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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Mar 2005 dan life is shit and then you die.

i'm been thinkin about ending it all, as my life is unbelievably bad. I reckon the way i want to go, is by drivin off a cliff or something similar. Tho at mo i don't have the balls. only thing holdin me back is what other people will think (which is daft coz i'll be So its either face life's shitty problems, die or run away and start afresh life. I just cant decide.
17 Mar 2005 Eemia Not that age matters but i guess i could see how irrationally a 13 would think about their so called troubles. But if you really want to die inject an airbubbble in your vein. It will cause blockage of air to your entire system. Not messy or grotesque just gone.
17 Mar 2005 Lucas I dunno about the whole killin urself at 13, but im 16 and if fings dont pick up soon, im jus guna let go and jump, its so hard to have no1...i hae a gf but she ha no idea.....i love her but the love dont cover up how im feeing...the pain jus keeps comin through, she says she loves me, but no 1 can ever love me, i believe her wen she tells me then i me, and then want to die again, i jus dont wana be alive anymore!!! 16 years of hatred and anger, 1 second of freedom will be all i need!!! if it dont turn around by march31st, 16 years will be wasted and so will my life!!!
17 Mar 2005 Dylan Summey Y'know, I really posted that to prevent prople from commiting, or even thinking about it. I may be graphic, but this is the way I see things. The way I see it, when god created you, he had an ultimate plan for you in the mortal realm. If you end that, it is just unfathomable why anyone would do it. The one thing suicidal people have to remember is this: NO MATTER HOW BAD IT GETS, IT WILL ALWAYS GET BETTER. I mean if someone would just sit down and think before they committed suicide, many of them would start to think about family, friends, what they miss out on. And mosy of all, if someone needs help I really want to help them out. Thank you, Mouchette, for posting my ad and I hope to get a few responses. Remember: It only takes one person to change the world.
17 Mar 2005 A Mom My 11 yo daughter tried to hang herself last night. Luckily she did not do it. I'm shocked and saddened quite frankly. I have read some of your stories and our life isn't like that. She is loved and cared for. Never abused in anyway. I don't understand why she'd want to do something like that. She was just diagnosed with diabetes and it has been hard on both of us. But is that a reason to die?! It isn't! For all of you who are abused and unloved, I pray you find peace and self love. For those of you like my daughter who are loved so much but somehow doesn't know it, I pray that you tell your families how you feel so that they can help or get you the help you need. I've heard my daughters cry for help and will get her all the things she needs. Especially hope for the future. Thank you for listening.
17 Mar 2005 Spoon Look guys, ive been reading this websight i think anyone (this includes myself) who goes on the internet to look up shit like this is pretty fucked up. If this is ur first time here go now and never come back, if its not u guys need help. Stop playing at ur computers and get outside. Yes ive cut myself yes ive fuked myself up on pills. I have a good life a loving family i go 2 a good school and i have awesome friends why do i fuck myself up because i hate it. U all need 2 calm down i wish the world wasnt like this. im willing to help, to listen and to talk please PLEASE for the love of god if uc ant leave your computers talk to someone who actually cares.
17 Mar 2005 Dracula Ceaucescu Je voulais bien évidemment dire: ne SUIS jamais passé à l'acte, vous aurez rectifié de vous-mêmes....
17 Mar 2005 Dracula Ceaucescu Le suicide... je connais... Même si je n'ai jamais passé à l'acte d'un point de vue physique, j'ai passé les 15 dernières années dans une forme de suicide intérieur, et je pense que je peux aider autrui. Ecrivez-moi et nous discuterons.
17 Mar 2005 Dracula Ceaucescu Suicide... Been there before... Even though I never committed suicide physically, the past 15 years I spent committing a form of inner suicide and I think I can help others. You just write me and we'll talk...
17 Mar 2005 lissa shove a screwdriver in to you jugular vein in your neck
17 Mar 2005 scons all of you are sick people... hell is waiting for you... this website is fucking sadistic... trying to act hard, all u bitches should seriously kill yourself. stop being bitches by going on this site and just fuckin kill yourself....bitches.
17 Mar 2005 SuicitalBastard When i was 3 my Brother was 16 killed my uncle dad, mom, aunt, sister, and grandma then Shot himself I was 5 then I called 911 and they put me in a foster home with Fuckin Pshycos. Those people hung cows, chickens, and pigs from their toes and they abused me. Put me in basments, put plastic bags on my head. One day My new dad choped my hand off and ate it They were MutherFuckin Cannibles. I ran away and jumped off the Ben Franklin Bridge. when the Ambulance came and treated me with critical condition and I told them about my new parents and the cops went to the house and became the 1997 shoot out my new dad was shot in the head, my nrw mom was taken down by a K-9. Then I met this girl Nina She and I got married and we had twins. 3 years later she drowned one baby and i got home before she killed the second baby. he lived . We were in a apartment building 10 feet high. She jumped off the Balcony before I could stop her. 5 years later i still had Alex and I met a girl Shaina. she had a daughter 13yrs. We married and had a baby. One day my son was hit by a car and was killed. I loved him so much. then my daughter was in a car acident a few weeks ago shes has a broken coller bone, leg, and3 broke arm spots. My Wife went to the mall and was robbed by a women who took our baby and killed him my wife was heart broke Im 27 and I am killing myself to be with my family in heaven. pull my police gun BANG! BANG!
16 Mar 2005 LeaNder A friend of mine killed himself on 28. of febuary. Went into the snow the west, the big sleep.

16 Mar 2005 LeaNder The best way to kill oneself whould be something that does not bother anybody.

First I thought something fast, without having to make big preparations. Like an accident? But then, what about the driver of the train or truck you run into?

You tell me!
16 Mar 2005 Deborah hiy6a im deborah im 15 my life is shit at first it was k i had ma first proper bf it was fine nd i loved him nd he stareted sleepin together then he started raping me for no fukin reason then we broke up i tried to commit suicide then i was described anti depressants for the depression nd thats wen the cuttin started i also started to starve maself. i went to 6 stone nd ma sis stareted tellin every1 i was mental i started goin with the new guy he cheated on me with this girl i hate he now refuses to talk to me he was like ma best friend i got taken off the anti depressants then put on others they made me worse i tried suicide agen nd agen just to escape ma mum found ma diary nd took me out of school coz i had taken an overdose mmmm i have a therapist who thinks im better but im not im just tryin to get rid off him so i can commit suicide ma mum thinks im better so id probably say the easyiest way wud b like slittin ur wrist coz pills dont work that easily and plus they have more chance of savin u.
well ma msn addy is
plus im still self harmin
16 Mar 2005 FIREMAN MCFD PA Well all you suicidal fucks just stop saying your gonna kill yourself and just fuckin KILLYOURSELF, it takes a pussy a whimp a fairy to kill them selves hahaha fuck you FIREMANMCFD lots to live for you little fucks i risk my life to save yous and your just gonna kill urselves what a bunch of fuckin assholes people think different they wont miss you they will laugh at your fuckin coffin.
16 Mar 2005 stan ha I found a better place so I shall not be posting anymore on here...yeah I found a site where ppl like to cut themseves cool huh, dont worry mouchette i still love u even if you are probably a middle aged america nerd
16 Mar 2005 Hannah Why is the question "What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?". Barely anyone answers it. People just write what their problems are and hope someone else will listen and maybe e-mail them. I have made some cool friends on here and we have all been through the same shit. E-mail me, anyone, if you want to 'chat'. Sooo...See ya.
16 Mar 2005 stan whos tired of hearing us suicidals talk about how much we want to die,well I am.
I say well all go to the beaches, dams, lakes and any big mass of water an d then we all slit our writs our at the same time... AND LET THE MOTHAFUKIN RIVERS RUN RED... that'll b sum funny ish, half of the worlds porpulation will probaly (the number of ppl in china) die off because they are too much of fags to drink bloody water and all the religouis cooks will think its a sign from god... oh well whatever, maybe that should be the question, what is the best way for a mass of ppl to kill themselves
16 Mar 2005 candice hey guys ppl add me i want to help yu i think that u all are wlcome to add me i will help yu and everything will be ok dont worry....ummm ya so how are yu all donig to day my day has been shit all day i have been thinking about ppl that do this to themsleves and i think that im donig the right thing and help yu all that want my help

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