Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Apr 2005 Katerena Knifes,hanging,gun...etc..

03 Apr 2005 kyle (if ur blak) go 2 georgia and yell: black power
(if white) go to any and blak community with proud to b black people and yell: white power
02 Apr 2005 parisjhn Death or lIFE IS THE quetion.I suggest you guys make a punk ass choice. If iwere you i would stick it out shit !! I have been through it all belive me. I tried it once , but shit i am no fool I quickly relised that if i would have died i would not be able to see the good things that are yet to come and iknow their are some. One day things will get better i promise. I know how it is Shit i young my self 16yrs old so no i am not old and tring to preach.
02 Apr 2005   u lot r fucking sad tellin ppl who 2 killl them selve dnt u av anyfin else betta 2 do but if i wood kill my self i wood lock me self in me freezer
02 Apr 2005 ???????? Y cant I just die in my sleep?????? Email me with an answer if u would please or talk to me about my story if u care
02 Apr 2005 steven to go and grab the bigest knife possibel and shove it thugh your chest when your pernrts arn't home so that you will not be herd scraming or chocing
01 Apr 2005 Naomi I have planned suicide plenty of times, but I never really thought how it would affect everyone around me, until my best friend became very suicidal after her youngest sibling died after a brain tumour. I had to always try and stop her, she has attempted it several times, everytime her older brother managed to stop her. But we had a fight only last night. We made a pact, you go I go. I thought that it would stop her, but we both became angry with each other, saying things we didn't mean, but I think I killed her.
The only way to kill yourself is to stop your ventilator when you're an old, old person, ready to die. My great-grandma died when I was 6, my Nan moved away when I was 12, but I'm 14 now, and my best friend wants ot kill herself. I miust be jinxed. Fate has turned its back on me, leaving me to find my own path. At many times, I have decided that my path has finished. Many times I have taken pills to school, ready to kill myself slowly infront of my friends, many times I have cut my wrists deep enough to swim in, many times, I have looked at websites to find a reason why I should stay. Many times I have found a reason; that Lauren is still here, and I never want to leave her. But I think she has left me.
So if you're reading this Lauren, I'm sorry.
01 Apr 2005 Hannah I am desperate for someone to e-mail me with well known methods of commiting suicide. I am very interested in commiting sucide by carbon dioxide (I think this is correct). It is the chemical you can inhale lots of and it's very fatal. Please if anybody is an expert on suicide methods please e-mail me. I need to plan for my death. I am not sure if I am even going to do it but if I do I need to be planned.

Thank you

Please contact me at
01 Apr 2005 bob jazz call the meanest looking kid at school you sleept with his sister and her friends and see what he does
01 Apr 2005 ebony im 13 n i have been besties with this girl ellie for about 1 yr she had alot of problems n i stuck by her, but she became popular n left me n now i have not 1 friend my mum and dad hate me they told me i was a mistake n now all i want to do is die. yes i do cut myself 5 times a day and i do need help n one day im gunna commit suicide
01 Apr 2005 ebony im 13 n i have been besties with this girl ellie for about 1 yr she had alot of problems n i stuck by her, but she became popular n left me n now i have not 1 friend my mum and dad hate me they told me i was a mistake n now all i want to do is die. yes i do cut myself 5 times a day and i do need help n one day im gunna commit suicide
01 Apr 2005 in memory of i have actually had 3 friends commit suicide in my lifetime of 23 years. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and it hurts everybody. before you even consider suicide, please be aware of how people that love you would feel... would you want to see your grandmother cry, or your father, or your mother, or your little cousin who is only 7? would you want your cat or your dog to miss you and lie in your room waiting for you to come home? this is not something to joke about. if you need help, you should call the suicide hotline. please. if you decide to commit sucide, its too late... and you'll never to get to see a smile on your own children's face someday...
31 Mar 2005 Sergey....known as ShadowUltra online People, I really need help, I guess that everyone in this thread wants to suicide and feels like me. Please, contact me by MSN. I'm 14 years old and my life sucks. I live in this fucking country called Israel, I look ugly, I'm stupid, I'm a psyco and everything else. Just contact me by this MSN:
ICQ: 308088631
I really need some suggestion...I'm too scared to jump of a building, I got no gun to kill myself or no pills, I got no balls to cut myself or just take a rope and stop my breath. I wanna die so badly but as you can see I'm scared to do some things and all my friends say: don't do that! Everyone will be sad but I don't fucking care. I WANT TO DIE NOW!
So please, if anyone can give me some help then help. But be serious and no "Don't do this" suggestions please.
31 Mar 2005 Synod Will all you people stop asking this poor guy to "trust you"? Why on earth should he trust a complete stranger- it is highly unlikely you have gone through exactly the same thing as him- his contemplation of suicide is impossibl,e for you to understand now that you have moved on with your life. How can you possibly empathise with him, as you, an older post-depression adult, can no longer understand his position? in my experience no one could empathise with me, no matter how hard they tried, and frankly, suicidal thoughts are something that I could only get through alone- or indeed, not at all. We are all alone, its a miserable world. And incidentally, there is not neccessarily hope out there, as some people have tried to point out on this website- instead their sudden shock at the shitness of life that came to them in their teens has been compromised by thier acceptance of the world as it is- they have said "yes, this will do". Life has not neccessarily got better, they have just learned to bear it. Of course, talking as a teenager, I have no experience of this delusion, its just a hypothesis. So don't expect my trust- I think I am more sane than you- less happy, perhaps, but also less ignorant.
31 Mar 2005 paulie i think im gonna go slit my wrist some more...and when asked..."the cat did it"... my damn girlfriend dont like me parents are never home....i raised my self from the age of 5...i just hate being around.... i love being alone
31 Mar 2005 holly hey. this probably won't get posted. but it really sucks. i used to be suicidal. then i went to a mental hospital. it was okay. they made me change my mind. i got a lot closer to my family. if i don't live for myself, i'm doing it for my family. if i died, my brother would be in so much pain. my whole family would. i've thought about it a lot. i think i've made a big impression on tons of people. i don't care if you guys haven't. it just really hurts me to see that you people feel the same way i once did. and yes, i do know what i'm talking about. i do know how you guys feel. i hope this means something to someone. if it doesn't, that's okay. because i let it all out. and sometimes that's all it takes.
31 Mar 2005 FiFi Believe me I can relate to most of you.. let see to begin, my childhood was pretty good until my once kind and nice uncle began molesting me at 8 or 9

I knew It was wrong so I went to my parents after the first time of him sickly smiling while groping me. My mom believed me, being a victim of rape herself, although my dad found this concept too hard to grasp considering it was his brother. So after having a long bitching lecture about how I shouldn't lie for attention, nothing was resolved. So my uncle was back at it again. I am now 14 and the horrific occurrences just stopped. I had been dieing inside and I was attempting to tell anyone who would listen...somehow I worked up the nerve to tell my brother. My brother is two years older than me so as you can imagine, he was onward the story flows as my brother tells my parents, and they miraculously believe him. Ironic huh?
So they send me to a psychologist to try to work through my "problems" and child services is called, police interviews, the whole bit, but I still felt terrible.
Now I have half of my family who despises the ground I walk on, and half who actually care. Great huh?
When I was 12 I tried killing my self
***attempt #1***
the well-known, grab a knife and slice your wrists while crying in the bath tub. Only success from that is a pair of scars to add to my collection.

*****attempt # 2******
pills, pills, pills.
Grab a couple handfuls, shove them down your throat and hope for the best. The end result is a massive stomach pain.

******attempt # 3**********
drowning....could never get that one accomplished...always was to chicken and needed to breath.

(just so you know you cannot choke your self to will end up passing out in which you let go of your throat, or whatever you are attempting to choke to death with such as...belt, string, electrical cord, etc.)

So here I am, still attempting and totally hating life.... So I don't know how to end this life I have learned to so passionately hate, but if you have any answers please let me know.
31 Mar 2005 aka slit rist and pills damn it i didnt die shit it took a lot of guts to swallow those pills please kill me
31 Mar 2005 Terri snort sum crank then shoot sum herion you will die and there will be no pain u will be soo god damn high that u wont feel a thing

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