Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Jan 2005 ...... [merinda] ....... "Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live."
Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

(Not that I agree)
11 Jan 2005 toxic shock syndrome wait before you kill yourselfs... we all must unite to kill mouchette. the stupid whore who sends child porno in the emails she sends us. i hope you die of toxic shock syndrome mouchette. a very rotten poosy death. and it will be suicide because you stuck that extra large tampon up your bum and it rotted thru into your vaginal cancer.
11 Jan 2005 gildalahara colorado rosado hi i am from mexico and i want to say if you want to kill yourself you need to stop. go look in the mirror and tell it to your self. say i am going to kill you.... me. and look in your eyes. are you truly wanting to do this or are you looking into eyes full of fear. thats right your a scary little bitch. i just blew my fuckin brains out but it didnt kill me. you know why. cuz i am blonde and i dont need brains only my beautiful poosy and titays and my round rump. thats it. i am a blonde from mexico. i dont need my brains. see if you do.. can you look at yourself in the mirror and blow your brains out. your not suicidal then. your just a scary poosy.
11 Jan 2005 CAMRON someone please help me. i am contemplating suicide and am very scared. i am not tring to get attention. i am serious. i am scared because i dont know who i am anymore and i might actually do it this time. its different that the last time. i wasnt serious but now i am.
11 Jan 2005 Joe Kerr how does my shite taste my pretty? mouchette....? are you there?
i want to cus you out again. i really need to vent my anger so i dont commit suicide. please post this as if you dont i will get upset and want to kill myself you hipocrate. you are one of the most pathetic people on the face of the earth. do you like to drink your own p. you make me so sick on my insides i could just go kill my neighbors cat. i hate you !!! I FUCKIN HATE YOU AND YOUR GUTS AND THIS SITE> the more i think about it- it just makes me more and more horny. i am now going to go wack my jimmy and think about having wild painful intercourse with my neighbors cat...
11 Jan 2005 J I tried to slit my wrists when i was 18. It didnt work. I tried sleeping pills - it didnt work. I tried household products... it didnt work. Lately i found myself sliding again..... I tried to die... again. Im now 21.

Somehow the medics showed up and took me to the hospital.

After that they put me in a room with padded walls, it was worse than a jail cell - it was like the shit you see on tv.

I got out last week and i will try again. How?
Not sure but the drugs, pills, alcohol and knives arent working. Im thinking about jumping infront of a train or off a bridge.
i'll most likely take my car into the woods, stick a hose on the tail pipe and into my window. Painless and not messy at all (good for the funeral)

I wouldnt support the idea of anybody killing themselves but i do understand what your going through and would never pass jugdement on someone who decides too. Afterall, it is your life.
11 Jan 2005 moi continuer à vivre
11 Jan 2005 jedi ummz eat a box of crayons??????????????
10 Jan 2005 Tom Nail you head carefully to a computer screen (not breaking the screen) If the nails dont kill you, im fairly certain continous exposure to the ions from the screen will.
10 Jan 2005 Bitchy'a Mother Well, I came across the site by searching for a 'suicide' of a headteacher and this came up, strange eh?!

I never knew there was a site like this just to talk about, or get hurled abuse at, but I've read many posting and things seem to come clear about why people do commit suicide. Maybe, life does get better but its just heart ache trying to solve and figure out what you want and how you are going to do. Things are better than killing yourself. Whats worse? Not being around to see your children grow up, being proud of yourself. Different things in life that people praise and anyone and anbody can have them. If anyone wants to talk to me, I too have been feeling the same. But its not as worse as you feel. Everyone has a feeling and not everyone likes to be opened up.

Bitchy'sother:) - aka, I am 16 by the way and do not have kids, got to look at live in the distant not the near.
10 Jan 2005 Rosie Jump infront of a train or take an overdose and get severely pissed
10 Jan 2005 venkat guys people who visit this site are not mad so i wish everyone to be more serious
10 Jan 2005 shauntai take four boxes maximum strength laxitives, drink metamucil to wash them down, and shit untill your guts fall out.
10 Jan 2005 willy wonka Greetings to ALL...
This is my first post but i have been reading posts on this site for quite some time. Love this site Mouchette. Its GREAT!!! What I really like is all of you ninny little biznoutchez posting on this site saying things of utmost irrelavance. Such As, life sucks. Life only sucks because you do not suck. You see you must get into the flow of things. You too must suck. Now i will tell you for certian you must be doing great if your life sux. Why, you ask? Because I have a chocolate factory and my favorite machine does what you call packing. Yes thats right it literaly packs in the chocolate fudge into tight little "packages" by method of a ramrod. A shaft if you will. Next it is heated to melting point so everything gets moist and at just the right moment this hose Sprays a white creame filling inside and allows everything to cool to 115 degrees F. This has a most unusual aroma that tends to reflect on the way life really is. So, if you want to take a trip to my "Chocolate Factory" write me an email. I am sure i can get you a few tasty treats and put a smile on your face.
09 Jan 2005 saphyra-lorelei to shove two pencils up your nose and smash your head really hard on the table so the pencils go into your brain
09 Jan 2005 a poem from shaka zulu suicide, suicide....
electrical wire im my mouth,
my brain is fried.
gashes on my wrists, deep and wide.
either way you slice it I hate mouchette
she sends me pics of her bum bum
she is so dumb.
i just fondled my breast.
when i think of her i need to be caresed
all about my chest
i feel the warmth burning within
not cuz i just took some pills and drank some gin
but because of her. i just got sexy on myself.
and i am reaching for my wealth.
my family jewls. you are all fools. needing.....
from a blow up doll named mouchette.
oh mouchette....
i named my doll after you.
and now this poem is thru.
09 Jan 2005 jenny the fat ugly suicidal cow all my friens tell me that i shouldnt kill mysef because i am fun to be around. they only wanna be around me so they dont feel so bad about thier lives. my boyfriend only comes around cuz i give him head and swallow. i only do this cuz i am so lonely and i have to keep him around.
09 Jan 2005 MIKE SIEHL slit your throat and wrists and inner thighs.
DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE I CAN GET A PLASTIC KEYBOARD COVER? I just got thru wackin off and every time I do I get sticky keys.
yourrrrrr out. (3 strikes)
09 Jan 2005 .. i have tried to Over dose so many times it wont work. my dad now keeps all the medicines locked up my brother wont let me go any where they know if i get the chance im going to over dose. why didnt i die. why must they keep me from dying they treat me like shit, yet they wont let me die. ive tried to tell them why i must kill my self but they wont let me. my mom left me for her ex. and the only reason she wanted me was for the money because im adopted because my blood mom was on drugs. now my adopted dad is the same way no matter how much he denies it.

ok well any ways to tell you my whole story i got to go to when i was born...
ok i was born because my mom was a slut and all her money went to drugs...which is why she didnt take birth control. i was a mistake i wasnt wanted but she was to fucking lazy to get an abortion.
so any ways i was born and forced to live in apartment after apartment with her.. well one of them was a huge apt. well i was like 3 i went outside to play hide and seek with some of the peoples there. and what happens some sick freak that was i would say 15 or 16 was like come with me hide with me blah blah...and so he took me behind the apts no one else would look there and he raped me than and said if i told any one he would kill me and i belived him i was only 3...well any ways i was scared to go out side and one day my mom made me even after i told her what happend she didnt believe me and so i had to go outside and you know what he was there and he raped me again and i told my mom and you know what happened she went to talk to his mom and he denied it all and they all believed him...and so than we had to move because she didnt pay rent next apt i was playing outside and another guy raped me this time my brother was there to it was sick disturbing my own fucking brother who i still live with thank god he stopped with that shit but to this day i cant look at my brother with out getting discusted. well than i had to deal with my moms new b.f and my new little sister who i practicaly raised when i was like 4-7...well any ways her new b.f tried raping me so many times it was gross each time though some one would walk in and he would be like i was helping her change because she asked me it was disturbin i had to hide every day...than i went to fostercare because cps finaly got there heads out of there asses and relized some thing was wrong. but what do they do they lost my sister for like 2 hours in a mall...they hated me made me sleep in the garage. than i had to live with my now adopted dad my little sister and stupid older brother and adopted mom well my parents got divorced i had to live with my dad and well basicaly lifes hell... i have to raise my sister again..i feel like im slowly dying. no one is trying to help me my drs refuse to give me anti depresents because they think i will o.d my dad hates me my brother hates me my little sister is trying to kill me faster..and they stole my medicine..and dont worry they locked the knifes stuck in my room..with nothing to cause bodily harm..not even my simple little razor to keep me company hopefully i just die any day now though i swear i will find a way.
09 Jan 2005 Jennifer I understand what all you people are going through i considerd killing myslef many times but i stopped and realised im just making things worser i thought about my family and frends and how they woould feel and i just couldnt do it i stopped myself and i just broke into tears i couldnt belve myslef how could i try and end my life and now things hav gotten better for me. if there is anyone out there that feels unloved or uncared about just think of me because i love everyone as if they were my own brother or sister and if you need anyone to talk to im here for u u can add me or yahoo- greendayssaxxybiatch69 aim- greendaysbabe666 just pm me or email me and ill talk to you bout whatever u mite wanna talk bout have faith in ureselfs cos noone has the right to make you feel bad about yourself you shouldt be letting them because you have the right as a person not to be demended and God cares about you whether you mite not think so and i care about you so if you wanna talk just add me or whatever i love yall
God bless love ,

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