Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Dec 2004 Stéphane Jacquemain L'ACCIDENT GRAVE DE VOYAGEURS
(A Song In French)
J’étais debout sur le quai du métropolitain
Pressé comm’ chaque soir de regagner Pantin
Quand un appel retentit, émanant des haut-parleurs
Suite à un accident grave de voyageurs
Trafic interrompu direction Bobigny
Ainsi qu’en direction de Place d’Italie
Aïe aïe aïe ai-je gémi, ça ne me dit rien qui vaille
Quelque désespéré se s’ra jeté sur les rails
Il me faudra patienter, moi qui me sens éreinté
Puis regagner mes pénat’s dans une rame bondée
Et c’est ainsi qu’excédé par une telle misère
Je lance ce vibrant appel humanitaire
Montrez-vous compréhensifs à l’égard des voyageurs
Dépressifs suicidez-vous ailleurs
Je comprends bien vos motifs, compatis à vos douleurs
Mais dépressifs suicidez-vous ailleurs

Les raisons sont abondant’s, j’en ai pleinement conscience
De vouloir en finir avec cette existence
Oui nous devons soutenir, dès le petit matin blême
La vue des SDF exclus par le système
Endurer le voyeurisme et la perversion soft
D’un peuple béat devant le bétail d’un loft
Souffrir sans mot murmurer, dans les cafés, les propos
Des lecteurs de l’Equipe et joueurs de Rapido
Comm’si c’la n’était pas trop, supporter les mélopées
De Pascal Obispo dans les supermarchés
Mais vous faut-il pour autant aller encombrer les rails
Quand le pauvre prolo s’en revient du travail
Montrez-vous compréhensifs à l’égard des voyageurs
Dépressifs suicidez-vous ailleurs
Je comprends bien vos motifs mais vos méthodes m’écoeurent
Dépressifs suicidez-vous ailleurs

Il est bien d’autres moyens, plus civiqu’s et naturels
De faire ses adieux à ce monde cruel
Chanter du Patricia Kaas à un pit-bull enragé
Déclamer du Salman Rushdie à la mosquée
Rôder sans préservatif le soir au Bois de Boulogne
Jouer au petit Grégory dans la Vologne
Ce ne sont que suggestions : imaginez, innovez
Le métro est banal – et quid des usagers
Du technicien de surface maigrement payé par
La Comatec pour ramasser vos restes épars
Et si votre choix est fait, qu’au moins ces vers vous convainquent
De ne point s’il vous plaît opter pour la lign’ 5
Montrez-vous compréhensifs à l’égard des voyageurs
Dépressifs suicidez-vous ailleurs
Je comprends bien vos motifs, mais comprenez mon aigreur
Dépressifs suicidez-vous ailleurs...

© Stéphane Jacquemain, 2003 Tous droits réservés dépôt Snac
26 Dec 2004 sharron shaffer before you kill yourself think....
is there any thing i want to try before i kill myself. once your dead your chance is gone. for instance have you ever tried anal sex, went gay, ran thru the football stadium naked, took a whole day to do nothing but masterbate? think it over. you may find out that you will become as addicted to sex as me and wont be able to kill your self.
26 Dec 2004 sharron shaffer at one time i was planning suicide. but i never could do it. now i have grown old and do the same things over and over. every three days i dye my white hair so i can hopefully find a man and wont die alone. put rollers in my hair every night. and in the morning i get up drink a cup of coffee and go to the library and read books on the love seat hopeing that a nice man will come sit next to me. looking back i am very sorry i didnt kill myself. i just found out i got aids from sleeping with a golf player in PGA. i have decided that i am going to kill myself. and the method i have chosen took much thought. many weeks so i think it is the best way. it may not be suitable for many of you out there but my method is sticking a magnum revolver up to my ear and pulling the trigger. this way you dont feel any pain. its over before you can say its over. if you dont want to do it this way you probably arent very serious.
26 Dec 2004 Fook Hello,

This is a message for suicidal people who are in despair because they believe that they have caused nothing but pain to everyone. I am here to tell you that it is not true, and I am going to tell you why.

OK, listen, suicidal person, it's not that you have caused endless pain...... it's that you THINK you cause only pain because you are sick in the head. Look, only suicidal people think that they cause pain. Happy people don't go around saying they cause nothing but pain, and whine all over they place, saying how shitty everything is, and how no one understands them. It's all in your head!! So please get it examined and get help. You think that you know yourself and others so well. You think that you cause nothing but pain, but really that is just a syptom of a depressed person. It's called extremely low self esteem, and insecurity. You don't know real reality, all you see is negative because that is how your brain is programmed at the moment. You brain has a sickness and you must do what you can to heal your demented brain. Otherwise, you will probably go on thinking that you are worthless for the rest of your shitty life.
25 Dec 2004 Tommy Just interact with people on a daily basis and you will surely die of a broken heart...
25 Dec 2004 Xero You people dont understand how much you have to be greatful for, even if you were brutally beaten almost to death, molested, raped, your dad is a coke head, and your mom is a drunk, it doesn't mean that you shuld kill yourself... If you make a list of all the things you are greatful for, right before you kill yourself, tell me that your still gunna want to do it. There was a story I read in People's magazine about this girl that told her teacher she wanted to kill herself, so the teacher told her to him a favor, and make a list of everything she was greatful for, she started with "i can see" and so on, 7 pages later she had no idea why she wanted to kill herself, she realized that everything that has gone wrong in her life, (all the stuff i listed earlier) was miniscule, and that everything could change, all she did was detach herself from her family, she got a a family divorce, and when she was 23 her dad tried coming back into her life, so she put a restraining order on him... Her life wasa great after that, se had a job, a husband, a little 2 year old, and 2 dogs... She loved her life, and her world, trust me on this one thing, if your only 13 and you want to kill yourself, you shold not do it, you shouldnt do it unless your over the age of 25 i guess, becuase if you think about it, you've only been on this earth for 13 years, 5 of which you can remember, so whats the point of ending your life now? when theres so much left out there to go get, I personally have never thought of killing myself, I have thought about running away many times, and the same thing happens, no matter how bad my family treats me or themselves, if i ran away, i have no guarentee house, no food, no water, no money... even if i ahd $4000 dollars saved up, i wont be able to get a job, that $4000 will only last me like a month... People usually dont heath my advice when they know how old I am, which is why I'm telling you at the end of this post, I am only 14 years old, and I know for a fact, that I am smarter than anyone, that has ever tried to kill themselves, only in the fact, that I haven't tried myself, and this girl's story will always be in my head, so I can surely tell you that I probably never will...
25 Dec 2004 MIKE SIEHL say kiddies, do you know what sulfuric acid is? it is battery acid for cars. you can get some in pure form for a motor cycle battery. get some. get a syringe and put some in the syringe with lots of air. plunge the needle quickly into your butt cheeck and depress the plunger. the acid will begin flowing thru your veins and burning all living tissue that it comes in contact with.
you will probably die or go into shock before it reaches your brain or heart. its quick and easy. se la ve frenchie.
25 Dec 2004 Mikey J Ferrarro i am not sure there is a best way. i am not sure that any way is the best way. but what ever way you decide upon when you decide its time to check out its time to check out.
i have decided its time for me to check out. i am going to go to the zoo and jump in the water with the alligators or i am going to climb into the cage with the tigers. if i have to i will provoke them to anger. this is sure to get their hunting instincts up in a fluster. and at least they will maul me. think about it, you can only die once. i want my experience to be on the front page of the paper and those that are standing by to have my last moments of life scared in their memories for the rest of their days.
24 Dec 2004 Will Snow Happy Christmas. Or at least i hope it will be a happy one for you all.
24 Dec 2004 Lenora Listen everyone, killing yourself is no joke, it's not funny or a way to escape problems. I should know about problems, my life sucks! All I ever wanted was to be happy but things got all messed up in the process and now my life sucks. I will admit I do think about suicide but I also think about the problems that WILL follow, look, my mom is blind in one eye and the other isn't much better, my brother is very behind in his speech and his learning abilities and I am the only one in this house that can do anything to keep everyone else from falling apart. I am 16 years old and I am overweight and very depressed. At the end of the day, I think about all the mistakes I've made and the problems I've caused and the stupid things I've done. Not a day goes by that I don't make some stupid decision and have my feelings hurt, but I know that if I were to kill myself phyisically, my mom would be put in some kind of home for blind people and my brother would be put in foster care. And then THAT will be my fault. You see, life is a struggle but it is also a journey, only the strong minded survive and the weak don't. People who commit suicide aren't crazy, they are lost. So if you have lost your way on this journey through life, find help, find guidence, find God. He can help you and he will but you have to believe that you are strong and can make this journey and come out of it victorious. Grant you, you will have scars and painful memories, but you will also have a feeling that is beyond anything you have ever experencied. If you feel that a more human kind of help is needed to cure your need to end it all,PLEASE CONTACT ME The best way to cure my need to end it all is to help you cure yours, God bless you all, and may you take the path less traveled and come out of this life, this struggle, this journey, scarred and full of hope, faith and a feeling of overall peace.
24 Dec 2004 ami at scool mkae sure everyone is wtching tie a rope tou a stable thing make sure if you have a hold of the rope you cant touch the ground tie the rope around your neck and say fuck u all you ruined my life well this is to you and jump of a plank of somethin on a wall...

thats basicly hanging yourself but make sure you give at least a small speeche and make them all feeel responsible..
24 Dec 2004 siera Hey, I would pay someone to shot me because if i do the job myself wont i go to hell. That's what i heard., so now i'm scared to really "do it"

It's been four weeks since i have had a sleepover
It's been one week sinc ei have seen a friend
It's been one day since i have gone insane
It's been one secound since i have thought about suicide
24 Dec 2004 santa's lil helper (Recommended for under 13) pull out the potato peeler and start peeling your legs. Peel wherever you can. Then stick the peelings in a box, preferably a shoebox. If your feeling bold stick in your ears and maybe a eyeball or two. Poor salt all over your legs and open wounds for an extra zap. Hehe Then you lay yourself on your bed with the box next to you. Have a homemade bomb ready next to you. (Recipe can be found on the net… And the bomb should be, preferably, in a syringe) the syringed bomb is for your ass. Squeeze the syringe up your ass and push the liquid out. The results should be quick and well if the pain doesn’t kill ya then just jump out your window. That should gather some attention! Whoot Whoot!
24 Dec 2004 Caroline Hey all,
Difficult isn't it, life? If you really want to kill yourself then I would never suggest an overdose, you are more likely to survive and have liver damage etc. Hanging is fairly quick if you jump from a great enough height, but the tried and tested gun has to be the best method (unsure a 13yr old could get hold of one though). Well, anyway I've spent half my life thinking of suicide (for various reasons) and then something happened a while ago, I had a breakdown, it made my family realise how bad I was and I got help, pills, counselling and most importantly their support. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain (that can often have no reason behind it) it's a disease and like a disease it needs treatment. I urge you to talk to someone about it, anyone....suicide is not a cowardly thing (how can choice be a cowardly thing) but before you do it, wouldn't you rather be sure that it's the right thing. Life is tough, but if you stick with it, it can be bloody rewarding. Take care all.
23 Dec 2004 Carole Il me semble que maintenant tu as 17ans BRAVO !!! (clap clap clap)

Sache que le pire est a venir car bientot il va vraiment falloir qu tu te batte pour vivre

Bon Courage ! dO_ob
23 Dec 2004 Skaarj I Live with this torment of constant pain and paranoia.... i dont know why i feel like this.. my childhood was ok, nothing really to complain about. at the moment i have a job.. a car... a familly that loves me and many friends that wud die for me... when i was 14 i tried to hang myself with a belt in my closet.. whilst hanging i blacked out for a few secs.... i thought it was over... i then woke up laying on the floor with a shit load of pain only too look up and see that the noose was still there and the plank hadnt snapped. i dont know how i survived... its kinda blurry and it was 4 yrs ago... i have never had anyone close to me die... but in the last week i have had 3 ppl i know die. and not to mention the girl i love has attempted suicide a few times recently and plans to do it again. i love her but she wont let me help... she also has posted on this site. we arent really talking anymore.... the only thing i can do left is pray 4 her.

"suicide is a permanent objection for a temporary problem"

its a quote i have heard and it has made me stop... now i only live for my friends... to make sure they dont live the same fate i have. i live to make my parents and other familly meembers proud.

i know what it is like to be very close to sumone that is suicidal... i try my hardest to stop her.. if she ever was gone i wud cary the burden for the rest of my life that i tried to save her but i failed. whensomeone that close to u is gone forever trying isnt good enough.

so people.. death is ur unavoidable fate weather u liek it or not... the last thing u wud want to do is skip all the chapters and go strait to the end of the book.

u only get one story... make sure u have as many chapters as possible... dont like this one? move on.. make new friends... change towns or even states if u want. find sumthing that makes u smile other than hurtin urself.

i know most of u are 2 young to move on like this cause of ur parents or otehr stuff... just remember that it will get better soon... a year after my suicide i enrolled at another school... i made so many friends and met new ppl. 2day iam still not happy. but atleast i live my life and iam always loved by my close ones. i went from having nothing to all this... no matter how bad it gets and how fucked up u feel. there will always be better days and sumtimes it may take more than 4 years but it is worth the wait.

2day i still live with this pain and torment... and i still pray for the girl i love. but my friends need me.. they dont know i feel like this... i hate the idea of ppl thinkin i do it for attention. ur life is never that bad that u shud have to end it... ur hapiness isnt waiting in teh next world... it is still waiting to be found in this one. always remember that my frinds

oh and sum of u ppl prob think iam full of shit and iam an arsehole cause i dont know what its like... thats prob true... but iam trying to help all of u.. how does that make me an arsehole.

love david
23 Dec 2004 the devils last wish yo,scorpion ya you do got a pretty bad fuckin life. but i think the people who bitch on this site about losing girlfriends and getting the shit beat out of them at school is like a cover up or some shit like that.ya i agree with you that all of us here are pretty fuckin stupid in some ways like putting a post on here about how fucked our lives are. and not actually going to kill themselves. but this is just like a place were we can put what we say and not give a fuck. then agian thats just what i think. ive lived a pretty bad fuckin life to. but i don't feel like posting my bad shit up on this site. it in someways it seems worthless. i mean i really don't think anyone here can actually make me feel any fuckin better. and even try to stop what i do and what i say. ya i know i sound like a fuckin preacher. but trust i hate preachers they are so fucking boring. well i hope your life gets better and i hope mine ends SOON! good luck. and maybe this year you might have some what of a good christmas. see ya
23 Dec 2004 kchow i think the most fun and funny way to kill yourself is to freeze, like go lie out in the arctic this will take a few weeks but you'll be laughing until your lips fall off! as frostbite takes your outer limbs, for example feet, they will after awhile turn black and just fall right off! lol it's the bodies natural response to keep your head and torso alive which houses your major organs

i don't think that suicide is a bad thing in particular or a good thing, its just a decision like any other, i don't understand why some people think it's sick, death is so natural and important and were all gonna end up dead anyway so why not speed it up if things aren't going great. I'm considering it myself, but i don't have the guts to do it, i envy those who can hurt themselves, its COMPLETE self control and self trust, you put your life in your own hands. beautiful!

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