Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jan 2005 Jon I thought that getting drunk and wrecking my car would have been the best. I was four times the legal limit and the cops said I was going about 90. I hit a telephone pole and it spun me off an inbanckment into some trees. I destroyed my car. I was still fucking able to get up and walk away. This is the second time that I should have died. I guess i need to try harder next time. Hopefully a bottle of perscription sleeping pills will work.
24 Jan 2005 why would you want to know my name? we are all walking dead. Those of us who want do die. I feel only apathy and rage. silence is the only way
24 Jan 2005 Rev. Poosy Well, holy communion went well yesterday (Sunday). Lots of people decided to come up for communion. Gee's (sorry, quick hail mary), so many women wanted to try out the holy wafers up there holes (sorry) and it was like playing tiddly winks. They were bent over with their knickers down trying to aim for the chalice which was filled with very holy wine provided by the local vineyard which i personally blessed with my monk boyfriend. It was such a site. No, not me with my boyfriend. It was the site in church. Well, must go. Have to write next weeks surmon. God bless +
24 Jan 2005 lost_hikariko Hey you guys, i know what your talking about... but I want you to know people care. I'm just glad mines was such a special person. My eighth grade art teacher, Mr.Graf. He sat by my side and listen. He offered chocolate cause in Harry Potter, it makes you feel better. Please people, whoever you are, don't take the short way out. The only reason I'm still alive is because every morning, I see my friend's faces. They are all smiling adn welcoming me. That's the reason I'm still alive. I mean, I haven't completely forgotten of pain, the lonely feelings that no one knew i was alive or that no one would care if I up and died. Then I realized my friends were there through everything. They'd miss me more than maybe my family. That's why I get up. PLease, find why you get up and get up. Wake up from the dead. Look in the mirrror and remember that the pain won't disappear but if you try hard to move on, you'll notice all the people who love and care for you.
23 Jan 2005 guillaume se couper les veines
23 Jan 2005 Lucy Cortina The other day I killed a pigeon with my boobies. Allow me to explain:
Since my bra collection is now missing, I have been using a makeshift bra - the largest one I could find. And I bought it from one of those shops "for the larger person". As I walked in, the "larger" people stared at me like I was some freak. Well I suppose being as slim as I am I did look out of place there. I pointed at my boobs, then everyone seemed to instantly understand why I was there, and that I was "one of them", at least in the boobie department. All the women turned and carried on looking at the tent-sized neglig├ęs, underwear and so on, whilst the men were still oogling at my boobies. I remained dignified by looking at the bra section with my nose stuck up in the air. It didn't last long though as I was having trouble seeing the bras, which is saying something as they were enormous. I chose the largest size there, a huge pink bra with extra-strong straps on it made out of leather. I fully knew that it would never contain my breasts should they expand, but this was the best I would find at such short notice.
After wearing my new bra for about 10 minutes (I put it on in the public toilets, a woman walked in on me and immediately ran out screaming) my boobs were starting to feel sweaty and the bra straps were creaking under the enormous strain. "Not in public!" I thought. I knew what was about to happen so I panicked. There were people everywhere except a patch of grass where some pigeons were feeding. I swung my whole body around so my boobs were facing them, at which point my bra straps snapped. My boobs shot out of my top at practically light speed, which was when everything went into one of those "slow motion" freeze-frame things you see in movies. My boobs were hurtling towards the pigeons, I screamed "Nooo ooh ooho oooo" in one of those distorted slow-motion voices, and the pigeons all took flight.
Except one.

My boobs hit the pigeon before it even had chance to look up. It was of course crushed on the spot. Seeing my boobs squishing against the pigeon was horrific. At least it died happy. But I wasn't happy.
"Help me! Help meeeeeeee! There's dead pigeon stuck to my boobs! Get it off! Get it off!!!"
I swung my boobs around and around frantically trying to shake off the feathers and blood and dead pigeon covering my boobs. A clump of tail feathers and blood flew off me and hit a woman on her bum, but she thought her boyfriend had pinched it and hugged him. Everyone was staring at me and one woman shouted "CALL THE POLICE!!"

To be continued..............
23 Jan 2005 nameless the best way is a group suicide, i took pills last night and nothing happened, took some this morning and nothing, how many do you guys try with?

it doesnt matter whats happened to people, the fact is they dont want to live anymore and that should be their decision. im 20, 21 this year, and just want out.
22 Jan 2005 tiger Lock yourself in with 50 cats. Shoot yourself. The neglected cats will eat your corpse. Jump from a bridge with weight on your feet and a noose around your neck Get an axe from the woodpile & chop yourself to the head. any of these will do
22 Jan 2005 Benjis_bitch This song makes me so depressed... i think the best way to kill yourself is to rape your skull with a knife.

Last night
I just wanted to have fun
to go out with my friends

I took my dad's car
and I never thought he would find out
but I crashed in a wall
man I'm dead

i guess it's no use,
I'm screwing up every little thing
I ever try to do
I'm born to lose
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

God must hate me
Cursed me for eternity
God must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down
And you can't save me
Fucking hell
and I wanna go home,
I wanna go home

Last night I had to study for this test
I forgot and man I'm dead
and now my brain is bursting out of my head
I can't think I can't breath
once again

I guess it's no use
I'm screwing up
every little thing I try to do
I'm born to lose
yeah yeah yeah yeah

God must hate me
Cursed me for eternity
God must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down
And you can't save me
Fucking hell
and I wanna go home

So what in the world?
am I supposed to do?
I never did anything to you
So can't you find something else to do?

God must hate me
Cursed me for eternity
God must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down
And you can't save me
Fucking hell

(I wanna go home
God must hate me) x5

You can't save me
God must hate me now
22 Jan 2005 Mary I'm sorry that you feel that you have to do this in order to feel better. Remember, no matter how hard it gets, and no matter how hard it is to believe at the time, God still loves you, and if you pray to him, he WILL answer you. It may take a while, but please don't kill yourself. I may not know you, but i still love all of you as my brothers and sisters in Christ. If any of you ever need to talk, feel free to e-mail me. I hope you feel better. Bye.
22 Jan 2005 Dee I am 39, and I guess I have been contemplating suicide since as far back as I can remember. If I have to ttac an age I would say maybe 13. I found this page by accident and as I read, I feel so sad, because looking back I think everyone can say that at some point they were suicidable. How do I get through each day, I know that I have good days and I have bad days. On the bad days, I just try to find some humor, I think about other's whose lives are way worse than mine. If they make it through, then s can I. Then I remind myself, death is apways an option and tommorow could not be any worse. Then I choose to live. One thig that age brings is wisdom and wisdom reminds me that if I truly loked at the big piture, the reason of life is to help others. When I help others and the focus comes off of myself, I feel good- I am happy. But when I am not providing a service to others, I become more selfish and the suicidal thoughts embrace me. If you think about it suicide is the single most selfish act there is. So my words to you if you are thinking about suicide because of a failed relationship is, that is just plain silly, give it a week Boys (or girls) are like busses- "One is always coming". In fact the best has not come yet, even if you are age 88. If the thoughts come because you are in a disfunctional family, seek help and pray. Remember, that you are only a child for a max of 18 years, after that you control the rest of your life and you are an adult for 3 or 4 times the years that you are a child. And for the rest of us, we need to escape our selfish nature. The best way to esape it is to focus on providing a service to a charitable organiztion, so that we can help others, then we will have blessed our own lives. Well make it to tommorrow. I will.

I just provided a service, now you do one and I will see you.
22 Jan 2005 jason Hello everyone my name is Jason this is my first time posting. I'm 16 and I've been sucidal for a year or two. I have a good life mostly. Lots of friends and family but I just feel like this world has nothing left to offer me and I'm just tired of it. I'm planning on commiting suicide tonight. I think my family will be devistated but I'm tired of caring about everyone elses feels. Call me self centered I don't care it will all be over soon.
22 Jan 2005 enigma you guys are all emo loosers. my life is crap too. wtf. i want to die everymorning i wake up i laugh and smile and everyone thinks everything is great. they think my life is fucking sunshine, but all i want to do is die. i dont though cuz thats stupid. its stupid to take a gift that has been given to you. i know its stupid but i still think it, i cant help it. life sucks sometimes. but damn it dont be so emo. get over it. live life. carpe diem. search for purpose, dont ask me where or how but i know that if i found it i would be happy and wouldnt fear going to sleep because i have to wake up. whinny bitches,all of you
21 Jan 2005 New Creation I can't believe what I have just read.
The most effective way to kill yourself is to give your life to Christ. You die of your old-self, and become a new creature in Christ. It is the only way.
I did it. It work for me. You are never to young r to old.
21 Jan 2005 jolie what tha fck is this all about you site is rong and it should not be on the net my brother commited suicide but i guess whoever made this site never lost anybody 2 suicide and think it is a joke its not its real there is no way 2 kill yourself when you are 13 so take this site and stick it up your ass
21 Jan 2005 nicole ee osis my life is a sick sorry ass shitty life. i have been raped at least 20 times. but when i try to get a boyfriend to have sex with me he wont. the only time i can get sex is when my uncle is drunk. not to mention my dad beats me. man i hate my family and MY LIFE. I WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE SO BAD.
21 Jan 2005 madd there is no best way to kill yourself. i am 38 and have been depressed all my adult life. it is an illness that you can live with, and learning how to do that is a challenge that i would urge all of the people reading this site to try. i have really bad days when suicide seems like a blessed relief, but what about the day after, that i know will come, when things don't seem so bad. i will never feel the euphoria some people feel at the smallest of things, but that does not make my life any less valuable or valid.
21 Jan 2005 nicnak this is fucking sick. but i'll admit you got me laughing at a few of them because i'm sure some sick ass has tried it. fucking gross. lmao.
21 Jan 2005 NONE You all need mental help and all need to be locked up in a home with padded walls. People like you all kill others, and I believe you need meds to controll the off balance in those sick little heads.
21 Jan 2005 Era Lucy Cortina sorry about you being braless and all, but those guys hooting at you...thats just disgusting and its good that you're much more sophisticated then all of that.

Well hey everyone my name is Era, and i'm writing from the Van Nuys Area in CA. I'm 15 years old and i've been suicidal since i was about 12 or 11. It started with me basically hating myself and everything about me. My mother has a very lousy personality and she usually took out her stress on me and my little brother. As it turned out all the emotional shit she said really affected me and i was constantly trying to make myself better. i began binging, never eating and working out constantly. As a result in 7th grade i began making more friends and i was a cheerleader, for a while all the pain went away because i was kept busy and i truly felt wanted, but when my mother and i started fighting again everything came rushing back like waves of hatred and anger. in 8th grade the cutting began, as well as the drugs and i was taking two lines of cocaine everyday just so i could lose more weight. i ruined almost everyone around me's life because i was known for doing stupid things. they of course thought i was fine, but even as we laugh the heart aches and all my problems were dragging me down. after cutting lost its appeal i began burning my skin and popping pills just to see how many i could take until i went unconcious, when nothing happened i became more drastic and slit my throat. i was unsuccessful and just ended up in the hospital. my mother once again blamed it all on me and my friends didnt know i had a 'problem' i guess you could say that all i really wanted was for someone to notice what i was doing, but no one every did. till this day i think about commiting suicide, but i'm a little older and living with my dad and those emotions dont surface as much. I'm kept busy and go to this continuation school that have kids with problems also and it helps to be around people like me. i see a therapist reguarlarly and i've begun to read the bible, but sometimes i cant really control myself and all i want to do is die. looking in the mirror is like seeing someone i dont want to be anymore and when i wake up its like a slap in my face, knowing that i'm still in this shitty world. i know theres people out there like me and i'd like to commuicate with you all if you want. just email me at take care you all.

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