Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Apr 2005 gaylord focker try and eat 1 milion tins of beans in 1 hour (including the tins)
20 Apr 2005 michaela and kat getnaked and runacross a shooting range screaming "make peace not war"
20 Apr 2005 Sally What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? Tough question. I would say wait and see if it gets better first. Life is hard when you have no control over it. It gets easier when you move out and start doing things on your own. When you gain a modicum of independence, self-worth. Then, if things don't get better, do what I'm gonna do tomorrow.

I had the perfect life. Perfect job, perfect home, my own car, engaged to an awesome sweet guy. Then I met some guy at work. He made more money in one month than I made in one year. Imagine that... His year to date income is at $65,000 already. Don't commit suicide yet, just to see if you can succeed that much. This guy fucked his mom up, made her a cripple. He was driving the family's speedboat too fast and crashed. Almost killed her. He was 15. He was strong enough through the guilt and the pain to survive. My fiance at the time rolled his lifted truck the day before we met. Sent 4 of his friends to the hospital and he now has a massive scar on his left hand where they had to stitch up the hamburger-like meat of his road-rashed arm. He was 17 and almost killed his friends and himself. He was strong enough to make it through the guilt and the pain. I was stupid and believed the pitch the rich boy sold me, and I left my fiance, my home, everything... I had 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a turtle named Herbie with my fiance. Rich Boy took me to Vegas, bought me everything... I remember in one day spending almost $800 at one mall. He bought me diamond earings, pendants, and a diamond ring. I gave him his ring back this morning. I am at my mom and dad's now. It's been less than 2 months since I left my fiance, but of course, there's no hope of going back. I fucked that one up pretty good. Amazing. I was always the successful child of four. Beloved, expected to do wonders... 4.0, Honor Roll, graduated with honors... and now I am jobless, (they fired me at work when they found out I was immoral enough to leave my fiance of 4 years and get with their money-making employee.), homeless, alone, and judged. That's the worst part. Because you want people to know what's going on, that you don't think you can make it, but you don't need them to judge. f they judge... the conversation is over. So, I am going to my fiance's house tomorrow to pick up some mail. (We've made friends, but he's seeing someone else. No chance for me.) I still have a key. I'll say hi to my doggies, bye to my kitties, and pat the turtle. Then I'll take his .45. Just borrow it, you know? I'm sure the cops will return it when they're done. I won't do it at the house, cause I don't want him to clean up that kind of mess. That would be unkind. So I'll figure out where tomorrow. See what kind of oppurtunities present themselves. I'm not even crying anymore. Been dry-eyed a while now. Just set on the plan. Sad thing is, I think I'm pregnant. It will be the third child I've lost. My fiance's loss I guess. I'll be gone too. I'm only 21. It's so relieving to know that tomorrow all the pain goes away. No more stress or worries. I'll just be a meal for the worms. No Heaven or Hell. Just peace. Goodbye y'all. Hope it works out for you.
20 Apr 2005 Dezi death. killing, murdering youself. As many of you reading this, i've been there. no, i am not clinically depressed like many of you seem to be. I have, however, been on the brink of suicide. Now, i look back on myself. I'm 16 and that was about 5 years ago. I had no friends, all the people at school didn't understand me, didn't want to be my friend, never extended me anyting friendly. I had lost my grandfather at a young age, never met the grandparents on my fathers side. It's really had to watch everyone on grandparents-day go have a wonderful time. I spent the day alone or with my mother. My one grandparent that was still alive had Parkinson's disease and i had to watch as she slowly deteriorated. I'm the kind of guy who think about everything a million times over, and the horrid things in the world made me question every day if this world was worth living in. So much death. so much destruction. everything was too depressing to handle in my young mind. The only reason my grades didn't drop was because school at that time was so easy for me it didn't matter if i tried or not, which made me wonder in itself if life actually ment something if i was so far past it all. My parents and sister didn't see the signs. My brother hates me, he didn't care if i was alive or dead. But my brother was really the mane reason. He always hated me. He always seemed jealous of me as well, even though i never had more than him. He would pick fights with me all the time, always driving me up the way, makeing life hell. Everything i ever try to do he dissagrees with. Everything i like he says is wrong. I'm wrong, he's right, i have no opinion. These things i had to face in him every day. Him smashing all my hopes and dreams, telling me how stupid or evil or "plastic" my dreams were. And no matter how many times i came close to murdering myself, i always held on to the smallest gleem of hope, many times just hoping there was hope at all got me though. And then things got better. my life wasn't that bad anymore. Sure my brother was still hell on earth, but i gain friends at school. i don't know what changed, but for some reason life got better. Then i switched schools. There was noone at school i could deal with. noone at all i could find. Everyone i had contact with didn't understand me. they made fun of me all the time. They taunted me for no reason. If i needed something, nobody had it anymore, even though i saw they did. Noone even tried. And on top of that, the school made me repeat every class i took in 7th grade in 8th grade. Being as smart as i was, it is almost impossible to take this kind of thing. School mattered to me, and now everything being babied down to an impossably stupid level was a final straw. I'd lost everything i had keeping me happy in a few months. My family didn't notice me unless i did something that affeected them negativly, my brother hated me, i had no friends, my future was not half as bright as i should have been, and the world that awaited me sucked (at least thats what the media showed me). The only thing i could turn to was God. I didn't really care if he was there at that point, i was to worried about me. So i asked for a sign. I asked God to show me he was there or i would not believe. And he showed me he was. I had a vision, and from that vision on i put my life in his hands. Everything seemed bright again. Not much really changed, but i could see light again, finally. Now i have a future, i had friends, i have a life even though i lost my grandmother and my brother has only gotten worse. In God, i have life. I know this doesn't seem that serious to other people, but to that kid sitting in the corner at school with no friends and nothing to hope for, it is. For all of you who have attempted suicide, you're still alive now, God wants you that way. he would not have given you life if he didn't want you alive. You have a purpous and it would be a horrid crime to end your life before you could find your true purpose. Let me talk to you have you don't want to be this way anymore. let me help you. Please, let me save you. You are beautiful, and you allways will be. don't thorw that away.
19 Apr 2005 Cody My name is cody and i have been suicide since 1998... i need some advice, someone to talk to, and some quick easy methods
i need someone to talk to plz
19 Apr 2005 Sad Man The best way to commit suicide is just after the love of your life broke up with you and is going out with a guy who is 12 years older than her. Start walking with her and "by accident" walk infront of an on coming bus but make sure it is doing at least 30mph. you will be gone in about 5 seconds. It always works. Good Luck
19 Apr 2005 laura im from england. wheni was three i was sexually abused by my grandad, when i was nine my parents split up and when i was thirteen i was raped by my boyfriend. what a purfect start to life huh. i have tryed to commit suicide three times and each time was found by friends. first i tryed to overdose, then slit my wrists and then overdosed again and the funny thing is that each time people never thought anything was wrong. i just want to be helped. depression has consumed me all my life and i just want out. i cut myself all the time that helps, each cut i feel free. ive had a poem published about it all and won an award thats why im giving a fake name
'lost inside'

she lay there feeling frozen
her ice heart melting inside
theres no one there,no one to care
thats why she wants to hide

away from all the lying bodies
that hurt and put her down
a release she needs she has to bleed
in blood she wants to drown

unwanted she swims alone in sadness not knowing what to do
shes lost inside she trys to hide but shes hollow through and through
maybe now she will be helped

dont bother steraling it because its already out lol
19 Apr 2005 william.. hey. im 13. ive overdosed. ive cut. i fell in love. ive loved her for about a year now. she broke my heart. yeah its not as bad as u guys have had it i guess..but..i dont want to live no more. she is my reason for living. but now. i give up. she cares about me and all but.. i cant go on everyday having this feeling inside of me.. ppl say its going to leave saying ill get over it. but look at me. im not going to i love her. shes my reason for breathing. i give up. anbd after the summer is over im never going to see her again. if i dont make it un awkward for us to talk. so im going to kill myself. taking sum beers. taking the pills. going to the woods. and ill die. alone. and nowhere. i love her. i carved her name into my arm.. well.. i hope everything gets better. which it prolly wont. ..
18 Apr 2005 Cody Can you die from overdosing: sleeping pills, zolaph, or pain pills? Send me an E-Mail @
or instant message me: (aim) whiteboi4eva22

Please tell me some ways. I have been suicidle since i was 5 and this last year I have been seriouse about it. I have tried hanging myself on numerouse occasions, and that is about it. Please give me some more PAINLESS ways to commit suicide.

18 Apr 2005 averagedesi Eat your own crap, crap it out, eat that crap, crap it out, etc. Do this until the only thing your digestive system consists of is itself. Have fun!
18 Apr 2005 David you probably have lyme disease. get tested by igenix labs. they have an 80% accurate test. I have lyme disease, and want to kill myself too. I"m 24 and use to be very happy before getting lyme disease. I don't think it's curable. it makes people fat and in pain. fortunately, I'm not fat.
18 Apr 2005 ouka to disobey my dad
18 Apr 2005 Helen Bite your tounge and you will bleed to death.If that fails you could always swallow it!
18 Apr 2005 candice brooks hi im 10 i het life so much i wish it would go away i het miranda forster me and her man shoulder friend got into a fight n she lost! shes telling everyone she one shes a bitch all of this peer presour and shit is building up inside and im dieing inside my best friend dont want to hea it she jus doesnt want to bring it up ive nevr met my dad i cry yself to sleep i have no boyfriend nobody cares about me n e more my mom is to busy with work my sis beetes me to death i ave omany bruises im to chicken shit to actually commit i need help but all my mom ays is "im your counselour" yeh right shes part of the problem to all of u who think this is a joke and were posers n if were suicidle wede be dead by now fuck u! some of us are chicken shit and some of us are clueles n some of us care about our friends to much to killourselves u dont understand if ur gunna say something say something helpfull not "ur losers" just fuck off if ur gunna say something rude n mean dont say anything at all u mother fuckers just leave us alone theyll do wat they think is best O.K.? anyway if u think u can help me and like to talk my addy is
17 Apr 2005 Midian Overdose de nutella ;o)
17 Apr 2005 aurélie je suis tomber sur ton site.Juste aprés avoir lu son contenu, j'ai laissé un ptt mot à ton intention (toi, créateur(rice) du site ). Je m'interroger alors sérieusement sur les raisons qui t'avais poussé à le créer. Je voudrais te dire une nouvelle ptte chose...
Je n'ai jamais pensé que ton site puisse avoir de conséquences négatives (j'avais plutôt des doutes sur ce qu'il pouvait apporter). J'ai pris un peu de recul par apport à ta démarche. Je dois dire que si tu a créer ton site pour entre autre contribuer à lever le taboo qui existe autour du suicide ou pour amener les personnes qui tombe sur ton site à prendre du recul face à cet acte, sache que c'est le cas. Ton site a qq peu heurté mon éducation judéo-chrétienne et m'a permis de constaté que le suicide et a forciori le suicide chez les enfants était un sujet qq peu taboo pour moi. Alors voilà,tu ne m'a pas sauvé la vie mais grâce à toi j'ai pris un peu de recul et je pense avoir aujourd'hui un cerveau un peu moins étriqué.
Néanmoins, je pense pas que ton site puisse avoir des conséquences positives sur des personnes suicidaires. Leur mal-être est profond et la lecture de ton site ne remplace pas un psy, donne plutôt le numéro d'un service d'écoute.
17 Apr 2005 scuicide stu tie a rope around a rock and drop it in a deeeeep river
17 Apr 2005 kc H. hey, my name is kc. my life really sucks. i am 14 but i am needing help. i have read many sites on how to kill your self and the level of difficulty it is, there are endless things. am i really ready to kill my self!!! i have made so many wrong things. i have tryed to kill myself by: cutting myself many times, hanging myself, OD on advils, or EX. i know everyone wants you drink all the time. but because of wat i have been through i will never drink. my parents found out what i have done to my self and they are thinking of getting me someone to help. you cant pay someone to help you. they have to agree. a summary of my life is: my dad got drunk alot in the summer, and he would beet me. belts, brooms his hand, anything. he favorite quote is :"kc, get me something to hit you with". ill tell anyone more if they can help me. ill help anyone if they help me, ill tell you how to kill your self. but only if i feel that you have a good reason, because if i told you how to do it, and you did then i would kill my self too, i could live with the pain. ill tell you how to go out in a bang with ending your life.
16 Apr 2005 ??????????? im 14 and a few minutes ago i tried to commit suicide i over dosed on parecetamal and came online to c how long it will take me 2die. It turns out i have a small chance of dying in 5 days but tonite wen my parents goo to bed im going to find different medicines and mix them i have a larger chance of dying. Hopfully goodbye ill get back to ye if i dont die

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