Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jan 2005 Ashlei Umm basically im here 2 talk about cutting. Im 15, and i just got out of a really fucked up relationship with a guy who cuts. I was literally tortured all through school untili switched schools last year (im a sophmore). and it got a bit better but not much. I used 2 lock myself in the bathroom for hours n listen 2 that good charlotte song hold on n just cry until i couldnt anymore n i would like collapse in there and my mom would have 2 pick the lock n get me out. it was bad. really bad. that year i was also diagnosed with bi-polar depression. not cool. n that made it worse. my family, were all messed up. but what i dont get is how ppl can cut. i know its about controlling ur pain the only way u possibly can, and i wanted 2 but i couldnt bring myself to do it. My best friend died last year, and she used 2 cut. she commited suicide, anf 4 awhile i wanted 2 do it 2. I still have bad days. and i still play that GC song once in awhile,i was gonna be a loozer n OD on my antidepressants to prove a point about me taking them and them not helping like i said. well i didnt, and thne i met this guy at hot topic who works there n he was like u dont need that stuff, its all mental, and the more i thought about it the more i realized he was right. I was a mental loozer and i needed 2 straighten things out in my mind. im still fucked up n i still cry alot and i still scare myself with the idea of how im gonna die, but its getting better.... Please email me if u wanna or IM me im on AOL n AIM @ volcomsk8271 (my email is my SN w/ attached.) talk 2 me, i still need the help..
25 Jan 2005 David Tu veux mourir? Mais il y a une hésitation et tu ne sais pas pourquoi? Tu aimerais passer par dessus et en finir une bonne fois pour toute! Je connais la solution! Mourir à toi-même est tâche difficile puisque nous tenons à nous infliger des torts qui ne nous appartiennent que parce que nous les tenons pour nôtres. Pourtant une parcelle de vie en toi t'enchante la mélodie du bonheur! C'est possible d'être heureux dans cette vie-ci! Mais pour cela, tu dois mourir à toi-même. Nous avons à nous aider en commençant par nous aimer, même si le mal en soi est tenace, loquace et obsédant. Tu dois le regarder dans les yeux et lui dire, même si tu as peur, que tu l'aimes, ce mal. Je crois que ceux qui souffre comme nous sont tellement intelligents et sensibles qu'ils perdent l'équilibre dans ce brouhaha inhumain que sont les sociétés capitalistes. Mais rien ne sert de se plaindre! Au contraire! Il y a tellement de joie, d'amour et d'harmonie dans toute la création. Pourquoi n'appelles-tu pas l'Âme du Phénix à venir t'aider? La vie est magique à partir du moment où tu décides de lâcher prise avec tes peurs qui ne sont que des illusions!Mourir à soi, c'est constater les ombres en nous et y mettre du soleil. Tu as peur de la lumière? Pourquoi as-tu peur de toi? Toi, fils et fille des Étoiles, regarde le ciel qui t'entoure et puise y la sagesse et la force d'être heureux et heureuse. Si le soleil te semble trop fort débute avec la lune. Laisse la lumière entrer en toi et illuminer tes peurs, tes ombres qui te font mal. Par exemple, tu veux mourir! Pourquoi? Tu te sens seul et dévalorisé(e)? Mais qui est cette petite voix dans ta tête qui a la volonté de te dire: je t'aime. Es-tu certain(e) qu'elle est toute à toi? Elle n'a pas envie de te dire je t'aime. Mais est-ce ta voix? Elle est là pour que tu l'utilises et toi, tu le fais, mais de reculons. Est-ce pour prendre ton élan et sauter par dessus tes peurs? Non! Tu n'as pas le courage! Je t'en donne un petit peu. Je ne crois pas que la douleur te quitte de l'autre côté de la vie. En fait, parce que je travaille avec des entités depuis quelques temps, je peux te dire qu'il est plus difficile de faire la paix de l'autre côté que de ce côté-ci! La matière est un outil indispensable pour expérimenter tes sentiments. Alors vois ta douleur, comprend-la, accepte-la en l'aimant et trouve son contraire afin de t'emplir de sa force et ainsi te soutenir dans ta démarche de mort à toi-même. Personne d'autre que toi ne peux t'aimer à ta place et c'est seulement quand ton amour sera que tu pourras aller vers les autres. Pour l'instant, du moins, laisse les autres venir à toi et demande à ton âme de te montrer ce qu'il est bon de faire pour toi afin de renaître à toi-même sans un acte violent comme le suicide. Ce n'est pas facile, mais ce n'est pas non plus difficile. Tu as tout les outils en mains pour te sauver et ainsi découvrir la personne merveilleuse que tu es. Cesse d'encourager ta haine et ouvre toi à l'amour.Pleure. Libère-toi. Nous t'aimons beaucoup et nous avons besoin de toi. Nous t'en prions, aimes-toi.

Les Anges de la création
25 Jan 2005 Wheee You guys just need to get laid.
25 Jan 2005 samantha i tried to kill myself because i think im a fat beast i need heplp please
25 Jan 2005 Tree You are all hopeless. Why? You think death is an answer, some kind of resolution. It isn't.

It is an EASY way to get out.

EASY. Just that, totally easy.

Is that how you want to be remembered? The person who took the easy way?
25 Jan 2005 Cheyne Give up on certainly don't have to be 13...
25 Jan 2005 crissy walters im 13 and im contemplating personaly i cut up my arms for hours at a time and o.d i think the best way for someone under 13 to kill themselves is to take as many different pills as they can get their little hands on(all at once)
25 Jan 2005 Maria hi everyone growing up in new york was shitty for me. I was only 5 when i went to live with my parents whom it met for the first time. Things got bad fast my parents were very abusive. My mother never said she loved me, I never even knew what x-mas was till I was 11 years old. She neglected me, made me feel unwanted. When I turned 7 I ran away from home. I was in foster homes for about 3 years. Till i moved to canada. There is not a day that goes by that I don't want her to suffer. I don't wnat to feel this way having a mother that does not give a fuck about you. I do want to end my life, I will after I write this to you.
Thank you for listening.
25 Jan 2005   do you people think this is funny? you are put on earth for a reason, there is a plan for you already made. Esp, if you are only 13 you have your whole life ahead of you now. Please enjoy life!!
25 Jan 2005 Loud whisper Hmmmmm, where to start? Pain, Anger, doubt, suffering, self hatred, sorrow..... I can go on and on....... obviously if you are reading this you have had or probably still have struggling thoughts of suicide. And after reading so many posts here on this site for about 4 months i have decided to write you all my own little short story...... like the most of you my life was tough in every way possible..... Everyday was filled with pain and sorrow..... i have been trying to commit suicide scene i was 12 .... i am 15 now . it began slowly with self hatred then self abuse.... ( cutting my self and banging my head into walls constantly) i tried stabbing my self, slitting my rist, suffocating my self, overdoses, and jumping in front of cars...... i was stuck and lost inside of my self .... i felt like no one could help me and even if they could who would care enough to any ways? . After the attempts i was consistently sent to counselors, social workers and physiologists..... Eventually i gave up on life..... Everyday i would wake up hoping to die.... after so many attempts i wondered wut in the world kept me here???
i tried avoiding my pain by drinking ALOT... sometimes to the point where i couldn’t even remember where i was or wut i was doing ...smoking and doing wut ever else i can do to get by another day.... every night i cried my self to sleep....... now one night specifically i had a bottle of pills in one hand and a remote in the other ready to try another attempt.... i was flipping through the channels now i guess i must have landed on some Christian channel ... and i remember this mans voice loud and clear ..." my child .... God sees your pain and he wants to show you his love ... he sees you now and he’s saying Put Down Those Pills..... God loves you”.............. Shaken by the man’s words i quickly drank the bottle of pills..... Why... I don’t know.... but i ended up in the ER almost dead..... but again, once again i was Blessed enough to im not here to preach to you but i am here to tell you that i was given a second chance at life ...... another chance to make things right... now the pain... and bruises done over the years is not going to disappear in one night... i cannot guarantee you that life is going to be easy.... but i can guarantee you that there is someone who cares....and who will help you though it.. God Loves you and if you got this far into this letter ...THEN hear the Voice of a girl who once stood in your foot steps..... Who felt what you are feeling who’s been where you have been
LISTEN to me when i tell you Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.... Never loose hope.....and now you have heard my side of the story... if you are still reading this i tell you that no matter what you have been told you are not an accident.... you are here for a reason... and ur alive today thank God, for you are here today..... Reading these very words and breathing..... if u want to talk about anything at all or jus want to ask me n e thing Please feel free Email me at
25 Jan 2005 Tracy Mollett Hi my name is tracy mollett im a 17 year old male i was regrettingly born 12,10,87. since about 5 years ago my life has went to hell. i had sex had a kid and a nean ass girl i felt stuck with i was with her for five years and finaly when she left me i felt happy.... i found me a beautifull girl who loves me and treats me good and things are going realy great,, suddenly her mom hates me she says no more you cant see her. what im saying is that no matter what i do my life is never good....... if ne one has ne advice please send me some thank you
25 Jan 2005 jo bloggs i found the best way to kill yourself is to get a nice sharp knive stanly blads are good and slit your wrist from hand to elbow and if your only doing it for attention pray some one finds you quick.
24 Jan 2005 Jon I thought that getting drunk and wrecking my car would have been the best. I was four times the legal limit and the cops said I was going about 90. I hit a telephone pole and it spun me off an inbanckment into some trees. I destroyed my car. I was still fucking able to get up and walk away. This is the second time that I should have died. I guess i need to try harder next time. Hopefully a bottle of perscription sleeping pills will work.
24 Jan 2005 why would you want to know my name? we are all walking dead. Those of us who want do die. I feel only apathy and rage. silence is the only way
24 Jan 2005 Rev. Poosy Well, holy communion went well yesterday (Sunday). Lots of people decided to come up for communion. Gee's (sorry, quick hail mary), so many women wanted to try out the holy wafers up there holes (sorry) and it was like playing tiddly winks. They were bent over with their knickers down trying to aim for the chalice which was filled with very holy wine provided by the local vineyard which i personally blessed with my monk boyfriend. It was such a site. No, not me with my boyfriend. It was the site in church. Well, must go. Have to write next weeks surmon. God bless +
24 Jan 2005 lost_hikariko Hey you guys, i know what your talking about... but I want you to know people care. I'm just glad mines was such a special person. My eighth grade art teacher, Mr.Graf. He sat by my side and listen. He offered chocolate cause in Harry Potter, it makes you feel better. Please people, whoever you are, don't take the short way out. The only reason I'm still alive is because every morning, I see my friend's faces. They are all smiling adn welcoming me. That's the reason I'm still alive. I mean, I haven't completely forgotten of pain, the lonely feelings that no one knew i was alive or that no one would care if I up and died. Then I realized my friends were there through everything. They'd miss me more than maybe my family. That's why I get up. PLease, find why you get up and get up. Wake up from the dead. Look in the mirrror and remember that the pain won't disappear but if you try hard to move on, you'll notice all the people who love and care for you.
23 Jan 2005 guillaume se couper les veines
23 Jan 2005 Lucy Cortina The other day I killed a pigeon with my boobies. Allow me to explain:
Since my bra collection is now missing, I have been using a makeshift bra - the largest one I could find. And I bought it from one of those shops "for the larger person". As I walked in, the "larger" people stared at me like I was some freak. Well I suppose being as slim as I am I did look out of place there. I pointed at my boobs, then everyone seemed to instantly understand why I was there, and that I was "one of them", at least in the boobie department. All the women turned and carried on looking at the tent-sized negligés, underwear and so on, whilst the men were still oogling at my boobies. I remained dignified by looking at the bra section with my nose stuck up in the air. It didn't last long though as I was having trouble seeing the bras, which is saying something as they were enormous. I chose the largest size there, a huge pink bra with extra-strong straps on it made out of leather. I fully knew that it would never contain my breasts should they expand, but this was the best I would find at such short notice.
After wearing my new bra for about 10 minutes (I put it on in the public toilets, a woman walked in on me and immediately ran out screaming) my boobs were starting to feel sweaty and the bra straps were creaking under the enormous strain. "Not in public!" I thought. I knew what was about to happen so I panicked. There were people everywhere except a patch of grass where some pigeons were feeding. I swung my whole body around so my boobs were facing them, at which point my bra straps snapped. My boobs shot out of my top at practically light speed, which was when everything went into one of those "slow motion" freeze-frame things you see in movies. My boobs were hurtling towards the pigeons, I screamed "Nooo ooh ooho oooo" in one of those distorted slow-motion voices, and the pigeons all took flight.
Except one.

My boobs hit the pigeon before it even had chance to look up. It was of course crushed on the spot. Seeing my boobs squishing against the pigeon was horrific. At least it died happy. But I wasn't happy.
"Help me! Help meeeeeeee! There's dead pigeon stuck to my boobs! Get it off! Get it off!!!"
I swung my boobs around and around frantically trying to shake off the feathers and blood and dead pigeon covering my boobs. A clump of tail feathers and blood flew off me and hit a woman on her bum, but she thought her boyfriend had pinched it and hugged him. Everyone was staring at me and one woman shouted "CALL THE POLICE!!"

To be continued..............
23 Jan 2005 nameless the best way is a group suicide, i took pills last night and nothing happened, took some this morning and nothing, how many do you guys try with?

it doesnt matter whats happened to people, the fact is they dont want to live anymore and that should be their decision. im 20, 21 this year, and just want out.
22 Jan 2005 tiger Lock yourself in with 50 cats. Shoot yourself. The neglected cats will eat your corpse. Jump from a bridge with weight on your feet and a noose around your neck Get an axe from the woodpile & chop yourself to the head. any of these will do

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