Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Feb 2005 rocky Jerimiah 29:11
for i knows the plans for you declares the lord. plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you hope and a future.
21 Feb 2005 gothic satanic 666 marilyn manson the best way to commit suicide when you are under 13 is to slit your wrist and jump off the pier into the ocean at 12:00 midnight because sharks live in the ocean and they are atracted to blood thy will find you and chew you up. but the downside to that is first of all it hurts like fuck and seccond of all life guards work late to watch the pier and damn do they watch the peir so they will probably find you and take you to the nearest mental hospital and plus alot of people will probably be watching getting ready to jump so you will probably come down. if you dont live any where close to an ocean you should hang your self in your closet when your parents are gone that way when they come back they will see your dead body and know what hell you were going threw. and darling those are the best ways to comit suicide when you are under 13.
21 Feb 2005 Redwater Take if from somebody who had next to nothing, nothing was wrong, but nothing was right, because there was nothing... then through time life seemed to unfold into everything i wanted. You dont need to escape pain with death. Life gets better... wether it takes 2 days or 20 months... who knows... but nobody is left abandoned, im not gunna sit here and tell you God will save you, i'm just saying... don't sit there and do nothing about your life, fight fire with fire, there are gunna be assholes that put you down, but when the tables turn and you end up firing them because they fucked with you in high school... it's worth the wait... if you die... those assholes win
21 Feb 2005 Tinga G fuck you guys..if you wanna die so bad ill come and kill you all because you all are so pathetic. you just think that your life is sooo bad ..but its not really that just want fuckers to feel sorry for you. well FUCK YOU..when i was 12 i did every kind of drug out it,i did it. i fucked up my life ..and spent half of it in prison..and i still want to live. so just get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourselves..and go do something besides cutting.
21 Feb 2005 Your guardian angel You know, God loves you no matter what you do and he can save you from this.
Life is short, use your days wisely and for the purpose that God intended. Don't believe Satan's LIES because he knows his days are numbered.

I am praying for you.
20 Feb 2005 lissa you know suicide is the best answer personally i think so. i mean it gets rid of so much pain and stuff. i slowly am. i cut do drugs i think its fun. and all those religious people your ideas and shit doesnt work what about answers for all the atheists out there like me. i was talking to this girl about suicide and she said that she didnt understand why people do it or try it. i was thring to explain to her and it was so fucking stupid. i told her stuff about me and she was all like well you have a reason. pills it the best way. most people chicken out shooting themselves or stabbing. pills it harder to get rid out in my mind.
20 Feb 2005 Scott I have overdosed severasl times now and one is very disappointed that I am still. Child sexual assault and poor parenting has lead me to the path of suicide and the urgent want to end my life.

I now have two shrinks, one community mental health worker and a clinical psychologist but between them and all my pills I still want to knock myself off.

Next and sure plan... I am going to overdose on my Temaze Sleeping pills going to the garage and stand on a step ladder and tie the rope around the frame of the roof and around my neck.

When I fall into the coma because of the sleepers I will fall out the ladder.... All over red rover.
20 Feb 2005 hang gook sa ram making lines on my paper
with a crimson marker drawing slowly
over time becoming a grid
looking down at it, i am ashamed
i have created only spite...

Cutting, by me
20 Feb 2005 Robyn Although many of the people that are on this list have had many problems of there own, i can honestly say i share your feelings. My life has been hell ever since I was born and if your willing to read on i hope you'll understand how i share your feelings.
When i was about 3 years old my father was already a drunk, a druggie, and a abuser. He attempted to kill my own sister, and my mother.....At the age of 7 I was sexually abused, and raped till the age of 9 by my moms fiances father which was at least 60.... My mom left her fiance and I haven't had anything like that happen again....But school has been terrible which actually caused me to slit my wrists 4 times and pop 650 mg sleeping pills. My life has been terrible and it still goes on... The only thing keeping me alive is my passion to grow up...And my passion to be in love....My friends helped me threw this but they lectured me about the reason I had to live..Which wasn't any help...I knew I had no right to live..My own mother had told me that. She always puts me in a state were i dont have the right to live, its come to where she has told me that im a mistake, that i have no right to live...And that she mines as well kill us both, so we dont have to deal with each other...I get it every single day yet I still try and live...

Im not saying dont commit suicide...But if your going to do it then you should at least no the best ways.....Cut your wrists downwards....Or pop alot of sleeping pills....Thats all i will say...But think before you do anything and analyze everything.....If anyone wants to talk about anything...please contact me...
20 Feb 2005 Rev. Poosy Hey, Mr. I Hate Religious Maggie. Do you have a problem with poosy's? Are you jealous that you dont have one. Or is it the fact that you dont like having a sex organ. I know what it is.....You are so blinded by religion that you cant see the real world and have fun. Im a priest and i believe in having fun and God does NOT hold that against me!! Chill out man. God bless you my dear +
20 Feb 2005 Religious Maggie Oh my, all this fuss about little old me. Like I've already said, God is MINE and I don't intend giving him up. I don't care the Big 14 if you are one of the misled religious types who believe in "no sex in church please, I'm an American". I know what religion is really about and it's MY relationship with God.
We are even going to get married you know. Doesnt that prove how special I am? Even Mary didnt get that privelage.
You see I am 'keeping myself' for God, so that I deserve him when I die, which is when we will get married.
I'd suggest you remember this the Big 14. For those who upset me shall have their boobs exploded by God.
Did I mention that God gave me a divine boob-job?
You can see the 'before' and 'after' pics on my profile.
20 Feb 2005 tina, age-11 hi! umm....i have no idea. but i know that not getting enough food, water, air, protection, and rest can kill you. you can either pass out or...yea. i have a totally whack brain. when i was five, i watched my dad hit my mom with a guitar till the guitar broke. i thought it was hilarious. typical. i laughed until i got punched in the face by my dad, also very typical. my mom used to drag me by my hair, i screamed and kicked but man, she has some death grip. my grandma and all that old people didnt know about this crap that i went through everyday. my dad starts hitting me so that his hand hurts so he starts hitting me with something else so he wont feel any pain. gosh. what i really want isnt suicide. what i want is murder and revenge. the poor old bastard wont know what hit him. he smokes, drinks, and coughs out pieces of his lungs all the time and say that its my fucking fault that he gets sick all the time. sick? why not die?!!! rot in hell you fucking asshole. then there's my mom. she used to be abusive too but not as abusive. painful too. i thought that all familys were like this, since the friends that i had were abused too... weird. i thought that i was a normal family with a normal life. then i started getting a lot of friends. its like a switch got turned on. i started getting a lot of friends last year. that's when i realized that only my family was twisted. my mom tried to kill my dad by calling the cops on him and my dad...well...i dunno. but that doesnt mean that he deserves to rot in hell...alive. he never felt pain before. its not fair. i get hit all the time, but he never feels anything. some dad...deserves to have his eye pulled out....hahaha...AHAHHA!! that is sooooo funny...ok...anyways, my parents got divorced and im just an eleven year old still living in a twisted life...i feel jealous of my mom...she escaped this hellhole...its not fair...i also feel jealous of my lil dad still abuses me..but he shows my brother affection. while he watches his favorite shows, i get hit, slapped, and punched. he just watches me, sometimes....but when he gets disciplined...a little...i smile. my dad just barely touches him and he screams...he felt nothing yet. go to hell in my life...i dont think that my mom deserves to get her eye pulled out...hahah...funny...anyays, she stood up for 5 times last least its something. now dad has a fucking girlfriend and i hear them talking mushy krap to each other in bed...i'm never goin in his room again...and now i have a suicidal friend, who tries to kill herself...and the fucking bitch shows about it..saying that i have to meet my therapist today...and stuff. FUCKING BITCH, if i was in her shoes, my dad wouldnt give a shit...he would say that it would waste money...i had half of my mouth cracked open 2 weeks ago, but its hardly noticeable. after the thing rotted, he was all like...fine, if you would shut up..and the doctor...whatever he is, dug out nearly 4th of it.....the fucking bastard!! and he's all like..damn, just wasted 200 bucks....he never feels any pain...FYI, im human too...i can feel pain too...i'm gonna kill him someday...when the time is right and i'm older. i'm gonna make him suffer...i'm gonna make him feel pain...i'm gonna kill him slowly. and i'm gonna pull one of his eye out...hahaha...funny...and i'm gonna let it rot, the inside of his skull. he'll die...slowly...painfully. and i'm gonna be the one killing him.
20 Feb 2005 coralie people who come on here and sujest ways to kill urself dont you think thats a bit rich comming from someone who hasnt. im not here to say this shit is fucking sick and screwed up im just gunna say that yeah it is a bit sick and yeah sometimes like can be hard and sometimes there are people out there who dont feel anything will help, but for other people to sujest ways to die.....i just think thats a bit wronge, i mean one comment u could make could end someones life, i no i wouldnt want to do that. its much better to get help, even if it seems impossible its not im sure. so i really think that maybe all u guys who are gunna say "the best way to kill urself is...." you should maybe just think about what your saying and how the words could affect someone. all the best....
19 Feb 2005 I hate religious maggie Dear Religious Maggie, I accept that you have the right to be a fucking idiot.

I'm glad you were raped. If I was a preist I would rape you myself! If I ever meet you I will rape you, even if you're a guy.

And Mouchette, sometimes you are the biggest fucking idiot in the world. Why the fuck did you put Religious Maggie's last post in your favourite section? She didn't even say anything worth while. What the hell! You have the worst taste! That stupid bitch just never shuts up about her pussy. Doesn't it get old?? Apparently not. What the fuck, you both just make me so mad! I'll clunk your heads together like the three stooges.
19 Feb 2005 Rev. Poosy Well, tomorrow for my church service i shall be having a stripper! You may well be asking "what a strange thing to do in a church". But you see, it will blend in with one of the hyms which has words like 'I WAS STRIPPED I WAS NAKED WERE YOU THERE WERE YOU THERE, I WAS STRIPPED I WAS NAKED WERE YOU THERE'. So you see folks, it makes sense to have a stripper. Im wondering whether Religious Maggie will get in on the act. She could boob slide up the aisle. Its 40ft long, the isle that is. But she would have to mind her head on the font. Maybe my gay boyfriend who is a Franciscan monk could join her. I guess he should be careful though because i would hate anything bad to happen to him. You see, it is known (not widely) that monks dont wear underwear! God Bless you my friends +
19 Feb 2005 Hired†Gun Most who consider suicide are already dead. This world has a way of killing you long before your body is ready to die. People escape their pain and hopelessness by deadening their emotions and killing their spirit. They become apathetic and dead, because they know that nothing can hurt a person who is already dead. But there is a way to be born again and to live again.
19 Feb 2005 Maya Aston I would go to the Zoo and get myself into the cage with pumas. They will eat me alive.
19 Feb 2005 Rocky ok hey i'm Rocky i wrote yesterday and i read some of things that people had written and i must say i was surprised with some of the things that people had put. Come on seriously things are bad but there is help. i am sixteen and have recently suffered from the illness of the thoughts of suicide. things were heaps bad and they were but i took it to a context that wasn't right. i slashed my wrists, tryed to shoot myself, hang myself and several other things as well. i felt that no body understood wat i was feeling and i was right. no body did understand but there is some incredible people who listen for no other reason other than being loving carring people. there is this one person who i think is awesome she listens to me whenever i have a problem
she doesnt understand wat i went through no body will and nobody can. everybody goes through different things. to this day her and i are likeheaps good friends. when things get bad dont kill yourself. its not worth it. that would be letting all the people who you hate win. that would be letting the world win. you have to find the blessings in your life even if the only thing you live for is icecream or something that sounds so stupid like is worth living. i must admit i still have those thoughts of killing myself ever now and then when things get some wat low but thats why we have friends and god to help us stay above water and rise to our best. you can e-mail at if any needs some advice with something i'm more than happy to help.
19 Feb 2005 Ian Basically I hear over the counter drugs are your best bet, there are sometimes flaws though, like one time a friend of mine shot himself and was left there for 3 hours.....alive and bleeding. I have a depressing life, not as depressing as some of the stories I've seen so far. I think i'll take some over the counter medicine and hang myself, just incase one doesn't work.
19 Feb 2005 Mike You know that soft bit just above where your collar bone meets on your neck, well, shove a knife at a 30 degree angle into there, hopefully, if I'm right, the blood should go straight into the trachea, fill your lungs with fluid, rupture a couple of vital arteries to the brain and if the knife is big enough it should also destroy the spinal chord. Might hurt for a bit but you won't be able to scream because there will be no way to make any noise with your lungs filled with fluid. Oh try swalling a couple of those really small batteries. That should sort things out. The stomach acid should go through the metal casing to release whatever is in them, probably sulphuric acid, into your stomach, burn away the lining and any other vital organs below your stomach. Sounds fun. Also don't try injecting air is a common myth. And so is injecting potassium chloride. It's a salt substitute so it's just going to burn to hell.

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