Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Dec 2004 lisa of all u dont know how pain is familys all died im 16 and there all gone and guess what i killed my dad cause he beat me up all the time he held my ribs tit and titer and titer and titer so tit i can breath and i say to myself im going to die and i stop moving i stop yelling and cry i just stare at him in his eyes and he still going titer on my ribs and than he just stop and drops me and i cant move and cant belive im still alive...again he just walk away...and my mom is dead she commit sucide and i killed my dad with a gun one day i put it to his throt and shot and u guys say u gone throw pain god u all make me sick kill ur self or get over that shit....stop trying to get fucken it god...i had to sister they killed them self was 5 and the other 9 my 5 year old sister hung her self in my room and my 9 yr old sister she took pills and died...everyone gone...i still in this crazy pin all day all night and u say u now pain...all my friends dont talk to me ...i just stay in my crazy pin room and stare at the sling all day...the guy i love was 20 and he was everything he got married 5 days my bestfriend...and u say u know pain....walk one second in my shoes that pain
30 Dec 2004 sharron chaffer go get at least 10 pit bulls. fed em and make em strong. then dont feed em for a whole day. the next day in the afternoon let em loose in a fenced yard cover your self in blood and baked beans and dog food in a can and finnaly gravy. now bust out your door running. you will be dead in no time.
30 Dec 2004 ashley dunphy the best way to kill urself is to do it a night in ur room..make sure no 1's around..get a razor n just slice ur veins n ur throat..make sure theres blood every1 can c how much u were suffering...

IM me..iHaVe ADHD 94
30 Dec 2004 hillary i heard at the last second during suicide the people regret it? i wonder how people would know. its just prob sumtin some doctor made up for publicity
30 Dec 2004 DeJaVoo no if you say that this life is worth living then you are just to naive. Maybe there are those people who love it here but for me it is HELL. What kind of person do you have to be survive???
What ever it is i am not that person. I do not want to list my problems but .... all i ever wanteed was to see the good in this world, but i can't i can't makeanything of this life and i can't become why even try?
30 Dec 2004 big bad brandon take a screw driver and hamer it in ur heart
30 Dec 2004 hillary go to the highest building (make it atleast 6 stories(get up there at night) make sure the building is in the middle of town where people can see tie a note to you and drop. make sure you're naked when you jump you'll feeel free and wont regret a thing.`
29 Dec 2004 Lamazelle Manger une quantité éééénorme de Marshmallows, de souris au chocolat, de fraises tagada!!! Et boire en même temps des litres de jus de pommes!!!!
29 Dec 2004 hardkoreslacker This is is all really dumb, even the "weird-ass" kid. He knows about as much as
all the people he is calling retards. There is no way he is any genius of any kind. He isn't funny, or cool. He is just kind of pissy. Anyways...

Is that really even a good question, who wouldn't know how to kill themself? Anyone under 13 shouldn't even think about killing themselves...what they are in middle school. Middle School sucks for 95% of people just wait your time will come.
29 Dec 2004 Phil Dear Fear Factor For the suicidal...

I know how you feel, sort of. I have Social Anxiety Disorder too. Its funny you know, because whenever you tell someone "I have Social Anxiety..." they often interrupt and say "Yeah I get that too, it's a bummer isn't it. Hey are you gonna go to xxx's birthday party next week, it should be a good one".
People in general, (ie those who don't have it) always imagine that SA people are weak and silly and stupid and should pull themselves together and that they dont have 'real' problems. If those people suffered from it themselves they might see what hell it is and think differently. Point made for now.
29 Dec 2004 -SuLfuR- Funny how things work. I thought i'd post some lyrics over from Trent Reznor (for those of you who care & know him). A tune of mine that will someday be the last tune i hear herhaps on NYE 2005. Let these lyrics be heard through out for all of those that have felt the same pain for so long. As far as my age goes.. that's not important since all suicides are the same in the end.

If you are looking for a cure then don't even bother because it's just going drag you into another lie in which got into your mysery to begin with. The only cure can be found within yourself, your good will, and your spirit. That can sometimes take many years to find or gain back. And i ask this of you? Do you really want to go on hoping that there is a light at the end of the tunnel because it's that same hope that kills you so much! So stop fooling yourself. Either you can pull through or you can't. That's what it all comes down to. Sometimes learning to except who you truely are can be the most painful experience known to man but when you do, you will finally learn to except your fate for what it should be and not for what it could be.

For those who have the will power to move on and those who don't "I love and respect you all for any decisions that you might make in the future!"

Anyways... here it is:

i woke up today
to find myself in the other place
with a trail of my footprints
from where i ran away
it seems everything i've heard
just might be true
and you know me
(well you think you do)
sometimes. i have everything-
yet i wish i felt something

do you know how far this has gone?
just how damaged have i become?
when i think i can overcome
it runs even deeper

and in a dream i'm a different me
with a perfect you
we fit perfectly
and for once in my life i feel complete-
and still i want to ruin it
afraid to look
as clear as day
this plan has long been underway

i hear them call
i cannot stay
the voice inviting me away

do you know how far this has gone?
just how damaged have i become?
when i think i can overcome
it runs even deeper
everything that matters is gone
all the hands of hope have withdrawn
could you try to help me hang on?
it runs...

i'm straight
i won't crack
on my way
and i can't turn back
i'm okay
i'm on track
on my way
and i can't turn back
i stayed
on this track
gone too far
and i can't come back
i stayed
on this track
lost my way
can't come back
29 Dec 2004 Erin I don't think suicide is relevant at all. I want to die horribly but not yet. I would love to just find some random person on the street and say "Let's go!" and not care what happens to me. Leave a whole bunch of suicide notes to your family and friends and they'll assume you commited suicide. They won't know where or when. It's the flawless plan and I've decided to do it.
I mean, everything is ruined here. I was an ecstasy addict for the longest time and spent most of my teen years in the hospital. I never went to highschool. I'm 19 right now with the education of a grade 5 but I'm getting by. I'm adopted and my foster parents are in the states somewhere. My birth parents are on the other side of the world in Europe. I hope to visit them someday. I live at home with my best friends child. Don't know why but she needs me to take care of her. I think she's using me but meh, who cares right? Once you've been lied to once, EVERYONE's lied you. But yeah, the guy I had a future with suddenly doesn't want one anymore. That was the real heartbreaker. He was irreplacable. I loved him so much, gave him everything, gave him my heart and he handed it back to be in a garbage bag. Oh well, fuck him. But anyway
Add me. I need friends! HAHA
29 Dec 2004 kati i've hated everything since i was little i've always covered it up by being happy. my dad used to be abusive because of bipolar he's chased us out of our house by throwing dishes at us the most recent fight was when my dad and i got into a fight and he held my face in his hands so hard i though my cheekbones were gonna give before he hit me and threw me down onto the floor kicking me. he was hitting my mom and then he called the cops saying i was uncontrollable the cops took him away but we were so scared we stayed in a motel that night. my dads mentally and physically abused me since i was young and i never talk about it i'm ashamed i'm on antidepressants that dont do shit. i used to watch my dad beat my brother and me and my little sister would hide and pray behind the couch. when i got to be about 13 i started using drugs like just pot at first then i got into meth really bad my friends and i broke into a store and i was put on probation for a year i'm now a ward of thhe state because i failed ua's for meth because i'm addicted. i started using cocaine and my life has gone to shit i violated house arrest and i'm not in control of my life. i've been clean now for about 4 months but i think about using drugs all the time then i think how dissapointed my family is they are so ashamed i think they hate me i think about killing myself all the time i think one day i'm gonna go fo rthe wrist slitting idea
28 Dec 2004 spoon I want to die. My shit life is pointelss and going no-where. I have a low paying job, a shity car that nees to be replaced before it dies but i cant afford it, the only computer i have i stole from work, i smoke pot because it makes me feel better for a while but it isnt doing the trick anymore, i spend all my money on weed, my life is falling down arround me. My GF seems to be drifting away from me. i have attempted suicide before with a box knife. i slashed up and down my wrists about 4 inches. i was deep enuf the knife was between the bones, i could feel them. it didnt work and im not gonna cut this time. i may buy a gun. you can get one at WalMart (in the u.s.) pretty cheap. or i may jump off the 17th street parking garage. its 9 or 10 stories. if i go off head first i should die. i have also considered hanging myself. they way i choose isnt important. whats important is that i have decided to do this. I am finaly going to be free of the pain, free of the hate, free of the guilt, free of the people, FREE!!! this time im gonna get it right
28 Dec 2004 mouchette Lire "La nouvelle histoire de Mouchette" de Bernanos jusqu'au bout...
28 Dec 2004 Discerned The elimination of pleasure is the only way to the elimination of pain.
Why am i thinking of committing suicide?
Because I value pleasure more than pain.
I want to kill myself because there's more pain than pleasure in my life.
There's no pain when there's no pleasure. Suicidal thoughts only come when you're incapable of receiving more pleasure. Pleasure must be suppressed to a certain level to be capable of eliminating pain.

Find the things you are hoping to gain pleasure from and tell yourself you're not feeling pleasure.
For example, I am in solitude and i long for company thus i feel pain for being alone. Then i tell myself there'll be no pleasure "enjoying" a company thus I successfully eliminated my pleasure-gaining mechanism, thus eliminated my pain as well.
28 Dec 2004 dumbassloser With a butter knife. You hold it to your stomach and press on it until it starts to hurt. Then you stop and think about why you didn't go ahead and do it until you're 42 years old, looking on the Internet for ways to kill yourself. I am such a waste of skin.
28 Dec 2004 jace tie bloody and juciey raw steaks to your whole body fidn every rabid anmail in your area and put them all in a cage and with the steaks jump into the cage and start kicking
28 Dec 2004 harbert well thats easy my freind go to the gehtto wearing a white hooded robe and filp the hood up and grab a flaming troch and enjoy the show
28 Dec 2004 Julz Drink nail polish and follow it down with nail polish remover! repeat 112 times!

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