Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Mar 2005 ronwelthy Anne Duroy pensez vous que ce site incite réellement les gens , les jeunes en particulier a se suicider? Avez vous vu des indications techniques précises concernant la manière de se donner la mort? Avez vous également constaté une apologie du suicide?

Non, rien de tout cela dans ce site, ce site est un lieu d'échange privilégié ou loin des discours moralisant de la société des jeunes ou moins jeunes peuvent exprimer leur avis sur le suicide sans être jugé. D'aileur vous avez vu qu'il y a sur ce site de nombreuse personne qui proposent leur aide, qui n'encourage pas du tout le suicide. Pensez vous que sur un forum faisant l'apologie du suicide de tel message serait accepté? Jugez bien avant d'avoir un avis aussi définitf car ce site peut être le réservoir d'idée morbide, qui font écho au propre souffrance des jeunes, mais il peut également avoir un effet cathartique, les jeunes voyant de tel message comprennent la portée de leur acte.

Pour moi il est claire que fermer ce site serait encore une fois de plus montrer votre position moralisante empreint de valeur d'un autre age, totalement déconnecté de la réalité. Car ce site au contraire d'autre n'est pas dangereux ..Je vous invite donc a comparer les différent sites parlant clairement du suicide et non pas a diaboliser un seul site sous pretexte qu'il aborde clairement ce sujet...
24 Mar 2005 Aaron Go to church everyday. That's always torture ;p. I love how everyone put their life stories on here. Trust in Jesus for like 5 seconds and maybe you'll realize it was all for a reason. Of course humans aren't that intelligent yet so I suppose that's out of the question (war in Iraq). So if you want an honest answer, I'd shoot myself. But know that Jesus exists and so does Satan, it doesn't seem like an option to me. Knowing what I know that is. Of course, life is life and death is death, nothing more and nothing less. Do what you feel in your heart is right. I do.
24 Mar 2005 Religious Maggie Oh darlings tonight I am going to be doing an Easter service called "The watch" at church. Me and my religious friends all go to church, wearing our sexiest underwear and we look at a wooden cross and pray all night. We don't even go to sleep my darlings. Well why would anyone need to sleep in church. You would think it'd get boring but it means that everyone's attention is on the cross so I can slip away and meet God in the toilets.
God likes to play games and make mugs out of his followers you see. He plays tricks on them like making statues of the Virgin Mary weep. Well, that's what he tells me but I think the real reason she weeps is because I am with God now and not her.
24 Mar 2005 Jenn i really dont think suiside is a good idea ...i know i consiter it everyday but i still dont do it......if u went and commited suiside then you'd be hurting everyone who loves of the reasons i cant go through with it is cause i dont want my dad to have to tell my 8 year old brother that im gone......i dont want my uncle to tell my cuzin josh that im would ruin them...and who knows someday may cause another suiside in the family making it harder on everyone else........even though u may have thoughts about suiside......please dont do it!
24 Mar 2005 coty aprovechando que eres pequeña, podrias ir por la calle alegremente, y esperar que pase un auto para tirarte sobre el... pareceria un accidente...pero algo que pareceria una travesura seria que pongas una manguera de gas en tu nariz y esperar dormir (morir)... claro que deberias llevar una nota en tu bolsillo la cual indique que es suicidio
23 Mar 2005 THE GIRL FROM ENGLAND Hi there! its me again THE GIRL FROM ENGLAND. since i wrote my opinions on the 22nd of march no one else wrote anything so i hope you are all alright. i know you all hate me because you think that i cannot understand what you lot went through and iam sure you all think that im just a simple bimboo but iam not iam just a 16 year old who is inviting all of you to be BRAVE and stand up for your selfs. DEATHS the easy way out i love you all bye.
23 Mar 2005 Sarah What the HELL is wrong with you people
are your CRAZY? Why on earth would you make a suicide kit for young children.
I thought of suicide myself and let me tell you it is something you should never do!! Why would you encourage children to learn new suicide tricks by giving them a so called "suicide kit" I honestly tried to kill myself before (which I obviously failed at) and let me tell you playing with your life is not a toy!!! I'm 14 going to be 15 pretty soon and if I would have suceeded in killing myself I would have never lived to see my 15 birthday!! So please don't encourage children to play with their lives!!! Its just not right!! Thats EVIL and not right they might attempt to take their lives one day which they should learn to value which I'm trying to learn to do with the help of God!! So Please People Be Smart!
23 Mar 2005 Em oh and by the way, how the hell do you all cut yourself?? i can't find to much pleasure in pain. i want to die..but not painfully.
23 Mar 2005 Em hi i'm back again. i've reading some of these statements and they are pretty sad. i hope all of you have a better life. you all have it worse then me. i'm very depressed and i often have thoughts of suicide or just death. I have manic depression but nobody wants to do anything about it. and nobody cares because they don't believe me. i dont need a doctor to diagnos me with anything because i know how i feel and i know that i have it; unless i'm just retarded. but i'm not. I'm losing my friends rather slowly. i've got a lot of friends but 3 best friends. 2 of them are disgusted with me and my behavior. they don't want to talk to me, but i honestly don't care and i'm not just saying that. i really do not care. nothing could ever make me care. i don't care about anything anymore, not even myself. sometimes i don't even take care of myself. I don't go to school for days at a time. i've attempted suicide many many times. i'm going to try carbon monoxide. all i want to do is just go to sleep and never wake up. i could live in a dream world forever. one of my guy friends that i was friends with before he met his now girlfriend which was my best friend is pissed at me because i told his girlfriends sister that we were secretly friends. the sister said to open up and i needed to talk about my problems or just open up with anything so i did..she said i could trust her..i believed her and then she betrays me. the one friend, for about 10 years now, that has always betrayed me some way some how, has been her. i do not know what makes me keep thinking she will change, but she won't. i told him that friendships are not meant to be kept a secret and i can't live my life being a secret and everybody has a breaking point. i'm shattered. one day i will just flip out, i know it. i will just go beserk one day and i will do something really fucking stupid. anybody have any suggestions for ways to kill yourself? pills can kiss my ass they don't work. i remember a time, where me and my friend ashley were going to kill ourselves together over the internet. she moved away and everything was going wrong in both of our we took pills 1 by 1 and we said our goodbyes but without letting everybody know what we were doing just letting them know that we loved them. but the pills..had NO effect i just woke up the next morning like it was a regular day. its like i've become immune to it or something. ashley was fine also. today i was sitting in class, and i got a txt message that said fuck you go to hell and die. that right there, just struck a nerve. i wanted to die at the moment. people obviously want me to die, who will actually miss me. my used to be friends? the fake ass friends? my dysfunctional family? the teachers that pretend to care? they just want me to come to school and get their work done so they don't get in trouble for not doing their job. we have some weird new policy..i'm not going to go into that. off topic. it seems like you people on the internet care more about me then the people i've known throughout my life. you care about me, more then i care about me! and thanks for that. everytime i get into a car, i hope that we get in an accident, but i die..and everyone else survives. i don't want anybody else to die, just me. when i'm driving..i could control it all..i could kill myself like that..but i don't want to be the reason somebody else gets hurt..i can't be the driver..hell i'm crazy enough to do that. i've stolen a car before. gone up to only about 90mph, but of course i wasn't lucky for a deer to come running out or something. i never wear my seatbelt on purpose. nobody tells me to put it on anyway. except my dad but i won't be hearing that for a while since hes in jail. i piss everybody around me off. i'm rude to everybody about everything. well actually, scratch that, i'm like that to people i know really well, or people that i don't know. like my friends. everybody else that i have gone to school with over the years, that are just associates, i talk to every day and i'm nice to them they are nice back we have a good ol time. but its my friends..the best friends (they are really fake though) that i'm sooo soo mean to and i just don't give a damn about. something crazy is brewing up in my head. well i'm bored so i'm leaving this site. feel free to email me. but if you tell me suicide isn't the answer fuck off your email will be terminated and your address blocked. i might make a few exceptions depending on what it says.
23 Mar 2005 Jenn To tell you the truth ....i dont know the BEST way to commit life has been crappy from the start...and i never let out my anger....i dont know why..i just dont want people feeling sad for me....but now its getting worse...the thought of suiside runs through my head every single day....i just dont have the guts to acctually do it.i have tryed to strangle myself,cut myself,and shoot myself.....and they wont work..i just cant do it......but i want out of this world soo bad.....i dont want anything to do with this world or the people in it....the only person i respect is my boyfriend....he's why im still here...ironically he was gonna commit suiside the SAME day i was and i just happened to find his e-mail...he lives where i live and we're goin out and things r goin good...but i find im only really trully happy only when im with him which makes it worse....i need my family........i lost my grmps lastyear ...he had a flight school and he took a student up and the plane crashed....this is y suiside is on my mind too.......wehen my gramps was taken i lost all my faith.....ALL OF IT...and i cant get it back cause without my gramps here i have nothing....he was the only one i acctually wanted to spent time with in my family....i live with my gramms...but shes such a bitch...shes mrs.perfect and she tells me im usless everyday.....when she tells me that i feel i have no reason to be here..i just want to leave...i dont want to commit suiside i just want out.......i dont want to live anymore and suiside is the only way out..if i do commit suiside i want a way that is COMPLETLY painless.....thats the only way i'll do it...i dont want to get help cuz like i said i dont like people feeling sorry for not this way just cuz if my gramps being gone ..i have been suisidal since i was 11.....i just cant go on with acctually doing it..but i know very soon ill do it...its just a matter of time...if someone that reads this can help me...e-mail me
23 Mar 2005 Ducky I tried again last night when no-one was home. Lighting myself on fire didn't work too well. I ruined yet another pair of jeans. I don't want to live. I have carried a large knife to school everytime I go, which isn't very often. I was listening my favorite song on the list of suicide tracks last night; PaPa Roach, Last Resort. I want the pain, fear, anxiety, anger, hatred, memories, eetc. to end. "I can't go on living this way!"
23 Mar 2005 neda im not here to tell people how to kill themselves..ive attempted suicide b4 and trust me ive been thru it all so im here to help gonna have my site put up soon and a phone line..i promise if i cant least im a listening ear.pls pls add me people..b4 u try to hurt urselves just think about talking to me..its amzing how much a stranger can help.
22 Mar 2005 THE GIRL FROM ENGLAND iam the GIRL FROM ENGLAND i would just like to say again that i read more life stories between the last few hours and i had a chance to look at the other sections in this website. ill like to say that mouchette you are really young and i dont know what pushed you to build a site like this but anyway just know that I LOVE YOU ALL as a friend and you could always wright back to me if you want to iam always here ill find you just wright THE GIRL FROM ENGLAND and leave your email address.
22 Mar 2005 Anne du Roy Vous n'avez pas le droit d'inciter les autres au suicide, et surment pas des enfants. Votre site est en infraction avec la loi et je ne manquerai pas de le signaler. Avez-vous déjà pensé aux parents, aux frères et soeurs, aux amis des suicidés. Le pire c'est qu'ils n'ont plus l'occasion de revenir sur leurs pas, alors, aidez plutôt les jeunes et les enfants á vivre.
22 Mar 2005   i read some of your life stories and was shocked infront of my computer. how could there be such lives, i thought lifes like this could only be in films but unfortunately thanks to the site builder that ive learnt that films are in reality. well sometimes it happens to me as well, i sometimes think of killing myself but then again im not strong enough. after reading some of the life stories in this site ive decided that my problems arent anything compared to yours. if you new what my problems were you would call me an idiot which wouldnt be so wrong. anyway i would just like to say that i love you all and, dont forget nothing is impossible so never give up and never give the ones that put you in those conditions the satisfaction of your death show them what you really are. we are all the worlds next generation and the world needs us. LOVE YOU ALL.
21 Mar 2005 G12DO i donno what do i think abt myself nowadays life has started sucking. i m loosing my frds one by one i m loosing faith in myself i m no more good in watever i was . it started frm someone whom i loved to death but now i have been thrown out like a deadly fly ..i cried for 2 nights was unbearable now i dont find ne reason to live i mean i cant concentrate on whatever i do . i have become rude to everyone i have stoped expecting frm everyone i have stoped caring for neone i cant plead to neone to make him say .i m getting tired of the way the life is goin .i want an easy death .i wnat to commit sucide i want to run away frm the life .
i dont know what will happen of my parents of family members but i dont want to live like a looser
21 Mar 2005 Shattered feelings at the simple age of five, i jumped off my roof to try and kill myself, though i was unsucessful, i am now 14, and still attempting suicide, since i am to proud to ask for help, from any one, even my dad, who cares so much about me, knows of only one cutting, though i have cut myself once a week, and every week since i was ten, the scars run so deep, they will never go away, i am turning 15 shortly, my mum is pretending like she actually cares, i have always been close with my dad,and never close with my mother, dad=best friend/ mum= worst nightmare... i have tried numerous times, to try and have a familial relationship with my mum, but she doesnt allow me to, she favors my other siblings, and doesnt seem to care about me, i wouldnt call it neclect,but i wouldnt call it loving either, me and her fight every day, over the stupidest things, i dont think she would even miss me if i did in fact succed with my suicidal attempts, i do yes suffer from manic- depression, and she knows it, but still wont care, my dad will morn for me, but he has a life, and wont be able to cry for long, my friends can also make new freinds, my dear sweet love, Merrill, the only guy i have ever been happy with, who respects and loves me so much, will find another, though i am sure he will morn, for a few days, as will my friends, but they will all move on, my siblings, wont notice i am no longer there, since i mainly stay in my room, plaining my next suicidal attempt, one of my best friends Alicia, killed herself when she was 13, she cut herself, drank some clorox, and pushed herself infront of a car, all in one hour, of one day, making me go further into depression, still i cannot seem to stop trying to kill myself, and will never, ever seek help, but only look for a way to help myself, but if it be gods will, i succed in removing myself from this world, first, then let it be......
21 Mar 2005 Nylphada Hi I'm Nylphada from the SYS (suicidal Youth Services) We like to talk with anyone or give out advice... we have a website

an a email
21 Mar 2005 deadman strangulation

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