Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Feb 2005 EricaLee0392 To let you all know...I'm 12 and we don't do it to get attention. We do it because we have no family or good friends to talk to. My family thinks I'm a potsmoking 12 year old and my friends jsut trip me and stuff in school. They "pretend they're joking wso I just smile back. I cut my wrist too deep one day and I passed out and then I woke up at the hospital scared to death because there was a bunch of nurses and doctors around. then when I got out that night I tried to jump off a bridge and jump in front of a trai I got caught by a policemen and taken to this place for ppl that try to hurt themselves then I tryed hanging myself there with sheets and I got caught. It was horrible then I got let out and ever since I been cutting myself and couldn't stop...
28 Feb 2005 marc-andré cross the street while you're running after a ball, then a big truck bump you
28 Feb 2005 lush_ dont cut.... i look like a wanna look good in your casket...
28 Feb 2005 suicidial thoughts if your 13 u shouldnt kill urself but if i was going to do it, i would have to say use a gun.
28 Feb 2005 demonio bambina (devils child) i would love to see what it is like to die, to see how my "loved ones" would react to my death, natural or with me intervening. and if it was good enough i would love to stay dead, however this is not possible so i try to come as close as i can.
i am a drama student so people's reaction to my performance is very important to me, and probably to a lot of people who may or may not read this.
by the looks of the web site i need not mention that you are not alone in your thoughts and/or actions, and that you can e-mail me any time.
i am a cutter.
but for me its not one slice of the blade, thats not enough to satisfy my pain and the need to release it. oh no i get a blune object, such as childrens scissors go through the layers and layers on skin, feeling all the pain releasing, my hands and wrist trembling, the numb feeling of pain shooting up my arm.
i can scream as loud as i want, but i dont, id rather suk it all up and smile, nobody knows that ive started again, this i can control my life is on the edge of the blade that rest in my trembling hand
28 Feb 2005 Rena To me life has no meanings* Maybe my expectations are too high, but i've always felt like the things i have just doesn't satisfy me. My family is like any other ordinary people and I have a lot of friends. But it feels like i'm just an invisible person among all the people. I've tried countless times to find something, like an interest that will maybe give me a purpose in living, but i felt everything is too late if i start now. Part of this comes from pressure with school work and being compared to my sister. I'm at a point even i think i'm insane. If my parents, siblings, or relatives were to die tomorrow. I don't even think i would shed a tear. That's how i look at everybody. If i was given a choice of jumping off a building right now i wouldn't even hesitate. I think that would be the best way to end ones life because it calms you down and before you know it nothing would matter anymore...
28 Feb 2005 Artimas Mary i like to say that you my dear are so funny i almost fell off my chair listening to your rant..i mean boob jobs are just mens way of making you look like his dream porn star and I want to know tha name of your oh so divine i think the Mary was a vigin when jesus was concieved and if your the only one not to believe it then fine go jump in a lake but man oh man i love it when you fight back all mean and angry like....AND I AM A GREEK GODDESS YES BUT AT LEAST THAT BETTER THAN BEING YOU!!!!!!!!
28 Feb 2005 REDDEATH I am sad!
I am lost here in the dark place!
I dont Know where I am.
I Dont have the light that you provided.
My heart has darkened with torment.
My heart is thumping like lightening
My brain cant stop thinking of you.
My brain is roting with out you
27 Feb 2005 Religious Maggie Oooh jealous little Artemis. I shall have a word with God about you. Don't be surprised if your boobs start to go droopy, for that shall be your punishment.
Well darlings do you know something. I have a hole in my knickers - the hole is in the EXACT spot in my knickers. You know the Victorian women had holes in their knickers too. But that was for easy sex! Well they didn't have time to take off all that clothing you see. The excitement would've worn off by then.
I've been having fun with fairy liquid recently. Especially when i rub my boobs with the fairy. I squeeze them and rub them with a circular motion with my hands. Oooooh it feels nice. Then I slide around the kitchen floor on them. Though it can be dangerous, I banged my head on the skirting board the other day and got a headache.
27 Feb 2005   eat shit loads of sweeties until ure full and go to hannibal lecters house
27 Feb 2005 Marky Altz i am such a loser. i have chronic depression and anger problems as well as mild delusions. i am always parinoid thinking someone is tring to get me. i always try and talk down on someone so i feel better. i am just miserable and want to die. i plan on killing me real soon if i cant just have one day of peace in my head. if any one is out there and wants to be my frind please call me on my cell at 936-714-2945. i desperatly need someone to talk to.
27 Feb 2005 Stacey I overdosed last Septemeber when things were really tough. Now I want to do it again but i'm sure it wont work. Why? Because it didnt last time. I'm still sitting at this same old computer arent I? I really want to end my life. I cant even get fucking sleeping pills because my doctors not convinced that a 17yr old has sleeping problems.
I just want to talk to someone. Give me ideas, dont give me advice.

My family sucks, if you lived here, you'd have killed yourself ages ago. I'm suprised i've lasted ths fucking long
27 Feb 2005 Dizzy all i can say is wtf is the point in killin yourself? everone goes thru some shit sometime or other in ther life but things get better, wen your a kid, youve got your whole life ahead of you..whats the point in wasting it just because your getting bullied at skl or your parents are making your life hell??? itd b better to survive and prove to these ppl that make your life misary that your not useless or pathetic or anything.If you commit suicide your just as bad as them.Commiting suicide is selfish and doesnt help ne1. everyone always says that suicide 'sets you free' and blah blah blah but who the hell knows what its like wen your dead? whats to say it isnt worse than the life you alredy got.
27 Feb 2005 someone Hang Your Self, That's What My Sister Did & i was in teh room, and well now im 13 i think i'm ganna hang myself to... all u need is rope adn somewehre to hand from, a tree is good
27 Feb 2005 Rage Against the Dying of the Light I have made the following deal to myself:

If I am ever am about to commit suicide, I am just going to get up and leave my life instead. I will take what ever money I can scrape together, and get on whatever train will bring me farthest away. I will leave a note explaining why I left, and end it with "Don't try and find me. It is better than I live dangerously for awhile than not live at all."
I would travel around everywhere I could, staying in random towns, sleeping outside, and making friends with homeless people. I would live without a plan and see what life offered me. I would sneak on to trains and commit small crimes in order to stay alive without a job, and frequently pass in and out of jail. I would see the desert and paint if I could manage to get the supplies, and see if I could find happiness when completely poor.

And maybe, if after living this way for a few years I still wanted to die, I would then be ready to do it. But, as much as I might want kill myself, I do not think I can judge life to be unworthy of living from the tiny amount of it that I have so far had.

It may be far-fetched, but I figure that I might as well give it a try, if I am about to die anyway.
27 Feb 2005 Marie Get ran over by a car.
26 Feb 2005 Lost Soul I have cut myself before,I think I'm just going to hang myself or something... oh, and I'm 13. My parents hate me, I hate me, I just want to lay down and die.
26 Feb 2005 Ryanna Wet papertowels, and shove them into your throat. This will cut off your air supply, and if you stuff then down far enough, there will be no way to back out.
26 Feb 2005 mike if your under 13 and u want to kill urself then one of the best way i can think of is to drink paint or drink oil, some peolple say no beacause it takes to long but it dosent
26 Feb 2005 kathy make all kinds of pretend food with your play-do, than eat it all

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