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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Feb 2005 Matthew I'm basically responding to I WANT TO DIEEEE. But suicide has been part of me since I've moved to AR. My friends are all in NM, everyone here is fake and cliche. The love of my life hates me. My family is horrible. I just yelled it out with my mom and told her all about my drug use tonight. I might get kicked out of the house and have nowhere to go. So i might end up in the Army (thats one hell of a way to kill yourself; you can even kill other people-legally). Well, there's sooooooooooooo much more, and I'm tired and not going to write all this. If you (author of I WANT TO DIE) or anyone else need to talk, im me on yahoo (hack_the_sack_forlife).
13 Feb 2005 Heidi To those teens wanting suicide i want to share something. When I was a kid I had no friends. I was abused verbally and sexually by both parents and some teachers. I remember almost dieing in an accident and my family made it into a family joke. I was so depressed I would not leave my home. I was extremely suicidal. Teens. Trust me. it will get better. Life as an adult is different than the life you now know. I am glad I hung in there for it will get better. Do not kill yourself. I am now 35. before you kill yourself think about the people that do love you. Your friends. The life experiences of your future that you will not experience if you died. There is life outside of high school. There is life outside your family. A whole new world awaits you after you graduate and find a job and move out of your parents home. Please do not give up on your life.
13 Feb 2005 What is this like? Looking ahead, I see a long life spent totally alone. People do not hate me, they just don't care. Every weird kid seems to find his or her counter part, or group. But it seems like there just isn't one for me. Every time I reach out my hand to anyone it is slapped. I used to hate people because of it, but now I realize that was petty. So now I am just depressed.

My grades are good, although I am by no means a strait A student. I am of average or perhaps a bit higher intelligence. So fine, I will just have to learn to live without human contact.

But I just don't know if I can do that.
13 Feb 2005 clayton baldwin the best way to do it is to grow some balls and go for it shoot your moth out drink bleach do any thing just fucking do it im going to tonight at midnight in westrn time (arizona)im gonna drop my tv in the bath tub full of gas so ill burn twice id rather be in hell with satan torturing me than living this gay life fuck it all ive been brutally humilliated ive been a weak little bastard that every one fucking hates im a cast away a timmid little shadow of a human forced to live out in solitaire no body feels my pain like i do so so ill be with the 666 in a few hours unless you can find a stupid untrue god like way to stop me wich you cant so fuck every thing and end your life with me ill see you in hell bitch (unlucky 14)
13 Feb 2005 clayton baldwin shhot your goddamn brains out im going to tonight so fuck yall and have a nice life
13 Feb 2005 Pat Hello everyone my name is Pat. I am not 13 but rather 20 and have been struggling with depression and suicide since I was 7 or 8 years of age.
You see I know what a drag school can be how lonely and unloved all of you feeling. I know it and then some. I grew up with an abusive alcoholic father and several other strange family’s figures, which have killed themselves. I also am disabled. I can't walk and have limited use of my left arm; this isolated me from my peers even more and brought with it a new level of depression. Only one thing stopped me.
I don't want to harm the people who (regardless if they talk to me or show me in any way) "love" me, and really we only live so long through it out and perhaps things will get better. My best to you all, remember to think before you leap.
God Bless,
13 Feb 2005 Rachele This site is ridiculous.. 13 year olds thinking of suicide? If anyone is thinking of suicide.. Get some help. Talk to your Parents, your Teachers, call the Cops.. anyone.. THERE IS HELP OUT THERE. Killing yourself is not the answer... You are a winner.. Lets put it this way.. Out of MILLIONS of Sperms.. you are the one that WON when you got conceived... You won THAT race.. Why can't you win this one???
12 Feb 2005   I HATE MY MOTHER she causes me to want to die is it wrong to feel this way
12 Feb 2005 pirusanta accid drink
12 Feb 2005 Luc Hope abuse
12 Feb 2005 clayton baldwin im 14 so drink clr smoke some weed and lay down and die
12 Feb 2005 who cares drop a plugged in toaster in the bath tub full of watter
12 Feb 2005 Suicide Pro Sharpen the edges of quarters and swallow them, if they don't kill you on the way down, they'll kill you on the way back out.
a human body is very resistant to death. so this makes our journey an even tougher voyage. i learned that there is only eight pints of blood in the body. five must flow out before you actually die. now in terms of water thhat mount is minimal. however, in blood this amount is astounding. in order to lose that much blood in a timeframe that is plauseable for one not to suffer needlessly (as if we arent already) means you must cut an artery. the main one is on your throat below your ears. either side. then you got one in ech arm and one more on the inside of both legs. you gotta cut rreal deep for the arteries on your legs. so unless your a gluton for pain i recomend the arms and slicing the sides of your neck.
or if you like you can always just get a syringe full of draino or bleach and shoot it in your neck.
12 Feb 2005 caity i dont know i have od"D 3 times my wrists are slit 18 times right now i have the words kill me carved in my left shoulder, i tried to hang myself. i swear to god i will never die i wish i would die to finally get it over with. it's like there is some sort of force that prevents me from dying. i hate it! i wanna die i want all of this pain to go away i wanna be set free from myself.
12 Feb 2005 Candy um i'm not sure if i am supposed to say whats wrong with me in here or how to kill 15 and i dont kno how to kill urself ive tryed i still plot ways everyday..i don't know what is wrong with me i feel like noone wants me and i am a worthless piece of shit i dont know i just wish i had someone who could relate to me who actually understood and was like yeah i kno what you mean ive been there or had helpful words i feel like all my friends have left me...well if u relate to me and want to talk you can IM me at gunsnros967, sory if i filled this out wrong...what can i say im a dumbass
12 Feb 2005 johnnyrsx stab
11 Feb 2005 Will Snow Ive tried ending my life in many ways but when i try, something pulls me back to STOP. I dont think i could ever do it even though i often feel suicidal.
Whats happened to Rev. Poosy? I miss his surmons;) Perhaps there is too much poosying around in his church!
11 Feb 2005   reading your list is enough to make any on commit suicide
11 Feb 2005 sue me. all you folks offerin help are worse off than the losers who post on this site and say they are going to kill themselves.(like me)
what do you hope to accomplish? we are still going to kill ourselves. and keep postin on you hoes. so sue me. by the time court date comes i will be in the ground.

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