Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Mar 2005 Felicia If you rly want to kill yourself, just over dose on extesicy. trust me it works, really good. its only about $7.50 a pill and all you need is pry 5. you get so creeped out that you forget about life and you die. so try that
10 Mar 2005 Sarah I am not 13.. but the thought of my younger brother age 14 killing himself would tear everything that makes my life happy, from me... I have thought about suicide and even attempted it.. only to fail.. I am now 23 and have gone through a father who beat me up to a mother who seemed to not want anything to do with me.. I spent alot of time living with people other than my mother or father.. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and started having suicidal thoughts again..I will never attempt it again.. life it too precious and beautiful to take from yourself.. Just think for a moment something that DOES make you happy.. do that.. and try new things that you think would make you happy.. when you feel suicidal try writing about why you feel that way... it worked for me... I still struggle and have dreams about committing suicide... I wake up scared sad, and I feel alone. Giving up and committing suicide would be very easy... Anyone can do it.. but why? there are people who are dying who wish they could live one more month, one more week, one more day, one more minute. but do not get that option. I suggest you allow yourself to give yourself this option.. Aside from all this. you are only 13.. You have a WHOLE lifetime of awesome beautiful times ahead of you... don't let the people in your life make you take it away from yourself.
10 Mar 2005 Stefy My first thoughts of suicide were at the age of 9. I am now 23 and unfortunately at times am still plagued with these thoughts However, I know they are just that; Thoughts.
Life seems to have its most beautiful moments and in my case is followed by something ugly. Sure, I feel empty inside, but i know i will strive through and create something wonderful for myself. Before the age of 13!!! Don't you dare think of taking your life!
There are so many wonderful experiences in life that come after. There are also going to be bad ones. But nothing and no one perfect.
I think that is my problem. I expect perfection of me and my world.
Before doing anything that you can't take back, STOP and take a long hard look within yourself and you will realize that this is the problem.
We become so self-absorbed when we get down. The bigger picture: everyone has a purpose in this Fd up universe. But it is up to us to figure that out.
If you do not find purpose, CREATE SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR.
10 Mar 2005 Mandy Jumo of a Bridge
10 Mar 2005 does it matter a suicide, a ressurection, he resigned before he ever felt affection
tell me where i can stop this obsession
suicide plagues my dreams and hides in depression
if it werent for tomorrow i wouldnt live today, high hopes and i wished for not another lonely day
do yourself a favor end this shit its relentless, they all said loved you but none of them meant it
so try and angish the pain that eats away at your soul
and continue to pursue life with conscience but no control
i suppose i fell too hard into questions of love in this life
so heres my answer at my throat with a rusty knife
farwell for know, untill we may meet again
designed for death this is my end.
09 Mar 2005 Chris I am bipolar...the medical condition when your chemically imbalanced, and go through excessive, extreme, long durations of deep depression. Its unadvoidable. My father had the same condition, and he commited suicide when I was young, about 8 or 9. It really fucked me up inside. Since that day, I have not shed one tear, for anybody or anything. It's horrible feeling like this, I just want an end to it all. want to end it without pain. So I have tried to shop for guns and cynaide on the internet, but have failed because I need government forms to be able to attain them....I have even tried looking for different ways to end it all on the net, because drinking chemicals like paintstipper or bleach or even poison dont really appeal to me...but if i have too... But that is how I came here. Nobody knows abotu my position. I don't trust a psychologist, or anybody else. They wil ltry to prevent it, when I only want an end. I have to admit, it kind of relieves some of the pain and and stress just typing it here. I doubt I will be here in a few weeks. I just want an end...I just want it soon....
09 Mar 2005 stan oh shit I just read some of the shit some ppl wrote,WTF do they think suicidal ppl really chose to be like that. I mean there are days where I just wake up feeling like serious crap and I feel like doing nothing else other than do some serious bodily harm to myself, and I feel like that for weeks,and some of the crap that happens in my life does not do much to help either....shit I feel like such a frikin retard Fuck maybe Ill do it tonight ^_^ yeah fuk yall bitches
09 Mar 2005 stan(well not really) here's what I would do cut and stab myself a whole bunch of times and maybe so I bleed to death,sleeping pills really suck because you have to get the proper ones. But NE way Its nice to see that Im not the only suicidal freak out there ^_^
09 Mar 2005 Bob I don't know the best way! Oh as a matter of factI do!!! I had the same feelings when I was younger and I turned to Jesus and it was all over or most of it was. People die young all the time and don't have the great fortune you have to live a day, an hour, or even as year longer. People are dieing right now and they don't have the great advantage we all do. Just believe in yourself, go to church, think about what your doing!!!!!!!!!!!!
09 Mar 2005 Cher You people need to get a grip on reality and think about how lucky you really are! Suicide is never the answer. Why would you cut your life short? You are only 13 and life will get better, you are so young. Life is hard...its just the way of life, there are going to be hard times and there are going to be times when you are glad to be alive. Don't cut your life short.
09 Mar 2005 Kat You should not kill yourself, no matter how much you hate yourself or how hard life gets. I know people who have died from cancer at a young age and would have been SO grateful to have lived longer. Think of how lucky you are to be alive! If you have suicidal thoughts, get counciling. Some one can help you deal with your emotions.
09 Mar 2005 Hannah who knows
email me people.......
i have msn
anyone who is lonely and confused please e-mail me
i'm lonely too. my best friend is my dog, i have no real friends. i go to work, i come home, i eat, i sleep, i have no life. life is a bore and i understand totally why people here say "life sucks"

i want to die one day.
i don't believe i will live for another 10 years. i'm very overweight and very unhealthy. my mum keeps pestering me. my dad has found work in another state. my life sucks too, so e-mail me please :):):)
i love a famous singer but don't have the money to see him sing live, he is american, as they usually are
anyway life sucks so email me
bye bye
ohh my name is hannah too :)
09 Mar 2005 emma parkin stick a screw driver in 1 ear and out the other
09 Mar 2005 heather dement if u are afraid of pain and under 13 urn ur self on the oven stove and then walk across the highway when traffic is comming
09 Mar 2005 shorty pop pills
08 Mar 2005 no place your head on a railroad track and let a train rollover your head, worked for my cousin. . .
08 Mar 2005 georgia chew the wrong end of your pen
08 Mar 2005 Will Snow I am the gay franciscan monk who is Rev. Poosy's boyfriend. I heard that someone wants to kill him:( that makes me really sad. Why are people judging others. Whether there is a god or not a god, you should not judge. If there is a god, then i can say he would NOT judge. But i guess a lot of the people that come to this site to moan about Rev. Poosy, Religious Maggie, Lucy and Mouchette are damn hypocrites!! And if you cant have a bit of fun in your life then you are BLOODY sad and need to get a life.....Here endith the surmon.
08 Mar 2005 Kaytlyn get your boyfriend to tie you up,put a sock in your mouth tape your mouth shut
and toss you in to a 150 foot deep lake.
o and dont forget to add the cement around your feet.
07 Mar 2005 lissa im hav other posting on this site, but im just looking for someone to talk to. that i can bitch to because my life sucks.
aol instant messenger- guttahminded19 or alwaysmistaking5

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