Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Apr 2005 Connor hey, my name is Connor and Im 13 right now. well, i think about suicide alot, when i was a little kid, i would sit on my bed in my room listening to my parents scream at eachother, my dad would push my mom around and i think he hit her once, by the time i was 5 my dad was whipping me with a big leather workout belt. When i was 10 he starting making me humiliate myself when he did that by making me take off my pants and underwear and having me lean over his bed in his room, where he would whip for awhile. Now he is like, uber religious and he had me going to this christian school. Whenever i would mess up on something it would be the whipping, he also gave me a fat lip, hit me in the head with a cloths hanger and through me across the hallway, he would mentally abuse me too, now im one of those guys that just cant seem to lose weight and its not something im proud of, he would tell me things like im a fat selfish pig and that he shouldnt feed me, so maybe id look a little better. Well anyways, he beat me up a few time, i mean he would start in the car, rapping his arm across the seat and into my stomach and chest. then when we got inside he would take me to the basement and push me down, he would then start kicking me in the back and hitting me in the face. well, finally i told me real mom(my parents are divorced and i called the police on him) i dont think i have ever felt as free as i did when that happened. Its just a feeling of triumph, listen, i seriously contemplated suicide, many times, i ended holding a knife to my throat one night after a beating. but the only thing that stopped me was my other family and the fact that, come on, anyone can do great things, everyone has a future, dont you wanna see that future? now dont get me wrong, i think about suicide, what teenager dosent? but just think about all that, and if your family does still love, imagine how much you will hurt them, the world dosent hate you, you can find help, someone is always willing to help, especially teenager and below.
13 Apr 2005 Jennifer, George, Madison All you people are fucked up! You need serious help... or a good friend!!! You also need a gun to blow your head off. you need a big steak knife to cut your neck, wrist, or just chop your feet off and bleed to death that will also work. you can also jump off your school building head first.
13 Apr 2005 krista oros hey i'm krista i have been in Mental health twicei've slit my wrist it is so ,uch fun people just don't understand what it does to me or for me but i love doing it and i like my life the way it is and the best way is to slit your arm following the vains all the way up and jumping off the school or a bulid if you want to know more i'm 17 years old and i have been doing this for years have fun
13 Apr 2005 morgen You are all crazy. because if you want to wast your life by killing yourself because life i such a wounderful thing .I know that bec i have almost killed myself two years ago. PLEASE rethink about trying to commit suicide.
13 Apr 2005 anne killed me What kind of bullet and gun is most effective when killing yourself, and at what angle do you aim the gun?
there is a point in life when nobody cares about you anymore, a point at which nobody will ever respect you for the person you were. I have reached that point. I don't want to end up in a hospital bed with no control of my body or brain, so will someone PLEASE tell me the most effective way to shoot yourself.
12 Apr 2005 Megan Everytime me and my mom get in a fight i want to kill myself.i have thought and looked for ways to do it.i just havent yet.i hate myself so fat and i cant run in my school sport.i hate mom yells at me till she crys or a vesel pops in her i thought i would ease up her pain and yelling a little.she usally yells at me for something i did to my brother.i told her it was stupid and then she lost it.she yelled at me for rolling my eyes(i didnt).everything on my body hurts.i can never picture my life when im older.maybe the farthest its gone is when im out of high maybe i can solve best friend alawys tells me that if i ever died she wouldnt know what to do.i hav never told her that i wanted to kill myself.i hate myself so much.i cry my self to sleep.well my moms
12 Apr 2005 Jesper Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they make your character and your character makes your destiny. My destiny is fated and your's too.

My three attempts, as you see, failed.

Sleeping pills (6 of em) Came away with not even an headache.
Throwing myself off the house (20 metres drop) Survive with only one scrath on my leg.
And the most important one: Poison. (Ratpoison) Goggled down a whole bottle and Im still here. God protects me and I don't like that. I didn't want to live anymore. Especially now. Since my girlfriend cheats on me. I want to kill myself and her with me. I thought about the people who I hurt with my next attempt, but I figured, IF they really care, why wont they anything about it???
12 Apr 2005 all im 19 and i tried to kill myself 4 nights ago with pain meds i took 2 difrent kind it must have bin abought 100 pills i remember laying down and praying it dint hirt and that i could fall asleap before i died i wen to sleep and i woke up i went for 2 days thinking some way i got stuck and nothing was real around me it was all death and everything was fake couse i dint think thare was no way i could have servived but i guess some how i did now i just need to find ou why
12 Apr 2005 Cliffgreene I bet if you showed this website to a parent who's kid just commited suicide,they'd probably put a bullet in your head.There's a good way to get yourself dead...
12 Apr 2005 yah right You assholes this is no joke. Some people need help and you tell them a joke?? grow up
12 Apr 2005 Ms. Kara Its been a while since i was thirteen, and dear Mouchette you've been 13 for at least the last 6 or more years. Thank you for continuing to offer this resource for crazy, suicidal, and highly emotional people to tell their sad life stories and go on about how valuable life is. For those of us who have a sense of humor, this sight is delightful. Thanks Mouchette for the many years of enjoyment.
11 Apr 2005 Religious Maggie Just to let you all know darlings that I now have a fruity bra and an eggy bra.

See my profile for the fruity bra...
11 Apr 2005 X Their isnt one so after you have trued and failed move on to new things, and then see what happens.
11 Apr 2005   c'est vraiment trop nul ton site et enh plus c'est carrément dangereux tu sais il y a de mort par an ????????????????????????????????????
Tu ferais mieux de réfléchir à 2 fois espèced'idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 Apr 2005 becky I was sexually abused when i was younger, and my father never wanted a child. I dont fit in anywhere, im always the outsider. I know this is nothing compared to what other people have gone through, but I feel so messed up in my mind and I hate the person that i am. I also hate the people who think that i must be happy because of the way i look.... direct quote "how can u be sad, your so pretty?" Since when did that have anything to do with it? I know my mum loves me and thats the only reason im still here - i cant bear to hurt her, or my two little brothers. (adam h and adam w) If one day i cant put up with it anymore, even for them, im either going to slit my wrists or hang myself off the balcony at school. For those of you under 13 who need to escape from this shithole, i recommend a long drop off a tall building, but only if your sure that you can't deal with life anymore.... Thank you to the people who've written on this site, after reading some of this i dont feel so alone.
11 Apr 2005 kathe I believe that the best way is yillets! to my I like, you bleed enough with that! very good, I adore the blood spilled in my arm and to stain savannahs of my bed.. delicious.
11 Apr 2005 Elliot This is one of the most offensive websites I've ever seen—and I’ve seen a few. It's so disgusting, from the original idea to the comments posted, that I actually feel sick.

Suicide is a massive problem the world throughout. Anyone feeling so desperate that they are considering taking their own life must be in a terrible, frightening and lonely place. These people deserve nothing but our compassion, not our sniggers, or nasty, wicked websites like this.

That this website is specifically aimed at children is especially sick; the owner seriously needs to consider his/her own motives. What was going through your mind during the hours it took to create this site? Posting sick comments is one thing, actually hosting a forum for such a thing is macabre, not to say pointless: there is no reason why “children under 13” should commit suicide in any other way than adults, indeed, they don’t.

For those in despair who visited this website looking for help, the Samaritans is a UK based suicide helpline. Samaritans are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to listen to and support those in distress, including those who are thinking about taking their own life. Samaritans won’t tell you what to do, won’t give you advice, won’t judge you for what you’re feeling, they will just listen and try to understand – and in total confidence. Visit or call 08457 909090.
10 Apr 2005 Beatriz Well The other day I tried to Kill myself. I have tried it 6 times. Failed all of them. Just shows how much I suck. I mean I couldn't even complete my wish. I have planned out a new plan and am going to put it in action. Well you could ....
1.Cut Your Wrists-- I tried that
2.Jump out of Window--I tried that
3. Eat Cleaning things--Tried that
4. Cut Stomach--Tried that
5. Shoot yourself--Thought about it
6.Eat Silicon--Tried that
7. Run in Front of Truck--Tried that
8. Run away-- Tried 2 times
9. Beg god for death--Tried it and still am.

I have attempted many times to kill myself. I wish I died.
10 Apr 2005 Adam Smith In life different things will come your way. I have lost both my parents in a car accident. Which my father used to beat me badly. My mother was great and I miss her. I have gotten 2 DUI's and I am on probation and I am still in college my sister. I am

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