are fucked up. do you know why? it's basic human nature. before we evolved speach we had to greedy creatures, we literally had to be to survive. we had to be calluse and cruel and think only of ourselves because everyone had to look after themselves. and that basic nature hasn't changed after we evolved speach and gunpowder and mobile phones or fucking whatever. but are basically a fucked species. the people who are here are the unlucky product of our basic nature. we are the scum.
but don't get me wrong, i'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. i think everyone is the scum to some extent. no one has a perfect life, and if they do it's only because they are so blind and stupid to realize that shit is fucked. i mean, the entire world is fucked. look at america. jezus, they are the most powerful nation in the world and yet their leader can barely pronounce his own name. that's reality. and it's not going to get any better.
but like i say, it doesn't matter. that is something that you have to realize. there's no point blaming yourself or dwellng on the little things, because when it come down to it we don't matter. each of us is going to do. mouchette is going to die eventually and this sight will disappear. presidents will change, shit will change all the time. who give a FUCK what the fuck you do or don't do??!! just do what you want, becuase at the end of the day it makes no difference. those of us who live or die or go on to become millionaires our lives will all end the same way. we all fucking die and NO ONE is going to remember us when we are gone. i mean can you remember your grandfather? do you know the details of his life? fuck no you don't. and even if you did, do you care? no. he is forgotten, just like the billions of other people who live and died in this world. so my point is, don't get hung up on little shit beucase that shit doesn't matter. it really doesn't.
anyway, that's enough from me.
take care.
sit down and think how you want your life to be and then get on prozac and ritalin and make it like that. it's so fucking easy.
28 Nov 2004 crackjack You deserve to be beaten with a stick mouchette for being so lame, I can't believe you put that in your favourites.
By the way, to Will Snow, you go girl (?) Have a ball, you sound like you are getting all the LOVING you could ever want! Don't waste time in your room, get amoungst it! Enjoy it, how many times do we live?
28 Nov 2004 crackjack Oh my god, that one you put in your favourite by Brett was so GAY!!!!
27 Nov 2004 Ovidio E. Aldana Break the bathroom mirror, take the sharpest piece of glass. Cut into your internal organs. Pull out your long-intestines and hang yourself in the attic. Before you attempt to do this, make sure you know that there are dangers to this. You can die. This is especially designed for children over 8 years of age. Happy death!
27 Nov 2004 annie by takeing your video game cd an sliceing your wrist with it
27 Nov 2004 Che Johnson the best way to kill yourself is to either shoot yourself in the heart of or drink gasoline.
27 Nov 2004 Religious Maggie Do you know my darlings, my bra burst in Sainsburys. I had to take it off, (in the ladies of course). But I didnt have a spare so I had to go shopping and to church braless!! I only possess one bra. It uplifts my droopy boobs you see. Its the nipples that are the problem. They go sooo stiff when touched. They poke out. And if they get excited they are even bigger you know. I need someone to fondle them and massage them. Perhaps someone here would be so kind, or perhaps God might like to try. Hang on, they say that God created us in his own image. Well, does that mean that God has boobs as well as a penis and a poosy? If I had one, I could have sex all the time my darlings. It would probably hurt though in bending it around. I suppose I could chop it off. I shouldnt be questioning God should I?
Oh well, extra pokies on the altar!
27 Nov 2004 KT I can't answer that... There's no easy answer. I'm 23, I'm engaged, but I have no money. I'm working 11 hours a night, overnight, 5 nights a week, trying to make ends meet. My parents racked up so many bills on credit cards that had my name on them, I don't know if I'll ever get out from under them all.

I'm overdrawn at my bank, because my job misplaced my check this week, and I had to buy gas for my car. My bank's charging me draft fees for being overdrawn. And one of my credit cards wants $550 by the tenth of next month.

I've hated the concept of money since I was 12 or so. "Money" is meaningless. It's a little piece of paper that doesn't represent anything, anymore. People value money more than other peoples' lives, and money, by itself, has no value at all. That's always said something to me about how much some people value others' lives...

I found this site because I'm upset, and have been looking at the blades hanging on my wall from time to time. I don't particularly *want* to commit suicide, but it's so tempting, sometimes... I'm tired of trying so damned hard to get ahead, and never getting anywhere. I'm tired of fighting, and trying, and praying, and only getting shit in return for it all.

What's worst about my situation is that something I hold as so worthless and valueless can have this much impact on my life. I hate my job for letting them have this much control over me. I hate my bank because their actions with my money can make me so upset. Worse, I hate myself for letting myself get so upset over something so worthless. I hate myself for contemplating suicide over money issues, when there are people out there with more legitimate reasons to commit suicide than I have.

My worst problem is over something worthless. That's how I end up feeling as a result.

I'm leaving my e-mail... If anyone wants to just talk, I'm willing to listen... Maybe I'll actually feel like I'm worth something...
27 Nov 2004 Jomie 3 years ago, my 16 year old son hung himself in his bedroom. The last site he visited was THIS ONE. For a lot of you suicide is like a game. The loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen in your life. I'm his mother: how do you think I feel? And what about his father, 2 brothers and sister? Life will never be the same without him. So stop joking about suicide.
27 Nov 2004 Suicidal**Chicky** here are my tips( infact im actually under the age of 13) anyways if u want it slow and horrible my advice is use a very dull razor or a knife, that way you have to keep on thawing at ur skin till you hit a vein, then once you hit a vein keep poking it. if you want a fast and almost pain-less death just find a vein that shows close the surface and jab the knife straight in then take it out and do it again then once you get bored of that jamn it into ur stomache!! HAVE FUN!!
27 Nov 2004 Flamer Alright you fucks its me again. Looky here we got a few people to flame today.

First of all on my list is Religious Maggie. Okay you're a sick fuck and you're not even adding to the discussion so get lost. Oh and I'm pretty sure you're a dude too. An aetheist gay man sex orgy dude.

Next, is Jenn. All I can say is you are a fucking moron.

Suicidal chic. You're 12 come one give yourself at least 8 more years. Come on whats so fucking bad about being 12. oh you're poor. A lot of people are fucking poor but they don't kill themselves do they? How fucking stupid are you?

Lastly, my heart truly goes out to Zack. I've flamed many but I won't flame him. He's really taken a lot from life and I wish I knew him. I really hope things get better for you, I really do.

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