Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Feb 2005 Sunie Im not under 13 im 17. im confused about things. seeking help for my problems will only leave me to a inclosed life that will lead me to a no good job. i dont want to die. i love alot about it. but what i fear about living is. Gangs, Druglords and many more sick and confused people that will just put my children thrue the same stuff they put me thrue. i could not live with that. i cant even walk out my house without being scared of being stabed by gangs that hate me for standing up for myself when they went to rob me for my mobile phone (cell phone). I'm not feeling sorry for myself im feeling sorry for the future. ive broken the law cause i was still yet confused but yet. i join the army. i thought why kill myself why? if i live thrue the army my career is set. if i dont i die. i win both ways. both ways the pain is gone. There is no such thing as a sick mind. it's a misslead mind. Dont kill yourself your killing other peoples future. if Adof Hitler Killed Him self there would be no war. from the germans. but then again there is no such thing as piece. If George Washingtons Father Killed himself there will be no america. how it stands today. Find A Target. Thats all the advice i give. can you aid me?
08 Feb 2005 REDDEATH OK I'v been made a bit happyer last time i posted one of my tried to commit suiced. she is now in hospital with liver failer sooooo, heres a lesson DONT DRINK ANTI FREEZ, she goin in sphyc for a review and will be under 24/7 observation she will not be allowed to be alone for atleast 3 months, another lesson DONT fail. her doin this has made me kno what it would be like for my friends and family if I did it, It is one of the most horrible feelings I have ever had. dont get me wrong I still think about it all the time but now I dunno if I can put the ones that care about me through that pain.
in other news My so called best friends still hasnt even bothered to tell me him self why he's not talkin to me.
My brother has made it to america and is now living there and i wont be able see him for months :'( .
as usual you can email if you wanna talk or msn me on
08 Feb 2005 A horny suicide man :-) The best way is to hang yourself. Make a noose it's easy and it works reliable :-)
By the way I do hope all who read and visits this forum, sometimes do commit the suicide ! ;-)
Finally it's your choice and only your decision when you decide to end your life. Your life is only in your hands so why not to end my life when I will feel that I want to do it ?
So, I'm sure once I do commit suicide too... :-)
I'm looking forward to it ! :-)

Wish you all let you will succed when you will be committing ~ ending your life. Gooodluck!
08 Feb 2005 Maxim Im not under 13 but been thinking of suicide since about 4 years old and I've had a pretty good life, never molested or anything as a child, some physical abuse as a teen, but now 27 y/o I dont really blame my dad. I'm tired of this world, its cold and inhospitable, ppl wanna help ppl on the otherside of the world due to the tsunami but they could care less about the hungry in their own street? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Not enough hours, not enough money! I have this huge hole within my being and it is bottomless, I;ve tried to fill it with sex, drugs, and materialism and now Im just to smart and know it wont get filled. Jesus is a myth, same as Mithras. No one will save no one, save yourself if you can. You cant run and you cant hide, the aliens will find you, you;re already micro-chipped!! But no one believes?? Is everyday asleep??? Hello anybody awake??? I cant wait to die, I hope theres nothing after but something tells me there is so I will have to wait it out and bite my lip. I'M SIRIUS IF ANY1 ELSE IS SUICIDAL DUE TO WHAT THEY BELIEVE IS ALIEN INTERFERENCE AND DONT THINK ANY1 WOULD UNDERSTAND CONTACT ME... oh I am afraid, dont get me wrong. The psychologists told me I wasnt the only one. I like to sing "Rape Me" by Nirvana to them (the grays). Anyways was thinking the cultists have it right cyanide kool-aid.
07 Feb 2005 DamnedDave hey, its me again. just a word to ask how many of you would still attempt to their lives if they could solve there problems?heh? as i said no one want to die, just stop suffering ans get some help. go see a psychiatrist, a social worker, a counsellor, a friend, even a teacher and just tell that you want to kill yourself. im pretty sure that you ll get the help you need. if there anyone from state of Québec, you should call 1-866-appelle. I lost nearby called Nicolas on september. hang himself. he just gave a shitload of pain to everyone who knew him. im pretty sure that he could had some help for his depression and build a life that wont be just...painful.
think twice and get some help!!!!
have a Day!!!!!:)
07 Feb 2005 Will Snow Well, i guess if you really wanna kill yourself. Listen to Johny Cash. Apologies to those that like him. Hang on a sec. No i dont!!
07 Feb 2005 Jack O'Connor Hi, most people have come to this website because at some point they have thought about suicide. I was seriously considering it at one point, but now I am very glad that I didn't. If you are reading this and are thinking about suicide, please don't do it. Your life WILL get better, and you WILL look back on this awful time and be glad you didn't do it. If anyone wants to talk to me please don't hesitate to contact me at -
Remember, no matter how terrible you think life is now, it will improve, and you will be happy again.
07 Feb 2005 k--ro je ne comprends pas comment on peut avoir envie de jouer au suicide ce n'est pas un jeu il ne faut pas le prendre comme tel le suicide est quelmque chose de grave. Même si la vie n'est pas tjs drôle il ne faut pas penser à se suicider car cela n'enlevera pas dans la souffrance dans le monde mais en rajoutera car ok la personne qui se suicide n'a plus mal mais parce qu'elle st morte donc elle ne ressent plus rien mais les personnes proches de cette dernière qui eux sont encore de ce monde méritent-ils vraiment de souffrir autant ... la perte d'un être cher est horrible c'est la plus grande souffrance que l'on peut faire subir à quelqu'un : il faut bien réfléchir est-ce que le mal-être qu'une personne ressent vaut à faire souffir autant d'autres personnes je ne pense pas. Il faut trouver une personne à qui l'on peut parler et qui pourra nous aider à surmonter tout cela rien n'est insurmontable si l'on est à plusieurs pour le faire : il faut juste bien s'entourer. j'espère avoir peut etre ider quelq'un. je laisse mon emaiml sur le site on ne sait jamais (les tirets apès le k c'est sous le 8) A bon entendeur salut!
07 Feb 2005 laura get ur friend 2 chop ur body ip from head 2 toe and enjoy the pain
07 Feb 2005 Paula Jineao live til yr 90, u can always change yr mind. Or... as a baby, cry til 2yrs then stop, let your parents (in another room) hear "oh f*ck it". i used to think emotions were trapped in food and suicidal thoughts were randomly spread around the food court. i always worried i'd accidentally eat a banana or something with a suicidal thought in it. this worry persisted from ages 6 to 17, but nothing came of it. a little cutting, it looked dramatic, all the grids etc., but: when yr dead, you feel nothing. so you might as well feel something for as long as possible. Anyway, I'm really scared that when we're dead we end up as giant blue jellyfish alone in a void, and I want to postpone that for as long as possible. This is true: there is no version of heaven that doesn't invalidate THIS life, here on earth. I think.
06 Feb 2005 Nikita Overdoses of drug & slitting your wristes
06 Feb 2005 chrissy czarra make it look like a murder
05 Feb 2005 Kathleen I want to kill myself i can't go on. Someone please im me at Catsnoozekat or email at
05 Feb 2005 Thierry hara kiri a la saucisse de strazbourg
05 Feb 2005 Kathleen My mom is having an affair with a 65 yr old when she is 46 and i want to end my life.when my sis first found out she started cutting and now i want to ed my life too.
05 Feb 2005 sara this site is pretty bad, i mean why would you post what is the best way to kil your self when your under 13, i would hope that no one under 13 is comtimplating suiside, i mean your young, you have so much to live for. Hang in there. get medication, i have a 5year old neice and i hope she would never ever think of anything like this. and i think people are only making it worse by telling suicidal ppl off, and telling them to kill them selves, i mean that could be your sister, or aunt, or mother, or brother, someone you love, how would you feel if they died. It would hurt alot.
04 Feb 2005 Anlsized HELLO!! This message is for DonkyKong. Mr. Kong, you are incorrect in your statement that shit doesn't taste half as bad as it smells. I know because I have both smelled, and eaten shit. One time I got drunk and I realized that I didn't give a fuck what I did.... so while I was taking a shit, I thought that since I don't care, it would be interesting to eat some of my shit. I took a bite out of my log, and even when I was drunk and my taste was somewhat numbed, it was still the worst thing I ever tasted, and the aftertaste lasted forever! The worst is when it goes to the back of your throat. Then you can both smell, and taste it.

In conclusion, eating shit is bad. I do not recommend that anyone eat shit. It is not a pleasant thing to do.
04 Feb 2005 chrystelle grandir dans ce monde d'adulte tous aussi faux les uns que les autres
04 Feb 2005 REDDEATH I Think One of My friends are goin to kill them self and i dont kno what to do I'm scared of losin her, she is such a good friends :(
04 Feb 2005 torah its easy, don't waste your time with panadol and alcohol. go to a rave with say about $500 look for a drug dealer becuase there will b heaps there and then buy all the pills u can afford, ecstacy etc. watever u can get ur hands on. pop all of this within succession of one another and your bound to od, also make sure you drink tones of water. this is the best method because u will have the time of your life before you die. pills and raves are so fun!! n.b you might only want to stay for a while and then go somewhere else where no one is around cause the ambo's will prolly pick u up and take u to the hospital. also you could try drinking alcohol with the pills for a greater effect!!! ;) enjoy

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