Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Feb 2005 fucked up poz well wait till ur at least 15 then do it you have loads more ideas and fun ones to die with, but sum of u mite just fink tht.... i just come out of hospital viting sum1 tht keeps trying to kill there selfs it aint nice at all you just want to stop them wen it otha how wud u feel if u saw ur fam lyk tht? and wud u want them to die? coz they wudnt want you to and at 13 omg ur just a teenager you dont no the meaning of death you just do it coz u fink it cool but no it aint it really hurts others .. im saying this from experiance... i been taking drugs scince i was 10 and itz fucked me up wot eva you do dnt eva try ovadose your selfs with drugs coz u get huckd like i have done im on everything im selling anything 4 them.... just dont try and kill your self at 13 please you dont need to you got all your life to live... dnt mess it up like i did in other words x
25 Feb 2005 no with pencils
25 Feb 2005 gofuckyourself The best way to kill yourself is to continue to think that death is an option. Period. survivial=coping skills
You have to learn something that can help you cope with whatever your situation or event is... cause guess what... no matter how fucked up something is...its very likely that you could find someone to talk with regarding it. I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO FIND A PROFESSIONAL LISTENER. (so you are asking yourself what the fuck does this guy know about this subject) I have had a loaded 12 gauge shotgun in my mouth twice in the past five years and I am 35 years old. I had dreams and fanstasies of killing myself when I was 11 years old. I used to think up suicide letters during english class in 7th grade. I have been in psych wards three times in my life. I eventually got a shotgun and had a few cops talk me out of blowin my head off. They got me what I needed. a break from reality. a seclusion from the everyday bullshit. a place to think and not think. i discovered there that I have a chemical imbalance if I don't eat every 6 hours that causes depression. weird, but sometimes I have woken up depressed due to hunger.
the key to survival is to allow yourself to acknowledge that pain sucks and that it is your life's mission to deal effectively with it.

if you really want to kill yourself... its quite simple... find an industrial press and stick your head in it... press the button or tape the button down with duct tape. it will do the trick.. might hurt for a second but the rest of the time... SQUISH. Brains Everywhere.
25 Feb 2005 ian I have another problem......I have a girlfriend that ignores me alot. She says that she loves me, but apparently doesn't care. I don't want to dump her because 1. She means the world to me, even though we've been together a little more than a month and 2. There's no one else that I would like to date in the town of south berwick. I don't want a long distance relationship, but I would like to talk to someone. P.S. To the people who are being really negative to these people, I just want to say that you would want to kill yourself too if you were in the same position SO SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING NARCISSISTIC LITTLE BITCHES!!!!!!111ONE ONE ONE
25 Feb 2005 MIA well... how do i start, my name is mia, i am an alcoholic partier and i love 2 get high. i became suicidal after i started hating myself, i blamed myself 4 all the bad and i wanted 2 feel the pain i caused 2 othas so i carved words in2 my body, some that sed, hell, kill me, hate me... i hate myself and so forth, although i stopped doin that tha scars are still there. i have tried 2 kill myself 7 times 6 of them i chikened out but the 7th didn't work as u can tell im still here. well i am very depressed and i need help.HELP ME
24 Feb 2005 Marie-Chantale First of all your idea of such a game is not right. Please stop this.
I am not 13, but at the age of 13 I wouldn't even think about suicide. I had the life ahead to get my education and build a future.
At age 38, I had a depression, and tried to kill myself with pills. Unfortunately, my boyfriend heard me breathing heard through the night and took me to the hospital. I was very upset that I woke up, after a 12 hr coma at the hospital.
But my family (whom I never saw) was there for once, all were upset so for their sake I pretended I was happy it didnt' work.
My mother didn't cry...she doesn't love me...even now at 41 that bothers me still...but what can you do? If I hate all the peoople who hurt me, then and today, I give them power they don't deserve.
I think if you are under 13 and want to are probably right about hating your life. However before you even try to kill yourself give yourself the chance to change your life.
Ask a social worker to put you in a foster family if your family hurts you...then pursue your dream. Have a dream, believe in it and work at it.
Avoid drugs that will depress you ...and value yourself...This earth is our "hell"
but we can make the hell less hurtful if we want to. And believe if we dont' hurt others and improve ourselves, we will graduate to better lives after. If not, we keep coming back here, on even worse lives...I dont' want this forever , do you? It's worth it...DON'T PUT UP WITH YOU LIFE THE WAY IT IS NOW. MAKE A CHANGE...FOR THE BETTER. LOVE YOURSELF, UGLY OR NOT> If you think YOu are ugly, you will change when you love yourself...others will love you...(at 13 I was at my at 41, I am a beautiful woman...I stand out. So, that is a miracle...others will follow. If you believe and TAKE ACTION.
24 Feb 2005 Religious Maggie What a load of codswallap Artemis. Since your name is Artemis, which is the same name as the greek goddess Artemis, you should know that there is no one God. Yes there are many Gods my darlings!! However my soon-to-be husband is the greatest God of them all. He can enhance boobs. In the times of the greek gods Zeus had an affair with a mortal you know. And don't forget that Mary gave birth to Gods son (bitch!), those who think it was a virgin birth are certainly kidding themselves. Unless of course Mary was a lesbian in which case it can all be explained by a gay man and a turkey baster.
24 Feb 2005 Jayde Hi im Jayde, im 17 and ive been in deep depression for god how long now 4 years, i hate it and i so want to end my life, ive been holding out to see what will happen nothing but bad shit and well yeah i hate everyone, i have no friends, my family is torn apart, no life no love and ill tell ya whatever is keeping alive better let me die..i saw alot of the reponses were sleeping pills and alcohol, i might get so drunk on my b-day and well just take down a whole thing of sleeping pills, methinks that the best way to go, i dont know how to tie a slipknot so hanging myself wouldnt do me anygood and ive tried to slit my wrist but well i can never gte the knife deep yeah ive planned my death besides well i am going to die anyways, my body is deteriorating and well im supossed to endure this pain, and be on heavy sedatives for like 2 im sorry, so yeah ive held on for so long i really want to go out with a bang :P so OD it is :P
24 Feb 2005 Gunner You know why you wanna commit suicide.

Cos you're all too fucking weak to face life, you litte pussies. WEAK! WEAK! Boo hoo, my barbie dolls are broken. Give me a break, you shits.

Have a wank! Make you freaks feel better.

At least join the fucking army, and get killed that way, doing something.

See how much you like it. You'll see how good you really got it.
24 Feb 2005 sara The best way to kill yourself when you are under the age of 13 is to take one of those bands that they use to take your blood and but it around you neck. place a pillow over your head and injoy the way the light just falls in to place. Just remember to lock the door. I didn't and look i am still alive.
24 Feb 2005 Artimas Again a rant at the screw called Relgious Mary then on too dead 13 year olds....Mary man you are fucked...and ya know its true coz you havent even tried to fight back...whimp..the best way to die is to die fighting and then most people feel your death was not in vain but well deserved. Any way RELIGOUS MARY YOU CAN KISS MY ASS FOR ALL I CARE COZ GOD LOVES ME MORE with it , he probably loves the rest of the world ten fold more than he will ever love just one you are way to fake to believe so yer go back to your lil kennel and kick barking up his tree.
24 Feb 2005 Logical Advice Well, first of all, Why does killing yourself solve anything. DO you suicidal people understand that that is the selfish way out! You may think that it's better than living and what not, but think about this--look at your mom, your dad, your grandma, grandpa, little brother or sister, those real close friends of yours, the people you love or better yet the people who love YOU!! Maybe you don't care about YOU, but I can garrantee that there is someone out there that will be devestated about you decision to kill yourself. THINK, use that brain of yours! I know that there is a way out of every bad situation out there, BESIDES killing yourself. DO you understand how valuable life really is? you only live ONCE! SO don't spoil it or cut it short. You didn't have a say-so in being born, so why should you have a say-so in dying? You think it's YOUR LIFE and you can do whatever you want with it, Well wake-up because it's not!! It's just there. Life isn't yours, it's free and not to be taken lightly. So do some thinking before you deside to do something soooo stupid and selfish. Sorry to be so condeming but I really can't believe this website. Please just try to live and see that happens.
24 Feb 2005 mystica hey i duna suicide is a way of telling god u cant kill me i Quit but guys i tried all the ways 2 kill my self but it doesnt work we cant die if god dont want us here in earth they hate and god dont ecepet me , where should i go 2 3 world. For sure i will stop talking with all my friends and turn of my phone, why i want to kill my self? sure its about my family they dont like me they dont except me as the way iam they think that iam a loser how just care about basketball and music but from in side i care about everyone i love my mum alot who i didnt saw her from 6years and my dad i saw him every 5month iam 17 i have no one who care about me i make my own money maybe sucice is a better way plz help me if u can peace all
23 Feb 2005 a cloud Today I woke up at 6:30 AM to go to school, but I just didn’t care so I went back to sleep and didn’t get up again till 12.

It was daytime and the sunshine came into my room. I moodily stayed in bed and listened to the cars push the warm air as they passed by. I listened to Jerry Garcia for a little while and fantasized about living a life with love. And I stayed in bed as the air got colder and the sky faded until eventually I got up to look out the window and saw the moon.
23 Feb 2005 Brooke the best way to kill yourself under 13 wait till your home alone find your parents gun(they always hide it somewhere stupid)first write out letters to every one you care about tell them that you love them and always have and always will.Then take it to school shoot every one in the school that fucked with you.After that go infront of your fav teacher and shoot your self in the heart and if your still able to move your arm shoot yourself again in the head that way you can get back at all them bitches! If you are to scared to take some one elses life then shoot yourself infront of the person you care about the most. that way you can get back at some one at least. Also if you have doubts about suicide you can always e-mail me at to talk about it.
23 Feb 2005 stef School sucks. Kill your self at school. Its FUNNY. Drink acid, set your head on fire, play chicken in the middle of school. Life sucks people. Learn it, eat it, digest it, KILL IT.
23 Feb 2005 Stef Take a gun into your school and shoot all your so-called freinds and teachers then shoot your self in the head. At least you take a shit load of people with you.
23 Feb 2005 bleeding... best way to kill urself? simple. with fire and knives. my life is hell. being that im in hell, i use fire. u can burn urself, and u always have an excuse. then knives, to see ur blood flowing away like ur worries. and when i cut meyself, i like to catch some blood in a glass. I dont know y but i feel stronger when i drink it, like i can murder all bastards who did shit to me. i dont like to talk to people who know me, so u can IM me @ EvilRubberDuck66 if u have more creative ideas to release emotion....
23 Feb 2005 Peter Boily save the world - kill yourself - 6 billion people can´t be wrong!
23 Feb 2005 Marie Stop. Think. Is your life really THAT bad? Cummon now..... at 15, I know how you feel. I was there too! But for a second, stop being so self-absorbed and think about the fact that there are people in the world WAY worse off than you. People who starve to death, who die of AIDS at 10, who drink water that has paracites, who can't walk because their legs were blown off by a land mine. I could think of thousands of worse cases than this. I understand that your life is probably not easy, but instead of killing yourself (taking the easy way out), why dont you put yourself out there! Volunteer for something, motivate yourself to make a difference - you'll see!

What I suggest is that you go to your family doctor and tell them how you feel! Just do that once, and things will get better! I PROMISE. You need to let someone know what you are feeling - because the feeling of suicide is not a natural occuring feeling, you are suffereing from a chemical imbalance in your brain (probably decreased seratonin) and that can be regulated by medication. PLEASE go see your doctor.

Think about this, WHAT IS IT GOING TO MATTER IN 10 YEARS??? IT ISNT! This is JUST a STAGE in LIFE!

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