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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Dec 2004 Phil Dear Fear Factor For the suicidal...

I know how you feel, sort of. I have Social Anxiety Disorder too. Its funny you know, because whenever you tell someone "I have Social Anxiety..." they often interrupt and say "Yeah I get that too, it's a bummer isn't it. Hey are you gonna go to xxx's birthday party next week, it should be a good one".
People in general, (ie those who don't have it) always imagine that SA people are weak and silly and stupid and should pull themselves together and that they dont have 'real' problems. If those people suffered from it themselves they might see what hell it is and think differently. Point made for now.
29 Dec 2004 -SuLfuR- Funny how things work. I thought i'd post some lyrics over from Trent Reznor (for those of you who care & know him). A tune of mine that will someday be the last tune i hear herhaps on NYE 2005. Let these lyrics be heard through out for all of those that have felt the same pain for so long. As far as my age goes.. that's not important since all suicides are the same in the end.

If you are looking for a cure then don't even bother because it's just going drag you into another lie in which got into your mysery to begin with. The only cure can be found within yourself, your good will, and your spirit. That can sometimes take many years to find or gain back. And i ask this of you? Do you really want to go on hoping that there is a light at the end of the tunnel because it's that same hope that kills you so much! So stop fooling yourself. Either you can pull through or you can't. That's what it all comes down to. Sometimes learning to except who you truely are can be the most painful experience known to man but when you do, you will finally learn to except your fate for what it should be and not for what it could be.

For those who have the will power to move on and those who don't "I love and respect you all for any decisions that you might make in the future!"

Anyways... here it is:

i woke up today
to find myself in the other place
with a trail of my footprints
from where i ran away
it seems everything i've heard
just might be true
and you know me
(well you think you do)
sometimes. i have everything-
yet i wish i felt something

do you know how far this has gone?
just how damaged have i become?
when i think i can overcome
it runs even deeper

and in a dream i'm a different me
with a perfect you
we fit perfectly
and for once in my life i feel complete-
and still i want to ruin it
afraid to look
as clear as day
this plan has long been underway

i hear them call
i cannot stay
the voice inviting me away

do you know how far this has gone?
just how damaged have i become?
when i think i can overcome
it runs even deeper
everything that matters is gone
all the hands of hope have withdrawn
could you try to help me hang on?
it runs...

i'm straight
i won't crack
on my way
and i can't turn back
i'm okay
i'm on track
on my way
and i can't turn back
i stayed
on this track
gone too far
and i can't come back
i stayed
on this track
lost my way
can't come back
29 Dec 2004 Erin I don't think suicide is relevant at all. I want to die horribly but not yet. I would love to just find some random person on the street and say "Let's go!" and not care what happens to me. Leave a whole bunch of suicide notes to your family and friends and they'll assume you commited suicide. They won't know where or when. It's the flawless plan and I've decided to do it.
I mean, everything is ruined here. I was an ecstasy addict for the longest time and spent most of my teen years in the hospital. I never went to highschool. I'm 19 right now with the education of a grade 5 but I'm getting by. I'm adopted and my foster parents are in the states somewhere. My birth parents are on the other side of the world in Europe. I hope to visit them someday. I live at home with my best friends child. Don't know why but she needs me to take care of her. I think she's using me but meh, who cares right? Once you've been lied to once, EVERYONE's lied you. But yeah, the guy I had a future with suddenly doesn't want one anymore. That was the real heartbreaker. He was irreplacable. I loved him so much, gave him everything, gave him my heart and he handed it back to be in a garbage bag. Oh well, fuck him. But anyway
Add me. I need friends! HAHA
29 Dec 2004 kati i've hated everything since i was little i've always covered it up by being happy. my dad used to be abusive because of bipolar he's chased us out of our house by throwing dishes at us the most recent fight was when my dad and i got into a fight and he held my face in his hands so hard i though my cheekbones were gonna give before he hit me and threw me down onto the floor kicking me. he was hitting my mom and then he called the cops saying i was uncontrollable the cops took him away but we were so scared we stayed in a motel that night. my dads mentally and physically abused me since i was young and i never talk about it i'm ashamed i'm on antidepressants that dont do shit. i used to watch my dad beat my brother and me and my little sister would hide and pray behind the couch. when i got to be about 13 i started using drugs like just pot at first then i got into meth really bad my friends and i broke into a store and i was put on probation for a year i'm now a ward of thhe state because i failed ua's for meth because i'm addicted. i started using cocaine and my life has gone to shit i violated house arrest and i'm not in control of my life. i've been clean now for about 4 months but i think about using drugs all the time then i think how dissapointed my family is they are so ashamed i think they hate me i think about killing myself all the time i think one day i'm gonna go fo rthe wrist slitting idea
28 Dec 2004 spoon I want to die. My shit life is pointelss and going no-where. I have a low paying job, a shity car that nees to be replaced before it dies but i cant afford it, the only computer i have i stole from work, i smoke pot because it makes me feel better for a while but it isnt doing the trick anymore, i spend all my money on weed, my life is falling down arround me. My GF seems to be drifting away from me. i have attempted suicide before with a box knife. i slashed up and down my wrists about 4 inches. i was deep enuf the knife was between the bones, i could feel them. it didnt work and im not gonna cut this time. i may buy a gun. you can get one at WalMart (in the u.s.) pretty cheap. or i may jump off the 17th street parking garage. its 9 or 10 stories. if i go off head first i should die. i have also considered hanging myself. they way i choose isnt important. whats important is that i have decided to do this. I am finaly going to be free of the pain, free of the hate, free of the guilt, free of the people, FREE!!! this time im gonna get it right
28 Dec 2004 mouchette Lire "La nouvelle histoire de Mouchette" de Bernanos jusqu'au bout...
28 Dec 2004 Discerned The elimination of pleasure is the only way to the elimination of pain.
Why am i thinking of committing suicide?
Because I value pleasure more than pain.
I want to kill myself because there's more pain than pleasure in my life.
There's no pain when there's no pleasure. Suicidal thoughts only come when you're incapable of receiving more pleasure. Pleasure must be suppressed to a certain level to be capable of eliminating pain.

Find the things you are hoping to gain pleasure from and tell yourself you're not feeling pleasure.
For example, I am in solitude and i long for company thus i feel pain for being alone. Then i tell myself there'll be no pleasure "enjoying" a company thus I successfully eliminated my pleasure-gaining mechanism, thus eliminated my pain as well.
28 Dec 2004 dumbassloser With a butter knife. You hold it to your stomach and press on it until it starts to hurt. Then you stop and think about why you didn't go ahead and do it until you're 42 years old, looking on the Internet for ways to kill yourself. I am such a waste of skin.
28 Dec 2004 jace tie bloody and juciey raw steaks to your whole body fidn every rabid anmail in your area and put them all in a cage and with the steaks jump into the cage and start kicking
28 Dec 2004 harbert well thats easy my freind go to the gehtto wearing a white hooded robe and filp the hood up and grab a flaming troch and enjoy the show
28 Dec 2004 Julz Drink nail polish and follow it down with nail polish remover! repeat 112 times!
28 Dec 2004 REDDEATH Ok I'v just read some really i duuno!
I need to Know if the people are dead that say they have just killed them selfs any if you can help with this plz email me If any one wanna talk about life look me up with the search thing at the bottom of the page then if you wanna talk about life with me email me at
27 Dec 2004 hillary I'm 13 and afraid. I wan't to die, but I'm afraid to die. The best way to die is a fast death. Something that loved ones will benefeit off of. Example- stand in the middle of a road, get hit, person charged with vehicular homicide(hopefully this does not ruin the person's life) parents get money from the accident and mourn over your death to bad. i feel empty tired and i want it to be over.i'm to chicken tahh kill myself(yet there always r hitmen) Or you can hire a ohmeless person that figures it's better to be in jail then on the street pay them to kill you then it's over for you , yet by them taking your life it's better for them because they're not on the street(unless they're sentenced to death) either way you both benefeit
27 Dec 2004 kiara get your mums very strong hairspray from her bedroom and spray it to the back of your thraot until u suffercate.
27 Dec 2004 leonie hem....
pour se suicider? et pour les moins de 13 ans ? ouhla.... dur comme question.. j prefere encore les controles de maaaths.. bah tiens en voila une idee...overdoose de controole de maths..a chacune des heures de cours controle surprise de maths et ce durant un moins avant les grandes vacances..hihih, nan cest vraiment trop atrooce quand meme sa c est pour ceux qui veulent souffrir
27 Dec 2004 leonie sur le cote d une route
ou elle peut mettre en deroute
elle attend...
blottie dans ses bras,
sa sinistre amie l accompagnera
tandis qu elle suivra maintes proies
...elle oeuvrera...

le temps pour elle n existe pas
car elle fait le plus vieux metier du monde je crois
encore mieux que les catins, fille d en bas
et son but n est pas le meme loin de la

elle va et vient
ou lemmene VOTRE destin
sans failles et sans remords
elle ****LA MORT****
ses grands yeux noirs
appellent a loubli
donnent envie de se laisser choir
de renoncer a la vie
dans la nuit sa peau blanche
se confond avec la robe glissee sur ces hanches
et brille d une pale clarte
halo argente
on devine ses cheveux sombres
presques indistincts dans l ombre
et long, si longs, qu a chacuns de ses gestes
ils suivent son corps agile et leste
elle est pieds nus sur la terre mouillee
elle semble hagarde et deboussolee...

la mort
on l appelle et elle ne vient pas, sauf par exception et quamd on ne l appelle pas elle vient quand meme au bout dun moment
j ai peur de la mort, j ai vraiment peur de ce noir, de ce que je ne sentirais pluus et de cette boite dans laquelle on menfermera
jy pense le soirm quand je me rends compte que l univers est plus grand que moi que ma miserable petite vie et me sntir sii vulnerable sa me fait si peur c est trop etrange nous ne sommes rien et nous evoluons dans une espace si grand et pourtant nous ne pouvons vivre que dans une simple parcelle de cet espace qui nous est donne.. la mort est tabou, moi je ne veut pas y penser jen fais des cauchemars depuis toute petite et cest atroce cette peur que je ressent a chaque foiis ce sentiment qui me fait venir les larmes aux yeux et qui me fait perdre ttes notions de mouvememt
j ai mis du temps concevoir que qulqu un pouvait envisager de se tuer sans ressentir une peur qui len empecherait et meme maintenant ou je sais que la mort est irrevocable et que des gens lappelle pour en finir au plus vite cela me semble telleemet extraoordinaire d etre en vie que je me demande quiii? pourrait vouloir en finir neanmoins il y a parfoi des raisons de mourir qui sont..tellement justes
*bisous* mouchette
je te souhaite de mourir le moins violememt possible et sans regretter au dernier instant
27 Dec 2004 leonie l attente du bulletin de note quand on est une mauvaise eleve comme moi
27 Dec 2004 caitlyn i'm 15 and and both my parents died when i was only nine. you see my dad was mad at my mom for seperating with him and moving to augusta. and so one morning he showed up at the door, i had no idea what was going on i was only nine. but i went to the bus stop that is only across the road, and when i tried to go back into the house the door was locked so i just went to school.(it was my second day there, we were only in agusta for 3 days) well near the end of the school day i was called down to the office only to find out my parents were dead. my dad brought a gun to the appartment and brought my mom up to her room shot her twice, in the chest and in the head, and then my dad shot himself in the head. you see if i went back in the house i too would of died. but some times i wish i went to the back door, like i almost did. i blame it on myself sometimes. there were three gun shots that were never heard, and that was because when me and my friends were at the bus stop and those big dump trucks were honking at us when we would wave to them, and sometimes i wonder if i could of saved them if the shots were heard, if i could of got to them in time. unless they died intantly and hopfully painless, and thats how i plan on dieing unless i deserve the pain for not being able to save my parents. i dont know any more i don't want to hurt anyboy else. i don't know if i should stay alive for other people, or if i should just give up.
27 Dec 2004 SPK Break Into The Lions Den At The Zoo, Wearing Raw Meat & Kicking Every Lion You Can See.
27 Dec 2004 Fear Factor for the Suicidal HELLO!!!!!

What if they had a fear factor for suicidal people?? More specifically, people who are suicidal mainly because they suffer from social anxiety? What would that be like? A crazy frickin stunt would be for a dude to go into a bar and dance and maybe ask out a chick or something. And he'd be freakin out, and wouldn't be able to do it.

I am in to extreme sports. I've also been suicidal. I have done things that would make most people I know poo their pants. Yet, I cannot go to a family dinner without completely exhausting myself just because of the unbelievable anxiety I feel when I'm around other people (social anxiety). I never go out anywhere where I have to meet people. It is the scariest thing in the world to me. So scary that I allow myself to become so desperately lonely that I contemplate suicide. The thought of dancing in front of people is so terrifying that I will sabotage my life to avoid it, and other regular social functions.

Once in a while I see people on talk shows who confront their fears. If a person has a fear of mice, they bring in some mice and the fearful person runs away hysterically, and starts crying. For some reason, however illogical, that person is so terrified of mice that they just can't face it. And then I think to myself, "what an idiot!". And then I realize that I can't even talk to my 7 year old cousin without completely psyching myself out, and getting burned from the inside out by anxiety. And probably most everyone else would say, if they knew how scared I was of being myself around people, "what an idiot!!!".

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