Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jan 2005 enigma you guys are all emo loosers. my life is crap too. wtf. i want to die everymorning i wake up i laugh and smile and everyone thinks everything is great. they think my life is fucking sunshine, but all i want to do is die. i dont though cuz thats stupid. its stupid to take a gift that has been given to you. i know its stupid but i still think it, i cant help it. life sucks sometimes. but damn it dont be so emo. get over it. live life. carpe diem. search for purpose, dont ask me where or how but i know that if i found it i would be happy and wouldnt fear going to sleep because i have to wake up. whinny bitches,all of you
21 Jan 2005 New Creation I can't believe what I have just read.
The most effective way to kill yourself is to give your life to Christ. You die of your old-self, and become a new creature in Christ. It is the only way.
I did it. It work for me. You are never to young r to old.
21 Jan 2005 jolie what tha fck is this all about you site is rong and it should not be on the net my brother commited suicide but i guess whoever made this site never lost anybody 2 suicide and think it is a joke its not its real there is no way 2 kill yourself when you are 13 so take this site and stick it up your ass
21 Jan 2005 nicole ee osis my life is a sick sorry ass shitty life. i have been raped at least 20 times. but when i try to get a boyfriend to have sex with me he wont. the only time i can get sex is when my uncle is drunk. not to mention my dad beats me. man i hate my family and MY LIFE. I WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE SO BAD.
21 Jan 2005 madd there is no best way to kill yourself. i am 38 and have been depressed all my adult life. it is an illness that you can live with, and learning how to do that is a challenge that i would urge all of the people reading this site to try. i have really bad days when suicide seems like a blessed relief, but what about the day after, that i know will come, when things don't seem so bad. i will never feel the euphoria some people feel at the smallest of things, but that does not make my life any less valuable or valid.
21 Jan 2005 nicnak this is fucking sick. but i'll admit you got me laughing at a few of them because i'm sure some sick ass has tried it. fucking gross. lmao.
21 Jan 2005 NONE You all need mental help and all need to be locked up in a home with padded walls. People like you all kill others, and I believe you need meds to controll the off balance in those sick little heads.
21 Jan 2005 Era Lucy Cortina sorry about you being braless and all, but those guys hooting at you...thats just disgusting and its good that you're much more sophisticated then all of that.

Well hey everyone my name is Era, and i'm writing from the Van Nuys Area in CA. I'm 15 years old and i've been suicidal since i was about 12 or 11. It started with me basically hating myself and everything about me. My mother has a very lousy personality and she usually took out her stress on me and my little brother. As it turned out all the emotional shit she said really affected me and i was constantly trying to make myself better. i began binging, never eating and working out constantly. As a result in 7th grade i began making more friends and i was a cheerleader, for a while all the pain went away because i was kept busy and i truly felt wanted, but when my mother and i started fighting again everything came rushing back like waves of hatred and anger. in 8th grade the cutting began, as well as the drugs and i was taking two lines of cocaine everyday just so i could lose more weight. i ruined almost everyone around me's life because i was known for doing stupid things. they of course thought i was fine, but even as we laugh the heart aches and all my problems were dragging me down. after cutting lost its appeal i began burning my skin and popping pills just to see how many i could take until i went unconcious, when nothing happened i became more drastic and slit my throat. i was unsuccessful and just ended up in the hospital. my mother once again blamed it all on me and my friends didnt know i had a 'problem' i guess you could say that all i really wanted was for someone to notice what i was doing, but no one every did. till this day i think about commiting suicide, but i'm a little older and living with my dad and those emotions dont surface as much. I'm kept busy and go to this continuation school that have kids with problems also and it helps to be around people like me. i see a therapist reguarlarly and i've begun to read the bible, but sometimes i cant really control myself and all i want to do is die. looking in the mirror is like seeing someone i dont want to be anymore and when i wake up its like a slap in my face, knowing that i'm still in this shitty world. i know theres people out there like me and i'd like to commuicate with you all if you want. just email me at take care you all.
21 Jan 2005 Mz_Kuriouz Hi my name is roxanne im 13 years old i tried doing suicide onces i still think of doing it well people think im life is fun but it aint i feel like my family doesnt love me and if i would to kill my self nobody will care and that if i do they will be HAPPY i have a consuler i talk to makes me feel better well today i started i think killing your self aint the answer people tell me that but i would like to kill my self but i learned that aint the solution !!!!! my advice to you think before u act
20 Jan 2005 Emily The best way to kill yourself, no matter the age, is just to look into the mirror... See the years of time and life wasted... It'd be like tossing out a brand new car without ever even turning the key. Imagine the heartache and the pain you'd be leaving your family... That should be enough to at least kill your heart if not you entirely.
20 Jan 2005 Rev. Poosy Hi, well Holy Communion is back on. Yes, my darling boyfriend who is a Franciscan monk at the local monastry said that he would make me some with his ummm, very sophiticated hands. He has a very strong right hand. Well, ok, im a gay priest if you want to know. Anyway, anyone wanting holy communion at the altar feel free to cum. Oh and its bring your own wine. Preferably the special one that is only available once a month. Its held at St. Holy Wafer Hole, Isle of Man. God bless you folks +
20 Jan 2005 Not dead (but dying...) Listen repeatedly to some ultra-depressive dark/doom metal album (let me suggest any from bands like /My Dying Bride/, /Anathema/, /Swallow the Sun/, /Paradise Lost/ or /Shape of Despair/ -- to name just a few...).
Do this for days, and believe me, you'll die of grief before the end of the week!
20 Jan 2005 A Lost Soul Saved ok, i just want to thank everyone who posted anything. i understand how hard it is to express such emotion but personally i am glad you were all so brave. i have been struggling with suicidal thoughts since i was about 9 after being molested by my alcoholic uncle and well even tho i still feel as if my life has been prtty bad i feel somwhat relieved to know that i am not a lone and i also realize there are others who have/had it much worse than myself. reading these posts has really changed me. thank you all and my you all find peace on earth in some manner.
20 Jan 2005 jen what is this site?
19 Jan 2005 Holl i'm not sure what the best suicide method is... i was more looking for the answer.

like any of you i am depressed and lonely and want out of my life. i can't think of a single reason for living and waking up in the mornings. i just want to die but i am too much a coward to slit my wrist and too scared of waking back up to take an over dose... what else is there?
im 16, my mum died, ive been abused and had a shit life. i love this guy and he loved me... he still does and we were so happy together but now he's dumped me and won't take me back, he won't even give me a reason why. i love him so much and it was him that made my life worth living. but now he's gone i cant see the point anymore. i just want to know if anyone out there has any advice on what i should do... because i feel like any day now something is gonna have 2 give and i'll just break.
please help anyone who can... my email address is if you can help id appreciate it a lot.
good luckto everyone out there... i hope you find your peace, either in life or death.
love 2 u all
19 Jan 2005 Louis Carter Take a large knife or a gun if u can get one go into a police station and kill as many pigs as u can before being killed yourself
19 Jan 2005 Lucy Cortina Well really Felicia! At this rate I shall have no bras left. I would go Bra Shopping but they don't stock them in XXXXXXXXXL sizes. My bra collection was custom-made which is why I need it back so urgently. Mouchette I swear that if you snap any of them for sexual pleasure I will personally use them to strangle you with, assuming you are the culprit of course.
At the moment I am, as you may have guessed, braless. So my boobs just hang under my [very]low-cut pink top, with no support at all. I have had a few men in cars hooting at my hooters, which disturbs me because I am far too sophisticated for them.

Felicia (how are you darling by the way?) you had better come up with a replacement for the damaged goods (I mean bras) otherwise I will tar you with the same spanking brush as Mouchette. Now just you think about that.
19 Jan 2005 All is not well 1- Firearm. Can be difficult if not impossible to obtain.

2- Hanging. This one is effective, but could take a long time to suffocate if the neck doesn't break.

3- Electrocution. Painful but foolproof. Get into a water filled tub. Drop any plugged in appliance into the tub.

It's easy to kill yourself. So why don't the suicidal people of the world do it? I've made amateur attempts and stopped myself from doing the above effective ways many times. I'm making my arrangements this time around and going to try #3, as it is possible to get out of #2, I know from experience and I can't afford to chicken out this time around.
19 Jan 2005 Felicia NOT so Great Dear Lucy Cortina,

Today I shaved a dog. The hair got in my bra; as a result I ended up with a hairy chest. It was a fur bearing Chow (mean little runt) and a decrepit Maltese, and a disgruntled Yorkie, who did me injustice today. I shaved a Yorkshire Terrier too short and a customer replied, Alas! I will never come here again!" As I said "Sorry" over and over again, my world of self-destructiveness came to no end.

The smell of wet dog lingers in my dungaroos.

Save me Lucy!! A dog just mauled your rubber gift. I no longer have a pair of them anymore.

...For there is only one.
18 Jan 2005 jack get a plastic bag and fill the tub and tie up the bagin your head and drown and die.

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