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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Jan 2005 fade_2_black I dont know what the best way to kill yourself when you'r under 13 but im sure its not anymore difficult then when you are older.
Myself, I am 21 and I have been contemplating suicide for years.I have even picked out a spot, a building that i know has open door to the roof. I've planed to do it on my 22 birthday, and i am excited and scared at the same time, its my first time. My only fear (besides going to Hell) is surviving and being cripeled. I read a post someone saying that they attempted suicide and survived minus his legs, and that scares me.
Anyways I hope that 5 stories high will be enough for me to spill my brains on the pavement.WISH ME LUCK
06 Jan 2005 kristin the fucked god, i seriously am fucked up. tylenol doesn't do the job, it just fucks up your liver. i was completely misinformed. now everyone will look at me as a complete idiot. shit i need a better plan.
06 Jan 2005 Kc hey after reading most of these suicidal pages i realised its really sad. some of these stories made me cry!! i thought my life was horrible, but then i figured there are worse out there than me. if anyone wants to talk please feel free to add me :) bye xxx
06 Jan 2005 whatever I am just writing these few lines in order to let you what is like to be me either you consider it as real or as fake , that is really up to you . just read the following line , rite now i am really depressed to the point where life has no meanning or what so ever to me, bcz rite now my wife divorced and left me since october 2004 and my student loan is under investigation for false declaration that i have made last year , my car is broken and it will cost to me about $1000 dollars to fix and i am shy of 12 credit to get my diploma but i am not sure if they will lent some more money to pay for these extra courses and on top of this i am batling some form of prostate infection that botter me almost every second of life with the aquite pain and beside this is not my first episode of depression it is my third and now is at it peek and i have no family support what so ever where i live and winter really suck up north here , the only friend that i have is the small screen (tv)that only do what you ask him to do and sometime i sat in my appartment the all day at home contempling every thing in my life , i tell you people it really sucks sucks .... life but commiting suicide is almost pretty in my head but doing it really scares me , because i do not know the other side of life but for now i just have no direction whatsoever , praying , hoping that i can sleep at least 3 to 4 hours at night but not always .drop a line if you ever feel like me , trust me it is really hard and i am drowning people if there anything in your knowledge that will help to get cure please let me know . and i hope in the name of god will be able to live normal life one .... thank you for reading and but the way i am 32 years of age .

thank you ..................
05 Jan 2005 eddie b All u gotta do is stick your penis in my asshole. That will kill anybody. I am a fag, and I want u to fuck me, man or woman.
05 Jan 2005 hui i lived in the 17th floor... and i m 13. I think the best way is to jump.. . wondering how long it will touch the ground... 4 second?? 5?
05 Jan 2005 Lucy Cortina UPDATE ON MEEEE:

My breasts are very unstable and keep inflating and deflating. There doesn't seem to be a cure. My previous pair tragically died and departed to the Great Boobie Heaven, they're probably sat in a prayer circle wearing silk bras and chanting as we speak.
I am told that I was frozen on Mount Booby and have been recently revived. Apparently I am still the same age as I was when I was frozen, yet everyone else has gotten older. That is actually true as my little sister is now into boys and brings them home to do "kissy poos" as she calls them. She puckers up her lips like a vacuum cleaner, and kisses the boys with an evil glint in her eyes, almost as if she's sucking out their souls. The poor boys have to be pulled off her in the end and we never see them again. My sister then moves onto her next victim.

I still have spots, even being frozen for over a year couldn't get rid of them. I think it's about time I put an end to this nonsense and booked myself into an Ugly Hospital (which is probably run by Ugly Nurses. I hope it isn't contagious!)

Mouchette, as you already know, SSSS can no longer deliver me to you. I'm done with the SSSS, just look what trouble they have caused me. I'm now considering new career options, I've had a lot of offers after the publicity from being found on Mount Booby (which, unbelievably, looks even larger than both of my boobs morphed into one when they are fully expanded (imagine that!)) I am considering offers of doing a special weekly edition of "Boobie News" for the BBBC (British Boobie Broadcasting Co-operation), so watch this space.
05 Jan 2005 Sandi I sat here and read alot of the stuff that you people have felt and or just felt you should say. Well I have been at the end of my rope and almost got the chance to jump. My sister saved me. My life is not all peaches and dream cicles. But hey it's gotta get better...right. Well not always. I have found that unlike all the hot little teeny bopper rock star kids YOU have to make life what you want it. As for the question at had....Best way to kill youself at 13. Well I don't know I failed.But now I am 23 and happy. I am not telling anyone what to do or how hard my life is (we all have our own problems) But nothing can get better if you are not here to see it......And on that I know I am right. As for a insert I read for SAL you need to grow up little boy this is not the place to put people down because you think you have such a bad life.
05 Jan 2005 Hayley I wouldnt help you ever. This Is disgraceful and you should be locked up you mental loon.
04 Jan 2005 DEVIN I have tried 15 times and i'm still alive why can't i just FUCKING die i feel no love no feelings at all emtpy alone i just want to die some one help me!!!!!!!!!!! just FUCKING DIE why can't this happen the only thing i will miss is my family but only the good time once a year they hate me but all i do is take theire shit HELP ME
04 Jan 2005 al il suffit peut-ĂȘtre de se laisser mourir...
04 Jan 2005 George W. Bush dear rachel,
I would love to be raped by an underage girl. thank you for the offer. please write to me and we can arrange a time and place
04 Jan 2005 me wow....
my heart really and truly goes out to anyone who is feeling this way. for me it is totally a thing of the past... but when i come here every now and then i remember it and... i dunno, it's just fucked really.
but look on the bright side... EVERYONE will be dead in one hundred years... all of you, the happy ones, the sad ones, the angry ones, time passes at the same rate.
and so... we are fucked really, no matter what. totally pointless and insignificant....
i dunno... don't even know why i'm writing this. just to say that i honestly wish i could just get a magic wand and be like *blam* and everyone would be fucking happy or whatever. damnit, the most annoying thing is that i have actually figured out... bascially everything really, but i can't get anyone to try it. not to the extent that it would change anything.
anyway... take care everyone... i dunno, i honestly hope that somehow things get better.
04 Jan 2005 donnie the best way to kill yourself would be with any of these: Gun,knife,rope,jump off a building,purposely wreck a car,or cut your throat. I've been thinking about cuttin my throat because im a failure in school my parents think im a failure and most realtives. Im discrimminated at school all the time. Im a very quite person and people are always very sterotypical about me in negative ways. I attend a school of 2,700 students. I am always treated. I don't see any reason for me to be here today.
04 Jan 2005 erica well i just got a big knife and i am going to cut my wrists.
04 Jan 2005 MIKE SIEHL join a militia. i hear there is a really good one in maryland. its called the southern sons of liberty. they have weaponary that is over two decades old. i know because i almost joined but when i saw they were still using bolt action rifles i didnt join. i dont want to just let em kill me. i want to have a fighting chance. you know kill a couple. i did kill a couple while i did my long 3 years in county jail. heck i didnt kill anyone i was so scred i begged the jailers to let me go in solitary confinement.
04 Jan 2005 Stephanie There isn't a best way,killing yourself is stupid and it hurts the ones you love. If anyone out there needs someone to talk to, I don't care who you are or what problem your having, I want you to email me.....yes you..I want you to email me at, My name is Stephanie and I will get back to you as soon as I can. whatever problem you have I will be more than happy to help you.
Peace and Grace to All

04 Jan 2005 eugene this might sound wierd but i found that drugs are easy to get, save up about a $1000, it shold do you just right, spend 3 days triping on weed, acid, koke. salvia is good too. then on the third day best if done on a romantic holiday or something touching so the news say u did it becouse of love or something, plant a note on your back, get stoned so much that you cant tell if your alive and dance on a small roof, drink a bunch of alchol, just do the most drugs you can posibly do, i know this sounds wierd my friend died like this. four of them exually i plan on joining them later i first have some busness to take care off. and for all of you people who say this site is wak shoot youtselves or drown yourself in a bathtub full of your own spit.
03 Jan 2005 Broken Girl. Wasted Heart oki I'm back The best way to kill yourself is to put on your best outfit do your make-up (if youre a girl)fill the bathtub up take lots of anti pyhscotic medication, then take lots of sleeping pills, then take tons of advil, then you lay in the bathtub turn out all the lights and slit your wrists for good measure then you wait and soon you will be liberated.
03 Jan 2005 jerica cavins my favorite way to want to die would be parachuting over a big city like new york but accidently dont pull the parachute string and prepare to land hard...also look for sumthing sharp to hit ur head on forcifully

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