Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Apr 2005 Brian thank you for the 101 best ways to kill your self i am going to try some of them i want to dye.
03 Apr 2005 jodie this website is sick u are a sick person
03 Apr 2005 Brano Jump in front of traffic
03 Apr 2005 stacey Yesterday me and my lil foster bro sat up till 5am in the morning (by the way im FROM LONDON ) he told me these things that he wonted to die end his life his life is not worth living im not sure wat to do if n e 1 has any way i could help e mail me at thank you all people
03 Apr 2005 eatan flintrock just simply turn on some blink 182 or dmx.
03 Apr 2005 tinkerbell the best way to forget a girl friend is to slice your wrists open so deep and wide that raw meat is hanging out on both sides.
03 Apr 2005 eye swallow go on a cokaine binge and when you start to come down drink about 4 bottles of laxitives and three bottles of cough syrup and take abottle of asprin.

or you can just tie a rope around your neck and tie the other end to a heavy anchor and throw the anchor off the boat.
03 Apr 2005 becka if i'm not mistaken, the question was, "what is the best way to kill yourself when your under 13?" that's a horrible question!! but i would have to say cabinet painkillers like aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen.... easy to access, and effective. i heard on the news one time that a father accccidentally gave his kids adult tylenol and they died. that's soooooooooooo sad. i've never actually tried taking enough to kill me. but that's what i know. but if you're feeling suicidal right now and reading thisliike seriously don't really kill yourself. i totally understand, i've done some suicidal things too, a few days ago i sewed a design into my wrist with a needle and thread, it made it heart-shaped for no reason, that wasn't a suicide attempt but i was stressed. i read somewhere that people like me and maybe you are seeking relief when they try to commit suicide, and you have to be alive to experience relief because it's a human emotion, and that makes sense, so seek comic relief.....this site is really depressing, so i'm gonna visit some cute cartoon sites, maybe you should too. ummm right now i'm going to relief also comes with time. i just keep moving on and learning from my mistakes and i'm slowly forgetting bad times from the past. i think that a better times are worth living for, even though i know nothing can ever be perfect.
03 Apr 2005 Katerena Knifes,hanging,gun...etc..

03 Apr 2005 kyle (if ur blak) go 2 georgia and yell: black power
(if white) go to any and blak community with proud to b black people and yell: white power
02 Apr 2005 parisjhn Death or lIFE IS THE quetion.I suggest you guys make a punk ass choice. If iwere you i would stick it out shit !! I have been through it all belive me. I tried it once , but shit i am no fool I quickly relised that if i would have died i would not be able to see the good things that are yet to come and iknow their are some. One day things will get better i promise. I know how it is Shit i young my self 16yrs old so no i am not old and tring to preach.
02 Apr 2005   u lot r fucking sad tellin ppl who 2 killl them selve dnt u av anyfin else betta 2 do but if i wood kill my self i wood lock me self in me freezer
02 Apr 2005 ???????? Y cant I just die in my sleep?????? Email me with an answer if u would please or talk to me about my story if u care
02 Apr 2005 steven to go and grab the bigest knife possibel and shove it thugh your chest when your pernrts arn't home so that you will not be herd scraming or chocing
01 Apr 2005 Naomi I have planned suicide plenty of times, but I never really thought how it would affect everyone around me, until my best friend became very suicidal after her youngest sibling died after a brain tumour. I had to always try and stop her, she has attempted it several times, everytime her older brother managed to stop her. But we had a fight only last night. We made a pact, you go I go. I thought that it would stop her, but we both became angry with each other, saying things we didn't mean, but I think I killed her.
The only way to kill yourself is to stop your ventilator when you're an old, old person, ready to die. My great-grandma died when I was 6, my Nan moved away when I was 12, but I'm 14 now, and my best friend wants ot kill herself. I miust be jinxed. Fate has turned its back on me, leaving me to find my own path. At many times, I have decided that my path has finished. Many times I have taken pills to school, ready to kill myself slowly infront of my friends, many times I have cut my wrists deep enough to swim in, many times, I have looked at websites to find a reason why I should stay. Many times I have found a reason; that Lauren is still here, and I never want to leave her. But I think she has left me.
So if you're reading this Lauren, I'm sorry.
01 Apr 2005 Hannah I am desperate for someone to e-mail me with well known methods of commiting suicide. I am very interested in commiting sucide by carbon dioxide (I think this is correct). It is the chemical you can inhale lots of and it's very fatal. Please if anybody is an expert on suicide methods please e-mail me. I need to plan for my death. I am not sure if I am even going to do it but if I do I need to be planned.

Thank you

Please contact me at
01 Apr 2005 bob jazz call the meanest looking kid at school you sleept with his sister and her friends and see what he does
01 Apr 2005 ebony im 13 n i have been besties with this girl ellie for about 1 yr she had alot of problems n i stuck by her, but she became popular n left me n now i have not 1 friend my mum and dad hate me they told me i was a mistake n now all i want to do is die. yes i do cut myself 5 times a day and i do need help n one day im gunna commit suicide
01 Apr 2005 ebony im 13 n i have been besties with this girl ellie for about 1 yr she had alot of problems n i stuck by her, but she became popular n left me n now i have not 1 friend my mum and dad hate me they told me i was a mistake n now all i want to do is die. yes i do cut myself 5 times a day and i do need help n one day im gunna commit suicide

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