Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Feb 2005 Donna I really don't thinkk that sucide is a toy. It is a serious matter. I OD just before christmas on my mom's birthday. My friend drove over here and litterly dragged me out of my room and took my to the hospital. Some day's i wish he didn't and some days i just wanna thank him for savin' me. Today is just not one of thoughs days. This same friend is addicted to really bad drugs, he is on house arrest right now and i don't want him to do something bad like i did. I am not doin' that well in school, my dad is never there for me he never was and never will. When things were gettin' bad at my house between my mom, her bf and myself i asked my dad if i could live with him and he turned me down both times. Right now i only cut when i get mad or depressed, but that seems all the time, i reallydon't see the point of livin' if your not havin' a good time enjoyin' it. I don't know what to do and i can't talk to my friend cuz he is probably doin' drugs right now and if i tell him somthing like that he will take my to the hospital or tell someone who will. I don't wanna die in pain, i already have enough pain, i jsut wanna die and get it over with, i have no where to go in life, all i wanted if life was to live the rest of my life with my friend and have a happy life, but i know that wan't happen he will end up in jail or something like that. I am tired of waitin' for him to clear up. The weird thing is i wanna do the drugs that he does but i want him not to.I think that i make my own problems but i just don't know how to stop. I don't know what i am doin wrong. I don't think that my sycyatrist, therapist, or my two cooounseller's are helpin' me at all. They all say they know how your feel, or that they want to know but i don't feel confterble talkin to them about things like that.I want 2 talk to someone i can trust,someone who won't try to stop me from what i am doin' i just want to talk to someone who feels the same way i do. I am 13 and i really want someone to talkk to my e-mail address is
02 Feb 2005 Chantelle You all have serious isssues...if your 13 or under and you want to kill yourself...why? It's called get professional help and if you don't have the money talk to someone who cares..if no one cares about you well then hey deal with it and move on!! Life sucks but good shit does happen, you just have to get out at meet people that will change your life and make you see shit from a different angle!! Dumbasses
02 Feb 2005 No1UnDeRsTaNdS hmm i aynt got the worst life on here but i hate mine i wish i was dead and no one understands im realy depressed and all my best mate can turn round and do is say im mental and i need to be seen to when she went and took a overdoes of 42 paracetamol but didnt suceed, people tell me to talk to people yer i tryed but what do they all do..turn round and go it will get better, well it dont seem to be getting any better i dunno what else to put theres so much going through my head i just dont want to be here i think i dont know what to do. if any1 think they can help me add me on msn
02 Feb 2005 the Mëtler I'm 24, but I've been suicidal since I was about 12. Been depressed as long as i can remember. Finally just a year ago after checking myself into the ER cause I felt like i was at the end of my chain and would kill myself if i didn't get hope, I was sent to a psychiatrist and put on Paxil. And it works. If you're depressed, get on drugs. they help. They don't cure ya, and you gotta take em every day, cause I forgot to take my pill 3 days ago, and for 2 days after i was suicidal again, I popped open a shaving razor and tried cutting into the big vein in my arm, but damnit I just hate pain so much i couldn't cut through all the way. I've thought about many different ways to kill myself, but most of them would be too painful (I figure, if you're gonna go out, you wanna end on a good note) or I can't afford them. I think the best way to go would either be to bleed to death, if only I could get over the pain of cutting into my vein, or the more adventurous way to go would be to drop acid, shoot heroin, and jump out of an airplane. that oughta be the ultimate, but I haven't seen acid in 2 years, and don't know where to get heroin, and can't afford to go skydiving. but ultimately what keeps me alive is thinking about how much it would hurt those that love me, my friends and family. But damnit, life can be so painful and difficult and my mind is just so fucked and I've got too many bad memories that I just can't shake that suicide sometimes seems like the way to go. And damnit I sure am fascinated with the afterlife.

email me if you wanna talk.
02 Feb 2005 REDDEATH As prommised the poems
In The Dark
In the dark I was alone, scared, sad and unhappy I could not see a future for myself. I was hollow deep within my self, deep with in the cold endlessness of my own mind. No one could reach me. I was just a shell with no heart, no soul and no desire. Then there was a chance, a chance for me to change, a chance that someone would love me, a chance that I could love with any chance of getting hurt, torn to pieces and put back into the dark dingy place where I once was. You rescued me and I am eternally grateful. I look forward to the future and now I can see a long life by your side where we are deeply in love forever and ever.

Back To The Darkness
Here I am scared and alone, back in the dark place where i once was, back where she had palled me from when i first met her. she has torn me to peices, thrown me away like a piece of garbage on the side of the road and besides me sits my heart, darkened with dirt, still beating from where she had ripped it out of me, ripped it in half and trown it out like she had me.
here are just 2 of the 22 poems i wrote for/about her, and there is one problem I Still love her. (I Love You and always will do) just so you kno how much I Love her its been 4 months since she caused this pain.
hey every one catch me if you can I'll race you there!
Get This She's sorry. She broke my heart and she's sorry. How dose repear the hole that once had some thing there.
Since I last told some stuff some more has happened but first i need to tell you some more of the past r you wont understand some of this.
A few months ago I was stayin in america where I was sad but much happier than here in the UK. My best friends Birthday was coming up and I thought as a nice surprise I would change my flights(cost $150) to be back in time for his birth day and I Brought him back a prez(Nice of me I thought). But now here you go this is the very nice part. A few days ago it was my 18th birthday and guess what I didnt hear from him, so i phoned him this how the convo went
me: "Hey chris hows it going"
chris: "not to bad under nieth the belly of a plane at the mo im just cleaning FXK12"
me: " Oh ok. Dont you have any thing to say to me?"
chris: "NO"
me: "chris it's my birthday man."
chris: "is it oh ok."
me: "dude?"
chris: "I have to go. I'm under this plane."
me: "ok man i'll tal.......beeeeeeeeeep"
he didnt even let me finnsh what i was saying. I found out on sunday he's not talkin to me, I had to phone one of my old mates some one i thought he wasnt talkin to and some i definately wasnt talkin to find out what was goin on. i found out chris, my best mate the guy i done that stuff for that i talked about, was angry (get this) becos i was upset he forgot my birthday. what a friend!!!
so not only has the girl i love riped my heart out but... my best friend forgot my bday and is now not talkin to me, oh and get this lets make it even better half my family forgot my birthday too.
Lets Lits this
Now have no friends
1/2 of Family forgot my B-Day
Girl friend Ripped heart out(now i let this girl in to my family took her to my brothers wedding, showed her all the care in the world and now i just feel empty she was the only thing i had i'll post 2 poems' of such after this one.)
Oh mustent forget this suff
I need to get £20,000($40,000) with in six months
My mom is movin to a one bed roomed house,(hang on dont i live with my mom?)
my dad didnt get me any thing on my B-Day, didnt even send me a txt messege till my brother called him, no card nothing, to get more of the story do a name search on REDDEATH i seem to be the only one sofar.
Please let me kno if i am right in being depressed and upset, oh by the ways im a deeply emotional person any so this really dose put the tip on the mountain. please feel free to e-mail me/messege me on msn its the same address
02 Feb 2005 Warren T. Snumbums Hay guyz well personally I decided to kill myself in a couple of minutes cause there's nothing good on TV right now and I'm pretty bored. well i decided 2 search the web for teh best way to do it and I decided the best way would be to find a bridge, tie a rope around my legs, then tie an equal length of piano wire around my neck. Both of these I will attach to some stationary object such as one of the rails around the bridge. Then I will shoot myself in the brain and fall off of the bridge. If all goes as planned the piano wire will cut off my head so I will leave a fun dangling corpse in the paths of the semi trucks on the expressway below. Hopefully I can break a couple windshields or at least smear some gore on somebody's hood. If I'm lucky I might even cause a 10-car pileup!!!

Good luck everyone!!!
02 Feb 2005 Era Hey everyone this is Era again, just typing to say hello and i hope that people are doing better, i'm glad some of you have been emailing me so if anyone wants to talk just reach me at i feel that some of these people that come to this website and post stupid comments like "we're all depressed weirdos" and "looking for attention" should get a life, because depression and cutting is a disease in this world, and some of us cant control these emotions, myself included, but i've been doing a little better and i feel that everyone should have time to have fun. i'll be back so just wait up for me!!!!
01 Feb 2005 Damneddave Nobody want to die. Just stop suffering. personne ne veut mourir, juste arrêter de souffrir. suicide is not a solution.
01 Feb 2005 peter unfortunatly your unlikley to get hold of any pills or anything, try drinking as much strong alcohol as you can (im talking over a litre of spirits) and then when you fell as if your about to pass out, put a plastic bag over your head and secure round your neck with an elastic band, with a bit of luck you'll be asleep before you die.
01 Feb 2005 didier grandir
01 Feb 2005 Shoko Sombrero For suicide I always recommend mushrooms. You can find them all over the world. Plus, they are free! And it's great fun looking for them.
What's more, you might by accident eat some that are not so deadly but instead very psychedelic. Who knows you may not be too interested in suicide after that!
When you hit the really deadly mushies though be sure to eat plenty of them though since otherwise you might not go painless :-( Best is to invest your last pocket money in a good mushroom book with color pictures so you don't make stupid mistakes.
Oh, yes. I should tell you that this kind of suicide is only available in fall, really. Ok ok, yeah it is a disadvantage.

Good luck and let me know if and where you found the acid ones.

01 Feb 2005 Nate Nagasaki Simple. Take a bottle of aspirin, a Vicodin, and then take a razor blade to all of the veins in your wrists you possibly can. You gotta cut deep, so basically, line the blade up with the vein, apply pressure, close your eyes, clench your teeth, and slash. The Vicodin will make sure you don't feel much of anything (Although slashing into a vein doesn't really hurt to begin with...), and the aspirin will thin out your blood so you bleed faster. Then just lay in a bath tub so you bleed faster. Simple as that. Be sure to write a note to the world with basically your goodbye, your story, and your last wishes.
01 Feb 2005 Dark Faerie Suicide is a serious thing
no one should be able to tell you to stop cutting your wrists or stop you from doing suicide because if its what you really want and its not because of something stupid because your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you. or because of fights with a friend, or because your parents made you go to bed, make sure that you have good reasons and that you have thought it through
i know that i am suicidal and i think that eventually i will do it
oh yes
and make sure that you leave a suicidal note telling people to fuck off dissing people who you hate and telling people that you love them and so on go for it if its what you want
but make sure you dont chicken out
you dont want to live with mental hanicapness afterwards now do you?
31 Jan 2005 nobodyknow sme does anybody but me realize that this site asks the ultimate question-how to commit suicide under 13- and that question doesn't EVEN get answered anymore.all people ever talk about is phil and falicia ect, when half the people don't even know what or who the fuck they are talking about!! some actually want the question answered. Im not 13, im 15 but i still need the answer!so please don't let the question that holds this site together be left unanswered. Im not saying to stop having ur our convos. just please add your suicide methods! and for those peopl who give stupid methods( put a cap gun in ur pussy and shoot)please STOP they are pointless and just waste space. those who are haters to this website-FUCK OFF u were the ones who went into this website, if u don't like it don't read it! but we really don't want to hear ur bullshit. If anybody can help me with proper suicide methods(partucullarly how to probably strangle yourself) please e-mail me.
31 Jan 2005 Lucy Cortina Last time I left you all gasping in shock at the thought of me being carried away by the police, boobies bare and swinging. However it didn't end quite like that.

After the woman shouted "call the police!" I panicked. I couldn't have my boobs boobhandled by the police!! I've heard what happens in prison, they take away your bra so you can't hang yourself with it. As if I would commit breasticide again! It caused me enough trouble the last time I did it. Anyway I panicked and looked around for an escape exit. There was a gap in-between two wobblers (fat women) which was my best bet. God help me if I should become squashed between them. I ran towards them, and a look of pure terror appeared on their over-sized faces. They tried to duck but it was too late - I was running at them with such force that my boobs sort of flapped out to the sides (almost like boobie-shaped wings) and hit them with such force that they were sent flying. They landed on their backs and because of their size, couldn't get up again. I kept on running. My boobs were swinging about as I ran, it was actually very hard to run because of the weight of them. I managed to find a hiding spot in the park, and as it was dry, I sat down. I noticed that my boobs were sort of shrinking in size, very slowly, but they were shrinking. What on earth is wrong with them?! They expand when I'm in public yet they shrink when I'm in private. I have a pair of exhibitionist breasts! Luckily I had a new pink top packed in my bag, so I took it out and put it on. Very sexy. I went home and lay in my bed to cleanse myself of the shame of what had happened that day.

I was woken the next day by my sister jumping on my bed, singing "Boobie girl boobie girl, I'm a boobie girl, in a boobie world!" For the sake of Albert's pickled brain I'm sick of hearing about boobies! I went downstairs and asked mum what was up with my sister. "Oh haven't you heard?" she said. "A girl with enormous hooters killed a pigeon and then attacked two women last night near the park. It was in the newspaper this morning".

31 Jan 2005 Mike I think the best way to lose your life when you are 13 years old is to be my kid and let me hear you talk about killing yourself I would give you something other then killing your self to think about
31 Jan 2005 I just want help o and i also wanted to say that i think WAMF is da best!!
31 Jan 2005 I just want help hey i just wanted to say that my life isn't as bad as some other peoples on here, but i still don't like it, i have many friends and a loving family but recently i started getting really depressed. i don't know why it started or even when but i just remember starting to feel really down about myself, i used to look at myself in the mirror and just h8 the way i looked and im not even really ugly:( i started lookin at this site one nite when i was like that, i was feelin really down and was lookin up suicide when i came across this site and now i visite it a couple of times a day, my friends have no idea bout it and sometimes i wish they would just so i could get help, i don't want to tell anyone cause they might just shrug it off as somethin thats not important:( i feel all depressed and ive started cuttin myself but not much, i don't think i would ever have the guts to commit suicide cause i would miss everyone but i just want to stop feeling this way:( does anyone have any ideas as to how i can feel better? i would love to know i don't want to die cause im happy with most of my life i just want to feel good about myself and not feel so down anymore:( plz write back
31 Jan 2005   This is cute. Not particularly smart or sophisticated, but certainly adorable. If you are under 13 and your parents haven't assisted (either by killing you or offering an alternative), they are clearly deralict and should be beaten until humble. If you are over 13, then you are a typical lying human and should be beaten yourself. Save the precious little antics for the average dumbass. Okay, stab yourself in the eye with a pencil and ingest great gobs of poisons. boo hoo hoo....

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