Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Apr 2005 Fallen (im actually 15.. Sorry if ive broke a rule)

Ill be honest, ive never felt like commiting suicide (well, maby when i was relly pissed at somthing, but never got any near doing it)
I have been reading these posts all day now (Btw to laura your poem was brilliant, if you are still alive)

I think that suicide should relly be a compleate last resort. If you are being abused at home, you could run away, tell the police, there is alot of things you can do.

Although i really think that you shouldnt commit suicide where other people will see wour body, it can ruin there lives, anyone that is close to suicide will probably know how this feels.

I think that suicide is only selfish if your parents/family/friends love or care for you.. But other wise i think, ultimatly, its your life, you have the right to do what ever you wish.

But, think hard before you act..

E-mail me if u feel like talking :)
25 Apr 2005 helper find a psychiatrist, you need help.
25 Apr 2005 Been there before... Under 13 or over 13 - it doesn't really matter... The best way is to find someone else that feels the same way,and then play Russian Roulette. Hey the odds are 50/50. The adrenalin rush is better than any drug out there,and you really can't lose. Why? Because if you get the bullet then you've accomplished what you set out to do-DIE. But,if the other person gets the bullet, and you see their brains splattered everwhere,on the wall,the ceiling,even on you...Just maybe you'll realize LIFE IS WORTH LIVING...
25 Apr 2005 bill ok well i dont have very good resons but hey sometimes i do wanna die.....put it like this i lost my friends my girlfriend and half of my family hates me ..... so what else is there u kno? most people say there scared of dieing but look at it this way ... we all die so it would just be a few years sooner wouldnt it?o well it just kills me to think that i have no one there for me
25 Apr 2005 Amy Moran The Reason u all want to kill urselfs is because uve seen me i want to kill my self for that sum1 i no just died because his parents devord he hung himself in his bedroom he was rushed to hospital left on life suport for 3 days and his mother decided to let him go there was no way he was gonna survive the day befor his perants told him he had an argument with his gurl friend and she thinks its her fualt she,s now diognosed with depresion she has to take all these calming remadies and everything she might evan *acsadently* take and over does of the stuff and that would be selfish if she left me out
25 Apr 2005 Amy Moran I Dont no the best way to kill my self thats y i came on here every day i look at myself in the mirror and burst out crying im so ugly that 8,0000000 of triple glacing would shater if it saw the back of my head im sick of it I WOULD PAY ANY OF U A LOAD OF MONEY TO MURDER ME IN FACT HERES MY ADRESS............................................... SUFACAIT ME SHOOT ME STB ME AND EAT MY LIVER I JUST WANNA DIE
25 Apr 2005 orbie go to the hospital and find out where someone is quarrientined, rush inside the room and rape them. make sure to lick and swallow some of thiere bodily fluids. do this about five times and then nail a gay doode on the AIDS wing.
25 Apr 2005 K D you could be gay like me and contract AIDS.
25 Apr 2005 steph hi, im 15 and i hate my life. when i was 12 my father tried to kill me by strangling mother just stood there and watched. the worst thing about that is the look he was giving me before i passed out...ill never forget that look, its forever scarred in my mind. im afraid for my life because of my father and no one understands it because anytime someone comes over my parents put on their 'guest face' big joke huh. heres just a few of the many things that have fucked up my life...i was goin out with this guy and i fell in love with him, like really in love, then he broke up with me for the reason that "he didnt want to have to worry about another person" then four days later my best friend started going out with him after i told her that he was my ex and she said "oh, im so sorry i didnt know im not going near him again" tow seconds later they were off in the corner makin out. then started cutting my wrists and everytime i did i would try to get it deeper the next time, sort of like a competition. no-one gets why people cut their wrists and its fuckin annoying, i mean its like the blood you draw when you cut ur wrists is like all the pain just draining out of you...
i o.d on all these pills i found around the house and passed out but woke up so it all failed. then my mum found out i cut my wrists and then my dad comes in and starts goin off at me yellin "thats pathetic, why dont you get that big butchers knife over there and ill slit ur wrists for you!!" so that made me really depressed. then i started sneakin out to meet other people and then my mum found out about that too, and my dad strangled me for that as well. So i started slittling my wrists more and my mum found out again so she took me to the idiot doctor who diagnosed me with depression. yeah, like i couldnt have told you that. but most of my friends dont know about it coz i hide it all and they think im this happy person with such a great life, yeah hell.
25 Apr 2005 kc. H...again i have solutions problems. might not be to your problems but maybe most. if you feel you life isnt worth living...then you have 2 options (in my opinon) 1- everyone that inflicted pain upon you, just send it bad 10 times as hard. or 2- if some people really care about your parents but they piss you off so much...then just go out with a OD-ing on EX, advils or any drug. but the best thing you can do is to get life may suck but it can get better. my life sucks so im making it better by taking out what sucks>my parents, old g/f's or ppl that have pissed you off... i need help i knwo that...but not by some shit bitch that only listens to my problems is because she gets i came here and im getting better...people from this site relaly them... elimanate the things that suck in your life...have a good life or fuck everyone that interupts it!!!
24 Apr 2005 Ray's Kid I don't get people who don't understand why someone would off themselves. It seems to me to be a very natural response to bad times.

But nowadays, I just think about suicide, I don't attempt. Alas. I always figured getting drunk and jumping off a tall building or bridge would be the best way.

Either that or suffocating . . .

I'm just too much of a coward to do anything.
24 Apr 2005 Lauren There's a major artery on the inner part of your elbow. Look and you should see it. Get a pencil sharpener, and break it. Use the blade to slice open the artery. Blood should squirt across the room.
24 Apr 2005 B u b b a W o r s h i p Start by listening to music of depression. Kurt Cobain would be a very , very good way to start. Any grunge music, goth music, metal , thrash, punk, glam , doom, and my personal style of writing music which I call possessed is a hell of a goddamned way to start.. Then while you listen and learn to love the music, start drinking lots of alcohol, clear liquor specially. then move to marijuana, the to every kind of pill you can think of, then cocaine, the lsd and shrooms, the more and more alcohol and beer, 3 packs of cigarettes a day, then eventualy heroin and strong doses of morphine.. Oh and another thing, the pill valium really aggravates heroin and the like.. So basically become a fucking junkie and die a slow death from drugs and alcohol and cigarettes. Or become a junkie and get so depressed that you shoot yourself, throw yourself in front of a train, hanging, jump from tall building or bridge, poisin urself with just about any house hold cleaning prducts from drain o to furniture polish, or all of that at the same time.. Oh and a couple other things,,,,,, if you want to hang yourself use thin metal wire for it will most likley cut your whole head off when you jump. AND ONE LAST SPECIALLY WORD FROM MYSELF. IF YOU ARE GOING TO KILL YOURSELF BEFORE YOU DO IT CUSS GOD UNTILL YOU CANT TALK OR SHIT YOURSELF. cAUSE HE IS MOST LIKELY THE MAIN PERSON YOUR PISSED AT FOR PUTTING YOU ON THIS GODDAMNED EARTH AND GIVING YOU ALL THE ABILITIES TO MAKE YOU DEPRESSED AND WANT TO KILL YOUR SELF IN THE FIRST PLACE.. iF GOD WAS AS REAL AND PERFECT AS CHRISTIANS SAY HE IS THEN WHY HASNT HE MADE A CURE FOR NOT KILLING YOURSELF.... SO BASICALLY WHAT I AM SAYING IS TO KILL GOD, KILL YOURSELF, KILL EVERYONE THAT FUCKS WITH YOU AND HOPEFULLY WE CAN ALL GO TO HELL WHERE AT LEAST THERE WOULD BE INTERESTING PEOPLE UNLIKE HEAVEN WHERE YOU WORSHIP THAT BASTARD FOR ETERNITY.. BY AND I HOPE YOU GET YOU KILLING DONE ON THE FIRST TRY CAUSE IT IS THAT MUCH HARDER THE SECOND TIME AROUND
23 Apr 2005 jesus can help you with your problems how about dont kill yourself are you crazy making all these advertisments for kids, go to hell
23 Apr 2005 Satans Angel IM 16 I cheated on my girlfriend Spoiled THings bestway to kill urself belt round ure neck tie it to the stairs im about to go and do it now Ive lost her foreva nothing i can do to change this sistuation BI natXXXXXxx
23 Apr 2005 mr lonely hi everyone..i have been suicidal since 2 years..reason for tht has been my ill health, skinny body, and a really sucking life due to the above mentioned things..i hav been tryin hard to find the cause of my illness but to no troubles hav really worsened for the past 1 month or so..but somehow i managed to come so far..but now future looks really bleak to me..the reason y i m writing this is tht if by ne way u can improve ur life..then i'd say this life is worth giving a me..thats how i hav survived these 2 years..i m a firm believer in god..i thank him everyday for this life and everything tht he has given me(even though i want to suicide)..i consider myself really blessed..after all i m so much better of than millions and billions of ppl around this world..on top i hav been given this oppurtunity to witness life as a human..not some dumb still unsure if i would be able to continue in my struggle..i hav no good friend, i never never go out, i cant eat junk food, i m skinny as a 13 year old and i am nearing 20, i m always worried about my health, everyone including my family hav written off my illness as my anxiety..ppl at uni say i am a nerd..they stare at my frail body as if i am some alien..BUT inspite of all this i say to myself tht mann who gives a damn about this world..its ur it the way u want..the way u can..wht if u r the way u r..basically i m not ending my life coz i want to but coz i don't fit well in this hell with this stupid society..mann i was like all of u when i was 13 ..worrying abt petty things like girlfriends, friends, pimples, image in school,and all that sort of stuff ..but once this sickness thing came my way it started bringing in prespective evry single thing tht i had taken for granted..i no longer cared bout nething else but my health..which unfortunately never gets life really sucks..but i still want to live it to see wht other troubles it holds for me..
i would appreciate ne piece of advice from someone who genuinely feels for my email id is
23 Apr 2005 Angem s'endormir dans une chambre complètement fermée où le seul air est un gaz mortel
23 Apr 2005 Armon Ok I really think that anyone and everyone in this forum should listen to this message.
I have tried to commit suicide four times. On my last occasion, I was hit by a truck, and was paralazed waist down, and it snapped my neck. You will realize that after having a near death experience (NDE) when you want it is much better than when you don't. I am now hospitalized for life, and have already asked and tried to pull the plug on myself. They sent me a phyciatrist, and he asked me only one simple question, Why? I answered the truth, the reason all of us think this: Life has fucked us, and if we die we can start over. I have no reason for life, it has never given me anything. Now im sitting here righting this, alone, and I CAN pull the plug. But now Im thinking, I have so much more to LIVE! Why stop now and fuck it all up! I need to know what love is and all that bullshit that you hear in movies. Maybe it fucking corny but its true. I feel that I need to do things. I haven't had sex yet, I haven't been shot yet, I haven't done Ectesy yet (I have tried to O.D. on heroine before) and finally I haven't had children. Life is about giving something. What will I give in return to my family if I commit suicide besides thousands of dollars in a medical bill. So now I've chosen to give life one more chance. Try this. Once you commit suicide, there is no turning back...
23 Apr 2005 Georgie Probably pills, because they are so accesible to kids my age. I have 3 friends that tried to kill themselves with pills already, but it didnt work. Therefore, you can see that pills aren't the best way. OK, here are the top 3,
1. Fire-arm or electric tool to the head.
2. Pills, if you can bear all the crying and weeping and pain bull-shit.
3. And finally, deadly drops from almost any building. Dive, it kills you faster, and you get a 2 second thrill ride before you die. Yeah!
Georgie Milanovic, 13, Washington DC, US

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