Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Jan 2005 Lenora i am such a stupid biznoutch. i just fergot to load the gun and i pulled the trigger whilst the barral was in mine mouth. and religious maggie just came over and lapped up my poosy drippings.
12 Jan 2005 Juliana I hate my life. Both parents are alcoholics, I was raped by my best guy friend when I was 11, only one of my friends knows and she doesn't know what to think anymore. I've begun to drink ... heavily I might add. My mom yells at me for unnecessary reasons and I rarely see my dad. My parents are divorced and I want to tell my boyfriend what happened to me 5-1/2 years ago but I can't bring myself to tell him. I started slitting my wrists about 7 months ago and I stopped for awhile until the school year started again. My golf game has gone down hill, I've been to court for street racing and when I'm pissed off I either drink, cut, speed at above 70 on city streets and 100 on the freeway, I have gotten so pissed at times that I've even taken some medications and washed them down with alcohol and then continued cutting. I have a year and half to go before I can break free of my parental boundaries where my mom is emotionally abusive. I fear telling my friend about the other episodes of cutting because she trusted that I would stop but I haven't. It sucks. I've also cut countless classes and have failed 4 of my necessary classes this year because of it. I used to be a straight A student until I was raped. I still see my rapist because our parents are friends and he denies raping me. My boyfriend doesn't know about the rape .... let alone the cutting. I want to tell him but I don't know how. How should I tell him? I should I stop cutting? I can't even tell my mom because she will blame me for what happened. I have thankfully stopped drinking because my boyfriend doesn't drink and that helps but it's really hard. I need a way out but I don't know how. For a seventeen-year-old, my life is pretty fucked up.
12 Jan 2005 william (18uk) I tried 2 kill myself twice, by overdose. the second time nearly worked but i puked the whole lot up and ended up in a mental hosp for 2 weeks. it was funny because while i was in there i met some people who were much more sain than some on the outside. it was not so bad.
Why are people so judgemental? Damn, if someone wants 2 die they've got enough 2 worry about without all the fucking insults and stuff. i know whats it like to feel like u have no-where to go in life, and if u want to die then ultimatly it is ur decision.... there is only one thing in this world that is DEFINATLY yours: your own life. so make the best of it in whatever form that might be, alive or not. but i hope whichever way u go it's gets better 4 u, because we ALL deserve some sort of dignity and something that makes us happy. I know it did get better for me, even though i couldn't see how it would. I guess maybe one day i still might do it. Just remember tho- if u're really low, it HAS to get better, and when it does, u will feel amazing for it... sadly for some that time never comes, but please give it a chance first. If not, then i wish your soul luck and hope that u find a place that loves you.
12 Jan 2005 greg with a 22 long rifle
12 Jan 2005 Ash i think the best way to kill your self is an OD i have tired many times and have not suguseeded what is a good pill to use P.s. i beleave your suicide kit will just make more people want to kill them selfs like with guns people play with them then go and shoot people of corse i want a suicide kit tho -.-
12 Jan 2005   lolok u might have seen some stupid post i wrote here well it wasnt me!! some rape me shit .lol i dindt wright it n i would appreciat it if i didnt get nemore rape me emails...urgh LOL so neway my point is i didnt wright that raoe me post
11 Jan 2005 Worthington Christian Reject I've wanted to die for as long as I can Remember, Now I think I just might. I made a suicide Kit replica. It had a Knife, a pen, not nearlly enough tylanol, and a rubber toy to easily get stuck in your throat. It doesnt work though. I won tickets to a show and asked a chic I know and like (Shes knows I like her, and she even told me that she liked me) out to see it and she said sure, knowing damnwell it was a date. The next day she gets a new boyfriend. well my life is over tonight
11 Jan 2005 s les médicaments dans la pharmacie
11 Jan 2005 Rev. Poosy Blessings from the church of the Holy Wafer Hole. I shall bless you with one of my special wafers. Oooh, they are so holy that they come where the sun dont shine. God bless you.
11 Jan 2005 Lulu I would love you, I do, even if you are dead. You'll still be you. I am not saying "do it" I am saying "have a nice sleep" in the Ice House.
11 Jan 2005 some girl sleeping pills and a bag....take all the sleeping pills....then take the bag and place it over ur head...SWEET DREAMS!!
11 Jan 2005 ...... [merinda] ....... "Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live."
Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

(Not that I agree)
11 Jan 2005 toxic shock syndrome wait before you kill yourselfs... we all must unite to kill mouchette. the stupid whore who sends child porno in the emails she sends us. i hope you die of toxic shock syndrome mouchette. a very rotten poosy death. and it will be suicide because you stuck that extra large tampon up your bum and it rotted thru into your vaginal cancer.
11 Jan 2005 gildalahara colorado rosado hi i am from mexico and i want to say if you want to kill yourself you need to stop. go look in the mirror and tell it to your self. say i am going to kill you.... me. and look in your eyes. are you truly wanting to do this or are you looking into eyes full of fear. thats right your a scary little bitch. i just blew my fuckin brains out but it didnt kill me. you know why. cuz i am blonde and i dont need brains only my beautiful poosy and titays and my round rump. thats it. i am a blonde from mexico. i dont need my brains. see if you do.. can you look at yourself in the mirror and blow your brains out. your not suicidal then. your just a scary poosy.
11 Jan 2005 CAMRON someone please help me. i am contemplating suicide and am very scared. i am not tring to get attention. i am serious. i am scared because i dont know who i am anymore and i might actually do it this time. its different that the last time. i wasnt serious but now i am.
11 Jan 2005 Joe Kerr how does my shite taste my pretty? mouchette....? are you there?
i want to cus you out again. i really need to vent my anger so i dont commit suicide. please post this as if you dont i will get upset and want to kill myself you hipocrate. you are one of the most pathetic people on the face of the earth. do you like to drink your own p. you make me so sick on my insides i could just go kill my neighbors cat. i hate you !!! I FUCKIN HATE YOU AND YOUR GUTS AND THIS SITE> the more i think about it- it just makes me more and more horny. i am now going to go wack my jimmy and think about having wild painful intercourse with my neighbors cat...
11 Jan 2005 J I tried to slit my wrists when i was 18. It didnt work. I tried sleeping pills - it didnt work. I tried household products... it didnt work. Lately i found myself sliding again..... I tried to die... again. Im now 21.

Somehow the medics showed up and took me to the hospital.

After that they put me in a room with padded walls, it was worse than a jail cell - it was like the shit you see on tv.

I got out last week and i will try again. How?
Not sure but the drugs, pills, alcohol and knives arent working. Im thinking about jumping infront of a train or off a bridge.
i'll most likely take my car into the woods, stick a hose on the tail pipe and into my window. Painless and not messy at all (good for the funeral)

I wouldnt support the idea of anybody killing themselves but i do understand what your going through and would never pass jugdement on someone who decides too. Afterall, it is your life.
11 Jan 2005 moi continuer à vivre
11 Jan 2005 jedi ummz eat a box of crayons??????????????
10 Jan 2005 Tom Nail you head carefully to a computer screen (not breaking the screen) If the nails dont kill you, im fairly certain continous exposure to the ions from the screen will.

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