Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Jan 2005 donnie the best way to kill yourself would be with any of these: Gun,knife,rope,jump off a building,purposely wreck a car,or cut your throat. I've been thinking about cuttin my throat because im a failure in school my parents think im a failure and most realtives. Im discrimminated at school all the time. Im a very quite person and people are always very sterotypical about me in negative ways. I attend a school of 2,700 students. I am always treated. I don't see any reason for me to be here today.
04 Jan 2005 erica well i just got a big knife and i am going to cut my wrists.
04 Jan 2005 MIKE SIEHL join a militia. i hear there is a really good one in maryland. its called the southern sons of liberty. they have weaponary that is over two decades old. i know because i almost joined but when i saw they were still using bolt action rifles i didnt join. i dont want to just let em kill me. i want to have a fighting chance. you know kill a couple. i did kill a couple while i did my long 3 years in county jail. heck i didnt kill anyone i was so scred i begged the jailers to let me go in solitary confinement.
04 Jan 2005 Stephanie There isn't a best way,killing yourself is stupid and it hurts the ones you love. If anyone out there needs someone to talk to, I don't care who you are or what problem your having, I want you to email me.....yes you..I want you to email me at, My name is Stephanie and I will get back to you as soon as I can. whatever problem you have I will be more than happy to help you.
Peace and Grace to All

04 Jan 2005 eugene this might sound wierd but i found that drugs are easy to get, save up about a $1000, it shold do you just right, spend 3 days triping on weed, acid, koke. salvia is good too. then on the third day best if done on a romantic holiday or something touching so the news say u did it becouse of love or something, plant a note on your back, get stoned so much that you cant tell if your alive and dance on a small roof, drink a bunch of alchol, just do the most drugs you can posibly do, i know this sounds wierd my friend died like this. four of them exually i plan on joining them later i first have some busness to take care off. and for all of you people who say this site is wak shoot youtselves or drown yourself in a bathtub full of your own spit.
03 Jan 2005 Broken Girl. Wasted Heart oki I'm back The best way to kill yourself is to put on your best outfit do your make-up (if youre a girl)fill the bathtub up take lots of anti pyhscotic medication, then take lots of sleeping pills, then take tons of advil, then you lay in the bathtub turn out all the lights and slit your wrists for good measure then you wait and soon you will be liberated.
03 Jan 2005 jerica cavins my favorite way to want to die would be parachuting over a big city like new york but accidently dont pull the parachute string and prepare to land hard...also look for sumthing sharp to hit ur head on forcifully
03 Jan 2005 Broken Girl. Wasted Heart I may not be under 13, i'm actually 21 but I still have my problems, dec 23 04 I tried to kill myself, I took a whole lot of anti physcotic medication and sleeping pills, and then a lot off advil
I guess that while i was fucked up my therapist called and realized i was dying so he took it upon himself to call 911 and be a hero, well fuck that,
anyways I stopped breathing in the ambulance and woke up later that night in the hospital,
word of advice little ones, if youre serious on killing yourself then turn off your phone and make sure youre not expecting any calls,
My personal favorite is pills and lots of them, i dont even remember the paramedics being there, if they didnt come at all it would have been painless and so so beautiful. If you cant go on anymore Liberate your self, your soul,and dont shed any tears you are about to step into an unexplored world God made us yes, God gave us the knowledge of what we have today, God also gave us the knowledge and drive to kill ourselves, I will be gone soon and i am excited that i will be going into the unknown, do the same and remember God forgives everything all you have to do is ask.
03 Jan 2005 Buck fakes left Life can be good if you try and if you search for a little charisma and you can pull out the little bit of good that is in everyone around you, or at least be one one the positive side who’s presence adds instead of decreases such a thing from happening. Yes, life can be good if you make it that way, and I have not been trying hard enough to make life good. People can’t handle nothing but unbroken solitude. or at least you can’t. So tear off all the accumulated bitterness and snobbery and rampant narcissism and throw yourself back into life, can thrown around, but maybe eventually make it all worth it if by chance, after being thrown around making yourself vulnerable by showing real emotion and feeling love, you are thrown at random into your spot, the spot in life that is perfect for you and it may not look exactly like you expected to and you may not be rich but you feel good about your life and when you die you will not look back on your life and regret anything you did since this moment because even if it did not work out you were experiencing and trying. And I am going to try and make my life good and get bumped around and see what happens, so at least if I still come out on the suicide decision afterwards, I will feel confident that I really tried.

(This is what I realized, so be 'you' I mean 'I' still this may be useful)

This may be incompressible, I don’t know. I was hoping for a Don Delilo / Samuel Beckett effect of ridiculous writing not at all organized but that is still somehow followable: because it is natural brain path movement.

Or maybe dyslexics just shouldn’t write things down when they are on drugs.
03 Jan 2005 adele i need some help some one help me plz iam on my last legs i need some help i want to die
03 Jan 2005 Francesco Leotta How I can make in order to have the KIT?
03 Jan 2005 Jason I've thought about killing myself for about 3 years. Now at the age of 17, i have realized i have nothing to live for. I have done some things that i don't think i can ever fix ( i don't do drugs, or smoke or shit like that ), but just things in general. I know some of my friends and family could care but not me.

I know some of these people at school that torment me everyday, sometimes i wish i could go to school and take them out, before taking mine. I know it seems harsh. But does anybody remember Columbine? Eric and Dylan did that because they were made fun of, day in and day out without any remorse, they were teased, made fun of. Because society, couldn't accept them for who they are.

So guess what, society can't accept me, then fuck you. We'll see what happens sooner or later ;)
i can promise you that.
03 Jan 2005 Erica well i attempted suicide about 2 months ago, it was my first time but ive been thinking about it for years. i dont see the point in life, its all pain n anxiety, you work your whole life for nothing just to work some more. i have nothing noone, i have school which i dont even go to because i hate everyone there, i am alone.i would love to kill myself right now but for some reason something is stopping me. maybe the fact that i dont want to go back to that hospital it was scary shit but if i were to do it i wuld have to succeed and who knows if thats gonna happen i duno how i wuld go about doing it, i mean pills are my thing but i duno if thats the way to go, i need a good fast easy way. oh and my friend tried killing herself by drinking nailpolish remover bad idea, she sed it was the worst pain when she peed she ever felt in her life. give me some good tips, is it worth it?
03 Jan 2005 Matt P I dont know the best way to kill yourself if you are under 13, but I have tried to kill myself twice. I've been thinking about death for a long time, ever since I was 7 or 8. I felt neglected at times and I got angry that my parents were paying lots of attention to my sister than to me. After saying that I wished i was dead, i was scheduled appointments to a therapist. My thoughts about dying went away till last wednesday because a lot of things was happening. I was sick of love(after being rejected by some guy), I felt like i was a mistake since I wasn't an ideal son, I thought that my parents wouldn't except the fact that Im gay, and I didn't have the will to live. Then this morning, I hanged myself and when i started to need air, I finally got lose and laid in my bed in shock. I was planning on killing myself tonight, but after realizing that i would have a worse punishment in hell(with help by a friend), I decided that I shouldn't kill myself because its not worth it and I have to take into consideration on the affect that it will have on my family. I want to thank this site because if it wasn't for you, I would have probably been dead in the morning
03 Jan 2005 deewouldbeme everyone needs someone, someone to rant to, to talk to when they are depressed, as i posted earlier i wanted to just die, lately i discovered someone who really cares and i can talk to, getting all my feelings out helped me deal with it. just having a friend to talk to can make a world of difference. i want to be like the wonderful person who has helped me. he has made such a difference in my life... everyone deserves someone who cares... any one need anyone to just be there and listen i will always be there for anyone who just needs someone.. email me
03 Jan 2005 drgiggles this site is cool....i would love to be able to commit family is in bad condition...if i died..the rest of there lives would be crap,no one deserves that..i guessmy life is just depressed...tired alot...the day feels like a a ugly,i cant even look in the mirror or ill be to embarassed to goto the store or anything...i cant hold a soon to be homeless..i see no future...i feel a faint bit of hope in my stomache that maybe god will lead the way,but i look at everyone who wants or has commited suicide and know that im no diff. i will have no incapable of living let alone starting alife...if i had a job in a dark interaction with more then 1person thru the day id be fine..but theres not...conversations wear me out,im exhausted just to try and respond to you,its exhausting,some how people take me as a jerk,i have no idea,im a dumass to,i cant even hold a job in a factory,im stupid and i got fired because they didnt like...everyone in this world ive met reacted the same so theres jusrt absolutely no family doesnt want to see me homeless and humiliate them with drug abuse laziness ...i just cant make it
03 Jan 2005 Buck -And I am starting to come down
-And the grim reaper causally says “Anytime you are ready”
-And I feel like sludgy snow stained brown because of the smog
-And my will to live has reached a level best described as “ehhh, whatever”
-there is nothing to be learned here and I gain only a little comfort by the hollow warmth.

-I am a kid on halloween eating too much candy and guilty and getting sick,
-I am the little innocent told to go away because new people cannot learn to play the castle game
-And I am a little kid buried under books and cold people and words.

-The Grateful Dead is on and using drugs to try and force the will to live only works for so long.

(- for where the new lines really should be)
03 Jan 2005 REDDEATH Hey To all you people who think This site is sick FUCK YOU, This site helps people some times people just wana talk in a forum about there life and whats gone wrong, they dont need you to tell them there sick for shearin and all you religous people who come on here say you'll go to hell!!! Iv read the bible 5 times each time i read the thing i saw it in a differnt way! and yet I still dont belive 1/10 whats in it. not every 1 belives in god and they dont have to its there choice. AND ITS OUR CHOICE TO POST ON A WEB SITE LIKE THIS NOT YOURS OURS! if you dont like it leave the site its that easy this site has been around since 1998 so who are you to crittisize
03 Jan 2005 Veronika I dunno, life seems so unfair to me. You know.......i don't know what kind of person you have to be to survive, but i know that i can't.
Every coment and every word stabs me in the heart and i always want to cry, if i only had more courage i would've comitte suicide a long time ago, but every time i take a nife i pray that someday i will be able to do it. There is no sence in living in this world if thereis no one that loves you and when you love nobody,
iti is true that none give a damn but i just wanted to see the good in this worl and somehow i can't i am only 16 but i already given up on life. :) life can be a beautiful thing for some people but for some it is a prison with only one way to get out.
03 Jan 2005 Mary Slit Your wrists.

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