Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Apr 2005 mr lonely hi everyone..i have been suicidal since 2 years..reason for tht has been my ill health, skinny body, and a really sucking life due to the above mentioned things..i hav been tryin hard to find the cause of my illness but to no troubles hav really worsened for the past 1 month or so..but somehow i managed to come so far..but now future looks really bleak to me..the reason y i m writing this is tht if by ne way u can improve ur life..then i'd say this life is worth giving a me..thats how i hav survived these 2 years..i m a firm believer in god..i thank him everyday for this life and everything tht he has given me(even though i want to suicide)..i consider myself really blessed..after all i m so much better of than millions and billions of ppl around this world..on top i hav been given this oppurtunity to witness life as a human..not some dumb still unsure if i would be able to continue in my struggle..i hav no good friend, i never never go out, i cant eat junk food, i m skinny as a 13 year old and i am nearing 20, i m always worried about my health, everyone including my family hav written off my illness as my anxiety..ppl at uni say i am a nerd..they stare at my frail body as if i am some alien..BUT inspite of all this i say to myself tht mann who gives a damn about this world..its ur it the way u want..the way u can..wht if u r the way u r..basically i m not ending my life coz i want to but coz i don't fit well in this hell with this stupid society..mann i was like all of u when i was 13 ..worrying abt petty things like girlfriends, friends, pimples, image in school,and all that sort of stuff ..but once this sickness thing came my way it started bringing in prespective evry single thing tht i had taken for granted..i no longer cared bout nething else but my health..which unfortunately never gets life really sucks..but i still want to live it to see wht other troubles it holds for me..
i would appreciate ne piece of advice from someone who genuinely feels for my email id is
23 Apr 2005 Angem s'endormir dans une chambre complètement fermée où le seul air est un gaz mortel
23 Apr 2005 Armon Ok I really think that anyone and everyone in this forum should listen to this message.
I have tried to commit suicide four times. On my last occasion, I was hit by a truck, and was paralazed waist down, and it snapped my neck. You will realize that after having a near death experience (NDE) when you want it is much better than when you don't. I am now hospitalized for life, and have already asked and tried to pull the plug on myself. They sent me a phyciatrist, and he asked me only one simple question, Why? I answered the truth, the reason all of us think this: Life has fucked us, and if we die we can start over. I have no reason for life, it has never given me anything. Now im sitting here righting this, alone, and I CAN pull the plug. But now Im thinking, I have so much more to LIVE! Why stop now and fuck it all up! I need to know what love is and all that bullshit that you hear in movies. Maybe it fucking corny but its true. I feel that I need to do things. I haven't had sex yet, I haven't been shot yet, I haven't done Ectesy yet (I have tried to O.D. on heroine before) and finally I haven't had children. Life is about giving something. What will I give in return to my family if I commit suicide besides thousands of dollars in a medical bill. So now I've chosen to give life one more chance. Try this. Once you commit suicide, there is no turning back...
23 Apr 2005 Georgie Probably pills, because they are so accesible to kids my age. I have 3 friends that tried to kill themselves with pills already, but it didnt work. Therefore, you can see that pills aren't the best way. OK, here are the top 3,
1. Fire-arm or electric tool to the head.
2. Pills, if you can bear all the crying and weeping and pain bull-shit.
3. And finally, deadly drops from almost any building. Dive, it kills you faster, and you get a 2 second thrill ride before you die. Yeah!
Georgie Milanovic, 13, Washington DC, US
23 Apr 2005 taediumvitae l'âge importe peu ........ si tu es motivé sautes d'une falaise avec la mer en contrebas , si tu ne t'écrases pas le long des rochers , la mer finira le grand oeuvre . problème tu dis ne pas pouvoir sortir de chez toi , donc une solution radicale . tu te dévetis , tu mets ta musique préférée ( un truc bien macabre ) tu bois quelques verres de ce mauvais vin que ton père boit ( pour te donner la force de le faire ) , et enfin tu allumes le seche cheveux de ta mère . pour assaisoner le tout tu précipites le seche cheveux allumé avec toi dans la baignoire . tu as la sainte trinité , toi , ton père ( par le vin et donc son sang ) et ta mère ..... bon courage
23 Apr 2005 not tellin my friend has wanted to kill herself and same wihtme my life feels worthless i feel like a idiot walking on teh road of no wear i always try hurting my self but it doesn't work i'm too afraid the prople in my school call me fat and ugly and say i hvae tons of acney but thats not my fault soon i have just come to this conclusion "live your life u only have one make the best out of it don't be selfish by making others feel bad about U killing ur self ur freinds would feel bad from not tring to stop it and then ur family would as well... on the other hand if u just have a life full of misery kill ur self by jumping off a cliff thats how i would do it {i will not leave my name in case i get in troble for this}
22 Apr 2005 Danni Find all the pills you can in mommy's room. Then go into daddy's desk and get all the beer you can. Then go find a cord and tie it around your neck and a knife. Wait for someone to walk into the room. Then take the pills wash then down with beer, slit your wrists with the knife and jump!
22 Apr 2005 Kristen Smart You people are sick!!! Any one at any age should not even b thinking of commiting suicide. Especially not at the age of 13. You should live your life 2 the fullest, see where it takes you and be happy no matter where it does take you.
22 Apr 2005 RN 2 BE I am a nursing student doing research for a class project on suicide and depression. I came across this website and read people's responses and cried and cried. It is normal to be depressed at some times and everyone at one time or another thinks things are so bad that they want to die, but to actually do it? I cannot imagine feeling so out of control of my life that I would end it. There has got to be something to live for even if its a warm summer day, your pets, a favorite meal, a friend, there has to be something good about life. I think about those persons who have terrible disabiling diseases, or live in a country were they cannot chose their clothes or religion and think how lucky I am to be able to chose my life and my path. There is always help and a way out. There are millions of help lines out there and people willing to reach out to you. Killing your self is so final. You cannot come back. You cannot enjoy your favorite hobbies or see your best friend's face again. Insurance won't pay and funerals cost a ton. Your family and friends will grief forever. You may think that suicide solves your own problems, but what about all the problems you bring to others. I know of four people last week who commited suicide. One left behind a set of young twins. Others left behind family members and significant others. I urge those of you out there to talk to someone,tell how you feel. People generally know the risk factors and symptoms of depression or suicide but may not recognize it because they don't want to believe it's happening to someone they know. It doesn't mean they don't care. I know many of you come from terrible backgrounds and feel you can't rise above it, but you can. You must remember that just being alive is a gift. There are always people out there going through worse things. If you could reach out and use your situation to help them you would be saving lives. 13 is too young to die. There are so many young persons out there every day dying of cancer, AIDS, in wheelchairs forever but they are alive. Suicide is a selfish way out. All I have to say is I have seen people who have tried and lived. I work in an ER and have seen the consequences of those who tried to die. Brain damage, paralysis, disfigurement and disability. I always wonder why they did it, how could they be so selfish and why didn't they do it right the first time. 80% of those to try it are doing it for a cry of help. There are other ways to get help. Dying is so final. Please try talk to someone even if it is a stranger on a hotline. You can work through it.
22 Apr 2005 The Infamous Jack Johnson To all you little youngsters up on here you needs to calm it down about 3 notches. Most of the people on here are about 10-14 and these are not the ages in which you should even worry about killing yourself. When I was 10 my stepdad used to rob my house of all my family's stuff for crack and other drugs and I never thought about killin myself. I grew up in a ghetto where all I heard was blastin constantly and I didn't try to kill myself. Life is what YOU make of it, and when you're 10 you don't really have that much control so you just need to stick it out for a while. I guarantee things will get better even if it take till you're 18. I know that not everyone can deal with all their problems cause I for one can't. But I'm 19 years old, and I stuck it out. I didn't even try my first attempt at suicide till i was 17. It was over a fight with my ex-fiancee, I picked up some glass that she broke and dug it up my arm till it poured blood. I didn't die. Sitting here today I still think about killing myself sometimes. Yesterday I pulled the hammer back and put the gun to my head, but I always think about the good things before I do it and it saves me. When you're 10-14 don't worry about a girlfriend. it'll come in time. Those years are going to go by quick no matter how bad they are. Mine weren't easy but they're a memory now. My life has gotten a lot better but there's always going to be problems. Sometimes them problems get the better of me and I wanna stop breathin, but my family cares a lot and so do my friends. Think about them before you do it. And think about what lies ahead of you,not 10 minutes but years ahead. I see some lady posted she was gonna kill herself cause she left her man for some other dude with money. MONEY CORRUPTS!!! Ask my former girl, hell I gave her everything she wanted and she still left me when I left for boot camp. That's life, you deal or you don't. But I guarantee it will get better if you put the effort into living. If you just give up it won't get better. I had a psychologist and a psychiatrist, medicine and alcohol, none of it did anything. It took me to fix it for myself and lots of time. But I stuck it out. Think about all those people that will be crying when you do it, you think no one cares well someone does. These people that get on here and tell you all not to do it obviously care or they wouldn't bother. By the time you're 20, everything will be different. Your parents beat you? Well start hittin the gym as soon as you can, get built and whoop they ass. Or go find somebody that can teach you how to fight and then whoop em. If my stepdad stepped up I would slap him through the wall and he knows it. Stick it out, you won't be dissappointed.
22 Apr 2005 adriana i tried to kill myself last night. i am 23. i dont have anything going for my life. i wish i was dead. i have no friends, family, money, job, im fat and ugly, no education, im bored and alone tell me my reason for living...
21 Apr 2005 bob hope smack yer penis up and down on the table and you dont have to kill yer self yer mom will.
21 Apr 2005 caz K no. I understand how kids today want to commit suicide. I did too. But, what the fuck, people are so selfish in wanting to kill themselves without thinking about the rest of this world. You might think this is silly but did you know that millions of animals SUFFER for months before dying so YOU can have your fucking meat? Lots of people are so ignorant. At least do something good for this world before killing yourself! Pretend you work with the president and go kill George Bush. Shoot someone evil. Bomb a MCDonald restaurant. Or even, CHECK OUT THIS SITE. PLZ. AND SHOW IT TO PPL.

WATCH THE GOLDFINGER VIDEO IF YOU DONT LIKE GORE. I hate the whole goddamn human race!!!! You only care about you, im going to fuckin blow up this world.
21 Apr 2005 April I actually saw this on a tv show once and I am pretty sure it will work just make sure no one is gonna come home and try and save you... anyway....get two very large blocks of ice.....set your heat up to like 85 the bath tub water making it over flow everywhere not showing the evidence....hang a rope.....stand on a chair and when ever you ready tape your mouth...hand cuff your hands or some how get them tied behind your back and stick your hand inside the rope...puch the chair away and stand on the two blocks of ice bare foot...your chances of survival are slim to none because the heat you set before doing this is going to start melting the ice making you go lower and lower until the rope chokes you ... I hope I helped ....By the way if you didnt know name is april and I've been suicidal for a long time....I've sort of gotten use to cutting and all me all of your lives seem so bad....mine is probly no where near as bad as some of yours on this site but it still makes me go over the edge sometimes that I just have to do something like commit suicide...unfortunatly Im still here and still looking for someway to kill myself but hoping it won't be to painful....Although I still have in the back of my head that my family would be extremely upset when I go...I still don't seem to care and still want to just die in my sleep or something...I think my life grandmother who was pretty young died and she was like my best friend, one of my best friends said she could not be my friend anymore because she said I was taking her down the wronge path, my dad almost died making me stressed out, my sister is suicidal and she is always ending up in friends hospital cause she is always over dosing on her medication that she has, my grades keep dropping in school because of how depressed I am, and the fact that I was born with a disease does not help anything.....I can't talk to my one sister who I go to school with because she is to immature for her age to understand anything and my two older sisters just would not understand they have big mouths and probly would tell my mom about all this...I've gone to a counsler and that didn't help because it just made me mad....I guess I just need someone to talk to before I just slip off the edge...I have written plenty of ways for people to kill themselves on this site cause I don't have anything better to do besides plan my next attempt of suicide...I've tried taking bottles of sleeping pills before I go to bed hoping that I wouldn't wake up but the weird thing is that it didn't actually made me stay awake the whole night and I started seeing shit like I was high or something and I didn't understand it...I've been cutting....tried tying a rope around my neck but my friend took it off me when I passed out...tried stabbing myself in the chest but I just didnt have the guts to push it through the bone... and my boy friend just broke up with me like two days ago then hooked up with some other chick like a day later..and plenty more but anyway...I guess it felt kind of good to let all this out on here but I don't have time to stay...seems I have more suicidal attempts to think of.... bye for now!!
21 Apr 2005 Tiffany Hamlyn I think the best way to kill ur self would be to, ask a family thats hunts if you can go with them. Then when ur in the woods ask if u can hold the gun. And when there in the middle of telling u what to do...u say "is that a deer over there?" then when they turn around shoot urself in the head!!!!! "Painless and easy" thats what im plaining to do...but i dont now if i can wait that long!
20 Apr 2005 Nathalie You feel like dying as others feel like smiling
You feel like it's the best way as others feel like going outside
Suicide brings a smile on your face as to others it brings tears

But I'm asking you a chance to help...

20 Apr 2005 Nylphada When your heart would have explosed...
When tears will run done your cheeks...
When suicide will leave a sour taste in your mouth...
I'll be there... we will be there we are the the suicidal youth services team... we would love love to hear your story... and of course help you make the best decison

20 Apr 2005 Rhiannon Okay i want to no what would be the easiest and least painful way even though im not under 13. IM 14 and fed up i want help. I dont want advise on how not to kill myself i want advise on HOW.
20 Apr 2005 bianca im 14 and it all started this year when ppl kind of just decided to turn against me so i had no friends then i went to a party and was raped by four huys then my mum found out i snuk out i got really depressed so i jst foun heaps of pills and o.d at school then i got really depressed and started slitting then i had to brake up with my boyfriend because my perents told me to i started to become anorexic and slittin more and takin more pills now i am calle dslitter and a slut at school and i dont want to do it anymore i hvavnt tried suicide but soon it will happen some one will just go to far.....

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