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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Nov 2004 rach m i am wanting to die quietly by myself and i wonder what pills to take. i already take 50 mg of methadone a day so i wouls probably need a benzodiazepine of some sort. can someone please tell me?
25 Nov 2004 Colin Drink clorox and bleach and then drink a lot of milk and go to bed.
25 Nov 2004 philippe to get 13 ... and older. perhaps.
24 Nov 2004 Athena When I was 7 my mother and father split up and I went to live with my grandmother. My father became a drunk and my mother had mental problems. My grandmother died a year after living with here so then I was put with my mother. A couple months later doctors found cancer in her in a confidential part of her body. I was messing up in
school. I had a boyfriend that was way way older than me and he raped me but I never told anyone then I was caught in school w/ pot and the worst part about it is that it wasn't even mine it was my sisters purse that they found it in. I was expeled. Then I went to a school call fred lynn and there I hardly went to school I went to school like 1 day out of a week. Then the truancy officer gave me a choice my father who i hated or juvy
but then my mother ended up making me go with my dad then a year later my mother started fighting for custody and she's still fighting.
I've tryed killing myself multiple times my friend Nicole Decker slit her wrist and killed herself as well as my friends dad.
And its hard to believe that all this bad shit happened to me and that

I'm only 13.

24 Nov 2004 Religious Maggie I do not mock people here, I am simply enjoying my life of chastity as best I can. Im in the process of creating my own website which I will show to you all soon, my darlings. Ive been so busy with my poosy. I just love people playing wit my poosy, especially at the altar cos its soooo holy (holey). Well, my poosy is my holy hole. I have
found that wholemeal wafers come out better with my cum. The ordinary thin ones seem to get stuck and people seem to be sticking there fingers up trying to get them out. Or if you are my priest he uses his teeth. His hairy beard tickles my poosy. Often we get attached with his beard and my poosy
with hairy sticky cum all over it. I hear that there are some Dildos that you can get. Ummm, perhaps they would get stuck. Perhaps I should do some experiment with one on the altar and some candle oil, yes that would lubricate it.....
24 Nov 2004 Sakis Choke yourself on a little toy of yours... Any toy would do
24 Nov 2004 jean jack la vie de famille
24 Nov 2004 Some guy Ok its my time to rant now ive read about 15 pages and this for 3 hours, ive sent a bunch of e-mails (although i only thought of it at the end) and wow i came THIS close to puking a couple times. Commiting suicide isnt dumb i know how it feels sometimes ….when animals are in severe conditions you weigh your options, you find a way to cope, and if you cant then you do the LOGICAL thing. But we arent animals we're human gifted with one thing and thats reason. A long time ago i was kinda like some of these guys on this forum but not so open. I know some of the pain alotta you feel but trust me time prevails over suicide DO NOT commit suicide because no matter what NO MATTER WHAT there is always a way out. I was fortunate and i went to a boys and girls home before my last attempt nearly killed me. I realize some people don’t want to go to a organization for help so just set goals, give life one last chance idk try to become a millionaire a man with NOTHING to lose is probably the most powerful person in the world and im dead serious after my last attempts I set goals I went to school and I actually like life and although I still get cold sweats of my childhood when I wake up I don’t care just knowing how much potential there is in me and how far I can get in life…… how far ANYONE can go in life… always remember that a man with nothing to lose is the most powerful man in the world so put on a good cd sit back and chill set goals and go out there with a new attitude cope ADAPT to your situation…and if your abused or tortured like I was I really do think you should go to a organization for help I know it takes a lot of courage but you wont regret it ….. DON’T waste your potential if your gonna go at least go fighting…..

Anyones always open to e-mail me if you want to rant or talk or w/e
24 Nov 2004 Mike Prater vicodin and tequila,vodka,redbull
24 Nov 2004 Jenn Everything in my life is so perfect or thats what everyone thinks... I have a great family who gives me 5948941 times more then what i need.. i have loving friends and i great boyfriend... but for some reason i hate it all. And its not my life i hate, its me.
24 Nov 2004 Jack To the guy who said that black people should kill themselves:
You are a racist little cunt. Why don't you say something like that in the middle of town.
23 Nov 2004 Elise Dream your life instead of living it....
23 Nov 2004 margo se coupé les veines
23 Nov 2004 Nickaletta stop eating and drinking water. simple, no supplies needed, and quick. within 2 weeks without food, 3 days without water (but you can't eat either)
23 Nov 2004 no all u people are fucked up -

if your bored play a game or do a shit or something- keep your self occupied u fucking suicidal freaks
23 Nov 2004 some sik minded freak the best way to kill yourself is not to kill yourself physically but mentally. kill every thing inside you, your thouts, your visions and your memories. dont eat dont drink dont talk to any one. kill yourself mentally and then get a pet cat or dog collect there fur in a brush then swallow it leaving a note saying i told you the animals hated me.
23 Nov 2004 ..R.. if you feel so bad that you want to kill yourself. then there must be a time wenn you have been happy rember those day's and live on a hate to say it but i don't like it wen a child dies

life long in prosper
23 Nov 2004 darkzeppelin After conducting many google searches, it seems to me that it is very difficult to obtain a list of pro-choice suicide websites. If you know of one, please email me at

23 Nov 2004 Anonymous Place your neck on a train track prior to an oncoming train.
23 Nov 2004 kristin My name is Kristin. I'am 15 years old. Since I was 15 years old my father has been beating me. He hits me, my mother, my grandmother. EVERYONE! I'm so sick of the life im living. I was reading some of the other entries and i started to think to myself that maybe my life isnt that bad. People have been sexually abused but my life is nothing like that. I get physically and verbally abused. I get told im ugly n im not supposed to be here. I was supposed to be an abortion. I don't really want to kill myself but i would love to just see what life for him would be like if i wasnt here. Hes such an asshole sometimes and he gets mad over the stupidest things. He tells me that im fat and now i throw up after my meals. I feel like a jerk sometimes but i dont no what else to do. I just wish i was dead. Ive popped pills , ive slit my wrist, ive tried everything. NOTHING HELPS. Maybe one day he will just beat me to death and then i wont have to worry about killing myself. Im thinkin about going to my guidance counselor and tellin her whats going on but i dont no what to do. Someone please help me. My email is

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