Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Feb 2005 Stef Take a gun into your school and shoot all your so-called freinds and teachers then shoot your self in the head. At least you take a shit load of people with you.
23 Feb 2005 bleeding... best way to kill urself? simple. with fire and knives. my life is hell. being that im in hell, i use fire. u can burn urself, and u always have an excuse. then knives, to see ur blood flowing away like ur worries. and when i cut meyself, i like to catch some blood in a glass. I dont know y but i feel stronger when i drink it, like i can murder all bastards who did shit to me. i dont like to talk to people who know me, so u can IM me @ EvilRubberDuck66 if u have more creative ideas to release emotion....
23 Feb 2005 Peter Boily save the world - kill yourself - 6 billion people canĀ“t be wrong!
23 Feb 2005 Marie Stop. Think. Is your life really THAT bad? Cummon now..... at 15, I know how you feel. I was there too! But for a second, stop being so self-absorbed and think about the fact that there are people in the world WAY worse off than you. People who starve to death, who die of AIDS at 10, who drink water that has paracites, who can't walk because their legs were blown off by a land mine. I could think of thousands of worse cases than this. I understand that your life is probably not easy, but instead of killing yourself (taking the easy way out), why dont you put yourself out there! Volunteer for something, motivate yourself to make a difference - you'll see!

What I suggest is that you go to your family doctor and tell them how you feel! Just do that once, and things will get better! I PROMISE. You need to let someone know what you are feeling - because the feeling of suicide is not a natural occuring feeling, you are suffereing from a chemical imbalance in your brain (probably decreased seratonin) and that can be regulated by medication. PLEASE go see your doctor.

Think about this, WHAT IS IT GOING TO MATTER IN 10 YEARS??? IT ISNT! This is JUST a STAGE in LIFE!
23 Feb 2005 roach you bunch of pansies. you think your life sux???

let me tell you about mine. you ever shot and killed some one?

i did and the same old scene of his face blowing off his head keeps replaying over and over in my head. in my dreams too. i wake up in cold sweats screaming. i hear voices telling me i am such a horrible person for what i have done.

this is what i live with every day. i did it. and when you do it all kinds of wierd stuff happens in your head. first you feel like super man and the next minute you are puking your guts out cuz of the guilt eating you up. your consiouns telling you you took that guys life... he can never get that back... your scum... this is horrible... you should be in prision.... and so on. how you think it feels to be me.
oh boo hooo your daddy put his pee pee in your bum bum. you liked it. i see a mans face blow off and i am reminded all day long i killed him.
23 Feb 2005 i told myself i was not ever going to try to commit suicide again. i lied to me. i am so worthless. so pathetic. i cant even trust myself not to kill myself. i threw hot coffee on my conselor and she wont let me have any more sessions with her AND she cut my meds off. i am suffering from chronic deppression and i have severe parinoia that some one is on out there tring to steal my identity. its awfull. every time i turn around i am having another panic attack and i cant even do one simple thing like killl myself. i am such a loser. and i am real freakin ugly. and it sucks to be a girl and be ugly and crazy. i havent even ever once had a boyfriend. i am such a loser. i hope i can kill myself right this time.
23 Feb 2005 Hiruka-chan I am 14 years old and I have wanted to die since 5 years old.
I don't know- I hate my life, I always have to have perfect grades, perfect hair, everything, just because I have always had. People in all of my classes hate me and everyone wants me to die. Even though my friends tell me it's not true- but even so- I want to die because of all the pressure and sadness. My father abandoned me and wouldn't even see me when I was going to die in a hospital.

I plan to die by first watching cars go by in the highway and jumping under a truck on the highway, or stop taking my medicine.
I think that the three reasons why one commits suicide is they have no hope, no one to love, or they are devoid of emotion.
I really wonder- if I am just all three.
22 Feb 2005 Religious Maggie It's snowing where I live so I've been boob-sledging in the snow. It's great fun. God is away on business so I'm trying to have as much fun as I can without him. He's gone to help the Pope out. Unfortunately he was busy giving me a divine boob-job when that Tsunami disaster happened so didn't make it in time. But it doesn't matter darlings, the Christians's believe that it was "God's will" anyway. Just like they will believe it's his will if the Pope gets better, but if God doesn't make it in time and the Pope dies they will also believe that it's God's will.

You see in the religious world everyone's a winner, especially my poosy, which is why I have devoted my life to God.
22 Feb 2005 kim la pendaison
22 Feb 2005 Jessi Grab a knife and plunge it into various places on your body. Each time driving it deeper
22 Feb 2005 Artimas Under 13's aye....i have never known of a under 13 to actually think of how to destroy themselves coz i would have probably tried if i had thought about it....OMG Religous Mary you are one sick puppy who definateloy should have been drowned at birth...and what ever you think about God is the biggest misconception i have ever make him out to be a necropheliac and a child melestorer seeing as we are all Gods you need to go get yourself examined...but yes back the the topic at hand...13 yrs olds and younger have good imagineations so maybe they will think of something like umm jumping off a cliff like superman or something due to the impact movies have on children....yer thats bout all i can think of...oh yer people talk to me my email is
drop me a line and we can talk bout whatever.
22 Feb 2005 Jack Theres over 6 BILLION people in the world! One who really knows anything about numbers would know that, thats a SHITLOAD OF PEOPLE!!! Why would your life (the one of over 6000000000 people) make any difference. If u want to die, then for gods sake DO IT! U think this planet can take any of you consuming and polluting white trash peace of shits anyway. DO IT an BE AN EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS so somekind of BALANCE would be established!
22 Feb 2005 rocky Jerimiah 29:11
for i knows the plans for you declares the lord. plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you hope and a future.
21 Feb 2005 gothic satanic 666 marilyn manson the best way to commit suicide when you are under 13 is to slit your wrist and jump off the pier into the ocean at 12:00 midnight because sharks live in the ocean and they are atracted to blood thy will find you and chew you up. but the downside to that is first of all it hurts like fuck and seccond of all life guards work late to watch the pier and damn do they watch the peir so they will probably find you and take you to the nearest mental hospital and plus alot of people will probably be watching getting ready to jump so you will probably come down. if you dont live any where close to an ocean you should hang your self in your closet when your parents are gone that way when they come back they will see your dead body and know what hell you were going threw. and darling those are the best ways to comit suicide when you are under 13.
21 Feb 2005 Redwater Take if from somebody who had next to nothing, nothing was wrong, but nothing was right, because there was nothing... then through time life seemed to unfold into everything i wanted. You dont need to escape pain with death. Life gets better... wether it takes 2 days or 20 months... who knows... but nobody is left abandoned, im not gunna sit here and tell you God will save you, i'm just saying... don't sit there and do nothing about your life, fight fire with fire, there are gunna be assholes that put you down, but when the tables turn and you end up firing them because they fucked with you in high school... it's worth the wait... if you die... those assholes win
21 Feb 2005 Tinga G fuck you guys..if you wanna die so bad ill come and kill you all because you all are so pathetic. you just think that your life is sooo bad ..but its not really that just want fuckers to feel sorry for you. well FUCK YOU..when i was 12 i did every kind of drug out it,i did it. i fucked up my life ..and spent half of it in prison..and i still want to live. so just get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourselves..and go do something besides cutting.
21 Feb 2005 Your guardian angel You know, God loves you no matter what you do and he can save you from this.
Life is short, use your days wisely and for the purpose that God intended. Don't believe Satan's LIES because he knows his days are numbered.

I am praying for you.
20 Feb 2005 lissa you know suicide is the best answer personally i think so. i mean it gets rid of so much pain and stuff. i slowly am. i cut do drugs i think its fun. and all those religious people your ideas and shit doesnt work what about answers for all the atheists out there like me. i was talking to this girl about suicide and she said that she didnt understand why people do it or try it. i was thring to explain to her and it was so fucking stupid. i told her stuff about me and she was all like well you have a reason. pills it the best way. most people chicken out shooting themselves or stabbing. pills it harder to get rid out in my mind.
20 Feb 2005 Scott I have overdosed severasl times now and one is very disappointed that I am still. Child sexual assault and poor parenting has lead me to the path of suicide and the urgent want to end my life.

I now have two shrinks, one community mental health worker and a clinical psychologist but between them and all my pills I still want to knock myself off.

Next and sure plan... I am going to overdose on my Temaze Sleeping pills going to the garage and stand on a step ladder and tie the rope around the frame of the roof and around my neck.

When I fall into the coma because of the sleepers I will fall out the ladder.... All over red rover.
20 Feb 2005 hang gook sa ram making lines on my paper
with a crimson marker drawing slowly
over time becoming a grid
looking down at it, i am ashamed
i have created only spite...

Cutting, by me

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