Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Mar 2005 Lonely Gurl Hey guys suicide is not the way.. i no i have tryed it and right b/4 u go u regret it!!! and most arent as lucky as i was i mean i took like a shit load of fuckin pills and then wrote the sucide note and my heart was pounding out of my chest i was more afraid than i had ever been i couldnt breath it was fucked up i ran in my dads room and he called the hospital.. im lucky i got help or i probaly wouldnt be here today and now i want to die again b/c my b/f dumped me and the only reason i wanted to come back was b/c of him i have nothing left but i can deal b/c sucide causes more pain then wut its worth u think of who ur gonna hurt what ur gonna miss out on who ur gonna miss wheather ur goin to heaven or hell u dont no after you stop breathing ur in gods hands
14 Mar 2005 Time to grow WHOA NOW EVRE1 listen up!!!u mite not like wot i gotta say but hear me out.. right wot r u all sayin u wanna kill urselves, do u no how serious that shit is? it might get u over ur troubles but think of evre1 else who it hurts, your friends, the people that actually care even if they dont show it, ur parents might annoy u or w/e but they love u, they might hurt u but im sure uve all hurt ppl u love in life b4 n dat dont stop u loving them, jus like ull do if u kill urself, it shudnt b somethin a 13 yr old person should even think about, u shud enjoy your life and put a smile on ur face n enjoy the good times instead of all the shit, ye u can cry u can get upset wreck ur belongings if it helps but to wreck ur life even more, u no that slittin urself fucks u up even more, i meen it shudnt b talked bout so u lot cnt hear bout it but i meen u get in a cycle n u dont no it n u cut n bruise urselves n u fuck up ur heads. i meen there is so much more in life than this, prove these people that get u down wrong, get out there n show them who u r, n help other ppl who have been thru wot uve gone thru, thats all i do, and it feel good to help sum1 out of somethin so bad, u shud count ur blessings evreday cos one day they mite b gone n u dont no how much u actually have, u mite not realise it but u have a whole lot, instead of thinkin how shit life is, look at ppl in africa, who have NOTHING they cant string together enoguth money to feed their families properly or buy a house, tehy walk miles everyday for water, but they dont quit n they dont stop, they enjoy the good thigns and i think u shud look at them, i meen there are kids younger then us with no parents who live on streets, babies lookin after their neweborn sisters because their mum died of HIV and they haeve HIV and wont live long either, jus think about that, next time u put that nife to ur skin, or the pill in ur mouth think of peeople who honetly dont have a thing, u shud b lucky even to have a roof over your head, i no i am, but dont ever give up the fight to life, u gotta stick with it, u get put in the shit, ull get out of it, just believe in yourself and you dont need anything else. DONT QUIT!
14 Mar 2005 stan so I went to a counsellor today and she is like I would like to help you but you must tell your parents about you problem so now I have 2 options:

1. play russian roulette with my dad's fully loaded gun
2. grow some balls and actually tell my parents that I hate them and that I wish I was never born.

so N E ways you can email me ( and tell me which option to choose, personally I would choose option 1 but I dont think Im thinkin straight.

Gawd I hate being me
14 Mar 2005 stacey Today i was in skool a teacher came up to me and had a go at me i told her to shut up we had an arguement and i was gettin stressed out to the point i was gonna do something to me or her but i done it to myself i wrote the name Spaz into my arm it was bleedin i couldn't tell no one bout it cos they would of knew wat i was going through
14 Mar 2005 Pitocha le meilleur moyen de se tuer c'est d'utiliser des somniferes et un sac en plastique, on prend les somnifere et quand ils commencent a faire effet, on met le sac en plastique autour de sa tete et on le serre a l'aide d'un elastique ou de quelque chose qui serre bien fort ...ensuite on s'endort et on meur dans son sommeil
14 Mar 2005 AMBER cuting ur wrists it lets out ur anger and pain!inside.dont cut cause it looks cool and cause ur friends r doing it.but once u start its soooo hard to stop it feels good and helps butits very addicting u do want to stop but it becums a a daily ruten kinda like brushing ur teeth.
13 Mar 2005 Religious Maggie Oh my darlings something terrible has happened. I got a potato stuck in my poosy! I had put it in there to cook it as God has now turned my poosy into a microwave. Even the Japanese don't have such amazing technology.
Perhaps someone would be so kind as to pull it out for me, or perhaps God would like to try. Oh no this is a bad time for the holy hole.

By the way darlings there is a new photo of me wearing a floral bra on my profile. It is on public view so everyone can see it.
13 Mar 2005 Johna cut your head off with an ax
13 Mar 2005 Depressed and Suicidal I have been depressed for a long number of years. I want to kill my self by laying in front of the train tracks so my head will be decapitated. I choose this method because it is quick and effective. Life is shit and it will never get better. Once one problem goes another one comes to take it place. Suicide will solve all your problems forever. The one thing about killing myself in front of a train is I always seem to move away at the last minute so the train misses me. It's happened to me a number of times. Please Email me and give me some advice on how not to be scared so I can finally kill my self. My email is People who email me and tell me not to commit suicide will have there emails terminated. Do you know how I fucking hate waking up each day and saying not another fucking day. Please help me end my misery.
13 Mar 2005 Em I've been suicidal since i was about 12 probably. I am now 16 and have attempted suicide multiple times with various methods. i tried slitting my wrists, shooting myself (didn't have the guts to pull the trigger), suffocating myself, ODing off any kind of pills, drinking lots of alcohol, etc. The reason i want to end my life is because it just sucks. its not working out the way it should. I to often covet what others have and it just hurts to bad so i think the only thing i can do is just end it all. i don't have my license because i know i won't get a car. all my friends have cars and i have to depend on them to take me to school and whatnot. its little things like that, they build up and make me suicidal. yesterday, 3 of my friends said they can't take me to school. 2 of them said it meaning they can't ever do it again. one of their reasons was because they though i needed to get my life straight. for all they know my life is straight, this depression, this life that i live, i put a mask on in public, nobody knows what i know. when i told my friend about it last night, she didn't believe me. she refused to believe the thoughts i was having and what was happening to me. its called clinical depression. it just doesn't go away. my life is falling apart before my eyes and by the time i realized it, the depression had taken control of most of my functions and i can't do anything about it. its like i'm just there. my mom doesn't love me all she does is cuss me out and remind me about how stupid i am. she'll call me a whore out of the clear blue. my dad is in jail, and my brother says how stuipd i am all the time and puts me down. people always tell me how skinny and hot i am, but yet when i look in the mirror, i don't see that. i recognized that i hadn't eatin for a few days. i never drink anything, i suffer from dehydration. i've got all the symptoms for that..but yet, i do nothing to try and treat it. i'm never thirsty. when i actually do cry for help, nobody listens or cares. they think i'm joking around maybe, or just don't believe me. i don't go out with my friends anymore, i don't call anybody, i just sit in my room alone. thats how i like it. but then i could cry because i am alone. my depression remains untreated because nobody see's it. i have every single symptom of depression. i went through a a list of dozens of symptoms and u name it, i had it. actually..i HAVE it. this is all happening to me now and in the last couple weeks of my life. its a saturday night, i'm 16, i'm not supposed to be at home, but i am. my best friend got a boyfriend and thats all she cares about now i haven't hung out with her since him. i could cry about it all. but i won't let myself. 2 of my friends hate me right now because of something. i honestly don't know. i could continue on all night but i don't want to waste any more of your time. i don't have as much problems or severe problems like some people i've read about on this site, but good luck to all. i'm tired of crying, and trying, yea i'm smiling, but inside i'm dieing.
12 Mar 2005 Eileen Read this and die of laughter
12 Mar 2005 candice hey its me again whats up if anyone wants to talk add i will listen and my other one is ok byebye love and kisses
12 Mar 2005 .... Considering we found out yesterday a guy in my grade killed himself, its a pretty fuckinghard time for me and all my friends at the moment. You think its neva gonna happen to someone you know, someone you care about, but its ure as hell does. It still doesnt seem real, but it is. Its not something any of us will forget about, especially at graduation. I guess its also pretty ironic i'm back here after all thias time on mouchette, because i used to have strong suicidal tendancies, and just have to question why the fuck do things like this happen in the world. The thought that there is something so bad and something so fucked up to drive as person to kill themselves.
12 Mar 2005 Lyndzy Personally, Carbon Monoxide posioning sounds good to me, but you have to do it right. Take a hose and stick one end in the tail pipe of a car and the other end in the crack of a window. Cover up the open ares with towels so as not to let any of the precious gas escape. Fall asleep and never wake up... hmmm but what am I taling about I am too afraid to try it. I don't really have a reason to write on this sight, I mean not compared to other people's stories. The truth is, I don't really have bad life (in that I mean it could be a lot worse, though it is by no means great), but for some reason it sucks. I am dieing on the inside and smiling on the out in attempt to lie to myself as well as other people. Why? I don't really fucking know, why does anybody lie. I can't really talk to my friends or to anybody. I just take everything inside and let it simmer, though I fear to much will end up in there and death will be my only way out. I want to die, but I am a coward and I am afraid, though oddly curious. I want to feel wanted, and to talk to someone who understands... if you are out there, email me
12 Mar 2005 Kit my friend told me this one and I thing it's pretty good. To inject murcury in ya. He said he would think it would be really painfull cuz of the burning and it's allmost instent death. I would do's just that I really hate needles...
12 Mar 2005 fjkdhfjkhsguihjfdk i dunno.......this is the first time ive read these things i dunno what there called but they really helped me thanx yall thanx
11 Mar 2005 CC IMPORTANT: Heres my story. Please read it. My life has been bad since day one. When I was 3 months old my father shot my mother and then himself. I was forced to live with my aunt and uncle who were very abusive. They would scratch my arm with a piece of glass until it got to the bone. Their children, my cousins, would tie me to the tree in the back yard and throw rocks at me for hours at a time. When I reached grade 7 I ran away because I couldn't take it any longer. That was a mistake. As I was walking away, a man offered me a ride. It was a winter day so I would do anything to get into a nice heated car. Well as you can guess he raped me and stole my backpack then threw me out on the street. I lived on the streets for a few days, and almost starved to death. Then one day as I walked to the bridge to get my life over with, I saw my uncle and he saw me. He forced me into his car and took me back to his house. He locked me in the basement and abused me and made me do humiliating things. One day when my grandma came over I thought I had a chance. She was always a nice and caring woman so I thought she would help me. And she did. After a long argument I was brought back to her house. She was nice until she died. Then once again I was with my uncle. This time he went too far and dropped me off of his staircase which was about 4 meters off the ground. I broke both my legs which made me helpless to him. He beat me constantly and I could not do anything about it. When my legs healed I ran away once more. This time I seeked help from a womens shelter, I was 18 at the time. They took me in and treated me good. I was there until I was 20 and then I left. I got a job at a greenhouse and was paid good money. I got engaged to a restaurant owner. It was literally too good to be true. The boss at the greenhouse harassed me and forced sex with me and took pictures of it and posted it on the internet. My husband heard of the site with a friend and left me. I was unemployed and alone. I made my way through my life living with friends and going in and out of apartments. I am now 34 telling you to comit suicide if you are truly that depressed. Things wont get better. Nothing will ever get better. Wondering why I havent killed myself yet? Because I cen't stand to think of the pain I would cause other people. I am just living my life day by day hoping to get murdered, or some form of death that doesnt involve self-pity or indulgence. I tried to cut myself but that does not do anything. It doesnt make my pain go away and it doesnt make my life better. It causes disease and infections. I want to die please take me god...please.
11 Mar 2005 Bob GUN quick and simple, no chance of surviving.
11 Mar 2005 john steal your dad's gun (preferably a shotgun). make sure to shoot into your mouth at an upward angle to maximumize destruction of the brain. you don't want to have to this twice, and being saved from a gunshot to the brain is worse than dying.

and remember wanting to die is ok. we need less people, and death is very natural. so for you "save every person from dying" lunatics: let the kid go. it's probably for the best anyway, 'cause you're making his future world unlivable anyway.
11 Mar 2005 candice hey i think that im going to start talking on here a bit more i guess u no my friend robyn i hear and ya she is kool. i dont no why i do this to my body and why every one else does but it the end it all works out for some of us and i think that liek people should calm down yesturday night i cut my leg and wrist up over a guy and my mom and LIFE!! ....and i dont think that im going to be able to do this, much longer my mom is always a fukking bitch to me and talks about my friends and screams alot!!... and i hate it so much then there is school i have alot of friends but i dont no if i told them what i have been doing then they might get mad but screw up real bad and who ever is there still is a friend not a foe do u get what im talking about?¿?¿?¿... i sure ghope so n e ways im outta here byebye*xox*..:(

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