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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Feb 2005 Nikita Overdoses of drug & slitting your wristes
06 Feb 2005 chrissy czarra make it look like a murder
05 Feb 2005 Kathleen I want to kill myself i can't go on. Someone please im me at Catsnoozekat or email at
05 Feb 2005 Thierry hara kiri a la saucisse de strazbourg
05 Feb 2005 Kathleen My mom is having an affair with a 65 yr old when she is 46 and i want to end my life.when my sis first found out she started cutting and now i want to ed my life too.
05 Feb 2005 sara this site is pretty bad, i mean why would you post what is the best way to kil your self when your under 13, i would hope that no one under 13 is comtimplating suiside, i mean your young, you have so much to live for. Hang in there. get medication, i have a 5year old neice and i hope she would never ever think of anything like this. and i think people are only making it worse by telling suicidal ppl off, and telling them to kill them selves, i mean that could be your sister, or aunt, or mother, or brother, someone you love, how would you feel if they died. It would hurt alot.
04 Feb 2005 Anlsized HELLO!! This message is for DonkyKong. Mr. Kong, you are incorrect in your statement that shit doesn't taste half as bad as it smells. I know because I have both smelled, and eaten shit. One time I got drunk and I realized that I didn't give a fuck what I did.... so while I was taking a shit, I thought that since I don't care, it would be interesting to eat some of my shit. I took a bite out of my log, and even when I was drunk and my taste was somewhat numbed, it was still the worst thing I ever tasted, and the aftertaste lasted forever! The worst is when it goes to the back of your throat. Then you can both smell, and taste it.

In conclusion, eating shit is bad. I do not recommend that anyone eat shit. It is not a pleasant thing to do.
04 Feb 2005 chrystelle grandir dans ce monde d'adulte tous aussi faux les uns que les autres
04 Feb 2005 REDDEATH I Think One of My friends are goin to kill them self and i dont kno what to do I'm scared of losin her, she is such a good friends :(
04 Feb 2005 torah its easy, don't waste your time with panadol and alcohol. go to a rave with say about $500 look for a drug dealer becuase there will b heaps there and then buy all the pills u can afford, ecstacy etc. watever u can get ur hands on. pop all of this within succession of one another and your bound to od, also make sure you drink tones of water. this is the best method because u will have the time of your life before you die. pills and raves are so fun!! n.b you might only want to stay for a while and then go somewhere else where no one is around cause the ambo's will prolly pick u up and take u to the hospital. also you could try drinking alcohol with the pills for a greater effect!!! ;) enjoy
04 Feb 2005 Toni this is sick! What if you are 47 and have no answers yet where the hell do you go?? God is not listening anymore....13 sucks everthing seems wrong then ~ 47 and it's still wrong then it is serious. I have tried 8 times since I was 18 ~ no success obviously ~ just locked up for awhile...
04 Feb 2005 kerri i was 13 the first time i tried to kill my self now i am 33 and suffering perment kidney damage from all the pills i took will be on dyaliss before 40 or untill my kidney's shut down. it is hard so hard to live but so easy to want to die.... even after all this time i still every day think of some new thought or some brilight sceam. mail me back we could share ideas
03 Feb 2005 random stoner die die die die die die die hahah
death to all 13 yearolds (annoying little bastards)

fuck life fuck all of you, (new found glory rock)

i want to die!!!!!! (some day)

smoke weed chills ya out
03 Feb 2005 it doesnt matter When you are 13 years of age, and younger, your brain has not yet acknowledged the strengh of suicide. You ( you being someone under 13 ) you think suicide is a thing, you might know the consiquence but not take it as hard in concideration as you would if you were past your age of puverty. when you are also that young insentives are powerfull. "you can eat cake after you finish your veggies"... give a kid an insentive that he will understand and he would kill himself. but...there is no way a 13 year old or younger would want to kill themselves, unless curiositty takes over too much. ( not neccesarily 13 years old, when around physicologyical growth happens and the thought of suicide becomes more understandable will a person commit suicide.)
03 Feb 2005 Unknown If anyone wants to talk Im here to chat and listen...
03 Feb 2005 Crucifix I suggest this site
03 Feb 2005 donkey kong the very best way to kill your self is to eat fecal matter. especially someone elses.

it actually dont taste half as bad as it smells.
03 Feb 2005 Jim Man you guys just suck at life... Cant' even kill yourselves right... Buy A Gun.. and shoot yourself in the head... if you can't figure how to end your sad pathetic life... you obviously don't want to kill yourself you want people to feel bad because your dad stuck his dick in your mouth when you were six... Wow again u guys suck at LIFE... and DEATH...
02 Feb 2005 Donna I really don't thinkk that sucide is a toy. It is a serious matter. I OD just before christmas on my mom's birthday. My friend drove over here and litterly dragged me out of my room and took my to the hospital. Some day's i wish he didn't and some days i just wanna thank him for savin' me. Today is just not one of thoughs days. This same friend is addicted to really bad drugs, he is on house arrest right now and i don't want him to do something bad like i did. I am not doin' that well in school, my dad is never there for me he never was and never will. When things were gettin' bad at my house between my mom, her bf and myself i asked my dad if i could live with him and he turned me down both times. Right now i only cut when i get mad or depressed, but that seems all the time, i reallydon't see the point of livin' if your not havin' a good time enjoyin' it. I don't know what to do and i can't talk to my friend cuz he is probably doin' drugs right now and if i tell him somthing like that he will take my to the hospital or tell someone who will. I don't wanna die in pain, i already have enough pain, i jsut wanna die and get it over with, i have no where to go in life, all i wanted if life was to live the rest of my life with my friend and have a happy life, but i know that wan't happen he will end up in jail or something like that. I am tired of waitin' for him to clear up. The weird thing is i wanna do the drugs that he does but i want him not to.I think that i make my own problems but i just don't know how to stop. I don't know what i am doin wrong. I don't think that my sycyatrist, therapist, or my two cooounseller's are helpin' me at all. They all say they know how your feel, or that they want to know but i don't feel confterble talkin to them about things like that.I want 2 talk to someone i can trust,someone who won't try to stop me from what i am doin' i just want to talk to someone who feels the same way i do. I am 13 and i really want someone to talkk to my e-mail address is
02 Feb 2005 Chantelle You all have serious isssues...if your 13 or under and you want to kill yourself...why? It's called get professional help and if you don't have the money talk to someone who cares..if no one cares about you well then hey deal with it and move on!! Life sucks but good shit does happen, you just have to get out at meet people that will change your life and make you see shit from a different angle!! Dumbasses

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