Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Mar 2005 Gabbi Take a bottle of Valium (Diazepam) and then drink half a bottle of Finlandia Vodka. Smoke some weed beforehand, so that you think the whole thing is funny, and you'll have the guts to do it (have at least 10 cones, you'll need a 25g bag for this). Take a bottle of sleeping pills (Temazepam) as well if you manage not to vomit everything up. You will fall into a deep sleep, if it takes a while to work, run yourself a hot bath and lie down..then make a few deep cuts in both of your wrists, making sure to get the artery. I was going to do this the other night, unfortunately my dad stopped me before I had a chance.
28 Mar 2005 ronwelthy en effet, je pense que le meilleur moyen d'empêcher les jeune de mettre fin a leur jour, c'est de les laisser s'exprimer sur le sujet, qu'ils dédramatisent ce qu'il ressente et ainsi se libère peu a peu de leur tensions..

Ce site est fait pour que le suicide ne soit pas plus un simple objet de fantasme, d'idéalisation, mais qu'il prenne une forme réel au travers des témoignages et des conseil (rares) qui sont donnée.

Je pense que la parole est au contraire plus importante que tout les tabou sur le sujet ...
28 Mar 2005 Lisa aka Ingrid Convince your parents you "need" an IRon supplement, and OD on it. It takes a few days for the full effect, but no one suspects anything
28 Mar 2005 Star Someone once said, "The only difference between a diamond and a lump of coal is that the diamond had more pressure put on it." If that were the case, we should all be shining brightly by now.

Stress contributes to emotional upheaval irritability, anger, and depression.

Here to help you meet stress head-on and conquer it:
Give yourself a break. It's okay to goof off, cancel a lunch date, or miss a deadline now and then. In six months or 10 years, who will remember?

Put yourself first. That's right! If you aren't functioning at your peak, your work and your relationships will suffer. Find time for yourself, and try to do at least one relaxing thing each day: Take a bubble bath, or read a chapter of a favorite book.

Set boundaries. Like the stressed-out mom who sat in the playpen to keep away the children, you can erect some barriers. Decide what you will do and when. Better still, decide what you won't do and dare to say "no." Avoid anything, and anyone, who wastes your time.

Clarify your goals. Decide exactly what needs to be done, and plan a smart way of accomplishing each task. Oh, and give yourself a big STAR on the calendar every time you achieve even one of your goals, no matter how small.

Get spiritual. Get in touch with your spiritual values, and align your plans and activities with them. For instance, read an inspiring book, then figure out how to incorporate what you learned into your day-to-day life.

Take five. Right now stop what you are doing to cherish the moment. Savor whatever you're drinking or eating. Or go outside and smell the air, the flowers and the trees. Feel the wind, sunshine or rain on your face. Listen for tiny sounds. Take a moment every day to marvel at the wonders all around you.

Breathe. Yes! It's that simple. Breathe deeply, but don't hyperventilate. Inhale as though you were sniffing a delightful scent. Then stre-e-e-tch your arms high over your head as you slowly and completely exhale.
28 Mar 2005 pg i feeel like dieng.... i hate life anymore man....its shit...i get dicked over by everything i do...something good happens then someting 10 times worse happens short after...fuck this shit....
27 Mar 2005 Dae There is no good way to commit suicide under 13. But In a way there is, since i was 12 I've cut myself, i have so many scars i wear nothing but long sleeved shirts or i wear dones of my goth bracelets. Right now I want to go hang myself from a tree in my backyard. Ever since i moved in with my dad when i was 12 i've wanted to die. Im tired of being here now as well. Right now I am 17 and when i was away on vacation when i was 14 my dads girlfriends daughter killed my cat, i had that cat since i was about 10 i watched him being born. But she killed him, then another pet came around named josie, that dog went everywhere with me, he was my best friend. One day as i went out with a friend i forgot to bring him in the house and he killed himself by smashing his head through a metal post and a brick wall. It was intierally my fault. But since then i was raped once and loved and betaled by almost everyone i know. My dad is always gone, my friends no longer call me, and my fiance seems so distante and never wanting to talk to me. For the last 2 weeks i've been alone almost everynight. I feel like no one loves me, but if i died there are so many people that would hate me and i would hate myself if i killed myself. Its now a fantisy to die. I want to, i cut, and nothingever gets any better, and i have lost 3 children. I have had 1 miscarrage 2 abortions. I need help to fill in the emptyness, or i shall perish.
27 Mar 2005 Nadzyou TO join the war of Iraq put 1 or 2 bomb on your bady and drink more gas with fire!
27 Mar 2005 Nadzmie Tandi I have one girlfriend I very lovr her even my life I give to her when she need us. but now she've a new boyfriend what is the best way to forget my girlfriend?
27 Mar 2005 Sad no more what better way to end this life,
to see the days gone by, knowing that ur invisible. When nobody cares, when nobody even wants to know... fuck this life. Fuck this world. Fuck everybody. Fuck you. Im alone tonight, my dad's probably next door fucking the neighbor... but fuck i dont care. Im here, not for long. Im holding my dad's gun now... im feeling calm now. I dunt care anymore; to tired to anyway. Well, i guess ill just have to say good bye then. Goddbye, hiope my next life will bebetter for me.
27 Mar 2005 The Singing Barbarian From The Savage North I HAVE THE HEAD OF A TREE ON MY WALL BECAUSE I SLAYED IT!!! WO00O0O0O0O0O0 O0O0O 0O0O0O0 O0O0O0 O0O0O0O0 O0O0O0 O0O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 Mar 2005 candice hey guys how's it gonig some of you have added me thank you and i no im helping you all im trying os hard and i wont stop until you no that someone really really dosent want you doing this at all and i no that u no that you are all special i dont like it when people do this to them selves but if you fell it will help i cant stop you but i can help you
27 Mar 2005 ethically opposed Suicide is not a toy.
Children of all ages should not be allowed to 'play suicide'.
Your invention is ridiculous.
Do not attempt to become experienced in the subject of suicide by creating a website/forum for everyone to discuss how they wish to end their lives and encourage eachother,
theres many reasons why children should not have the available material to learn the best way to kill themselves when they're under 13 from.
26 Mar 2005 THE GIRL FROM ENGLAND These days iam feeling much better with this site because less people are writing about ways to commit suicide. Ive thought about this website over the past few days. I think no one should blame MOUCHETTE for this site because i dont think she was been seriouse when she wrote the title for this site. Its a good thing in a way because we get to know about the life of overs who we share are planet with but then again please dont just think of death try and find over ways to forget about what you have been through even though i know it is hard. I LOVE YOU ALL.
26 Mar 2005 Robyn Hey Everyone.....I've Signed this thing before with my problem and if you want to read it then you can search up Robyn..Anyways, yes im still cutting but now i am cutting my ankles...just so my friends at school don't notice...Anyways the reason that im writing again is i noticed that in here everyone is writing why and what there doing to kill themselves but no one is offering to help.... I am.... If you actually take the time to read this, i would like to help..I'm not cured yet so we can help each other please email me if anyone has any problems they would like to share with me? my email adress is
26 Mar 2005 kkkkristyn drinking bleach with a hint of grape soda. duh nobody would know the difference.
25 Mar 2005 monkeyass LOL, :) nice to see a bit of dark humour on the web. LOL why not a long agonising death? why not try this out? go through school, educate yourself so your ready to join society "the big wide world", then get a job, :) office jobs are the best! work for a few years, get married, get a mortage, children, debts. Then wait a few years spending most of your time working for someone, spending more than half of an average life working, doign your bit for society. Then you'll lose your job and have your later years wondering whether it was all worth it and then one day just like the blink of an eye you'll cease to exist. LOL now of course suicide can be a painful subject, and i've noticed alot of strong comments from most people. Not totally sure about this website myself, whether it is a joke? I still wouldn't say it was for younger people surfing the web, as it can be taken seriously. My real opinion on life is it's pointless to be honest, apart from the purpose of reproducing, there are so many things we do not know about our universe and what is beyond it. Remember to take everything you read, ear and see with a pinch of salt, noone has all the answers and i doubt we ever will, especially not in our lifetimes. If you want to find a point to it all find out about our universe and think of things that could be that noone has thought about, you never know you might come up with the answers ;) LOL. But why destroy yourself so early when you have so much to experience, give it a few more years and you can all get mashed on drugs fi thats what you want, make your own choices.
25 Mar 2005 eisler vous faites sa a des fin térapeutique?
25 Mar 2005 Nylphada (SYS) When You'll want to tear all the pain of your body... I'll will be there, we will be there... We are the suicidal youth services team... we would love to hear your story
25 Mar 2005 Dust in the wind You all remember colimbine, right? Thats the best way. Wait for a school dance, boobytrap the doors with explosives, shoot and ruin the lives of those who piss you off, the blow yourself away. Either that or bombing. They kill both you and those damn hated mother fuckers.
25 Mar 2005 Ducky Dear sinking magot,
I died a long time ago, yet i still haven't left my body.

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