Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Dec 2004 Angie I looked and didn't see this included in anyone's entries although I did see people saying, "Oh, make sure to call 911 first so everything is cleaned up before anyone you love has to see it."

WRONG. If you love your family, DON'T KILL YOURSELF. Simple as that! Know why? It's not a fairy tale world where your body disappears magically upon death -- YOUR FAMILY IS THE ONE THAT CLEANS UP THE MESS. Blow your head off with a gun? Guess who scrapes the brain matter of the curtains? Your loved ones. Slit your wrists in the bathtub? Mom gets to scrub out the blood stains. Overdosed on pills? It won't be the coroner down on his knees cleaning up vomit.

For you people that hate your family and that's why you want to die, make sure to do it in some horrific manner in the living room -- they'll be forced to switch to hardwood floors to get those stains out of the carpet! ;D
15 Dec 2004 Regi Man you have got to be kidding me! Kids who want to kill themselves under the age of 15 even you got your whole life ahead of you dont fuck it up now.
15 Dec 2004 Philip I felt really depressed and thought of killing myself.. Then i found this site... I read through almost all the articles and now i feel really stupid!I broke up with my girlfriend like a month ago.. She was(and unfortunately she is)everything to me. I've never been so much in love before in my life.Now everyday i see her flirting with a fucker. I gave a promise that i would kick the shit out of him if he would dare to go out with her. It's my senior year and i'm really anxious and stressed about my future because of the pressure i get from my parents (they are not that strict but they really make me feel bad..) Tomorrow i start exams and i'm still thinking of commiting suicide but i really think i'm stupid because i can see that people that have really big problems just face it and still live.But i feel so much depressed and useless... Wish i was with my girlfriend (she doesn't give a fuck about me though.. and we'll never be together again..). if i'm with the person i love, i forget about everything.. but now.. she dumped me for no actual reason and i am really depressed about it and about the whole think with my future and my parents.. I think that i shouldn't commit suicide and guys.. just think of how people that just know you would feel.. a good friend of mine commited suicide because of his girlfriend and now she's depressed and feels guilty... i don't want to do this to her.. (although some times i feel i want revenge for the pain she caused me..)
15 Dec 2004 Agony Auntie Son: "theres this site on the net where everyone goes to moan and complain about their problems. its pathetic"

Mother: "oh yes I have seen that. the one where people who have hard lives all post on"

Son: "yes thats it. they are all such losers!"

"Mother: "But theyve all gone through terrible hardships"

Son: "well moping wont make it any better!"
15 Dec 2004 Casey Haley If you want the best suicide method....keep living day to day without a plan to survive.
If you dont decide to live and take steps towards reaching that goal you will die at your own hands. You are dying now and will continue to die inside until the point where you take the final step and leave our body behind. The physical act is only the last step...suicide starts when you realise your suffering and take no steps to end it. Talk to someone...that is all it takes to start the process of reversal and revive your tortured soul.If you are already condemning yourself to more suffering and ultimately death.
15 Dec 2004 stef Stab yourself repeatedly in the face with a cheese grater
15 Dec 2004 sad i was with my boy friend since i was 13 im now 16 i stuffed things up between us bad an now hes with my friend iv begged him 2 take me back but he wont, he told me he loved me. iv lost all my friends because they lied my face 4 him. i have no1 except 4 my mum. iv been slitting my wristes with razor bades 4 about 2 years wen eva something bad happens. i wish i had the guts 2 cut deeper. i found an extension cord in my garage and have made a noose out of it, lets hope i dont back out of this. every1 says u can get help but iv asked many times n look wear im at. i wish it didnt have 2 end this way............
14 Dec 2004 sarah Go on a roof say ur prays and jump {Dont look down you will land on your stomach and break ur lungs and bones}
And look at the sky
14 Dec 2004 A Doctor of Proctology Hello,

I am here to tell you the truth about suicide and death. Some people are under the impression that when you die, your aura, or spirit, or whatever the fuck you call it, lives on. Some believe that there is a heaven, or hell, or spirit world, or some shit like that. I'm afraid you are mistaken. There is nothing after death. Absolutely nothing, so much nothing that you're not even aware that there is nothing..... BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO CONSCIOUSNESS!!! Do you remember what it was like before you were born? That is what death is like. Billions of years will pass and you will have no idea.

So if you're contemplating suicide and worried that you will go to hell, or have a bad afterlife, take comfort in knowing that there is no life after death.
And if you are contemplating suicide because you think you will enjoy the spirit world, think again because it doesn't exist.... or at least, there is nothing after death that you will be aware of. So if you're expecting an afterlife, you're going to be disappointed. No wait, you won't be!
14 Dec 2004 fiona hey its me again i need a good way to commit suicide coz my family have turned their back on me now and ive decided the old cutting isnt doing it for me anymore.
14 Dec 2004 karina hey,
im 14. everyone thinks my life is so damn perfect cuz im gogeous and i my parents spoil the chit out of me, but do they have time for me no they dont they dont know at all. they give me money when ever i want but have they ever sat down and talk to me of how im feeling,no. i have friends their all most guys but my best friend is just like me but she is perfect and she always makes herself sound better than me when were exactly the same. i dont goto school cuz some fat bitches want to beat me up. my grades suck. my boyfriend whom i love has just left to another state he expects everything to still stay the same, he needs to come to reaaality. my brother is married and having a baby he dont give a fuck about me anymore. the worls sucks it stabs you in the back everytime it cans there is no reason why to still be here i want to die but im too much of a little a bitch i know a lot of people love me i just want attention or someone to help me. so please if u know some easy way to kill myself feel free to write to me or if u know someway in how to help or just want to be my friend please write. mi aim is (princess619k) my cell phone email is ( or call me at that number.
desperatly seeking for help or friends, heart-broken-gurl. karina
14 Dec 2004 Briley I lost everything and ended up in jail at 19 due to a heroin addiction. I was sent directly from jail to a rehab. Once I finished there I had to go to a halfway house since I had nowhere else to go. Once my time was up there I had to go to a 3/4 house where I stayed for about a month. I then left there and went to a school for 16-25 year old rejects. I was able to get myself into a good computer program and met a girl while living on campus. I graduated first in my class and earned an internship with AT&T. With the money we were able to put a car on the road and rent an apartment. I was lucky enough to find a great job and started to put together a good life. WE had a healthy baby boy, and I was quickly promoted at work. After 2 1/2 years I slowly fell back into my heroin addiction and took the woman I had fallen in love right along with me. We eventually ended up having our child taken from us, and she left me. I lost my job, car and sold everything I had. I am now sitting alone in an empty house (no furnature, nothing)and foreclosuer will began within the next couple of weeks. I lost everything to heroin again, and also have charges hangin over my head. I will never get the woman I was to marry back again, and I'll be lucky if I ever have my son again. I want to kill myself and end it so badly and it seems that no one cares. The only thing that keeps me alive is knowing that I have a 2 year old out there who needs me...any thoughts? My email is
14 Dec 2004 Robert Lee "Styles" Steele there is no best way to kill yourself, as this life ends in it's own time, death will come eventually, you should live the life you've been given, reguardless of who says what, and what has happened, as they is only one life you will have, after that it is finished, you will never be copied, or reborn into human form, there will be no resurrection. Now, to solve the problem itself, it's best to find a family councilor to speak with, get legal help behind you and seek out help, Do Not take your life, it's a waste, as you will leave, not only yourself, the ones you've never met, the ones you've never had a chance to say goodbye, or that you loved them, you will be leaving those you love, and the ones that love you. Even if you truely beleive you are not loved, or cared for, remember me. Styles, I know you not, but I love you as a brother should, I care about you life, and your well being, should you have more thoughts of death, give me a buzz. (MSN Address, Email, and Yahoo Address)
EqStyles for my AIM address.

I make no false claims when I say, I care, I will not tell you your life is easy, and you should stop complaining, as I know it can be very hard, and fraut with many hardships, as I have lived my own hardships, in 14 years I lived in a hell, constant anger, and humilation, yet I did not take blade to my flesh.

above all, remember, death is not a toy, it's a vile serpent, ready to strike you with it's poisoned fangs.
death, is not instant, no matter how you try it, a riend of my mother's, her little boy, 14, climbed up Murdock mines's tower, and dove off, 400 feet in a nose dive, you'd think it's instant, but it's not, it crushes your vital organs, and explodes your heart, and it will hurt.
Death, is not a way out, nor is it a release from life.
14 Dec 2004 Carla Can someone tell us what is the best way to lose weight and be skinny without exercise and pills and all that? Like, to become blemic or something? Please email us at or IM us there.
14 Dec 2004 Sara Jackson Hello. My name is Sara and I'm 26. Yes Im old but Ive wanted to kill myself since I was 14. Ive been on medication which seemed to help (I stopped about 16 and from then on seemed fine) until I was about 25. Now Im married to someone that beats me and loves his DVDs and possessions more than me. I've never felt more worthless in my life. I just want to die quicky with no more pain. Im tired of pain. How can we choose life over death with no pain or feeling or conciousness... If were all going to die anyway why do we put up with this facade of living, because life is just a sad diversion from the obvious, that we are just going to die, so we busy ourselves with religion or other traditions that mean NOTHING because it wont matter when we are dead!!!! I want to take pills. Any suggesstion on the best type to overdose with, seriously.
14 Dec 2004 xaloneforeverx Ive tired too kil myself soo many times.. im 13 and life sucks for one gets me.. i stop cutting btui i cant its too hard no one gets thats its an addicction.. i cnt stop...i havent dicided when too kill myself but i no its soon.. i cant take this n e more its crazy ppl think i do this for attention seriously y would n e one want attention? i dont fuck its stupid... i have friends yeah.. i have a loving family yeah... no one else i got at least 4 friends that really care.. and y family doesnt even talk too me. they all hate me becuase uim suicidal and i got a lot of pircing. so my point is.. ill probly O.D on pk's..(pain kills) with booze or.. ill hang myself...
14 Dec 2004 REDDEATH I'm 17
through out my entirer school life I was bullied getting chaced every where constantly coming home with black eyes and ect I never had any chance I was called names and scared to go to school. about 3 years ago i met a girl called rebca franklin she seemed like a nice girl but infact she had run away from home and decided to bring all her problems with I was gettin called by the police stop in streets by police no end. In the last 5 years I have had 9 girl friends that have all treated like S***.
here are the main ones
2)Emma She was my first love she has my kid and wont let me see him he's now 2. she cheated on me with my best friend of the time and made my life hell
3)Laura she was strange I went out with her and she dumped me and told me the only reason she went out with me was to learn how to snog, she then went out with one of my friends and cheated on him.
7)Kay she decided to have me done for rape after we had sex. I asked several times that she was sure she wanted to do it and every time she said yes, so go figure.
8)this one caused alot of trouble she was telling me so many lies, she said she had a kid that had died, she said she was one of triplets and she and her other trips got kid naped and the kid napers killed her brother trip ect.
I have had alot of people die around me recently it horrible and no one understands why im sad all the time.
hey to all thos that are thinkin about killin your self all i can say is i dont have the heart to hurt friends and family, I understand the pain that you are going through and wish i could help but at the mo im not a good person to talk you out of it cos im thinkin about it my self there is alot more that has happened than what is here i just didnt want to make it tooo long.
I have gone to attempt or have attempted suiced 14 times and have been pulled of bridges and needles with cocktails in taken of me. We all need a place where all of us can go and live in a nice big suiced comunity where its pain less.
plz feel free to email me, if you would like to talk to me on msn then send me an email and i'll add you to another address of mine.
14 Dec 2004 louise slit your rist or hang yourself.
13 Dec 2004 Discerned one I am now presenting the BEST solution ever has been on this forum.
All the other posts are weak, self-centered, emotional thus completely useless.

Yourself is your greatest enemy.
You say that the world is shit, a hell to live in? NO.
The world exists just as you perceive it. There are no good or evil things in life. NOTHING can be good or bad. Only you making things GOOD or BAD.
Why would life be BAD ? Because and only because you see it form the wrong aspect.

Emotions make us weak and thereby suffer. Our ego destroys and we become loathsome unto ourselves. What can we do ? FIGHT ! But not fighting against the BAD things but against OUR ego. All and yes all your emotions are created by yourself and not by your alleged circumstances. You are struggling and you lose, become weak, small. What made you to feel that weakness ? The circumstances ? The people around you ? The world ?
NO NO and NO. It was yourself who made that weakness.

Therefore my conclusion is you lame, depressed suffering idiots that you overcome yourselves and KILL yes KILL all your emotions.


I am well aware that is not an easy nor short procedure.

Overcome thyself and thou shalt overcome everything.
13 Dec 2004 Sky ask for a Molly Dolly for ur 12th birthday. When u open it on ur birthday, say u dont want it and throw it back at ur perants. They will kick u on the streets and u will live life as a bum, selling fake rubber chickens for 12p. Finnaly after many days of pain and agony, u become the president of USA and deside to push that "Red Button" we all hear about on his desk. A man comes out and shoots a picture on the wall, which falls off, which hits the floor and bounces off and gets u in the eye. Then u run out the door and a terrorist shoots u in the knee cap, which makes u fall over and choke on ur fingers which get stucj in ur mouth.....the end :

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