Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Mar 2005 Cher You people need to get a grip on reality and think about how lucky you really are! Suicide is never the answer. Why would you cut your life short? You are only 13 and life will get better, you are so young. Life is hard...its just the way of life, there are going to be hard times and there are going to be times when you are glad to be alive. Don't cut your life short.
09 Mar 2005 Kat You should not kill yourself, no matter how much you hate yourself or how hard life gets. I know people who have died from cancer at a young age and would have been SO grateful to have lived longer. Think of how lucky you are to be alive! If you have suicidal thoughts, get counciling. Some one can help you deal with your emotions.
09 Mar 2005 Hannah who knows
email me people.......
i have msn
anyone who is lonely and confused please e-mail me
i'm lonely too. my best friend is my dog, i have no real friends. i go to work, i come home, i eat, i sleep, i have no life. life is a bore and i understand totally why people here say "life sucks"

i want to die one day.
i don't believe i will live for another 10 years. i'm very overweight and very unhealthy. my mum keeps pestering me. my dad has found work in another state. my life sucks too, so e-mail me please :):):)
i love a famous singer but don't have the money to see him sing live, he is american, as they usually are
anyway life sucks so email me
bye bye
ohh my name is hannah too :)
09 Mar 2005 emma parkin stick a screw driver in 1 ear and out the other
09 Mar 2005 heather dement if u are afraid of pain and under 13 urn ur self on the oven stove and then walk across the highway when traffic is comming
09 Mar 2005 shorty pop pills
08 Mar 2005 no place your head on a railroad track and let a train rollover your head, worked for my cousin. . .
08 Mar 2005 georgia chew the wrong end of your pen
08 Mar 2005 Will Snow I am the gay franciscan monk who is Rev. Poosy's boyfriend. I heard that someone wants to kill him:( that makes me really sad. Why are people judging others. Whether there is a god or not a god, you should not judge. If there is a god, then i can say he would NOT judge. But i guess a lot of the people that come to this site to moan about Rev. Poosy, Religious Maggie, Lucy and Mouchette are damn hypocrites!! And if you cant have a bit of fun in your life then you are BLOODY sad and need to get a life.....Here endith the surmon.
08 Mar 2005 Kaytlyn get your boyfriend to tie you up,put a sock in your mouth tape your mouth shut
and toss you in to a 150 foot deep lake.
o and dont forget to add the cement around your feet.
07 Mar 2005 lissa im hav other posting on this site, but im just looking for someone to talk to. that i can bitch to because my life sucks.
aol instant messenger- guttahminded19 or alwaysmistaking5
07 Mar 2005 Jackie I have to tell you. I went through a rehab time period for about six years, where I was extremly suicidal. I finally got out of my town, where I had no friends, and my parents always fought. I went to college a guy started to like me. I did everything with him, I gave him everything, including my virginity. Then he broke up with me, he couldn't stand my depression, if he had only knew that he was the one who had helped the most. I want him so badly, so I decided to try and talk to him and write him. He just got mad and told me that by doing so I've made it very easy for him to get over me. He is the only person that has ever loved me, and now I have nothing. I've been contemplating the best way to die. I think that you either take all the pills in your house and fall asleep. Or jump of the highest bridge. I really don't know if I can live without this guy. I just want to die if I cannot have him, he was the only good thing I ever had.
06 Mar 2005 Denise I am 38 and have a long history of reasons to kill myself. I struggle everday to overcome depression and get back to myself. You should not consider killing yourself at a young age. You don't know what the future holds, once you are an adult. Give yourself some time to life a life first. I did it didn not turn out so well for me, but it could for you. I don't believe anymore that I am going make it to 40. I am so tired and in so much pain and so alone. Things just never get better for me personnally, but they could for you, your to young to die. I have lived, I know that I gave it my all!
06 Mar 2005 Death's Factor Really stupid shit, If your gunna commit suicide, do it, if only I had a gun I would already blow the shit out of my skull, life sucks too much, I would rather be a useless lazy negitave bag of shit that cuts himself all the time then acctually do something that help all the other useless fucks that accomplished nothing and has the same standards as I do but they are said to be much greater stop wantinng attention and killl ur self
06 Mar 2005 Religious Maggie Hehehehe Oh darlings, sorry I just fell off my chair with laughter. My knickers burst apart and flew off my poosy into the air. Anyway, if I owned this website (ie. if I was Mouchette) don't you think I would fill it full of pictures of me and God, not to mention my poosy, and pictures of me boob-sliding? I would also fill it full of hymns and religious and devotional songs for God.
Sadly this may never happen, however please feel free to browse my profile where you will find plenty of my pictures, and if you're over 18 and have the "adult pass" you will also be able to see pictures of my boobs and my poosy. Enjoy!
06 Mar 2005 uh oh...spaghetto uh oh.... I found a website where all the pathetic people go.
06 Mar 2005 Johan This is my note to every person that has thought and still thinks about suicide: The way I look at it,if you meant it, you'd be long fucking dead by now.

Suicide is on my mind on a daily basis. I imagine every possible way of killing myself and do 'testruns' (see when I faint, see how painful it is, how slow, etc.)
But the fact I'm still here is just proof we as human being are to fucking vane to admit all there is to fucking life is just to die. There is no higher purpose to life. God is just an invention to keep us flocked together.. We're pretty basicly the consesquence of an unfortunate turn of events that took place a long fucking time ago (big bang... begining of the world and shit, no fucking Adam and Eve shit).

what people like us experience, regardless of what triggers it, is pretty basicly a neurotic reaction.. our neurotransmittors go kinda nuts and we feel like fucking shit. that's it, emotions are just electric impulses in our brains...

and yet, we can't cope with that.. We're doomed, we're fucked, let's just fucking destroy all we are!!

How simple it would be!!

but the person that will actually commit suicide doesn't have to try more than once!! If you wanna die, you'll die!!

As long as we hold on to the belief we are more than just cleverly combined atoms we'll never be able to fucking die.

Regarding the actual topic of this forum thingy: the best way, it doesn't matter your age, still is fucking jumping.. quite a kick and than splat!!

Will I die prematurely?? I fucking do hope so!! I just need to find the motherfucking courage to do so...

But ej, I'm a fucking coward
05 Mar 2005 Christine Dobreva Last week, I slitted my wrists, it was all bleeding so bad...It didn't hurt at first, though. I wanted to commit suicide, but I...just couldn't make. Coz of my boyfriend, I suppose. But the great reason is that I can't really stand my mom. She never wanted me, and I can't move out since I'm 17 only. But that will happen soon. She is the one who shouts at me all the time, calling me names, hitting me, bumping my head in the wall, throwing knives over me, trying to not let me go home in the evenening when I get back from school. I've been suicidical for 10 years or more now. Have tried pills, blades, knives, fire...practically almost everything you can imagine. And I just make it to the hospital and them bastards save me. Why...I do believe in God and I love him. I know I'll go to hell and won't do any good by killing myself, but there are times when I just can't take it anymore. I'm in a constant depression and I never want to go back home. When I'm in the lift in out block of flats, I just make the cross sign, and pray to God I'll be able to face the next fight with my mom. She never listens to me, she never understands me, and I can't take it. I love school coz I feel safe there. I don't feel safe at home. And I never will. It's fucked up, and I'm ruined inside. I'm considered beautiful, thoughtful and funny, but I'd give it all away, just to know my "mother" won't let me down again. I'd sell my soul to anyone, just to know I won't go back home...
05 Mar 2005 S live more and get more answers
05 Mar 2005 MEREK(i miss clayton) hey its me merek with the dead cousin clayton....... im in denial of myself so what should i do with myself should i commit suicide or should i still exist i want eveyones opinion on this if you hate me e-mail me and tell me i should if you feel bad for me e-mail me and tell me i shouldnt please please please i want to know if i should or not and i want that stupid bitch lucy cortina's gay opinion so e-mail me at claytons e-mail addres please do it please

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