Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Jan 2005 Still Dreaming One day I will wake up. I will know today is the day I do it. I will sit staring out the window into nothingness all day, waiting for one reason to live to come to me. No reason will come, there is none. No one will visit, I have no acquaintances, no one will call, no one is that interested in me. All day I will see the world in nothing but greens and blues. On a warm summer night as it nears 12 o’clock my red blood will splash against the cold toned universe and be forgotten.

Soon my body will be as cold as the glass of the window I sit in front of all day, wishing I was free of my life.
17 Jan 2005 The snuffalufagus that typed I could turn off my light, put some pillows under the covers, and head down to the basement. It would be so easy, what is stopping me? I could make a short little stop in the kitchen and pick up a couple of the sharp meat knifes we keep there. They are sharp, and the pain would be much numbed, as the knife sliced through the tender flesh of my throat. I am drunk and it would be easy, what is stopping me? No school tomorrow. I am not expected to wake up until around noon, the parents would not be worried till about two, they would not be frantic until about three. It 11:23 PM right now, I am sure that is enough time to die. What is stopping me? That must be a enough time to die, 15 hours with a cut throat. And I really just might.

The sky is red and I can't sleep, restless to move as I see the sky foreshadowing the apocalypse. And "Why kill time when you can kill yourself" to snatch a few words from the Cabaret Voltaire. What is stopping me, why not?

I see myself sitting in that pool of dark blood on the gray stone floor. I used to sneak down there to smoke marijuana, now I am doing it to die. Why not? Why the fuck not?
16 Jan 2005 sophia je pense que la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans (et j ai 13 ans!!) c de prendre pleins de médicaments, ou alors davaler du platre ou mm de sauter par la fenetre. prck si on veut mourir, autant le faire sans souffrir, surtout si on a moins de 13 ans.
16 Jan 2005 The Soul Collector take an ice pick and gab it in your eye all the way. this will send your body flailing into convulsions and make you parylized. you die instantly if the ice pick goes in your brain deep enough, you need about 15 cm penetration.
16 Jan 2005 josh e wash e the best way depends on how bad you wanna die. real bad just break your neck with your hands by grabbing the bottom of your chin and the top of your fore head when tilting your head to the side. now twist your head until it cant go any more. now use all your might to twist your head off in one motion. good nite.
16 Jan 2005 i ate the big piece sentry benty kintry.
lifty wity city.
i woft the fumes to my nostrils.
i inhale the fumes in my lungs.
the fumes burn my lungs.
i die.
good bye.
16 Jan 2005 luna luna damnit mouchette why wont you post my posts. hey everyone check out
we all hate you mouchette. religious maggie is cool. we all love you religious maggie. i want to cum to your church and see the altar dripping get sprayed all over the candles and the congregation. i want to sit up front so i can get washed away in a river of old man jizz and miss maggies douche with a floral scent. yea !!! i want to float in a river of old man jizz and floral scented douche
15 Jan 2005 ...[merinda] ... For some strange reason, here again i am, reading the responses of other people to...well whatever they felt like writing, and i ask myself, why? but isnt that the eternal question everyone's asking. nothing changes, never does, and i dont think it ever will. i keep telling myself to wait, but ive almost given up waiting. waiting doesnt do anything but prolong the agony of life. every day's a stuggle in itself, and i hate people criticising depressed people who wish to end their own life. can you believe its a crimial offense to kill yourself? they consider it murder, and if you attempt and fail, you can be prosecuted. What is happening to society these days? There really is nothing to live for.
15 Jan 2005 Rev. Poosy Blessings. Well, holy communion has been cancelled this Sunday folks because of a shortage of Holy Wafers. They are special ones you know. They only fit small Holy Holes. And if they are any larger they would get stuck im afraid. People would be straining.............+
15 Jan 2005 Doink The Brown Hey whipping boy, what you gotta do is stop believing in that dumb ass God of yours that doesn't exist. One reason you experience so much pain is because you seem to believe that when you asked God something, he actually answered.

You have to stop sounding like such a whiney bitch. So you think you're a victim eh? Well lah dee dah, look at poor whipping boy, he's had it worse than everyone else in the world. Let us all look and marvel at the pain he has gone through. Oh why was God so mean to him? Why God? WHY!?!!?!!??

However bad you think you have it, millions have it a million times worse..... but it doesn't matter. It's not a contest of who has had it the worst. The point is, stop believing in your stupid non existent God and stop thinking of yourself as a victim. You're not a victim. You are lucky to have had your friends and your bizach wife in the first place.
15 Jan 2005 You dont need it You jump into a pit of electried barbed-wire until your uncontrollable muscles spasms slowely cause your flesh to be ripped apart, thus eventually causing you to die in one of the most painfull and certain suicides of the time.
15 Jan 2005 ben aflecks do you read in the paper about the guy who was a bus driver and commited suicide by driving off a cliff with 300 people on board? when i heard about this i thought to myself how the hell do you get 300 people on a bus?
14 Jan 2005 alice jones i want to kill myself by slitting my wrists and putting a plastic bag over my head. i hasve no friends. my life means nothing. if you're interested in a ritual suicide please contact me.
14 Jan 2005 I WANT TO DIEEEE I havent tried to kill myself yet...
But I have seriously thought about it for 10 years.. Im friggin 15 years old..

Okay this is my life..
I grew up into a wife beater/child abuser/druggie family.. The first couple years of my life I was with my grandparents which wasnt bad, but it was because my sister was in the hospital dying.. My mom couldn't be with me nor my brother.. so we basically didnt have a mother until we were 3-4 years old.. thats when the hell started happening.. My child abuser of a father and psychotic mother took us from our grandparents and we lived in many different apartments and going from place to place.. we eventually ended up back at my grandparents house with my mother and father.. while witnessing some abuse and being hit everyday.. the emotional abuse was worse.. and when I was 5 years old me and my siblings were taken away, and for a week we were at my cousins house.. and because I was scared to sleep with my cousin in her room my uncle beat me up.. great vacation from mom and dad..

We were returned to our parents in a week and a week later we were taken away (once again) each time being traumatized, while these big police officers are taking us out of the arms of our grandparents.. in 2 days we were back with our horrid parents..

when I was 6 we moved out of our grandparents house and moved into a new house ( where all there was were low class mexicans, that went "ouchi ouchi" or something like that when we rode our bikes passed the houses in the neighborhood.. it was a dump), we got a dog and everything was going better..
My fathers abuse though got worse.. everyday we would hear fuckers,cunts, etc use ur imagination.. and we'd get hit horribly and my mom when he was beating her I would go in front of her and say dont hit my mommy.. he'd throw me into the wall.. ohh well.. I got a cat for christmas.. and in the spring our dog was ran over by a car.. we got 2 more dogs .. the 1 dog ate my cat.. the only friend I had ever known and my dad just kept on hitting me..
I remeber going to school with a big bruises on my face and the teacher asking me why I had so many bruises,
I had to lie.. knowing that life would only get worse if I was taken away..

So I got fat from my cat dying .. from the depression.. I ate because that replaced the feelings and food became my new friend..

I got teased.. soooooooooooooooooooooo bad.. never had 1 friend.. and I was literally beaten up at school and tortured.. and when I got home I got it from my parents..

I remember on christmas my dad gave me a black eye and broke my nose.. aww.. great present..

I lost all my fat because I became an anorexic/bulimic and quit school..
I had no friends and no life..
I over dosed on pills a couple times .. diet pills that is .. and I had to go to the hospital to get my stomach pumped..

my dog died ( the 1 from the 2 that we got) and later on the next year my grandpa went into the hospital and our house burnt down.. and our other remaining dog killed our puppy that we got 2-3 years previous.. when they were in the hotels..

My cats had kittens .. when we were in those lovely (yeah right.. okay the rat traps of hotels)and most of them died when I tried so hard to keep them alive.. my grandpa was literally dying in the hospital for about 5 months at this point and we finally got a new house..

I personally felt like killing myself.. I had lost everything that mattered to me.. and I was losing the only father I had ever known.

a couple months passed by and my grandpa was starting to get better.. then due to neglence of the doctors they killed him off..

I was ready to slit my wrists right there.. I over dosed on pills 2 more times and I lost it

I mourned and stayed in my room for months and I didnt go to school again.. and now my dad still hits me and abuses me almost every day.. my mother emotionally abuses me and wants to make every1 hate me.. and I finally met a guy I liked and he liked me back.. and we talked about everything.. but suddenly he started acting different.. and now he's treating me like shit..

and now I just cant take anything anymore.. I just want to die.. and nothing is working to kill myself off..
Im too sad about everything..

The world would be better off without me and Im just another mouth to feed and to abuse .. so if anyone has any tips to kill yourself off with please share!!!! :(
13 Jan 2005 Geena Well let's see. . . you could always just take a dog leash, wrap it around your neck, throw a ball down the street, and have the dog drag you until you choke or get so many cuts you loose all of your blood.
13 Jan 2005 trowa pick a fight with a retarded kid in a public place.
13 Jan 2005 Master Assister à un Cours d' Anick Bureaud
13 Jan 2005 soumia Bonjour.
En lisant vos quelques mots je suis resteé choquée!!! pourquoi voulez-vous inventer un jouet destiné aux enfants de moins de 13 ans leur montrant les diverses manières de se suicider!!!!
Voulez-vous que ce mal de la société qui épargne jusqu'alors quelques innocents les atteigne?!!!!!
Répondez moi svp, rassurez moi!!!!
13 Jan 2005 Will Snow Hey toxic shock syndrome, leave mouchette alone OK.................
13 Jan 2005 Religious Maggie Ooh Lenora you remind me of a certain washing machine liquid called Lenore. But my darling the worst thing is, I can't even remember you. Were you one of the many young ladies participating in my "poosy opens, poosy closes" lessons on top of the altar?

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