Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 May 2005 Louis im 11 but im been tring to commit suicide since i was 8 and im still tring ive been over dosing my self with any pills i find inside the house i even feed myself rat killers. Look im not telling any one to copy me so dont cause i ended up in hospital and im scared for life by tring to jump of a bridge. the reason im doing this cause i fucked up my life and my mom and dad brok up and i never knew him
04 May 2005 blarg Here is a suggestion; in your kit include the following....
1.several bottles with labels of famous beverages eg coke, lemonade etc..but make sure they are filled with famous household chemicals such as windex, kerosene, petrol, etc
2.'etable matches' light them up, swallow down and EXPLODE BABAAAAY!!
3.candy flavoured rat bait
4.a rope of simple plan's albums
6.a padlock with no key
7.a room to lock yourself into and listen to simple plan's album repetatively
8.a peice of paper and pen to write to simple plan's record label urging them to dump the band and find some real musicians before some other kid decides to hang themself due to the whiny vocal chords and sappy lyrics that have no true meaning with crappy repetative 4 chord strums............
04 May 2005 EMMA please stop, you're only encouraging the attention seekers to seek more attention AND THATS NOT A GOOD THING WHERE I COME FROM WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! if you really want to kill yourself you would have done it by now instead of wasting time on this site. shutup with the sob stories and go slice through a vein just to spite me...go on...DO IT! you people make ME want to kill MYself just so i don't have to listen to your so called 'problems' please, please die...Emmah H (COUGH COUGH)
04 May 2005 READ THIS MOUCHETTE dear mouchette why dont you poste a thing on this sight... i have a few questions:
have you ever tried to commit suicide?
what made you want to make this sight?
are you crazy?

this is a cool sight and i love it! it has saved my life once or twice

I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA! how about you make a chat room for this sight!!!! poeple can chat about suicide and stuff! great idea i think you need to try it!

mouchette i think you have serious problems! you sent me a very disturbing e-mail... i am not sure what the picture of it was but it was weird... you sent me another but i deleted it and didnt click on the link. now i dont put my email on this sight anymore cus people from suicidle youth services e-mail me and a bunch of other religious groups do! so i just put my aim screen name

anyway i hope you consider the chat room thing and i hope to see somthing posted on here from you

04 May 2005 Adele Silva Yeah, well, I'm dead, so fuck you, ya know? yeah, and learn how to spell, you dumb fucks, no one cares if you are depressed whatever never mind, this site was made just for you lonely dumbasses who say they try to kill them selves but actually if you did, you wouldn't brag the fuck about it. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP. and close your fucking website...unless it's promoting killing yourself if you're such a FUCKING DOLT.
04 May 2005 Augustus Black Hello! My name is Augustus and I am 15 years old! I am currently trying to kill myself by starving myself! This world will be a better place without me.
03 May 2005 Our_Lady_Of_Sorrows For a quick fix, a shot in the head is best. The pain is horrible, but there is a low chance of survival and the pain should only last a tiny, tiny bit.

For painless death, OD is best. Although, I've tried many, many times and only ended up puking like hell!
03 May 2005 death-angel do anyone realy know the best way to commit suicide? who know how to do it a 100% is probably dead already! i am asking myself all the! i want end my life... but how?! i don´t want that anyone find me alive when i will try to do it. my mom would take me to a mental hospital! but all i want to do is die. it sound so easy, so perfect... i just need to find the right way. so if you have any advice... let me know!
03 May 2005 lynkin get up in the morning and get dressed. your ready for school know and you now what your going to do. greet your friends on the school bus and smile. when the bell for first period rings your ready. start on top of the school. get your already prepared slipkknot and begin the carefull work of securing your noose to the flagpole. stand at attention and look around. the cost is clear. "you pledge aligence to the flag.." take a look at the flag as you set the noose about your neck. in god you trust.
03 May 2005 lara thom get a chain saw and try to cut your hair
03 May 2005 Elizabeth you know what i love doing? I love tieing a belt around my neck and strangling my self its fun, i did it today and blood vessels in my face popped and i have marks on my neck. i love the feeling when you do it its hot it makes me want to have sex

oh yeah best way to kill your self when your 13 is too get a rope and tie it to your ankel, swim down to the bottem of a pool and tie it to the vent or drain
03 May 2005 Artimas Hello again my dear Religous Maggie thought you had gotten rid of me?? well i am back and i must say you are a very selfish little biatch to take god all to yourself when lots of other needy people out there need him in there lives aswell.....did you miss me hunny because i know you have been on my mind every so often. Been boob sledging lately which is what i found to be quiet stupid actually but whatever turns your buttons. Do you remeber me saying how much i loved it when you faught back well it still turns me on cant let god have you all to himself all the rest of the male populous wants a ride too i know they do it is so obvious by the way they watch you.
hurry up and reply i want to go off at you more.
03 May 2005 melodie la grande ..heu fraise :) je crois que la meilleure forme de suicide c de vivre... un suicide longue durée... cool non?
moi aussi jme suis fait mon trip suicide ya pa lgt! plus de 7 tentatives... jai aussi eu mon trip kit de suicide, jcrois kon la un peu tous eu une fois... retrouve larc en ciel... seche les larme qui le cache... apprends, instruit toi chaque jour, retrouve le! fous-toi de ce que les gens peuvent penser! c ca etre fou en realité, sen foutre, faire skon ve san se soucier de ce que les gens pensent! va sur mon blog, tu veras... il ny a pas beaucoup de choses, pas tres space, mais ca fait reflechir...
03 May 2005 melodie salut, je parle francais, c'est dur ! ^^
mais je me suis suicidée plus d'une fois et j'avais entre 10 et 13ans... mais je suis assez mature pour mon age et je pense avoir compris beaucoup de chose a lavie...! et je pense pas que le suicide sois une solution... dans une autre vie peut etre... plus maintenant, il faut juste faire travailler l'esprit...s'en foutre de plus en plus..c ca lexercice.. la difficulté c de s'en foutre... moi ji arrive... pk pa vous? bien que je sois toujours dans mes idées noires, j'ai trouver mes idées coloré quand jen ai besoin, elles sont la... trouvez les!
03 May 2005 kelly des médicaments très fort mais jveux pas dire jtrouveça honteux de faire un kit parce que moi aussi je penses au suicide et jai 13 ans mais là c inciter carément !!
03 May 2005 chantel hi my name is chantel well every one hates me.when i was 10 my dad watched my uncle rape me i sat there in pain and looked in the window and i will never forget the face he had on him it wa sliek he was happy a year later he had hald a gun to my head and that same yeah my sister ( christina) shot her self be cuz of guy problems my mo left me i herd that she talks about me but not in good wasy i here she calls me names and its like shr doe snot even know me i have not seen her for a while but sence i was 13 i have been cutting every day i cut it getts deeper and deeper and deeper i started taking pills i would take 8 and then i would take 14 the next week i started tripping out at 14 i got to the point wher i took 41 oills but it faild it did not kill me my boyfriend and i have been togetaher for a year and 5 months he hits me and calls me names and al iw nat is some one to love me every one tells me what a disappointment i am and it hurts i cut almost every night now ever sence 3 weeksa ago i try and fomd some bare skin on my body that i have not yet cut and slice it i need help i dont wanna cut i do but i do i know i should not take pills and cutt and drink and do drugs like i do i wanna stop but when i try to they drive me crazy and one dat i am ganna end up shotting myself like my sister i am alomist pushed to teh end too...........................can any one help me thanks
02 May 2005 leanne well i would get the sharpest knife i can find an shove it in either my head or heart
02 May 2005 leanne wash the pot an forget to dry your hands then put your fingers in a plug socket by accedent then turn it on
02 May 2005 Princess Oblivious I don't know. I thought about tylenol when I was 14 but after going to a psychologist, he told me it would hurt (I think he was lying). I can't stand pain. Sometimes things pile up and it really feels like it should end. But I got over it and I want to gie you advice, but I don't know what to say because everyone's case and cause is different. Some people just want attention while others really need someone. I am a christian. I still thought about suicide. Don't blow me off because I think there is a god. All I can say is that it is really good to have someone to talk to sometimes. Find someone.
02 May 2005 Math Fire I don't fully understand this site,but i noticed that all were interested in death but what about life after death. I will admit that death is something I long for. It is a mystery to me and I wish to read the book. But I would not seek after it without all that I know. I ask again, WHAT ABOUT LIFE AFTER DEATH? do you know the pain or joy that follows you once you cross its shores? The answers are out there, but false answers are out there too. Becareful to study about this trip that you so longingly seek.

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