Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Feb 2005 who cares drop a plugged in toaster in the bath tub full of watter
12 Feb 2005 Suicide Pro Sharpen the edges of quarters and swallow them, if they don't kill you on the way down, they'll kill you on the way back out.
a human body is very resistant to death. so this makes our journey an even tougher voyage. i learned that there is only eight pints of blood in the body. five must flow out before you actually die. now in terms of water thhat mount is minimal. however, in blood this amount is astounding. in order to lose that much blood in a timeframe that is plauseable for one not to suffer needlessly (as if we arent already) means you must cut an artery. the main one is on your throat below your ears. either side. then you got one in ech arm and one more on the inside of both legs. you gotta cut rreal deep for the arteries on your legs. so unless your a gluton for pain i recomend the arms and slicing the sides of your neck.
or if you like you can always just get a syringe full of draino or bleach and shoot it in your neck.
12 Feb 2005 caity i dont know i have od"D 3 times my wrists are slit 18 times right now i have the words kill me carved in my left shoulder, i tried to hang myself. i swear to god i will never die i wish i would die to finally get it over with. it's like there is some sort of force that prevents me from dying. i hate it! i wanna die i want all of this pain to go away i wanna be set free from myself.
12 Feb 2005 Candy um i'm not sure if i am supposed to say whats wrong with me in here or how to kill 15 and i dont kno how to kill urself ive tryed i still plot ways everyday..i don't know what is wrong with me i feel like noone wants me and i am a worthless piece of shit i dont know i just wish i had someone who could relate to me who actually understood and was like yeah i kno what you mean ive been there or had helpful words i feel like all my friends have left me...well if u relate to me and want to talk you can IM me at gunsnros967, sory if i filled this out wrong...what can i say im a dumbass
12 Feb 2005 johnnyrsx stab
11 Feb 2005 Will Snow Ive tried ending my life in many ways but when i try, something pulls me back to STOP. I dont think i could ever do it even though i often feel suicidal.
Whats happened to Rev. Poosy? I miss his surmons;) Perhaps there is too much poosying around in his church!
11 Feb 2005   reading your list is enough to make any on commit suicide
11 Feb 2005 sue me. all you folks offerin help are worse off than the losers who post on this site and say they are going to kill themselves.(like me)
what do you hope to accomplish? we are still going to kill ourselves. and keep postin on you hoes. so sue me. by the time court date comes i will be in the ground.
11 Feb 2005 the most real. why is my life so much shit? i can never do anything right. everyone makes fun of me cuz i am fat. and ugly. and i am so fat i cant use tiolet paper so i stink like poo.
i got in big trouble the other day. i was on a site and i was doing something i shouldnt have done. now i am in trouble with the law. i am afraid that when i go to jail i will be sexually assaulted like my dad used to do to me every nite until i ran away.
suicide is only a few breaths away from me.
some one please email me and talk to me about my problems. if anyone is out there.
11 Feb 2005 telly u wat all you whining ass kids shut up and just kill yourself.
if you would put half the effort into suicide as you did whining about your problems you would be dead. you are a spoiled brat child. prove me wrong by killing yourself.
11 Feb 2005 mike sealer the sealster well its been a while but i finnaly made it back. my time away was like eternity. matterin facktly it was. i went to hell after i killed myself. i couldnt stay though. due to the fact that i only took enough pillz to put me in a coma and so when my body woke up guess what? i came back to this hell. so now i am worse off. oh well i guess its good to be back.
i just wanna say was up to some of my friends. religious maggie. i hope all is well for you at your church.
and hello mouchette. i dont want to forget about you mouchette. i really like your meladronious autonomus poetry .
hey and mack. you are really seriously due for a vacation man. you need to pop some pillz and drink some scotch. mello out man.
well i want all of you to know my next plan of suicide. i am going to take a whole bottle of viagra. sorry girls im gay. so anyone interested thats male in comeing over before i blow my top that would be marvelous. 937 454 1445. dayton ohio. chow
11 Feb 2005 lauren my life is not as bad as many people on this website. I have thought about suicide many times. And although I was not strong enough to follow through with my actions, I did wright a suicide note. Please read this if you are thinking about suicide. If you are still going to do it after this note, please contact me. I will be glad to hear what you have to say. Take care.

Dear Friends, Family, Strangers, Aquaintences, etc.

I, Lauren, no longer have the desire to live.

For as long as remember, I was not needed or wanted. I was always the annoying girl, or the girl who wanted to be like everyone else. That is completley and totally true. I was not as pretty as the popular girls and obviously not as high in status. I was mediocre. I was not a loser but not poopular. Which killed me. I tried making friends with the popular girls, but they quickly got rid of me. I was kicked out of the cool table in 8th grade. Thats ok though. Because those girls were not my true friends. And those evil bitches know who they are. They were they girls who thought they were Gods gift to the world. The girls who walked down the halls and only looked at you to see what you were wearing or how your hair looked. These were the girls who never saw past your clothes or designer fashions. Popularity and acceptance were like fire in their eyes. They needed it and would do anything to possess it. To these girls I say, forget about the material things in life. Hold on to all the good things that surround you. Your true friends and the family that care so much for you. Although I despise these prissy whores, I do feel for them. Because I also know how it feels when you know that people talk about you behind your back. And i was jealous of the popular girls for a while. I wanted their clothes and jewelry and looks and above all else, their acceptance. Now, that im older, I realize how foolish these "popular" girls were. and how I am better off not being their friend.

My family however I can honestly say that I do not need. You may think that this is selfish and mean of me, when you know the real reason I feel this, then maybe you will understand me a little bit better. Keep in mind that I am 16 years old and everything is 100x worse in my mind than it actually is:
My mother, Tara, is one of the worst women I have ever known. since before I can remember, this evil woman had abused me. When it wasn't physically, it was mentally. And when it wasn't mentally, it was emotionally. And so on and so forth. For reasons beyond my knowledge, my mother had hit me or cursed me. I used to think that maybe I was a bad kid. That I answered her back one too many times and maybe I deserved the slap to the face or the bruise on my arm. But now that I am a little bit older, and a little bit wiser she knows not to hit me often. Once in a while I will get a hit here or there. That however doesnt compare to the emotional abuse she put me through. Tara had always been known around my house to have a temper. And taking out her temper on me would be the highlight of her day. I have come to know myself as "cunt or bitch or stupid fuck". I have been told that people from the dad to my sisters to even my grandmother hated me. And having such a weak state of mind, I believed her. I believed that I wasnt loved. And that everyone hated me. She contributed to my death in a large part. As much as she would like to say this was my own fault, I hope forever that she has to bear the fact that although not intentionally, she killed her oldest daughter.
My father, Buzzy, is a perfect example of a trying parent. While trying to keep the screams of his and my mothers fights silenced, he failed to see his postion as not a father, but a daddy. He was the enforcer oif the house. In my point of view he was there to hand out punishments and enforce rules. He was not there to love. Buyt there to fear. He was a rather unfair father and did not show mercy in anything he did. He overeacrted about grades and cared too much about the little things. He was a large part of making my life hell. One day my mother hit me so hard my nose bled, I called him crying and he did nothing about it. His silence showed me that he wasn't there to help me. He was there to make our "perfect" family look perfect. Thats all he cared about. Even though he didnt know it, he slowly caused my death.
My sisters. Sami and Dyanna. I love them with all my heart and soul. They are what kept me alive. Although I acted as if I hated Sami, I didnt. What I did hate was that she was the favorite. That my mother didnt hit her and call her names like she did to me. My parents were always on Samis side in whatever happened. I hated that she was loved and I wasnt.
Life at my high school was perfect. In that school there are no popular people and i was finally accepted for who I was. I had made many friends. Some who will be in my heart forever. I will cherish the memories I had made with them and will never forget them and will be with them always. These people were the ones that held me together. The ones who helped me out with any little problem. The peice if advice I leave with you girls, Jess, Katie, Meg, Britt, and Amanda, is that you keep eachother close. Please dont let the little things get in the way of the beautiful friendships you've created for yourselves.
Francesca. My best friend in the entire world. The person who holds my secrets. The girl who I can confide in. I am so sorry that I did this. To me, there was no way out. I hope that you will be able to forgive me. Please remember the 9 amazing years we've shared as best friends. I will always keep your secrets and memories close to my heart. I will love you always my best friend.
Steve. Many people might not know about Steve. Only the important people know who he is. Steve is the person I fell in love with. He is the guy who made my depressed sad world liveable. For a short while anyway. Steve, although you live in another state, and we were never close to eachother, I have loved you with all my heart. You have made me whole.
I cannot explain the feelings I have for you. Strangers who dont know me are reading this and think Im crazy. A 16 year old victim of suicide in love. of course. You cant have a suicide without a broken heart. But this is different. Lack of feelings from Steve are not the reasons for my death. Steve loved me as well. We have had convorsations that people can only dream of. And although we have not seen eachother in person more than once, I have fell madly in love with you. I dreamed of growing old with oyu, living together, getting married, and having kids. I do not know why it ended this way. All I can say is that my love for you will never die. It will live on forever in my heart, as well as yours. Please know that I love you and that I will be with you forever. As long as you love me.
I AM WITH GOD NOW. I believe that he was one of the few who loved me. he was there for me when no one else was. He heard my cries every night whether he wanted to or not. He saw went went on behind the walls of my "home". He new why I di this before you did. To me, his is the only person I can trust in this world. I want nothing more than to be with him. I peace. In extasy. In pure happiness. I think that I will receive what I deserve. When I am standing before the devil and Jesus Christ himself. I will get what I deserve. And I am now strong enough to say, that I am prepared for the consequences of my actions.

My life as you see was not perfect. I was not perfect. I have made mistakes that I regret even to this day. This is probably the worst mistake I have ever made. The point of this letter was not to be a typical suicide note. It was to inspire others like myself to take another road to freedom. Talk to someone close to you. Everyone has someone they can talk to. In my case it was God. Death is not the answer. I know this is hard advoce to take from a dead girl, but you need to look inide yourself. Past all the bad memories and bruised emotions.
Look down deep inside your heart and realize that there are people that will be upset if anything bad happend to you. YOU ARE LOVED. So please take my advice and treasure it. I on the other hand did not have advice as valuable as this. AND IT COST ME MY LIFE.

love is always in your heart
lauren alexis.
10 Feb 2005 Freya My mom and dad split up when i was 13months old because my dad was A drunk and stuff . My dad then said he never wanted to see me or my sister again unless my mom took him back . She didnt , yet he continued to see us until i was 4 . Then he stopped . I cried every night , drew him pictures and wrote him letters asking when i could next see him...he never replied . It got too much for my mom , who phoned him and insisted we saw him...he walked out after 5min without saying goodbye or anything . My gran has always hated me , she bullys me and calls me "lier,little cow,bitch,ect" , when we have to go to her house , i cant eat when i go there as im so depressed , so loose weight tons (we usually go there for 2 weeks) . My aunts got a mental illness...and last time i was alone in my grans house she came and tried to kill me by ripping at my hair and face...then when she asked my gran if she should go and say sorry or tell my mom , my gran said "no , dont bother"...A couple of months later my cousin(mad aunts daughter)called me "a malicious cow and a horrible little girl" because she didnt believe her mom tried to kill me(even though when my cousin was younger my aunt tried to strangle her aswell , and many other occasions) now all my family hate me aswell(no one believes me).In my primary school i was bullied by my yr3 teacher and my yr4 teacher...then in yr5 kids started bullying me to...i told my mom..who told teachers..who made it yr6 it was people hitting me and stuff...teachers still failed to do anything . In yr7 (newschool) got bullied also , just because i had afew spots , apparantly have a big chin and i never smile(how the hell can you smile when your depressed and stressed??? )(people bringing a point to that didnt exactly help either)...In yr8 i couldnt take much more as my teachers had started bulling me aswell as my so called mate getting yr10s to threaten me and people in my class bullying me ,so after tons of hell trying to get into millionsof schools ect...i managed to get a place at my currant school...Where i got the exact same treatment as my last two schools , ive only been there 3 weeks and already ive been called names and made to feel crap and worthless ... Thats my life ,Ive thought of suicide so many times but in the end i cant ever bring the knife down to my wrist(technicly proven to be the least effective way to kill yourself)...I would have ended it ages ago but i realised that , yeah , okay i may not be the best looking,the most confident ,the most popular or anything but im gonna make it big.I still get depressed to hell , i hit my head on walls , i cut my feet with penknifes , I bash myself up and i cant help it , because in the end , " depression is not a choice " and "Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds the resources for dealing with pain" , Im stuck in a circle of misery...but i still havent commited suicide because i know theres going to bea day where all those people who made my life misery are gonna pay for it big time . Recently ive become paranoid of things...for instance;i cant have my wrists upwards cuz i think there gonna slit ect . When your depressed all you think about is your crap life is , you cant think of anything worse than being you . I havent ended my life yet because i cant face the fact that then in a way i would have lost...i would have let the people desperate to ruin my life win, and i dont want to give them that victory . Come on, dont commit suicide , cuz , "Life is a game we all have to play , We all know from the start it will end in death so dont loose before its over " ... Email me if you want a friend or just someone to talk to ... xxx (i also have msn)
10 Feb 2005 ronwelthy le suicide est au contraire l'acte le plus noble que l'on puisse faire au moins l'on ne souffre pas de vivre, l'on n'a pas a porter des fardeaux trop lourd on s'envole. J'ai envie de mourir pour ne plus continuer a voir ces visages froids que je croisent dans la rue, ces femmes et ces hommes qui ne m'adressent aucun sourire, ces amis que l'on voit de moins en moins et qui peu a peu s'effacent dans les limbes de l'oubli.
J'ai envie d'arreter tout, de leur montrer a tous que je suis capable de faire quelque chose, de leur montrer que au moins j'ai le courage qui leur manque car mourir n'est ce pas plus courageux que de se retrouver derrière un bureau a trier des papelards pour un paye de misère ou bien a suer a la chaine pour finir devant la télé a 20 h50 sur tf1.

non, je ne suis pas né pour un destin banale mais pour montrer au monde que je suis capable d'accomplir de grande, je suis capable de rester clairvoyant et ne pas m'enfoncer dans des mensonges et une vie bassement matérialiste.

Je pense également que le suicide est peut être la seul aujourd'hui que l'on puisse faire pour se rendre célèbre, je pense aux larmes sur notre cercueil a notre famille éploré qui demande pourquoi, a tout ces inconnus qui nous reconnaissent ....
La mort est la plus douce des solution, la plus courageuse, la meilleure pour ne pas sombrer dans l'ennui alors faites tous comme moi tuez-vous prenez un couteau une corde, un flingue n'importe et transformez votre corps en un joli cadavre
10 Feb 2005 Liz the best way to kill your self is to OD on happy pills, and then when you get a high, slit your rists up and down, you'll think its funny.
10 Feb 2005 aida its not the right thing to do . i know how it is to want to commit suicide u think everyone is out to get you but have u ever thought sometimes when u wanna put that gun to your head you think how will. people you can send me email anytime u would like i would be happy to help u
others people feel when your dead
10 Feb 2005 dan (aim=yuhed) please aim me im 14 actually but listem ive never done good in school i always get all F and it sucks I go to summer school every year i have a girlfriend we barley talk nowdays all the smart people arent my friends and i have only a couple friends maybe 5 and im skinny and pale and i have dandruff im not as nerdy as im describing myself cuz my dandruff dosent show but my grandma takes care of me and buys me so much stuff and i cant even repay her by doing good in school and my brother has a 3.9 grade point average i wanna kill myself and i wanna do it where i dont feel pain i jus die i have cut myself really bad before and i wanna pass away noyone needs me and wont matter too much
09 Feb 2005 ebony hell, i think im jinxed wen it comes to suicide, ive slitted my wrists long ways (harder to fix) od'd on sleeping pills but no.... i figured dieing isn't the answer its the cowards way out so i reckon'll die soon enough. my uncle tried to kill himself it didnt work then next week he died of a stroke. dont force death let it come
08 Feb 2005 telly so, your looking for a reason to die? here's one, schools gay, work sucks and your parents are abusive. not good enough? then keep your reasons to your self. heres my thing... i moves 7 times in my little life of 16 years. i have had 6 sugeries, if not more. i have a sister that is better than me, my mother that hits, my father that is never home, my boyfriend who i hardly see because he's always "sick". then theres the fact that i have been raped when i was 4 (by my cousin ) (yuck) and 13(by some fucker). i have been cutting for the past 3 years, and i'm failing out of school,(at least i was) i work my ass off for 2.50 an hour plus tips... but it doesnt pay off. so, hate to bitch, but why are you complaining about living? just get it over with. if you really want to die, then you'll find a way to do it, and you wont worry about "being so scared" and how your found... news flash NO ONE GIVES A FUCK, and if they do then good, luck with that... the'll be telling the whols school in no time... ohh yeah, things arnt always as they seam ;)

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