Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Dec 2004 Nicole my name is nicole and before i read all the stories in this site i wanted to kill myself cause i thought my problems were bad but they aren't nearly as bad as some people's on this site. i'll tell you my story.

When i was in grade two i met my half brother we were havin so much fun with him until he ran away and was sent away to a foster home he would come down every weekend but i wouldn't want to talk to him. then when i was in grade six he got a girl pregnant with my neice then she was born near christmas.i'm in grade eight now and my brother just moved bac in with us and he expects me to forgive him for gettin thrown in jail for abusin his girlfriend and abandoning me and my family. Now i'm in this really big fight with my best friend and she like hates me now. so that is why i thought i should kill myself but now i realize that this site is wrong people shouldn't commit suicide they should work out there problems.
22 Dec 2004 maricela ithink you should get something very pretty and sharp and slice your wrist vein with it. it will make your parents or the one responsible for making you want to kill your self feel really bad and maybe if your lucky they'll kill themselves.
22 Dec 2004 Kay, Kay hang yourself in your closet with your dads tie not forgeting to slit your throat as well, one of those two things should kill u, butt if u really wanna make sure its a one shot deal o.d. on n e thing u can find first. u have to take pills on an empty stomach and take a graval about 2 hours b4 to stop ureself from throwing up.
22 Dec 2004 Will Snow ooooh silly thing, i cant read any of it:-(
22 Dec 2004 G. quel intérêt la meilleire forme de suicide ,si en bout de ligne tu crève?
pourquoi donner des outils à un enfant qui pourrait grandir à travers son mal de vivre et qui pourrait par choix offrir son vécu vivant?je ne crois pas qu`il existe de bonnes méthodes pour mourrir,outre,celle qui à ce moment là te sera la plus adéquate!
21 Dec 2004 Sam Paul This is a neat site; I think you are doing an invaluable research project! Suicide is something that's easy to do accidentally and difficult to pull off when you need it most. There’s probably a good genetic reason for that. Suicide is also something that people should talk about openly. We all have our baggage I suppose.

All I can say to someone seriously thinking about suicide is to wait. It’s better to run away and kill yourself slowly with alcohol or something. That way you can have fun and maybe change your mind down the road. Everyone goes through this.

I wrote a book about my experiences flirting with suicide titled “Why I Committed Suicide”. It’s gotten some great reviews and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever had thoughts or removing themselves from existence. This is not a preachy book at all, Why I Committed Suicide is more of a diary outlining the experiences of one man and what drove him to the brink.

Hang in there, it gets better.
21 Dec 2004 suicidal i,ve just downed 60 sleeping piils with vodka, i feel so sleepy. i,m also going to wrap a plastic bag over my head. This is the happiest day of my life cuz i,m gonna die. Death will solve all your problems. Goodbye forever.
21 Dec 2004 CHICOMAN Well scorpion I got one better then you if your trying to top others you don't have it bad at all, you had parents dumbass. let's call him the person who supplied the seed of for my being here left my mother just like similar buttwipes do now, after hearing she was pregnant (strike 1). My mother was killed be a fucking drunk driver when I was 1, wah (stike 2), should i continue. My grandmother raised me and you talk about being poor, try a bread and salt sandwich, Yummy, (Srike 3) and it was not my poor grandmothers fault she did everything she could. Had an aunt and uncle that were well better off that I think would only come over to beat the shit out of me, x-mas presents/ b-day presents what's that. I still wear the scars from there beatings. Father never ever has tried contacting me, my loss , think not. Uncle aunt always tell people they helped me and my grandmother out, full of shit, and all this is going on before my 8th birthday. as adudult injure back neck knee at work and they have pretty much told me to f myself. Everyday I live in a severe world of pain doctors have tried everything not even morphene works. Gee and the thing that sucks most have tried suicide 3 times only to be saved by someone. Hows that for a bitch of a life, jackass. So when your complaints are similar to that of scorpians just laugh turn over to the other side of your pillow and go back to sleep shit can't be that bad
21 Dec 2004 Scorpion You people know nothing of pain. Complaining about some bitch that didn't want you or being bullied in school. I am someone who has been suffering since the day I was born. I was one year old when my parents got divorced. My parents stayed together until I was seven. My father would savagley beat my mom into submission. Im growing up as an overweight, abused and severly depressed 15 year old. My sister was hit by a car and has suffered personality disorders and abused me. A week after her accident my dad shot himself. Several times I have heard of my sister speak of her suicide attemts. You guys don't know what the fuck your talking about. I have a 6 year old bro. Ya wanna know how he was concieved? My father rapped my mom. I wish every day the life would end fast and painless, but I face reality. I would never force my baby bro to live his life with a fucked up sister a father and brother who killed themselves and a mother speaks of it 24/7. You can all take your problems and shove 'em up your ass until you cough em up. I wish half of you knew the true meaning of a painfull life. I'm only 15 fuckin years old. so all of you can either hurry up and get over with and wake up in hell regreting it or think it over and wake up the next day sticking it. Belive me it sucks staying alive every fucking day but I do it. There is no reason you cant. This site makes me sick. Encouraging suicide. live one fucking day in my shoes. GO ON, I DARE YOU!
20 Dec 2004 Will Snow Hey slim shady is back, i mean Will Snow. Im blocked from using this site from the 'other' library. Wish you all a good Christmas anyway. Hope you have a good one. Will xxx
20 Dec 2004 President Bobo of the SSSS agency Lucy Cortina has now been successfully revived and is in full working order. Her boobs are now stable, after going through a process of inflation and deflation. Our team of specialist doctors spent many weeks pumping out the air from her breasts. Once the air was gone they would fill up again and inflate to bursting point. Imagine the scene: Lucy Cortina topless on a hospital bed surrounded by nurses, with enormous breasts the size of 2 large beanbags. In the end we managed to force the air out by strapping her breasts against her chest very tightly with a tight black PVC bra when the air had been pumped out. We believe Lucy Cortina suffers from a breast abnormality that encourages her breasts to fill with air and then release it again, almost as if they are breathing. We have heard rumours that her breasts may actually be alive in themselves, and that her current boobs are actually a new pair of tits that have been reborn, after her previous knockers departed to The Great Boobie Heaven (where they say that boobies fly around and squish against other passing boobies, whilst men observe them).

We have also sewn on some new nipples for Lucy as the caps from the cola bottles that we used as temporary nipples shot off her boobs during a "nurse! theyre about to burst!" episode. It looked like 2 corks flying off enormous barrel shaped wine bottles. It was actually this that enabled us to force the air from her breasts once and for all.

She is still slightly confused and dazed but has been calling out for "my Billy!" quite regularly, sadly we do not know who she means. If anyone can help us, please do let us know.

We shall keep you informed of her progress and hopefully she may even give you a little visit. But don't expect too much, her breasts are still undergoing tests as they still inflate quite a lot sometimes - we think this may be a permanent 'illness' that is only found in very beautiful women.
20 Dec 2004 emmy anyone who is thinking of doing it. please dont. i have a sister and shes suicidal. i love her so much and life would be hell if she went. for god sake, dont encourage her.
20 Dec 2004 emmy i dont understand the purpose of this website. its sick. your encouraging people to kill themselves. you dont know their situation at all and you assume everyone is the same.
19 Dec 2004 Depressed And Very Suicidal I have been depressed for a long number of years. I want to kill my self by laying in front of the train tracks so my head will be decapitated. I choose this method because it is quick and effective. Life is shit and it will never get better. Once one problem goes another one comes to take it place. Suicide will solve all your problems forever. The one thing about killing myself in front of a train is I always seem to move away at the last minute so the train misses me. It's happened to me a number of times. Please Email me and give me some advice on how not to be scared so I can finally kill my self. My email is Please don't tell me not to commit suicide as i have already made my decision, (the right decision). Do you know how I fucking hate waking up each day and saying not another fucking day. Please help me end my misery.
19 Dec 2004 Hayley how awful i feel reading what you all have written! please,please talk to someone! dont let the internet be your only meaningful contact with people! tomorrow is only a day away, yet, death is forever.. i tried to kill myself 6 weeks ago, i planned it really well, but it still didn't work. i felt like a total ass, but now people know i feel and they have supported me. that has made all the difference!! real people, not letters on a computer screen!! please, please talk to someone, when you are the lowest you can be, the only way is up. it may seem impossible and sound like bullshit, but it will happen!!!!!
19 Dec 2004 Lindsey You get into a car that is parked in a garage. You turn the car on, and slowly breathe in and out, until you are gone
19 Dec 2004 My name is Moses I hope you the best in the non-existence form
I can't believe this is the kind of life we were created to. I can never understan what kind of a God, can even facilitate this.
19 Dec 2004 The Warrior Have you ever heard of the fire of life? The flame that burns within my heart, when I'm hopeless. The anger the rises out of my soul, that I will never suppress. I am made of fire, but I intend to turn off, this fire, forever. I've always been the perfect child, the humble son, the trustful friend, and the decent young man. But every one just had to turn against me, huh??? As if I cared about this stupid life, and their pathetic little plans, in the first place. I don't care about God either, so no one should trey to hit me with that Jesus crap either. When I was young, my mental world was full of fantasies, I searched to see those birds that were like a flower petals in the rain, as if that's what life is? No one will ever understand the degree of irrationality that I have to cope with every fucking day. So if anyone has any reason to believe that they can change my mind, the clock of my life is ticking and I hold it's time in my hands, once I get the chance, its P O P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEAD - And I will never stop to.....even in the next existences, I just don't feel worthy to live. I just can't believe I was created to go through this. If this is what life is about then to hell with it.
Holla while you can. Tomorrow, I'm a goner.
19 Dec 2004 Alive Again I am 29 years old. At 4 I was gay-raped by a neighbor. At 8 I was molested by my friend's sister who was in turn being molested by her father. That year my parents divorced. At 14 I was put in foster care. At 17 I "tried" to kill myself after my father told me I was no longer his son. It was a cry for help, for someone to fucking LOVE me and offer a hand, a kind word, anything to prove I mattered. I met a girl and she suffered through hell as I continually broke down and emotionally collapsed. She eventually left me. I attempted for real then. I almost succeeded, but I threw up the sleeping pills and only slept for 4 days. At 24 I found out how to get out of this miserable fucking existance. Death was not the answer. Hallucinagininc mushrooms were. I took them the first time and I experienced the world like I could not have imagined. Everything and everyone was beautiful. Things took on new meaning and beauty. I CARED about things in a new way. About the tenth time, I had a bad trip. I stood in front of a mirror and forced myself to look. I looked and looked and hated. I yelled, I cried, I punched walls, The mushrooms made me see the deamons inside. When I came down I was different. I didn't care about the things that made me sad anymore. I didn't care about the past. This cured me. This made my life better. I left the town I lived in and all my friends for a year of volunteer service. I found out that people WANT to love, if you just love first. Serve people. Make a stranger's life better. I taught a man to read his mail. I watched as he read a letter from his granddaughter for the first time. We cried together. I helped a widow build a ramp so she could get her wheelchair out of her home. She hugged me and called me an angel. Do selfless shit, just to be doing it. Just help people. It was easy. I didn't give a fuck about myself, so all my energy went into helping others. A miricle happened. I GOT BETTER. I came home and got my heart stomped on again by a finacee. So fucking what. I met another girl that I liked better. I married her. I finished school. Now I am in law school and I have a great future ahead of me. The past still haunts me sometimes when I am very tired. I just have to look in a mirror now and then go out and do something to help a stranger and the deamons leave. It can be anything. It can be as simple as picking up some trash at a public place. It can be talking to a homeless man as if he was my best friend. I know it sounds fucking lame, but it works. Death is no answer. There are too many variables. The answer is just kill your fucking deamons. Just GIVE UP. Quit fucking caring what anyone thinks about you and go make someone else happy in a little way. I promise that it will work for you too.
18 Dec 2004 Louise Eat too much

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