Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Jan 2005 claude the fraude i got it.
fall on a pick axe.
if it dont work the first time keep doing it.
practice makes perfect.
01 Jan 2005 claude the fraude just wanted all you to know the laying down infront of the train doesn't work. you will pee all over yourself and run off screaming before the train gets there. you see the train is real load and makes the ground vibrate long before it gets to you so you keep thinking the train is about to wizz by. then it dont so you look to see how far it is away. turns out they dont go that fast around my town anyway. guess i will just have to figure out something else but i will let all you know before hand.
01 Jan 2005 Mackenzie Xaveir Jeroux Tarbert well guys i just got back from the store and i took a package of rat poison. i should be dead in a couple of hours.
01 Jan 2005 Mackenzie Xaveir Jeroux Tarbert i used to say if you commited suicide you were weak. not any more. truth is it takes real stength to be able to kill yourself. not just anyone can do it. I hope I have enough strength to go thru with it. You see what happened was i was born. my mom molested me all my life until i was about 11. my dad used to make me touch him. now he died in an accident at work. he works in a power plant and a cable snaped and popped him in the chest chrushing it. my mom started molesting me again. i cant take it. i am going to kill myself. thats how i found this site. i was surfing the net for a way to kill myself with out pain. i think i will just eat some rat poison and take a buch of sleeping pills. plus look at my name. i have the name of a queer and everyone makes fun of me. well anyway i am going to go down to the food lion and buy some rat poison and eat it.
01 Jan 2005 deewouldbeme i have been thinking about death since i can remember, i have been beaten and the whole nine yards... all i want to do is die every morning i wake up and wish i didnt. i feel so alone all the time, i can be in a group of people and still feel so alone. i have talked to my so called friends about this and they say im crazy.... im 17 years old and i have been through so much, i hate life, i hate myself... oding doesnt work... slitting your wrist doesnt work... ive tried them both... i want a gun but i have no clue how to get one.. i wish i had someone there for me... ive been reading this site for years... i wish someone could say they feel the same and im not alone... maybe dying isnt the answer but i cant find any other solution to end my pain...
01 Jan 2005 fghj Employ an editor who will allow your English grammer to be better than laughable.
Good Luck
01 Jan 2005 frank don't panic or care: more is arrogant
hope; maybe the ass-hole who makes this this site is a poor creature, wish it the best.
01 Jan 2005 Stevie D You know I came to this site looking for a reasonable answer for a way to kill myself and all I found was a buncha crap. The thing that I came to realize is, there's a lotta people that want to tell you not to kill yourself or that this site is wrong for existing in the first place. But the fact that this site exists says a hell of a lot more about our society than any of you people have noticed. The problem isn't that there are sites out there like this, the problem is that there is a demand for a site like this because of the disgusting country/world in which we live. We are taught to find happiness through consumption and that only feeds greed. In turn, when kids actually become smart enough to see that consumption leads to nothing but discontent (which obviously can happen as soon as 13) they begin to consider the fact that no life may actually be better than the one in which we live. So go on and on all you want about the disgusting people that make these sites and then consider that the richest country in the world has the highest suicide rate (and homicide rate to boot). You think maybe, just maybe, people in this country are a little disillusioned about what really makes one happy? Until you can answer that question correctly, you don't deserve to put a posting on this site. Good luck finding happiness in your own life.
01 Jan 2005 Integer Zero Piss off a rabid kangaroo
01 Jan 2005 kristin the fucked i'm kristin. i'm 14 and i have bipolar disorder. and it fucking sucks. i don't have any friends cause they all ditched me when i went to a psych ward.. i got kicked outta my highschool and i'm at a new one, but am not making any new friends. i've been suicidal for 3 months now but have never gotten far enough. but my fantasy is to be online, telling all my old friends that i took a bottle of tylenol and that i'll see them in hell. that would be great. and i think the best way to kill yourself has to be overdose or poisoning. i wish i had some cyanide.
31 Dec 2004 brittany this is so not funny!
not funny!
this site is sick. cruel. dumb. how r u even aloud to have a site like this?!
31 Dec 2004 hillary ya, just tell someone! easy!??! u think? well that is one of the many hardest parts! oh ya just walk into a grocery store and say, hey everyone! i feel like killing myself! (exageration) ya,.real easy. u cant just tell someone.

its harder than that, a lot harder.
31 Dec 2004 jaylin suicide is not funny!

MY DAD KILLED HIMSELF 1 YEAR AGO! how do you think i felt?

then 2 WEEKS LATER my BRO COMMITED SUICIDE. i didnt think i could survive. it was just my mom and i. we had to move away because of the publicity! i didnt go to school for 2 months. i started getting suicidal.

i found out my mom was too when 5 MONTHS AFTER MY BRO WAS GONE SHE ENDED HER LIFE!

i live with my uncle 1/4 across the country from where we used to be!


and i think about all this everyday. its been 1 and 1/2 years since my mom murdered herself.
31 Dec 2004 Haley The perfect plan...

Can't bring yourself to ask for help?

Get a friend to say to a trusted adult something like
"*name's* been acting a little weird lately. She/He has been of in her/his own world."

Something like that.

It works. I did that. Then it doesn't have to seem like you are calling for help.

Try it.
31 Dec 2004 andra i thought of a better way! but hey..u'r too inocent at 13 to kill u'rself, right? you should try hurting u'rself every day so it's hurts. we'll talk after that!
31 Dec 2004 St├ęphane Jacquemain I wish to say that I never posted the following message: 31 Dec 2004 jacque the best way to kill your self is easy. go get an electical appliance. and a knife from the kitchen. cut off the cord and strip the plastic off the metal wire inside the cord. twist the two wires together and put this end in your mouth put the plug in an out let. waah laa. bar-b-q you in 15 seconds.
31 Dec 2004 Chris im Chris and im 15, i really want to kill myself or have someone kill me for me(use a gun to my head plz...for the past 8 months my bestfriend and I hooked up and she became my gf. for the first 5 months she starting acting like if she was a different person...she was like psychic...there was a spirit that was threatening to kill her as it told me...and i did all i could to save her...and for those 5 months it went on and on...i thought it wasnt real...but then i said to myself my god this was real because i started to get weird scratches on my arm with messages...and idk how...but then i started up with it and i thought they came into me now...she kept it going and she started to "save" me...and then the 6th month she said she broke up with her bf im okay finally we can be 2gether...then everyday in school i saw her near him all the the 8th month i fucking forced her to tell me the truth and she goes saying that she is still with him...and she says the spirits were fake...and now because of this i never concentrated on school and my life...i was always focused on her...and i used to be an A+ im a fucking failure and im starting to lose a lot of friends...and now she broke up with me and is with the other kid ryan...and im telling her im going to kill myself now...and she is getting really upset...i hope she fucking deserves what she gets for brainwashing me, lying to me and cheating on me i want to kill myself now... here is my email...
31 Dec 2004 heather yeah.. i will help you.. you really need it.! you need to get a life and stop giving children and everyone the idea to kill thereselfs.... suicide is a perminite solution.. once you do it you cannot go back.. if you kill yourself you will go to hell... dont believe me read the bible you really need to.. if you think life is bad now.. think about being in hell for all eternity and never getting out..if suicide is so important to you why dont you try the 101 ways and keep them to yourself instead of giving all these people who read your page terrible need to go to a doctor or sumthing... no best of all you need god! with god you will never feel the way that you are feeling now.
31 Dec 2004 stacey Go play on a roof and say" I'm superman"
31 Dec 2004 jacque the best way to kill your self is easy. go get an electical appliance. and a knife from the kitchen. cut off the cord and strip the plastic off the metal wire inside the cord. twist the two wires together and put this end in your mouth put the plug in an out let. waah laa. bar-b-q you in 15 seconds.

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